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Red Asylum Walkthrough

Red Asylum

Red Asylum is a new escape created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com. Red Asylum has always been a dark and mysterious place. Your friends dared you to go inside. Once inside you find that leaving won't be so easy! Good luck and have fun!

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Red Asylum Walkthrough

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       Anonymous  3/1/12, 5:49 AM  


hi alexis!

       Anonymous  3/1/12, 5:52 AM  

Must be a good one...it's taking a while to load.

slow loading tonight.

16%........17%..........18%....... lol!

Hi! 25...looong

I am in but cannot move...please hurry! ;-p

       Anonymous  3/1/12, 5:57 AM  

Screwdriver above cabinets. Key in dirt in one of the cabinets, also a gem.



       Anonymous  3/1/12, 6:00 AM  

Backpack in room D. Click all around the backpack.

only 67%... longest loading of all time...

joining in too!!! yummy!!

good for you alexis =))

I don't know why it's taking so long to load, I'm looking into it though!

glad to join the game earlier than usual...this looks interesting..

       Anonymous  3/1/12, 6:03 AM  

Crowbar in H

yeah, what is with the slow loading recently of the asylum games?

i think i'll go and put the kettle on at this rate!! lol!

thanks self defiant!


       Anonymous  3/1/12, 6:06 AM  

Use crowbar on vent in F for a gem

got green gem and sd....but where is the key in the dirt?

Please Alexis is the key in the same cabinet than green gem? I can't found it

in but can't move! what's happening?

It loaded for me quick the first time, then I loaded again and it is doing this. I'm not sure what the problem is.

Woohoo! Been waiting all week! Let's see if I can catch up!

HI guys here we go!!!!

Mafe, first go up and SD on the right

where's the key alexis?

blue gem in C

yes...can't find the first key...so stuck...please let us know where exactly it is...I've checked everywhere multiple times...thanks

finally, now i can start!!

I'm in :)

thanks, seb. have you found the key?

I refreshed and tried again...got the key!

       Anonymous  3/1/12, 6:14 AM  

Go up in A. There is another cabinet to open. One had the key and the other had a gem someone near the front in the dirt left of handle. I'm stuck in G, can't figure out the color code behind wall painting. In F, there seems to be a color clue for it with 1 green, 6 purple 5 yellow, 3 red and 4 blue. Help.

wow long load lol

donas, where did you find the key?

There are 2 cabinets to open, gem in one, key in other

stuck @ 94% :{{{

Key was in one of the top lockers I think. Middle left one, and remove some dirt.

Mafe, key on 2nd cabinet on the left (up first)

10 minutes - 24 % :(

ok will play later wont move from 94% have fun guys :DDD

right, got the screwdriver, now for some unjamming of doors!!!!!

No map in this game ?!

thanks alexis.

is there a map anywhere?

look in backpack for map

Map is inside the bag by the wheelchair. Click it around.

       Anonymous  3/1/12, 6:20 AM  

turn backpack around for map and code. Can't find blue gem in C...where?

Thanks Donas and Edgar....got it.

Hi i am starting, but it is really so slow to load....42% now.

Dora says Backpack has the map!

Alexis, look under table

Click around the table in C for gem.

Yay, a new game from Self-Defiant! Those are the ones we are waiting for all weeks. :)

       Anonymous  3/1/12, 6:24 AM  

Got it thanks Donas and Kias.

Still waiting to get in! argh

I got stuck at 52% - now can't get anything - soo frustrating

don't understand the color levers

thanks everyone for your help long before I get to play the game :(

And it is indeed veeeery long to load.

cant figure out color/lever box in G. tried combining clue from paper with colored circles in F with shape arrangement in D, but no luck

       Anonymous  3/1/12, 6:28 AM  

Okay...need help with this. In D there are shapes. In F there are colors 1 green, 6 purple, 5 yellow, 3 red and 4 blue. The shapes in D have the same amount of sides. Square has 4 sides so there are 4 blue circles in F...so blue should be 4. But....how does this apply to room G and the wall painting????

For levers, the clue is the shapes and the colored dots.
Circle=1; Star=5 etc.

