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The Story of Retired Sniper Walkthrough

The Story of Retired Sniper

The Story Of Retired Sniper Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Abroy. Not a very good idea hang out in a retired snipers apartment. Make your way out before it's too late. Have fun and enjoy!

Play The Story of Retired Sniper

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soo many games ....going in ..

still waiting for a new self defiant one, having serious withdrawal symptoms!

first line of ken-ken


im with you madiz ...

combine 2 line clues for puzzle

need to solve word and dot puzzle

word is on book, I thought the scene was showing me a color code and missed the word!

now for the dot clue

Just got the dot puzzle left!

for dot puzzle u hav to make S

I thought the same thing Jo-Ann!...only scene i haven't used is of the flowers...

I always thought an axe was made for chopping...lol

Where are both hints for the line puzzle - one is under a blanket on a bench. The other?

haven't figured out the clue for the dot puzzle, missing one puzzle piece

also haven't done anything to the gun on the floor that says It's stuck here...

@Zoe behind the picture on the wall (above the piano)

@raasti, why an S? for sniper?

POP under the silver picture on the wall...

made an S, no go... did I do it wrong?

other line clue is behind the picture in the scene with the rug on the wall.

I tried the 'S' too, but no go, I was thinking S for star in the middle of the flowers.

can't figure out the dot puzzle... anyone?

yeh Jo-ANN its from sniper

I have the ave, secaturs? and crowbar...can't get them to work anywhere!!!!

lol...ave = axe.....

The S for sniper is for the dot puzzle -make an S

@tanz looks like we are stuck at the same spot!

Please, some one help, this music is making me batty!

zoe...behind the picture


use your crowbar on the gun on the floor for clue to dot puzzle

and out

Obviously I don't make an S like everyone else! Because it isn't working!

The "S" looks like a "5" - so on the dot puzzle make either an S or the number 5

just dont green 5,6 ,10 & 11 dots

Wow...missed the gun on the floor! The 'S' then works!

finally got the secaturs to work on the plant
Hello...can anyone see me?

nokra - I see you!

@Nokra, what do you need help with?

Axe you use on a plant Nokra, crowbar on gun.

i am stuck with the number puzzle, any clues?

and...the axe DOES work under the piano.....after about 20 tries to find the right spot!!!!!

i presume the clue is the triangles on tv, but it's not working for me!

that is the only puzzle i have left to do

@ madliz, count the small triangels

I am stuck there too, @madliz...I counted...3816...did not work!


thanks nokra! sob sob! is no else left to help us? i don't usually get stuck with these games!

count the triangles that have the point DOWN

its 3616 nokra..

duh, we guessed that! are we counting wrong?

well that's not working for me!

it is indeed the ones facing down


I thought it was 3614

TY @JoAnn...that makes it 3614...I think!

This comment has been removed by the author.

The code is


triple spioler all at once! lolol

and i'm out after getting the numbers correct!

3614, not sure why, not sure how to count the last set, but that is what got it for me.

Wow! I guess I was too slow.....lol


Yea!!! pincers for the gun on the shelf....

to get the last number, count the triangles that have the point facing DOWN

opps sorry guys i replayed the game
yeh it was 3164 by counting triangle facing down ..

Or so I thought...I am having BIG problems finding the hotspots in this game today!...please...where do I use the pincers!?!?

It says...I have to pull this polt off...what the heck is a polt, anyway????

I can't remember Nokra... were they for the gun on the shelf to remove a bolt?

everyone gone again?

lol @Nokra, I think it is a typo for BOLT

I'm still here... I keep hoping a sneaky game or an escape men game will pop up

yes...but I keep dragging it ...in the area where the writing come up....this happens in this game all the time....again ...I may just have to consider myself out...lol...TY anyway, JoAnn

Selfdefiant said on fb that a new sneaky is coming soon....when is soon I don't know...lol

I had the same problem with the gun on the floor, tried all my tools on it a few times before the crowbar worked

made the game smaller...it worked...and out!


arg! the stick puzzle anyone?

I know to combine the two line puzzles but just can't work out how...any help??

Kez...look at the position of the lines...there are two rows.....

I think it is


I've tried both...still can't get it...in my defense I've been up since 4.30 and I don't think the brain has kicked in yet...can i please have a spoiler??

the lines don't show up so good here....
let me try...

leftslash, rightslash, horizontal, leftslash

rightslash, vertical, rightslash, horizontal

2 spoilers posted.....are you out yet, kez?

its like this

\ / _ \

/ | / _

Thank you thank you...out now

nokra also posted the solution in better way :)


No I am really late for this one ...but need something I can solve ..

Just what I like ... a simple ... semi logical game ...lol

easy out

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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