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Balcony Escape 3

[REPLAY] Balcony Escape 3 is another Japanese point and click type room escape game by Cogito Ergo Sum. Gather items, use them and surroundings to escape this room. There are three ending. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  4/5/12, 7:31 AM  

Anyone playing?

I'm in! I love these games!!!!!

Yes! sd in first screen!

Green screwdriver in plant.

Paper between flowers.

got handle for safe...guess I need screws?

Use the paper hint to open the small, medium, large code to get a handle.

open the cb with the hint onpaper got handle

Screws are left on the floor.

screws are ifront of that cb on floor

Blow whistle for EASY END...going back now....lol

Easy end when you blow the whistle.

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 7:39 AM  

Whisteled for fire engine & easy end!

got the easy end so hav to play again

lol series of comments are coming

New hint in safe gives code box.

there is also a book in the safe with hints

second code gets the red box....

need help to open box...don't get the clue...lol

wht is the code of safe 1111

Just look at what number shape the smilies make.

ty st..I was counting them...lol

oops sorry i meant that pink box

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 7:45 AM  

- skill book from red box

Use punch skill on fuel can/tank. For a new code.

Used code on mobile. Calling Wan now :)

lolnokra im doing the same thing...

Button from the dog-bowl (in the new room).

Button from bottom drawer.


Hm. I don't understand the hint from the grey book (below the stove).

Pink box code;


Button from behind puppet in cupboard.

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 7:51 AM  

(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)


ST HOW DID U GET THIS CODE..i dont understand

Nvm. got it.
For the 3-digit code, just move the red block 2 places.

Hi Everyone - I think I'm caught up. I'm not sure what to do with the calculator hint

Place the four buttons in the cupboard according to the hint from the picture. To get a new hint book and green code box to open.

anyone have the battery for the remote?

need on more battery

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 7:56 AM  

- HINT for how to place 4 buttons:
on picture

pop..in the jade plant!

The hint in the green book is an easy anagram and even a picture there. Got jump skill now.

Nokra - i found one behind the plant next to the chick picture

To get the remote from the blue box. Use the hint from the blue book. So look at your keyboard to see what letters to use.

2nd battery from plant by the door

For what are we gonna use the tv hint?

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 8:02 AM  

CODE for kitchen cupboard:
(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)


       Anonymous  4/5/12, 8:03 AM  

Thanks for the smiley face code, I never get these, my brain just doesn't work that way.

lol miles...where did you get the first battery???

Both batteries are behind a different plant.

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 8:04 AM  

I forgot to say the red block code in my thanks @ premire

Nokra - from behind the plant next to the chick picture. Can't get this flag box open. I'm pretty sure I have the weather right!

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 8:04 AM  

jumped for key on ceiling & opened locked door to get in 3rd room

got it...used the jump skills on hanging plant...@miles , I got the plants confused!

Got oil now from doing the ducks code (hint is on the little pic).

nvmd - didn't have them right. Have a hammer now

How did you get the hammer miles?

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 8:07 AM  

jumped for red circle on ceiling for mailbox

Use the hammer on the mailbox

Escape Temple :) - great idea. hope there is one in Taiwan.

normal end - going back in to try for a different ending

I was wrong because the book said 2 red block move and it's 3 to move...thanks premiere

Used the oil on the robot and got a code box where we probably have to use the tv-hint.

Do the math on the phone to get a disc from grey box

Can someone give a clue for how to use the TV hint?

what a great game - happy end!

@nokra - match up the flag with symbols for that day of the week

POP...didn't look at box yet...lol

Use the tv-hint on the box below the robot to get a hammer.

Happy end! It was a coin, not a disk. Give it to the cat

Used hammer on the mailbox to get a card. Hint for calculator on back of card.

Used card to open balcony and now I'm out!?

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 8:14 AM  

For blue BOX:
If you have a German keyboard, exchange letter Z with Y...!

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 8:15 AM  

i must admit if I spent every moment of the rest of my life trying to get the 4 digit code on cell phone keypad, I would die a sad woman for lack of success.

s-t - did you go back and get the coin from the brown box?

use 4 digit code on brown box

or was it gray?

Normal out.

LOL im currently looking at tv clue (easy up til then)

It's worth going back in for Happy End! Very cute!

Love the cat wagging its tail!

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 8:31 AM  

HAPPY END for me by using ID card on balcony door & by giving coin to cat & in shrine then.

cute game!

Save game is useful -- otherwise you may have to redo from dog in the kitchen part to get happy end.

@leroy - did you look at the box below the tv?

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 8:44 AM  

Finally out, went an made a cup of coffee ,seems i never opened one bo, used phone code on it and Yea! Happy End!

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 8:44 AM  

I Love these games!!!!!

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 9:24 AM  

I found 3 endings, including the last(?) with the coin, the cherrytree and so on. These games are really great !

these are one of my favorites. and did not need any hints this time either. yeah!

