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Back from Atlantis 4 Walkthrough

Back from Atlantis 4

Back from Atlantis 4 is a new point and click type escape the room game from CafeCafeGames and JuegosDeEscape.Net. You are trapped in this underwater temple. Find objects and clues in order to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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guess every one is still playing the SD

Hi, got a gear by using the colour code from the strange blue torches

loading now

got another one by using the arrow clue on the top of the building

use scissors to cut "grass"?

got a hammer from a stone right to the four pillars

number clue: count the sea creatures legs

use the hammer on bottle for SD..

get rake from chest... rake the grass clippings for another gear

where did you find the scissors?

I also have a metal bar from a broken column

also use hammer on broken pillar under turtle

in the first screen at the very bottom is the scissors

Anyone around?

scissors are bottom right of a screen, first I think, look like grey ribbon

the scissors were on the bottom of the screen of the 5 pillars

The scissors is at the bottom of the opening scene

I'm on a live one?!?! No way! Cool!

I've got a screwdriver, a saw, a nail remover bar thingy and a hammer

from the box in first scene you get a saw you use the flames of the torches so you know order to hit the buttons

use saw to get stick

I think you need to do something with the car thing with wheels next to the building, but I don't know what

can't get gear out of glass box, tired metal bar and hammer and screw driver

where to use the sd?

use stick to break glass box with gear, then use SD to remove the gear

As nobody mentioned it, the grey box is also the torches (hight predicts the order)

use metal bar to remove blocks to find the blue square piece...

and to be continued....

And out - ty JEB for the hint re the torches - to be truthful I used brute force to get the saw!

Thanks Jeb.
Why a hammer wouldn't work is beyond me but the stick and the sd worked and its easy out

2413 doesn't work on the crate (torch height) ?

Can someone post the answer for crate? I have tried many combos.

Brute forced it. That was fun.


Pick up scissor (bottom of screen).
Pick up hammer behind white gray (far right).
Move right. Note animals feet and tentacles (6445).
Also note pillars (right combo is 2413. don't ask me why :) ).
Move right.
Note color code on the torches (turquoise, yellow, green, red). Cut grass with scissor.
Use hammer on bottle. Pick up screwdriver.
Move left and enter color code. Pick up gear.
Move left x 2 and note arrow hint (left, left, right, down).
Enter code on chest (6445). Pick up rake.
Move left and enter arrow code. Pick up gear.
Move left. Use hammer on third pillar from the left. Pick up metal bar.
Move left and use pillar code on chest (2413 left to right).
Move left. Use saw on log. Pick up stick.
Move left. Use rake on grass. Pick up gear.
Move left. Use stick on the box on top of pillar to the far right. Use screwdriver to get last gear.
Move left x 2 and place all 4 gears.
Walk inside and use metal bar on 3 bricks. It reveals a blue thingie. Move back to starting position and place that blue thingie to end the game.

I think the 2413 comes from the size of the flames on the torches w/ the colored bands (smallest to largest).

LOL, what kind of thumbnail is THAT?
(see game description above)
Never saw that mermaid beauteousness in the game...!
Was overthinking the animals extremities (didn't put in as code, how many I saw, but how many they really have)...!

COLOURS (torches):

COLOURS, click

Thx, pilestredet,
for the WT!

I had same problem with crate that Candibar had. The 2413 didn't work for me on the crate.

Deja vu all over again. Need something new.

nice , except for code 2413

going in aka queensryche

button crate in first scene wasn't 2413 but 3142 (low to high on flame height)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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