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Escatrix - Enter the Matrix is another point and click room escape game developed by Gamershood. Gather items and solve puzzles to escape the room and enjoy the party! Good luck and have fun!

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Goodie knew I would catch alive one LOL

Lol hi Leroy, joining you :)

WOW! I am very impressed to say that i am stuck on a gamershood!

So far turned the power on (on the right) by using the hint from the red book. But can't find much else to do!?

exactly the same place small-tool

opened drawer got cd but cant put it in the PC...

apart from opening the cd-slot can't do anything. left pic is a hotspot, but nothing happens?

Gotta love gamershood games! going in

Good so I am not the only one stuck lol, how did you work out how to turn the power on?? That book doesn't make any sense to me LOL

I got a green light on the right grey box but dont know what it openes

clue in book

OK missed that book LOL now I can use cd

Jo.C-- look in the book for the 0X0... on the right hand side-- tells you which buttons to hit

Phone (trial and error), gives code for drawer.

New clue on PC

leroy... how did you get cabinet to open?

How to interpret the red book?

how to get cd and how to get phone number?

granny - on the right side you see 0 and x's

phone start by pressing 5 (stays in) then 9 and you can find the other 2 numbers LOL number is code for drawer

Trial and error for the phone. If you do the right sequence they stay in and that's your code for the drawer.
And stuck again :(

Ok now i can zoom picture upstairs..

AH Thanks Swiss! early morning here in Nebraska


Got a key from that left pic upstairs. No idea how. Just clicked stop a few times !?

LOL I just realised stairs are now in place...

Thanks JEB5JD.... didn't even notice that lol :)


Hi, i caught up and i am in the new room.

Couldn't post anything for a min there, anyone else have a problem with blogger?

in second room now too

Used pc code on dials in second room and that gave me a crowbar.

safe has some of the numbers and symbols from pc, but combinations don't work so far.

small, did you start with 84?

Got a stick from safe ..

Yep Rudi, that's the one.

I used the combination with HOLD behind

spoiler--- for safe... start with the 8 right under red box... used metal bar to remove wood planks from window but stuck now...

now have cane...

dial is top 8,4,triangle and ...cant remember

Used crowbar on the window on the left and got numbers on the floor now, but they don't work as code!?

Crowbar used on window and now there are numbers on the bottom.

hmm, strange, 8, 4, triangel, $ doesn't do me no good...

opened box on table - clue look at dice

I can´t read all numbers.

Use the dice numbers to pick digits from the floor numbers to get the code.
Third room now.

wondering... do dice numbers relate to new clue on floor?

from top to bottom *palmface*!

got card, handle and hint in new room

LOL S-T cheat me...

Tool behind left box and screw on lock of fridge.

Thx s-t, new room now, have a card and pliers.

Not sure anymore Leroy,
Got one number written down here, but don't know if that was from the phone or that last code.
Anyway the number I have is 6671.


You can use the tool to get another screw from the backwall.

Spoi6671ler.... for box in room with dice

got all the numbers for the math
a tool and a screw - probably need a 2nd one

Did you turn the light on in dices room ? Can´t read the numbers on floor.

One screw is combined with the tool but i cannot do anything with it.

3rd number of top set of numbers on floor etc...

red wire top right

I hope its not buggy got the 2nd screw but only one showing in inventory - cannot connect handle to door

roberto - use the crowbar on left

Can only find the A=60 when zoomed in on the camera and D=2 to the right of the camera. Where are the B and the C and where do we use that code?

I used it, but the room is still very dark.

nasty hard to get red wire next walkthrough button LOL and worked out the code..

b - is zoomed in on the locker and c is zoomed in on the bed...

Scissor right under bed and red wire in top right corner.

Thanks JEB5JD,
Got the code now, but where to use it?

Hmm...challenging little bugger

So I have handle on fridge and card in slot on fridge but screws?

i have handle attached and card in but can not do anything with screws!

red, blue wire, handle and card go on door.

