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Escape from the Room 206 Walkthrough

Escape from the Room 206

Escape from the Room 206 is another new Japanese point and click type escape the room game by Tsukisuna-sou. In this game you must search for items and clues to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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I'm in. Found a remote behind the fridge.

Have a block from behind cactus, roll of tape from behind tv. Key between books. Opened flower drawer using hint on right end of shelves.

Key hanging above windows. Cant get it yet.

2 wooden cubes, under round cactus and cushion.
Key behind books and tape behind TV.

Another wooden cube behind bed pillow. Key used for a video game.

block under floor cushion, and from under bed pillow. Key opened bedside drawer for a video game i think?

clio, hint on right end of shelves, you mean the books?

It is a vid game. Put in console, music is playing but nothing on tv.

Yes Edgar. The books have numbers. I put them in backwards and it worked. Hint is on the end of that bookshelf.

Loved how you had to blow on that video game, lol. Like in the old times...

TY clio, I can see the hint now... you have to zoom on TV first.

I laughed at that too, but thought i was the only one who used to blow on them..

I hope you understand the music clue....because i sure dont.

III and IX block go on clock. It now shows 5:45

thanks edgar. 545 or 1745 not working on any of the codes

This comment has been removed by the author.

Have to leave now. Good luck Edgar. Im completely stuck.

Stuck too. See you later.

Trying to catch up.
Lots of moons: picture, "Moon Sand" chocolate, "LUST MOON" game

Also letter hint under the chocolate, but all the locks are numeric

When I put the blocks in the clock, there were 2 "cuckoo's"

I'm in same place...Hi edgar and puzzled!
Bye di bye, clio!!!!

On back of chocolate box it says "wktk" - ??

Block under floor cushion says "54#" on it. Again I say, ??

Apparently the exit door is next to the sink (white arrow under Japanese)

Does the remote need batteries? I have no idea if it's having an affect on the TV. I put the video game in the console, the TV came on with Japanese writing, and then if I zoom in on the TV screen I get nothing but solid white. I try using the remote on it to make something happen but nothing. What am I supposed to be getting out of this?

I wonder if we should see something on the TV that our flash players can't...

Hi Nokra and Tallulah Jean!
I hope going further doesn't depend on reading the writing on the TV screen ...

Oh, and Hi Edgar -- thought maybe you had left with Clio (Glad she found that flower clue!)

Hi Miz Puzzled. And Nokra, and Edgar. :) Who's the person that speaks Japanese around here? We need him/her.

yep...it looks like something may not be working here....lol, I tried the tape on the game since we blew on it, maybe it needed tape to keep it in....
but that is it for me...good luck , guys!

I'm going to try rubbing chocolate on the screen...

Remote says "TIME" on top (but not sure what that did for me, other than a noise)

Remote looks different in inventory, but not in "view"

Well, I'm at Starbucks and it looks like they're fixin' to throw me out. Will have to continue this at home in a few minutes.

Eventually got the View mode different and a key found!

gives ?orange juice from frig


Could you get the key above the window?

In desparation, poured orange juice in sink for 3 numbers.

No, key in remote.
Enter the time (1745), hear ping ...

Sorry I didn't make that clear.

Can't figure out what to do with the 3#s though

Great find!! TY!!

YW -- please catch up --

input 1745 on remote, hit red button, play with what comes up a little and key!

Shouldn't we have a joystick for the video console?
The Japanese under the game screen says we should use arrow keys for 'mini-game'

It's beginning to look like we're solving puzzles to get a stick to use with the tape to get that key
(I'm stuck now)

Tx Edgar for the translation --

The orange juice in view says 100 in large lettering and +100 across the bottom in smaller lettering but adding 100 to the numbers didn't help either

We still have the keys in inventory and they are very unusual -- may be hints for something?

@TarantinoFan, I tried adding 100 and 200 as well.

tried adding 100 from bottle to 146 in sink, tried forward, backward, tried adding 54, nothing nada, zip, zilch on all three three digit boxes....: (

when you click on the tv base the note in japanese at the bottom changes and one of them says h~hhh h~h with a music note at the end

I think we can't finish without the game that won't show up on the tv

Can someone see anything on TV????????

