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Red Asylum Walkthrough

Red Asylum

Red Asylum is a new escape created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com. Red Asylum has always been a dark and mysterious place. Your friends dared you to go inside. Once inside you find that leaving won't be so easy! Good luck and have fun!

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Red Asylum Walkthrough

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You can go to room Q.
There's a mistake in the map.
Go up from room O.

missed that Thanks!!!

is anyone still working on this, i'm stuck at color triangles in N

Yellow gem is in Room F.
Use the crowbar on the vent on the top right.

Sheesh, can't believe there's so many comments already!!!! HI ALL!! I'm back in a LIVE Self Defiant!!! YAY!

Wow I assumed this was 3 hours old. yeah, my first live one

There's a mistake in the game.
You can only find the hint for that after you got the key from those colours.
Helga bruteforced the colours. It's:


Thanks s-t - I finally remembered I hadn't used the crowbar! Now out.
Jaythetender - check earlier comments - the clue is behind a locked door and one clever person brute forced it, so don't feel bad

thanks all

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks Selfdefiant for such awesome games!!!Thanks S-T for alll your help!!!

Where is the string, I'm in the piano room got the gem but can't find the string.


The string is white as well.
I think it was somewhere on the chair.

small-tool, thanks you were right! Missed it completely :-). No on I go but where to?


Okay thanks to older comments, got the magnet and finally the gold key. A bit slow, I am :-).


Hi everyone, just starting, was hoping for a new asylum game soon:)

where is the silver key

Out now after getting spoiled for the color code.
So the missing clue has hidden inside the unaccessible room? That and the mess with the rooms labeling should keep SD a bit busy for a while, uh?

Out but not on my own. Thank you everyone for contributing. I found this one difficult somehow.

Thanks SD, love these games!


ist a live?

Anyone still playing?

I'm just not feeling this one and I LOVE SD's games. Giving up on this one.

finnally out, good game, but was irritated bye round color code and the mixed up map,

always pleasure playing a SD ty for that

I cant find the hammer. It is supposed to be in Q but I cannot see it.

hammer in Q bottomleft beside bed


go UP from Room O, its in room R, but looking at map its shows Q although you are in R

yes this map thing is crazy, thank goodness i finally got crystal ball

Thanks Sue I see it now. That was driving me crazy.

Only have 6 gems? Think I need pink? At a stand still now tho...

Oh it was orange, got it now...
(not sure who I'm speaking to but....:)

I don't understand how 475 could correspond to a 7 digits code. The hint in room J doesn't make sense at all, for me.

Pascale, look at the numbers listed down...
Make sense?...I forget then numbers, I'm out

I can't find a place to put the purple gem. I went to every room on the map twice. All gems placed except purple...

475 = 13 214 35

this is totally getting me worked up!! I have trolled the comments and seen that you guys brute forced the radiation code thingy with Red, Green and Orange, but it's just not working for me! And as I can't get to see the flaming clue...........

click one of the black triangles to get the key Rachel

nvm. randomly clicked the bottom black piece and the key appeared. Grrr!

hi could someone please tell me where the orange gem is please ta

where do you put the last clue?

orange gem is got after solving the 7-digit box in U.

can't find the 7 digit box in U

thanks i found it

finally!! out. box in dark corner

Thank you Kimbo ! So, it was just using the list, my problem was that I was trying to understand the mathematical link between numbers ! lol

Ok, I am finally out! I am sad that this game was so riddled with errors that is so unlike Self Defiant! That map thing really THREW me! As did the radiation symbol thingy that we HAD to brute force.

Hope someone can help, I have the Green, Yellow, Red, White, Purple and Orange gems. Which one am I missing and where can I find it? Thanks to all who have helped me get this far.

@fed up,
you're missing Blue gem. Find it in C.

Thanks, that's the one! I'm out now.
Again, thanks to all for your help along the way, especially the clue for the triangle puzzle.

Sorry, I quit before finishing. Too many errors!

the Sneaky games are good but the Abandoned Asylums are the best

I moved the note for the nuke clue, sorry!!! I have been trying all morning to get the server fixed.

is there anyone still around i had to leave earlier . . . i have all of the gems, but where do they go? (feeling really dumb at the moment)

So sorry about the map, I fixed it!

@ajt...check each room...the gems are placed in the corresponding color-coded areas in seven of the rooms :)

@SD...thank you again for a great game!!!

