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D.R.W.X. Escape 1: The Missing Door Knob Walkthrough

D.R.W.X. Escape 1: The Missing Door Knob

DRWX Escape 1: The Missing Door Knob is another point and click room escape game. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Lia]

Play D.R.W.X. ESCAPE 1: The Missing Door Knob

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


going in.......

orange paper in box under window

5 1 4 2 purple petals on flowers, but dont know where to use them.......... anyone else here?

oops ....... missed the 3 petals in first scene ....... so 3 5 1 4 2

Choose red, blue and green keys for drawer

take keys until you find the 3 that you need....

spoiler....... top left, bottom left and one row up from bottom on right.. pink, blue and green

keys unlock drawers on desk

ok i can't figure out clues...... goodbye :D

beckster...you are not alone...joining!

Clio!!! I was looking for you!

have to go now...but why can't I write on your fb wall?...lolol
ttyl Clio!
looks like I joined a dead game...lolol

Hi-di-hi nokra. Lost internet but i cant do this anyway...dont understand the clues..

I can make out what the spade paper says, but it won't let me input it.

SPOILERninth-monthSPOILER which would be November

This comment has been removed by the author.

9th month november? lol

the ninth month is September

well I managed to take one of the coloured kites off the picture and place it on the black dot above the desk, but it says the device has no power??

the message on the key cabinet is now written in symbols like the spade clue paper, once you read it you can now enter code into spade locker. I don't know how the message changed

on pic after I took kite is a diamond that says 9 to 4 and I can now enter code into diamond locker, but I haven't worked out the clues yet, grrr

I´m pretty sure that for club puzzle 1st letter is "S" and 3rd is "O".

How did you work that out Roberto? Do tell :-D

The club clue is STOP :-D

Yep. Just solved it. It´s a pictogram puzzle.

I don't understand the pink paper diamond clue numbers=>letters=>count...... there aren't any letters involved???

I've counted each column and don't know where to go from there

Press red button next to door to activate kite device on desk

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Stuck with Hearts.

Petals are giving some kind of order I'm guessing.
Trying to cross that with rolling kite but no luck

Stuck in the same spot as you Facundo. When the kite turns, the colour that touches the desk and the colour underneath it, mix to make 6 other colours which are the colours of the pots the flowers are in, but I'm stuck from there , tried the no. of petals and the no. of missing petals and they don't work and I'm sure the numbers on the desk have something to do with it

Just got it!!!
Petals gives order.
Match flower pots' colours with the ones given by the kite.
Notice that B+R= Purple, B+Y= Green and so on.


Just need to figure out the Diamond clue now pretty stuck there :S

Well done, I guess I was over thinking it, lol

The pink paper diamond clue has stumped me :-D

Me too bellee!!! LOL!
So many different ways to consider that clue :S

Haha geez, brain fart. Don't I feel stupid.
Everyone knows the ninth month is Rocktober. :P

lol Mary, I think there's some kinds of curse on this game to make us all feel stoopid, lol

coming in late -- how did you get power to the kite so it would move above desk?

I just can't put any of the diamond clues together... 9 to 4 on the wall.... numbers, letters, count and all the bloody numbers, grrr

@ puzzled... press red button next to the door :-D

ty @bellee76! didn't realize that was a button (I think it doesn't work until you place kite)

Staring at number grid: every digit is there 2 or 3 times. Then the "9 to 4" clue -- there's 2 ways I see to get a five digit number going from 9 to 4 both giving 97614, curiously.
numbers to letters to count isn't doing anything for me!

For diamond convert red numbers to letters and count them.

@ivaki, 12345 = ABCDE, but where do you count them?

No i mean one(3) two(3) three(5) four(4) five(4)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Wow! but it's not working for me.
Then tried then 3 3s, 3 5s, 3 4s and that's not helping either

OK @Rambler, the spoiler worked, but how?

One 3rd number, two 3rd number, three 5th number, four 4th number, five 4th number.

@Puzzled, 3 letters in 'ONE' = use third number, 3 letters in 'TWO' = use third number, 5 letters in 'THREE' = use fifth number etc....

I'll delete the spoiler now, the clues should be enough for people following :)

POP -- Oh, I see!
On the grid paper,
3rd # under 1
3rd # under 2
5th # under 3
4th # under 4
4th # under 5

Thanks @ivaki and @rambler -- I hope Beckster comes back and finishes the game ...


To exit, you must solve 4 puzzles to put card suits above door
You can't solve the puzzles until you've seen ALL the clues the puzzle maker deems necessary

Spade (9 letters)
- peach "|\| | |\|..." hint from cardboard box
- "$3|_3(+ ..." message from key cabinet after removing keys

Heart (6 numbers)
- Remove hexagon/kite from panel and place on desk
- Push green button by door
- Roll kite to get color combos
- Click on flower pots (and count petals for colors)

Diamond (5 numbers)
- yellow 5x5 letter grid from desk drawer
- pink number=>letter=>count hint from desk drawer
- click blue diamond after removing hexagon for "nine to four" clue (or "nine to 4")

Club (4 letters)
- blue paper from desk drawer

Knowing which keys to take seems to be brute force (Red Green Blue)

I used spoiler for club answer and still don't understand it


Go right.
Open box and take orange paper.Click on it to read it.

Go right.
Notice the message on the wall next to the keys. Every time you pick up 3 keys you get a message about how many of them are wrong. Take the 3 corect keys. Now look at the wall message again.
Look at the picture with kites. Take one of the kites. Notice the symbol below the kite.