Well, I'm dropping out -- good luck everyone!

ohh WT please...

can't see a thing on tv. but at bottom of screen it says wonderful night. Maybe we are not supposed to see something right now.


did everyone give up?
why can we zoom on the picture of the moon? is that only a clue (that i don't get) or we're supposed to do something with it?

i can see 798 on the back of that brick but it doesn't work anywhere :(

and i also found this on Urban Dictionary: wktk
Abbreviation for the Japanese expression "wakuwaku tekateka" (わくわくてかてか), lit. "excited trembling/shaking".

but i have no idea what to do with it...

i'm stuck like u guys too

i have a picture on the tv screen . it is a picture of a cresent moon. with the words last moon around the outside. 1990 year of the making of the video game

Refresh the game (Alt+F5)
Start a New Game
Mini-game available on TV now...

Press 'enter' a few times (in your keyboard) and move with the arrow keys.

Thanks Edgar. I can now see mini-game too.

i got a tape behind TV

Made it to a castle where the king wants an answer. I don't know it. Think I will quit for good.

Inside a castle and dont know what to do.

NVM! Ha! Talk to an old guy in the mini-game. Somewhere by the north. He gives the moon code (4-digit)
Besides, the 4 letters behind the chocolate bar work as an answer for the king (in a castle somewhere by the east), which gives a 3-dig code for the akabenko :)


Moon-code gives a crystal ball.
Place it on the moon pic for star-code.

Star-code gives paper with hint for music-code:

Juice + block + back of paper = @Marko's Spoiler (TY Marko anyway)

out normal ending...
brute force...
cant see mini game...:(
even after hitting enter million times and about to break my keyboart

Music-code gives key that actually works as screwdriver. Use it next to star-drawer for 2 sticks.

Use tape on sticks to get the exit key. Out!

So game has 2 endings as usual in this series.
Normal End and Akabeko End.
Talking to the king in the mini-games gives you the code for the akabeko.

@Marko, if you don't see the mini-game its maybe because you loaded the game before it somehow was fixed. You need to refresh your game if so... and to start a new game.

restarted the game
i can see mini game
guess they fixed the bug?
no need to hit enter key...

Ehm... you do need enter key, don't you? To start mini game and to move through dialogs...

yes to start
but not too see it
first i only had blanck screen and thought i need to press it to see the game
out now..
why oh why don't they test the games before publih

mini game is still a little buggy
hard to move...

Marko is right. The mini game is still a bit glitched.
If you leave it and come back to it, you won't be able to move. So my advise would be... DO NOT quit the mini game until you are totally done with it.

Finally got a chance to finish. Thanks for the help Edgar, and everyone.

I'm in the mini game, found a castle and the king I think, but no he's not saying anything. I don't know if I'm in the wrong place or it's just some kind of glitch. Code? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

@Prufrock, when in the mini game, talk to the people standing in front of them and press enter key in your keyboard. You only need to 'talk' to 2 people: the man to the north (for the 4-digit code) and the king (for the akabeko code).

talked to King and put in 4 letter code (SPwOkILtEkR), then saw a bunch of gibberish and a 3 digit number (SP5OI2LE3R)but haven't tried anything yet, still in forest looking for old guy with 4 digit code.

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 2:03 PM  


- some furniture can be reached from more than one view...!
- SAVE option available
- SOLUTIONS at the bottom

MOON PICTURE (start screen)
- REMOTE behind locked FRIDGE (left side)
- note: shelf on moon pic & kitchen left behind pic
- clicking Jap writings bottom left with arrow, gives escape door view...!
- go left

- CUBE #54 under cushion on floor (table)
- note: shelf with doors (star code & unscrewing needed)...
- note: night table (moon code & key needed)...
- CUBE IX left under pillow (bed)
- go left