The shapes clue is rotated 90 degrees to the left, so you have to see it as if circle is bottom, star next level, triangle and hexagon third (and same) level, square on top.
Count dots.

thanks seb. found it.

oops guess i just turned my head the wrong way to look at the shape arrangement =p

String and red gem in M.

Ah thanks Edgar for the 90 degrees. Where was the hint fot that? The holes in the paper?

turn the shape clue 90 degrees to the right (so circle is on the bottom)

Hammer in Room above O.
It should be R but map says Q.
Bug for SD to fix.

       Anonymous  3/1/12, 6:35 AM  

How Edgar? I tried rotating it left and even right. I tried clicking each lever 1x and 4x and 6x, etc. I also tried putting them in the position of the rotated page. Stuck.

i miss the orbs when we dont have them!

White gem and clue in O.

I usually have trouble getting out - this time I can't get in! Will try later. have fun guys!

finally got it. thanks edgar.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I think the clue in room O is for room N, But How?
- + <

@Alexis, count the dots to know what color correspond each shape. Apply to the levers then.

@ Alexis use the colored dot clue in F and count each number of dots per color. each number will correlate to the number of sides each shape has in D. e.g. there are 4 blue dots so that will correlate to the square so put the blue lever in the height according to the shape arrangements when you rotate the shapes 90 degrees to the right (so the circle will be on the bottom)

when I go up from O, it goes to Q?

       Anonymous  3/1/12, 6:42 AM  

Still stuck in colored lever room. I have the right position and the right numbers but they aren't working. Help.

Anyone has had luck with solving colors code?

ST, i think we need a 2nd clue?

I think we need a 2nd clue for round color code

Hi everyone! Just joining - I'm sure you will all be out by the time mine loads

hovering at 75%

This comment has been removed by the author.


for the lever puzzle


alexis for levers

- - x - -
X - - x -
- x - - -
- - - - x


now where could be that 2nd clue for the color pie puzzle. ST, have you found it? pray tell.

and where to use the hammer?

anyone got the color puzzle in N figured out...clue in O but I can't make sense of it

@alexis turn the shapes in D 90 degrees to the right so the order from left to right is: triangle, star, circle, hexagon, square. the use the number of dots for each color to determine the shape it correlates to. the actual order (i.e. from left to right) of the shapes seen in D doesn't matter you just correlate the number of side to the shape and then use the height position of that shape on the lever box according the color. e.g. there is only 1 green dot, so i corresponds to the circle having only one side. the circle is on the bottom after rotating the shape picture in D so the green lever will be all the way on the bottom

I'm off for the other new game. Maybe I can make sense of that one! LOL

       Anonymous  3/1/12, 6:54 AM  

Finally got it.

Was hoping to join everyone before breakfast but it is loading so sllllooooooowwwwwwwwlllllllyyyyyy....

stuck at same point too as the rest of you

anyone not stuck at the round color puzzle in N? how did you solve it?

SD, should O lead to R? We're stuck.

@Alexis YAY!, I don't know if I helped but, i was excited for once because, i'm the one who always needs the help, i never get to give it ; )

i hammered the bag, mirror, creepy figure, walls, tables, cabinets... tried to use the string on everything... nada!

hammer...anyone know where to use it? sigh...will have to leave soon to work on taxes...

Stuck with string, hammer, crowbar and screwdriver. I got white, red, yellow, green and blue gems. I saw the hint in room O. I need gold and green keys.

       Anonymous  3/1/12, 6:58 AM  

the number 475 was on the back of the backpack. How can we use it and is it for room N?

       Anonymous  3/1/12, 6:59 AM  

Thanks ajt!

Nice find, Alexis. It is "A.J.'s" backpack, with the number 475. I have no idea how to use that, though.

well i tried matching the numbers to the colours without any success

valerie, i'm exactly where you are now. i also have the bag and the clue AT 475.

to hammer M piano --> red stone

anybody know what to do with string of hammer?

*string or hammer

what are we missing? small tool, any joy?

kati, i don't remember using the hammer for piano but i already have the red gem from it. how about the string, have you used it yet?

Going in late... and very slowly! 85% so far

did i actually use the hammer to get the stone out of the piano, don't remember?

I don't think the hammer was necessary for the piano, I got the red gem without the hammer

go and put the kettle on Jo C!!!

I got the red gem without hammer

Same here, I didn't need the hammer to open the piano.