Ok need crowbar... was about to say I can't see the numbers properly lol

Wrench under box with security tape

Combine tool with screw(s) and use them on the wires.

small C is on right when zoomed in to bed

def a bug restarted had 2 screws now only 1 again

OK now also 2 wires on fridge thingie

Ive got the wires, handle, and card in the locker...but am stuck now...also should I have two screws? I only have one

have only one screw (from top of cupboard). where is the second one?

Can´t zoom in those numbers on floor and they´re too small from main view. I used crowbar in left window and don´t have it anymore, but the room is still so dark.

Combine screw with tool and use with wires on locker

Don't restart. You probably have combined the screw with the tool.

I cannot combine anything

how did you get blue wire?

good call s-t. I'm a day late and a dollar short. Stuck in the next room

next roo, safe is a reaction game

Screwdriver from fridge and used it under the bed. Place for code now.

One of them you get from the backwall by using the tool.


Jeb, blue wire from camera

Use the scissors (from right under the mattress)

tool from levers (hint on pic on left wall)

Finally done that safe! Now taken a dodgy pill and in the other room now. Bit of a random question, but which pill does he pick in the film?? LOL

I give up on this one - I cannot combine a thing
there is no about view and does not work in inventory

I can´t get the blue wire

lol,Lance i've seen it there but it wont come off

In 4th room a card (passport) behind right box, but can't take it.

Thx again s-t have the safe open now and a SD.

see s-t comment from 6:40

Ah, thanks for that tool Rudi.
Now where to use it?

Got a floppy disk, not sure what to do with it.

swiss, where are you stuck?

Geeze another room LOL

THANKS SO MUCH SMALL-TOOL! totally missed that!

I quit! No answers for my questions. Thanks.

Used tool on robot and have a robot arm now, lol.

middle screen on left monitor wall, right side gives new code (think matrix)

That code is posted twice;
It's 6671.

use arm left side behind boxes

Used robot arm to the left of the left boxes and got a floppy disk now.

Stuck with floppy disk.

disk goes top right monitor right side

This code doesn´t work in my box. I restarted and still doesn´t work. Guess I have to do something before to see the numbers on floor, but don´t know what.

I used the floppy on the top right in the right monitors, but does nothing and can't get it back!?

Got tool and trying to solve colour code

Maybe you have to zoom in on the dice first to see the order.

I've got the top and middle codes on the right monitor panel. Any ideas on an 8-digit code for the 3rd?

stuck on the colour code...

roberto... did you do the safe under the dice? u have to use code from PC... Spoil84(triangle)$.. but it has to start under the red box

Whoops, meant left monitor panel

after you enter the pill color...what do you do...it doesn't seem to do anything

How could you read the numbers on floor? They´re too small and room too dark. If you had not told me about those numbers I couldn't even see them.

Got the right monitors on now.
The colour code is on the let monitors, but you use the amount of lights/buttons that are out.

got password lower left monitor on the left...

@JEB5JD - Yes I opened the safe and used the bar in window, but no chance to read numbers on floor.

What pillcolour ?

Thanks s-t. I had the right idea, just using the ones that were lit

Maybe you could also tell us how, instead of just I got it.

it might just be your screen... mine were dark too

Zazie, the one you took in the other room


LOL i never found that pill

New sneaky out.... going to play that one instead lol, maybe come back to this later

i can not figure out the colors

Cant get the colours to work...

Same here, don´t get colours.

Swap ya S-T for colour code LOL password is anderson (from red smear on passport)

R=1 (so first top red)
Click them in that order.

Ok i am going to play Sneaky, i will finish thisone later.

Code for colors:

Using top-right monitor on left monitor panel, there is one hollow square next to the "r". Start by hitting the red button in the first row. Continue for the rest.

Got top left password too now.
In the previous room was someting on the wall. Use the first word only.

right monitor on left side has a list of colors and lights...counting the unlit lights...you have

y-1 (ect.)

that means looking at the three rows of colors on the right side...you hit row 1 red, row three blue, and row 1 yellow

And with all 3 passwords done the bottom left monitor gives the 4-digit code. Have red key now.

And out :) I'll stick around for a few.

Exactly what I have tried S-t but colour code still wont work for me..

where is the clue for the lower left monitor?