I cannot find the battery from the plant. I clicked and i clicked and NO BATTERY ANYWHERE!!!! What am i doing wrong?

(the one by the ducks not the one on the ceiling)

just keep clicking u will get or may b its in ur inventry

I have one and put it in the remote. I need the second one and I cannot find it anywhere.

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 10:24 AM  

- battery-1 in hanging plant (use dog jump skills)
- battery-2 in plant on shelf left of balcony door

thanks Premiere. Finally found it.

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 10:46 AM  

Blonde moment... I am stuck.. I don't understand the gray book hint that goes for the smart phone? help please..

Luin when you find card in letter box, there is multiplication to do (return card)
do that multiplication on phone and you can open the box near grey book

hi! anyone here?

i have no idea where to put the code from the pink book. i tried on the phone and it didn't work and i can't see anywhere else to use it.

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 11:35 AM  

there are 2 hints in the red book:
- size (to put again on S-M-L display to open CB fully)
- smilies for red box, revealed when CB fully open

@ oana in the same book there is different size coffee cup use that hint again on the cb ,on which you use fries code...

oh, thanks!

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 11:38 AM  

well I guess I didn't use the smart phone, but have gotten 2 ending.. Fire truck, and cherry blossoms.. is there another? How do I get into the kitchen? Sigh.. sorry , just not my day it seems .

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 11:47 AM  

there's also a normal end without the coin.
& no need to go into kitchen (behind door).

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hmm just a question is there a MISTAKE in the hint?

To me it says that you have to move *2* blocks.

But actually it's THREE blocks that you move (1 for each "number"). So to me that's wrong.
When I tried to solve the puzzle alone, I was sure I had to leave one of the numbers as they are. But in fact I have to alter all three blocks...

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 12:03 PM  

«2 blocks» refers to the blocks above/under the red ones, which you move 2 times = blocks to the left or right side each.

Now, that would make no sense either.
Because you do not touch the blocks above/under the red ones at all.

But meanwhile I think I got what the hint meant.

Move said red block 2 POSITIONS to left or right.
I think it's just a flaw in the jap-eng translation. Something usually gets lost on the way :)

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 12:19 PM  

LOL, arbeitslooser,
that's what I meant (ditto loss on the way with my ger-eng translation)

No, the problem was that your "which" was ambiguous!

"2 blocks refers to the blocks above/under the red ones, which you move 2 times..."

-> means the blocks above under the red ones, but NOT the red ones themselves

"2 blocks refers to the blocks above/under the red ones, which you move 2 times..."

-> refers to the red ones themselves. :-)
Well, that's why in English you usually refer more specifically to "the former" and "the latter" to exclude such double meanings!

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 12:28 PM  

OK, arbeitslooser,
thx for the little language lesson

(always sth new to learn here LOL)

@arbeitslooser, I think the hint means that you move each red box 2 spaces... but I'm out now and don't remember for certain.

Heh, are we getting pert now? ;) ...mind you I only use this kind of pedantry with people that *DO* have to use this frequently; in your case because you write heaps of walkthroughs read by an uncountable number of people, so it makes lots of sense to eliminate these kinds of ambiguous meanings in the first place.
Saves you the trouble of apologizing to users later like ("oh sorry for getting you on the wrong track with my WT...").

whoops, forgot to refresh before posting!

@zoz yes it does :) Now I got it too, as written above...

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  4/5/12, 12:52 PM  

Well, arbeitslooser,
my comment was genuine & not meant ironically at all...

Back to the game topic for a moment...I'm still (SERIOUSLY) wondering, whether this is a shrine or just a carnival fun device...you know where you use a hammer and if you hit hard enough, you can ring the bell.

In some regions called HIGH STRIKER, often looks like this:

@premiere ok then sorry about that, but with women you never know, do you ;-P

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 1:16 PM  


- double click for ABOUT ITEM
- SAVE option available
- SOLUTIONS at the bottom

- watch INTRO
- SMARTPHONE already in inventory

- take SCREWDRIVER behind cat GRASS
- go left

- note: it's too heavy for Nyan (cat) to shift...
- go left

- take SCREWS on floor left side (blinking spot)
- zoom on CB & on round BUTTONS top right: CODE needed
- go left

- take rolled PAPER behind left plant pot
- unroll paper for HINT (sizes)
- go left

- put in size code from paper to open CB (but only half way...) for HANDLE & SAFE
(hear a jingle sound at at the end)
- put handle on safe, put screws in handle & use SD
- open safe for WHISTLE & RED BOOK with HINTS (sizes & smilies)
- SAVE game!