- = r
+ = g
< = o
I guessed it. Clue for this is behind green door. SD mistake?
String + magnet (also in J) use in K.

       Anonymous  3/1/12, 7:07 AM  

where's the darn string? I can't find it. Found the red gem though.

How did you get there, Helga? Where is green key?

Alexis, the string is on the sofa in room M.

wher was a string?

wow!! well done helga for brute forcing it!!!

tried to connect 475 with color dots in F. maybe, just maybe to find something, but none. no color can't be connected to the number 7

helga, our saviour! woooot!

Thx Helga for the colours, must be a mistake to get the green key after solving the code,
purple gem in J also.

String was in piano room (M?)

Thank you Edgar, finally, I found the map !

purple key in T

purple gem in J

Well I am still stuck... I'm trying to knock on green-locked door, perhaps someone will answer? :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

All rooms opened and have a bounc of gem, i'm figuring out where to put them.

If I remember correctly, you get gold key after N. And T gives green key. So if clue for N is behind green door, SD made a mistake.....
Anyway have been stuck for ages with 7 gems and the usual 'globe' (from U)
So hurry!

Use hammer on the round thing in J for a magnet

red key in U

use hammer to get magnet, then combine string and magnet to get gold key.

Well done Helga! We can go on...I have the gold key now...

Combine string with magnet and use it in tub for gold key.

Hm..map says I am in R which has no adjoining room on right or up...yet the room itself says it does...needing two more keys...

glitch perhpas?

Great, everyone seems to go further, but I still don't know how to continue. Helga, you say "you get gold key after N". After what in N? What did I miss?

I only have 6 gems. Purple, White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow.
Which one am I missing and where is it?

In room N do the colour code;


To get the key.

@Zazie, yes, the string is in the piano room (I haven't use it yet).
I saw the hint in room O, but I can't solve the puzzle in room N. I'm really stuck !

i only have 6 gems - i think i'm missing orange?

Wow never thought I would catch up! That's for the help Helga!

I have the same s-t

Cannot find red key, where is the book, somene says key is in O and someone says it is in U ?

need 7 digit code in U

And out!
Was overthinking 7-numberscode....

Aaaaaah thank you small-tool!

so we do, missed that first time in room!!

red key is in the book found in U.

book is in u

Where.s the hint for that 7-digit code Helga?

where's the 7 digit puzzle?

i'm confused with the room labels.

emmm .............. how can we be overthinking the number code, tried 0110475 (AJ 475) but that doesn't work, any other clue? not from the paper that had the colour clue on?

7 digit puzzle in U

small-tool: clue is in room with magnet (behind green door). There is a note. look at the list of numbers and clue from bagpack.

Cannot go to U, need maybe a purple key, i really have probs with the map this time.

red key in book in U

i think i have it

475 =

madliz, where's the 7 number code/puzzle? is it the room with the big chair?

How did you solve the wheel panel in T ?

THanks Helga, got it :)

or should I say: 4, 7, 5 =

yay, got orange gem!! from the sheet in j find the numbers that correspond to 475 and enter them in the box simple as that!

Use the words the guy in the room before that says.

For the wheel panel ask to the man.

and out finally!!!! woo hoo!!!!!!

s-t "scar" does nothing for me :(

And out! Thanks all, I could never have finished it without you!

and out, thanks helga

not understanding how to get 7 # code for U

First use asps to get the first light on, then dare etc.

should i consider myself out? i know the answer to the 7 digit puzzle but can't find the place where to enter them.

Where is hammer?pls?

Finally got the key, thx everybody !!

missing yellow?

Hammer is in room Q (I think it was somewhere left on the floor).

LOL I am about half an hour late, but just seen your comment Madliz about putting the kettle on, and I actually did without even knowing you put it lol ;)

Mafe - puzzle is in U right hand side, middlish - in the shadow

whew! finally out!


yes, found it. thanks LNS.

almost 200 comments, so new comments will be on the next page

Finally out, thisone was hard lol.
Thanks all for the helpfull comments !!
And Self for another cool game !

thx ST can't get in Q...for hammer...no gold key?

I can't believe I finally got in live! I use S-T comments for help all the time...And I can't find that hammer!!!!!

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