Used the key on the middle monitors, turned it and clicked the button. And that opens the door.
For a moment I thought another room, but if you click something you're out.

Great game. Thanks for all the help :)

Nvm Im an Idjit LOL got it now...

it's blurred out on the passport. See Leroy's post from 6:56

LOL out now 'To be continued...'

This comment has been removed by the author.

LOl Mr Anderson was the main character in The Matrix

and out...thanks for the help

Terribly pixelly game -- I've opened about 2 dozen windows trying to get that red wire and still can't get it! I give up

I need PILL code...

Pill is red

Great game!!! Thanks for all help :)

hi Friends
anybody here

got cd next?

Are the 3 passwords case sensitive?
I've input them several different ways but nothing seems to happen.

POP ... press a button.

had to give up too - couldn't get the red wire even zoomed

going in, hmmm sounds like a tough one.

Hello, I can't find the hotspot where to get the scissors from right under the mattress. I've been stuch for 20 minutes there, the only hotspot I see is for the screwed panel under the bed.

And I guess I'm left alone here...

Hi Valerie I'm still struggling along here.
The scissors are under the right-hand corner of the mattress but only in the main view.
I'm stuck on the safe numbers myself; made them stop on 8892 but nothing happened - wrong code or something else? I don't know yet.

Oh phew, thanks just1!

As for the code, its S8P8O3I2LER

Thank you Valerie!
I skipped too many math classes -

hello any1 there ?i cant get the second screw from the wall ..i dont hav any tool ..just hav 2 wires ,handle ,1 screw & card

ok i read all the prev comments ..got the second screw but cant combine it so i quit ....

colour codes gave me a headache

Clicked every pixel in the bed/mattress scene and cannot find any scissors.

Well, I started this game and got to the point where you are supposed to remove the robot's arm to get the floppy disc, but the tool disappeared after I used it in the room with the bed, so I couldn't continue. Frustrating....

       Anonymous  4/2/12, 1:24 PM  

Neo and NEO are not working for upper left code on left side...


You need another tool for that.

I think you had to press the button as well.

It is the tool you get from doing the 4 levers/handles. The hint for that is on the pic on the left wall.

       Anonymous  4/2/12, 1:32 PM  

@ small-tool. Yeah...I've been pressing the button and it's still clickable nothing is happening. Did all the other ones and have red key in the center set of monitors. I dunno. I'm missing something I guess.

But if you already have the red key, then it worked, because you could see the 4-digit code in the bottom left monitor to get that key.

You have to put the red key in, turn it and then click it (or maybe a button below it, can't remember) and then the door in the back opens.

Geez... dont zoom in on the bed before clicking the right corner of it to get the scissors.

       Anonymous  4/2/12, 1:50 PM  

Hmm...well, I did the Anderson code first and got the four digit number for the box.

Well, what about this pill I was supposed to get in the previous room, maybe I missed that. Never saw a red pill. There is a brown box in that cabinet that I never could open was there a pill in there?

Not sure anymore. But all you get from that is the code word 'red' and you already used that.
Really, don't know anymore and no time to play again.
All I can think of is try neo instead of Neo or NEO.
Or maybe you left a space in the place for the code, so first try to delete all there, before you put in the code.
Anyway, good luck. And if it doesn't work out, just consider yourself out. It's the very last thing and there's no spectaculair end.

       Anonymous  4/2/12, 2:00 PM  

small-tool. Dude, that was it. All freakin lower case. I can't even beleive that. I'm out!!

To all those who struggled with the locker in the third room ...

Once you have
blue wire
red wire
tool with one screw combined

Use this order on locker

blue wire on two holes
red wire same place
tool with screw on top hole
tool with second screw on bottom hole
handle to area left of wires
card in slot

Door should open then

Took me 20 minutes of frustration to get this right

Moving on from there ...

       Anonymous  4/3/12, 3:07 AM  

Out, although it's a day later than you guys :)

it is a good game...take 2 hours to finish...lol

Walkthrough i found,if you get stuck. http://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video;_ylt=A0oG7iMf_3pPrXAAWCpXNyoA?p=Escatrix+walkthrough&fr=moz35&fr2=piv-web

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