I cannot find the note in Room J with the clue to the 7 digit code. Any hints/

Have searched and searched room J and the only hotspot I can find is the speaker. Where is the hint for the 7 digit code?

Thanks :)


3/1/12 11:02 AM Selfdefiant posted; I moved the note for the nuke clue, sorry!!! I have been trying all morning to get the server fixed..

And that note was also the note with the 7-digit code clue. So it's somewhere else. So in a way you're actually playing live now and have to find that note in another room.

7 digit clue is room L, not J

OHH. I get it. I had that note all along, as I started after SD moved it. Thanks so much. Going back in to try and finish the home stretch. Thanks again!

Every thing was fine and fixed! Great game SD!!

still don't understand lever/color safe LOL

how about a color blind friendly version.i had to quit playing after not knowing the damn colors.

Thanks for the game Selfdefiant,I really enjoyed it (as always), I liked the codes (combined).
Thank you all for the helpful comments (missed the string)

I have visited all the rooms, I am missing white gem and clues where to place them.

Please, where do I find the white gem????????

Never mind. I was so preoccupied with the mannequin, I forgot to check the wastebasket.

where is the purple key? or red key, just the one I need earlier... please, I´m stuck...

Video Walkthrough now posted on top of this page.

Howie, once you've got all the gems, the places to put them will appear in the various rooms. Use the crystal ball w/ the map to go back thru the rooms quickly.

Nefertiti, purple key is in O after solving letter/gear puzzle. Clue is in S. (Hint: pull lever after each word). The red key is in the book on the floor in U. Keep flipping pages until you find it.

Another great game, SD. (Though I missed the purple orbs. LOL) Challenging without being too difficult. Your games are the best!!! Thank you so much.

I waited 20 mins for it to load and still not loading, I'll come back later :-D

OK game and map have been fixed, which make some of comments confusing.
- Clue for puzzle in N is symbol in O and paper in L
- Room above O is R

Purple gem goes in P (I swear I looked at that room several times!)

This is embarrassing... I've placed all the gems, now how to get out?

Can't believe after struggling through all that I have to just quit. WHERE IS THE EXIT?

below room D i believe is exit - room that had strange force door


The video walk-through shows you scoring a 666/creepy!

Any chance you could do a beta-test on the game before it's released!

Btw, I replayed it in 5:22 so there ;)

another great game...tq SD, tq guys....

Yay ! New SD game (: Just going in ..

Oh Yay!!! Thanx for fixing the errors, SD!! I think I'll play again :D

so awesome to play properly!!! Thanx SD!

i like the games of selfdefiant sooo much!

nearly after playing nearly for an hour, finally I MANAGED TO ESCAPE


nayana, India, 03/02/12 15.38 ist

Excellent Game - as always - but I did miss the purple orbs!

Thanks for fixing the bugs SD! I played a bug-free game!!

Thanks everyone! Glad you liked it!

I can only open one cabinet in A. I found the key and the green gem is all I need. Where is it?

M48 - there are 2 cabinets to open in A. You can up in that scene - one cabinet has the key and the other the gem.

Nice game SD - got stuck at the levers, but managed after that. Thanks!

out with no help. Excellent game! thanks :D

code for u, use 475 but correspond numbers to the sheet of paper in L, ie, 4=13, 7=214, 5=35

Out, hard to find where purple gem went, in P, I'm sure I looked there quite a few times before I noticed it!