Go right.
Look at the flower picture.
Place kite on the desk (at the black spot) and click on it. It says that it has no power.
Use keys on the drawers. Take yellow and blue papers and the screwdriver.
Use screwdriver on panel next to the desk and take pink paper.
Red all the papers.

Go right.
Push the button next to the door to give power to the device.

Go left.
Click on the kite to roll it.

Go right twice.
Insert the correct codes on the 4 panels to get spade, diamond, heart and club symbols.

Go left.
Place the four symbols above the door.
Take the door knob from the safe next to the door.
Use door knob on door and escape.


See the symbols as letters (|\| as N, etc).
The phrase is "ninth month".

See the red numbers as words and count their letters.
Word "one" has three letters, so use the 3rd number, etc.

Combine the rolling kite's colors and the desk's colors to get new colors.
The number 6 is actually green (yellow + blue), etc.
Flower petals gives hint about the color order.

Solve the pictogram to get a word.
A(0) B(13) C(15) D(31) E(33) F(113) G(135) H(315) I(511)

Thanks for WT but I can't understand CLUB code please explanation?

@seb, you aren't the only one who doesn't get the Club code. If anyone could explain, I would really appreciate it!

Hi seb and zoz!
It’s not an easy thing you’re asking lol… I’ll make an attempt to explain, but please ask again if this is not what you need as an answer.

To solve the club code you need to know how to solve a nonogram http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nonogram.
Basically, the numbers horizontal and vertical of the squares tells how to fill the squares (sets of black squares). For example, 314 would mean you fill in 3 black squares, then at least one empty square, then 1 black square, at least one empty square and last 4 squares.

In this case you have to find out which numbers all the letters A-I represent, and paint the squares according to that.
Horizontally you can fill at most 7 squares and vertically at most 11 squares.

Start with A, since you have the clue A+A+A=A
This can only be true if A=0.
So, you know in the row and column where A is, you can have no black squares.
This divides the grid into 4 parts. In each part you will fill in squares when you calculate the numbers, and these squares will draw 4 letters.

From the walkthrough you see the numbers for A-I and using them to fill the grid you will see the four letters S-T-O-P drawn.
Click here to see a picture of the solution.

If you want to know one way of many how to get the numbers, keep reading for a while, but it’s hard to explain without making it more complicated… sorry!

From the text you see that E is >30, which means it has at least 3 squares filled in next to each other before there is an empty square. Look at the grid to see the 4th square in the E-row is crossed out. This leaves the only possibility of E starting in 3 (i.e 30-40), but the last number of squares for E can’t be more than 3 so E is between 30-33.
Look at D. It should be 2 less than E, but can't end in a higher number than 3 according to the grid. This means D is 30 or 31 and E is 32 or 33.
Now, fill in the first part of D and E rows, i.e make the first 3 squares in each row black (since you know they both start with a 3).

Look at the F-row.:
First 1 square, then a crossed square, 1 square more, a crossed square then 3 squares.
The number for F is larger than 112 (as the text says), and following the squares in the grid it can’t be anything but 113 (fill in 1 square, one space, 1 square, 1 space and last 3 squares).

Now, solve the G-column.
G is < 200 so it starts with 1 square, then a space.
6th row in G-column is crossed out, so there is 1 group of squares before and 1 group of squares after (if more than totally 3 groups in this column the number would be >1000, so that’s not possible).
You have to connect the black square in 3rd and 5th row, to make them 3 in a group, and also the squares in 7th, 9th and 11th row to make them 5.
Hence, G = 135

Now, you know C (G/9 = 135/9 = 15).
You don’t know where to put the first square, but you can fill in the last 5.

Look at the row between E and F… it has to be 4 separate black squares, and the only possibility is in column 1, 3, 5 and 7.

I is between 500 to 1000. It has to start with 5, since the 6th row is crossed out. Fill in those first 5 squares in the I-column. You also have to fill in the square in 7th row for I, since if you don’t I will be between 50-60, and not >500.

H is 300 + C = 315.
Connect the first 3 rows, leave a space, have 1 filled in, then last 5 rows (only possibility).

Rows 2, 4 and 10 should now be complete, so cross out the not filled in squares.
This makes I-column = 511 and you can cross out the last square in I column too.

This makes last row (D) = 31, and you can cross out last square there.

D=31 means E=33, and you can fill the remaining squares in both E-row.
You have completed all D-rows, so cross out the other squares in those rows.

F = 100 + B, so B is 13, which should be filled already from doing the rows.

The 4 letters should now be clear to you, like the pic I posted above.

Thank you so much @Ellie! I was thinking that this was a problem that Edgar could solve, lol, and then you arrived to save the day.
I hope all is going well for you. Maybe you'll have a new escaper on my birthday (end of May)!

Oh! great Ellie, thanks a lot! very clear :)

Yw! I'm glad it seems to be understandable :)

Everything is just fine... counting the days now. Might be end of may, but probably not until middle of june (4th is the estimated date). I sure hope she'll be a great (and quick!) escaper lol.

a girl @Ellie! This is so exciting :)

Another girl!? We need boys here :)
Nah, just kidding. Congrats, we're all excited.

Oh yes, a new citizen on Earth is always exciting =)

To the game:
I can only give 2 stars here. Gotta be, sorry about that. THIS ANNOYED THE HELL OUT OF ME. Come on! You have good eyes, you know the spade puzzle, you can solve it---but---that goddamn thing was always blocked!

I would never have considered looking at the key cabinet again! Nor for such a weird "clue" that looked like reading Japanese with the wrong encoding set! ;) 33|I$§& ???

This would have made an utterly perfect game - though without the blockers!

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