- blow whistle (click in about item & choose YES) for FIRE ENGINE ☻
- watch OUTRO
- click RETURN arrow


- put in size code from red book to open CB fully for red BOX
(hear a jingle sound at at the end)
- put in 4-DIGIT-CODE according smily hint for cat SKILL BOOK
(click bar under display)
(hear a jingle sound at at the end)
- open book to see, that Nyan got now the PUNCH skill...
(cat face in inventory)
- go right

- punch can for PASSCODE
- unlock SMARTPHONE with passcode
- click phone & choose YES to call Wan (dog)
- watch CUT-SCENE
- click START

- click left dog BOWL & watch Wan eating
- take TRIANGLE BUTTON from empty bowl
- look at PICTURE (zoom) for HINT (shapes)
- go left

- note: KEY, hanging on ceiling & too high to reach (yet)...
- go left

- take SQUARE BUTTON under bird VASE on shelf
- note round SLOTS on right bottom CB door...
- go left

- take CIRCLE BUTTON from bottom drawer
- have a look in grey BOOK under STOVE for HINT (numbers)
- open CB under sink with code according number hint for CROSS BUTTON

- put all 4 buttons according pic hint in round slots to open door for green BOOK & BOX
- have a look in green book for HINT (anagram)
- type word in display on green box for dog SKILL BOOK
(click bar at the end)
- open book to see, that Wan got now the JUMP skill...
(dog face in inventory)

- jump for KEY on ceiling
- unlock door with key, click it & choose YES to go


- note: Nyan outside, waiting for rescue...
(see her paw by clicking her)
- note: smart CARD needed for balcony door...
- zoom on

- take BATTERY-1/2 from PLANT
- note: DUCK picture...
- have a look in blue BOOK (left side) for HINT (keyboard)
- put letter code in blue BOX according keyboard hint for REMOTE without batteries...
(click bar at the end)
- note: wooden BOX...
- have a look in grey BOOK (right side) for HINT (smartphone calculator)
- go left

- jump on hanging PLANT for BATTERY-2/2
- go left

- note: ROBOT on wooden BOX with low fuel OIL...
- note: PICTURE with HINT (oil bottle)
- jump on RED CIRCLE on ceiling for red MAILBOX...
- put batteries in remote & use it on TV for HINT (weather)
- go left

- click DUCKS (zoom) according picture on shelf for blue ROBOT from pic bringing OIL BOTTLE

- give oil bottle to robot on wooden box to see it flee LOL
- open wooden box according weather hint on TV for HAMMER
- hit mailbox with hammer for contactless SMART CARD

- use smart card on balcony lock to reveal an OPEN arrow
- SAVE game!
- go to

WT Part 2

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 1:18 PM  


- click OPEN arrow
- watch OUTRO
- click RETURN arrow


- look on smart card & turn it for HINT (math)
- open wooden box for COIN

- you may SAVE game again...

- click OPEN arrow
- watch OUTRO

ARROW choice (if you saved game before leaving with coin):
- BALCONY brings you back to FIRST room with cat Nyan (whistle acquired)...!
- RETURN brings you back to situation WITHOUT coin
- REPLAY brings you to start screen (NEW or LOAD game)

☺ ☻ ☺


- sizes of french fries boxes on paper: middle-small-small-large

- sizes of coffee mugs in red book: larg-middle-small-large

(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)


- for smartphone

- for kitchen cupboard
(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)


- triangle -
- cross -

- green book (lower case):

- hint: letters diagonal under numbers on keyboard
- pass:
(note: German keyboards have Z instead Y...!)

- order hint on shelf: We can out!
- click ducks:

(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)


- for wooden box in shelf
- on smart card: 503 x 4 =


@arbeitslooser and @premiere:
If you two are really serious about using English properly and unambiguously, I suggest Modern English Usage by Fowler. The author is very opinionated (and, consequently, always makes me laugh), but he is also worthy of the title "authority". He is also exhaustingly thorough - the edition I have is 725 pages, with at least 18 pages dedicated to the word "which").

As a bonus, once you've finished this homework, you will have completely forgotten what instigated your discussion!

@premiere - great WT
btw, I had no problem with the moving blocks clue - seemed obvious that it meant moving the red blocks.
@zoz - love your comment.
@arbeitlooser - please save your language lectures for those whose native language is English

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 1:34 PM  

Wow, zoz,
18 pages... a really long Witch-WT...!

       Anonymous  4/5/12, 1:41 PM  

Also sth about «which»:
(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)



@premiere, thanks for that link - it's certainly more entertaining than reading Fowler. I especially liked Mildred. She has 13 cats, who live in her house and under her hat!

Finally came Balcony 3. I have waited so long. I just adore Wan and Nyan

@annaby don't tell me what to do and not to do, I know what I do and why, and premiere was even OK with it after all - so why do you feel like having to butt in?

Besides, native speakers are (or were!!) normally expected to know about such finesses (even though some Englishman once got astonished when I told him about my interest in languages, saying "Here in Britain, most can't even master their native language properly anymore." Sounds valid, seeing the "grammar" they use on their text messages...how cn thy lern 2 rite teh porper wy wen dey ryt lyk this? ;))

I'm going in... LOVE these games.

Awesome as usual!!!

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