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Cursed Swamp Escape Walkthrough

Cursed Swamp Escape

Cursed Swamp Escape is another point and click adventure style escape game developed by 3totems and Esklavos. In this escape game, to escape from the cursed swamp, you must solve the puzzles and get the four keys. Good luck and have fun!

Play Cursed Swamp Escape

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Hi all, i have hammer shovel and stick so far...

got red key from bush puzzle - hint in second scene
got hammer from sweeping leaves

Key in scene left of house, use hammer

blue key from 2nd scene number puzzle
need SD for 2nd part hint

white key from fishpond - use hammer

Where is a hint for the numbers ?

4th key from fishes and out

make the fishes go all to the same place (on left)

zazie - 55 is on tree and use SD above door

Another key from fish

I have no SD :(

ahh - let me play again

POP got it, used shovel right of house.

Hi! I don't understand for fishes?? please help

zazie dig with shovel on bottom right first scene for SD

seb - click on one fish repeatedly untile he is looking left on left side
then click the next until he is over first fish
do it with all of them

Funny game, a bit too short.

ah ok! thanks a lot SwissMiss

Thx SM for the help :)

Place, where to put all FISH:
(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)



Y - W
R - B

Y - from 6 fish to 1
W - from tree bottom right (pond, use hammer)
R - from changing plant
B - from number roots
(hint on tree & under screwed panel)


- RAKE (right of house)
- HAMMER (use rake on leaves)
- SHOVEL (bottom of tree with number hint)
- SD (use shovel on pile right of house)

Short....but nice. Love the graphics!!

Lovely game....even left the sound track playing...lol

Lovely game just wish it had of been longer.

Short, nice and easy !

I enjoyed that game, hope to see more like it!

Nice graphic.... I love it, the music too...

Lovely game would have liked to stay and play longer.

very nice game...short but fun!

super easy :-)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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