-Go up; take the SCREW DRIVER from top of the cabinet;
-open 1st cabinet in 2nd row with SD; click on the dirt on the left side to get the SILVER KEY;
-go down, open the 3rd cabinet in 1st row with SD for GREEN GEM;
-go right, use SILVER KEY to open the door;
-go up, click on the picture, a lever box will be seen, later come to it;
-go down, then right, click on the side-left corner of the table to get BLUE GEM;
-go right, get the bag in front of the wheel chair, click on the right part of the bag, it will turn back side, there is written “AJ 475”. Click on the right side pocket to get the MAP. You see you are in room D. Look at the symbols on the door glass.
-go up and then left. Take the CROWBAR from left of the scene (beside the duck toy).
-go right then up. Note you need the BLUE KEY.
-go to room E. go up and note you need the GREEN KEY.
- go to room F. Click on the paper pasted on the cabinet door. See the colorful dots, count green 1, red 3, blue 4, yellow 5 and purple 6 dots are there. Remember that. Now see the vent on the top-right corner of the scene, use crowbar there to get YELLOW GEM.
-now go to room G where the lever-box is. The symbols of the door should be rotating 90 degree where circle will be in position 1. So the calculation is Circle=1=green; Triangle=3=red; Square=4=blue; Pentagon=5=yellow; and Hexagon=6=purple. So, the levers position will be green – same position, red – 2 up, blue – top, yellow – 1 up and purple - same as red (2 up). The box will give you BLUE KEY.
-go to I and then up with BLUE KEY. Look at the paper on the ground. Remind the +,- and < signs colors i.e. green, red and orange. Note few numbers have different equals.
-go right. Click on the oval shaped place of the piano to get the RED GEM. Get the STRING from the chair (I faced a lot problems to find it, its on the seat of the chair) .

-go up. Click on the bin beside the statue table to get the WHITE GEM. Now see the symbol on the top and remind the signs (- on top, < on right and + on left).
-go left. Click on the box beside the door, open it with SD, use the clue (red on top, orange on right and green on left), click the bottom black part to get GREEN KEY.
-go right and then up (room R). See the HAMMER is under the first bed from the left. Take it and come down.
-go right. Note you need GOLD KEY.
-go to room E and then up to J with GREEN KEY. Note a round shaped something is there under the 1st window. Click on it and again click it to flip it. Take the PURPLE GEM from inside. Use the HAMMER there to get a piece of MAGNET. Put the MAGNET on the STRING (where the STRING is in the item boxes).
-go right. There is a tub with dirty water. Use the STRING with MAGNET on that water to get the GOLD KEY.
-go to room O and then right with GOLD KEY. Go right again. Click on the picture and note a wooden box with few letters, lights and a lever.
-go left and then up. A man is standing. Click on the man who will say, “Asps dare feed…scar…”. Go to the room with wooden box i.e. room Q. click on the box, go to 1st gear turn the red arrow to A, then 2nd gear to S, 3rd gear to P and 4th gear to S, now click the lever and note that first red light turned into green. Thus make all the words (DARE, FEED, SCAR) in same way. When all the lights will be green, a secret chamber will be opened and you’ll get the PURPLE KEY.
-go left, then up and up again with help of PURPLE KEY. Find a BOOK on the ground (extreme left-bottom corner). Open the BOOK, turn over pages and get the RED KEY. Click on the left corner of the window (right on the screen, between the window and a big machine), there is a box with seven digits. Now remember the bag code 475 and the numbers on the pages of room L. if not first go down then right with use of RED KEY. Take the CRYSTAL BALL.
-go to room L. look at the page and see 4 = 13, 7 = 214 and 5 = 35. Now you get the seven digits number i.e. 1321435.
-go to room U. Click on the box and put the number and get the ORANGE GEM.
-Now GEM SLOTS will be opened. Put the gems accordingly. Room T- RED GEM, room P- PURPLE GEM, room N- ORANGE GEM, room H- WHITE GEM, room G- GREEN GEM, room F- BLUE GEM and room C- YELLOW GEM.
-go to room D, then down, click on the door and you escaped again. CONGRATS :-).

@sam1902 - very nice job!!

       Anonymous  3/4/12, 4:38 AM  

this is incredible I already solved everything ah ha na na na na na na na naw everything but the seven digit code..........

Need help please 7-digit code

Need help please 7-digit code

       Anonymous  3/4/12, 10:55 AM  

WT-extracts (TVM, Edgar & sam1902! ☺):
(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)


i clicked on the crystal ball and it took me to an add and quit my game.

can't find the green gem - keep clicking with SD on every door of the cabinet in A and nothing. Got everything else!

OK. Found the spot ( dirt ) but how to get the gem?!?

Just getting started.

Look in R for the hammer.

how do you do the puzzle in room Q behind the painting?

im stuck at the color levers what do i do information please

help me out here please and thank you

I can't find Blue gem....

       Anonymous  7/7/12, 10:48 AM  

were can i get red key and purple key ? need help stuck here

HI there would like to know how can i get the green and gold key?

Clue for color pie is found in note in room L.

7 code 1321435

where's the blue gem??

after collecting the 7 gems.. whats next??

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