- CUBE III behind left cactus pot on CB
- put III & IX cubes in CLOCK in shelf for HINT (number)...
- put clock code in remote & watch the TRANSFORMATION 8-D
- HEART KEY from POINT of remote triangle
- note: drawers (note & flower code needed)...
- note: flower HINT right side of CB (books)...
(click between CB & TV, no zoom)
- TAPE left side behind TV
(click bottom left TV frame corner)
- butterfly KEY between books right on shelf
- open right drawer with flower hint for CHOCOLATE with HINT (wktk)
(turn chocolate)
- note: code BOX behind bookshelf in shelf centre...
- note: DEVICE on floor left of TV
- note: KEY on a hook (can't take it yet) right of window...
(click window, no zoom & then top right of game screen)

- open bottom night table drawer with butterfly key for GAME CASSETTE

- put game cassette in device left of TV
(Ah, it's kinda Xbox or WII, but first you blow the dust away...! ;-D)
- play MINI-GAME for HINTS (2 codes)

- open top night table drawer with code from mini-game for LIGHT SPHERE

- put sphere on moon pic shelf for HINT (star code)
- open fridge with heart key for JUICE BOTTLE
- pour juice in sink for HINT (number)
(I would have preferred to drink the stuff LOL)

- open left shelf door with star code for PAPER with HINT (note code)

- open left drawer with note CODE for SPECIAL KEY

- open right shelf door with special key for STICKS

- tape sticks together for LONG STICK
- take ROUND KEY from hook top right of window

- click Jap. writing with arrow for DOOR view

- NORMAL: without AKABEBO - use round key on door keyhole, click door & you're OUT!
- AKABEBO: with AKABEBO - open code box on CB shelf (behind books, zoom again in & out), then ditto normal ending.

☺ ☻ ☺


- III = 3 at 3 o'clock
- IX = 9 at 9 o'clock
- new time:

- hint right side of CB
- (single!) numbers on books in shelf from right to left:

- click on TV & 4x ENTER key to get into game
- go North, find old man (Yogi?!)
(you can go thru the little trees, but not thru piles)
- talk to man for MOON CODE
(press ENTER key to go thru conversation)
- go back a bit, then a bit right, down, right (East) to CASTLE
- all the way up till KING
- talk to him (ENTER key)
- type PASSWORD wktk
- get akabebo CODE
- exit game (navigation bar down)

- after putting sphere on moon pic shelf:

- in sink, after juice:
- on cube:
- backside of paper:
- code (according paper):
146+54+22 =


Notes above game indicate there's a 3rd ending:
3エンドです。 = "3 is the end." (google translate)

(and game was LAST MOON not LUST MOON -- LOL!)

the third ending
don't pour juice directly down the drain
instead open little red figurine, tnen apply juice on it

       Anonymous  4/23/12, 3:21 AM  

Thx, Marko,
replayed that part for LOL!, how juice is running in sink from Akabebo's nostrils...!

3 Endings. Great! You're good @Marko.
TY @Puzzled for translating what I lazily didn't do, lol!
TY for nice WT @Premiere! Just a couple of things I'd like to clarify...
-It is not akabebo, but akabeko. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akabeko)
-Game console was neither Wii nor Xbox, but a (now kinda prehistoric) NES. You used to have to blow on the game cartridges to make them work, LOL!

       Anonymous  4/24/12, 2:45 AM  

LOL & thx Edgar,
1) if typo, then I'm consistent:
wrote at least 4 times akabeBo LOL!
(conclusion: surely NO typo...!)
2) Seems that I'm not sooo old, that I don't know NES (or in my girlhood, I wasn't such an addicted game player like today)...!

Did a little updating research.
The console we see in this game was known as Famicom, Japanese direct predecessor of NES (don't say you don't know it or you can make good little old Mario pretty sad...), which it was mainly released for the market outside Japan.
NES was very popular by the late 80's -my teenage- ehmm... is that too old? Ouch! LOLOL

It was worth coming back -- thank you @Marko for "The Third Ending". I would NEVER have thought of giving the orange juice to the akebeko! Strange scene, akebeko pouring juice into the sink!

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