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🖳 Fake Escape

[REPLAY] Robamimi Fake Escape is a new Japanese point and click type room escape game by Robamimi. In this game, you have to find your way out by looking for items and some clues to solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


anyne playing


nvrmind i cant get in

alternative link

key under pillow....

keyx for cabinet...
log on computer
code for drawer

ok i am in now had to update flash for some reason

stuck with three fake diamonds...

where to use clock code i am using 9:40 and 21:40 but no joy

Out, going back to read the story this time.

use code from clock on the wardrobe
up, right....


its not 40 but 35

game won't load in chrome or IE

nm. I'm finally in

This comment has been removed by the author.

oh lol thanks linda

welcome hbear ... someone got out without sharing ... got 2 gems ... have 2/3 of the code for safe --- green name cards? ... i'm stuck ...

I have 3 gems; they're in the briefcase in the closet, just need the 4th.. and don't have the code for the box next to the laptop. No idea what's up with that safe with the orange door.

cant figure the last hint...time4

look at the briefcase

Oh... duh. The last hint is between the right page of the book and the photo inside the briefcase lid. Got the last gem now.

I'm at the same place as everyone else: 3 gems, can't figure out 5-digit code for wooden box near laptop. When I looked at clue in journal and picture in briefcase (HOME --> END <-- HOME), I thought the number would be


but that doesn't work.

Clueless and spinning around the room aimlessly....

You need to input a new code into the pad by the door. Time4 is the hint for that.

Check the laptop if you forgot.

@Jean-Michel - it's very, very visual and I felt ridiculous when I figured it out. The answer is right in front of you - it tells you exactly what numbers to use.

don't have briefcase open yet? don't know the code

you got the arrows wrong

I'm trying to figure out how to open the safe now... and totally stumped.

count white squares Marko

@linda - have another flip through those business cards. It's in there.

yes i figured that out but still don't figure out time4... how to get numbers from that?

linda - briefcase = sakura email

@Seedbeads Must be too literal. Still can't get the code...

Jean-Michel, you're close, but one of the arrows is backwards.
I'm stuck at the cardreader now -
anybody figure that code?

where is the clue for the briefcase, please?

       Anonymous  4/1/12, 8:38 PM  

briefcase is one of the codes in the email addresses in the cards

i have a flashlight and a piece of paper and stuck

@Jean-Michel - They're not directional arrows, they're keypad keys.

Nope. Don't get it. Tried multiple forwards and backwards variations of those numbers and no joy. Someone please spoil.

... time4? How is that a hint? Stuck again and tired of this plain hotel room!

go with flashlight through cards ;)

i am stuck again lo orange safe and password after card i have no idea. i am being very slo tonight lol


Thanks Megi!

       Anonymous  4/1/12, 8:41 PM  

stuck with seedbeads - what is time4?

Marko time is 2135 and 4
so white squares.... ;)

Oh for the love of Pete! Got it now. Sheesh, I'm thick!

Got all the diamonds placed in case, got safe open with keycard, now stuck with code on Ocean business card, no place left to use it?

Out now...and I think I was just fired.


what flashlight lol

Got it, thanks Megi. Don't know if I did it correct, says I did a bad job and cannot be a thief anymore.

       Anonymous  4/1/12, 8:44 PM  

ty megi

thanx for help but i figured it out by myself.. its much more fun that way
nice game

im stuck with last card puzzle , hitn say number white diamond any help plz

i just hit save ... am going to curl up on that bed and go to sleep trapped and try to get out tomorrow! lol ...

any hint for safe lock?

linda where r u stuck? same place as me lol

I would love to help, but can't even get the gems in the right order in the briefcase

sleeping on the bed hbear! lol!

@ Philomena The gems go in the order ABCD -- look at the drink cards on the bed. See anything related to that order? (Think color)

order of gem is un bed on picture drink look first letter of any drin and of course the color... plz help with card puzzle

zzZz im stuck with card puzzle :(

I'm stuck trying to work out the code at the card reader. I understand that it should go in the order S2P1O3I5L4ER, but I can't seem to work out which symbol, is which number.

got it finally lol

ty! forgot all about those drink cards!

they can't see it as I went to bed and drank them all ... lol

hbear can u help?

jean miche why 21354?

okay, where's the damn flashlight?

@ jonatan It was said earlier that the clue for the card reader was TIME + 4. The time from the clock, and 4 at the end. At least, that's what I understood.

I still can't find a flashlight anywhere...someone please help :)

the dad reader goes 1 wits square 2 white squares 3 4 5 the first one has a bracket on bottom the second has like an x over a diamond with a white square on both sides 3rd is 2 brackets

I've looked everywhere for that torch and no joy at all :(

And I understood wrong, of course. It's the order shown on the card reader - 12345. I'm really terrible at this tonight.

then sould be 21:39 right? or 1:35?

that is card not dad lol the flashlight is in the orange safe after u get the card reader

okay, had to open safe to get torch, then look at ocean card to get time4

@ Philomena The torch is inside the orange safe.

well .. im bad tonight..cant understand nothing dont know what happen :( i made all my self without help but the car reader beat me

Thanks for help hbear, Marko and everyone. Finally got out. Apparently I am a lousy thief.

@ jean i was doing the same thing for a long time lol i think i really need some sleep @janatan i am stuck again i am using 2135*4=8540 but dont know where to use

okay, that was cute. Wish I did have good job info, but still unemployed...

it's 21254 on the card reader -- same way you did it the first time

sorry, 21354

sorry but i dont know how to put 21354 on that symbols

got it 21354 very slow tonight lol

The card reader gave me fits. Here's an image of the correct first code.


jonatan did u get the first one 12345 to open the safe

thnx jean michel.. but i sitll dont understand why that order.. nobody explain me.

thanks for all your help aspecially with teaching me hw to read a clock again lol

@ jonatan Sorry. The order for the first code for the card reader is shown (12345). After you open the safe, get the torch and look at the "Oceans" business card, you get a hint that tells you TIME4. That's the second code for the card reader (clock time [24 hour], and 4). So, 21354. Does that make sense?

at jonatan it is written on the card reader over a white square so the code is the number of white squares

yes i understand that but my problem is the symbols.. dont understand symbols means. how to convert in numbers or whatever its mean.. cant understand

@ jonatan Yes, I had a lot of trouble with that too. (Taht';s why I posted the screenshot.) If you click the HINT button in-game, you get a message like "Number of white diamonds". So, the count of white diamonds in each symbol equals the number. I don't think it's all that obvious. Not the best puzzle, I think.

this is from memory sorry if not 100% 1 is like a v at the bottom 2 is anXover asquare with a white on the right and left 3 is <> 4 is hollow diamond with 4 white squares on corner 5 is white diamond with white squares on coners

ok i got it ..sorry im slow tonight.. have to count white squares.. :( shame! DOH

what is the password for the comp. so I can go to bed zzzzz

not understanding the box code, picture and notebook?? It can be staring me in the face but I don't see it! Help!!

I can't even figure out where to put the clock clue numbers....lol

on the closet door Nokra

but...it is just 4 directions...how to translate 21:35?

12 - 03 -09- just like on the clock face

up, right ,left, right, down, up

shoe clue is for the left chest drawer,

got it ...missed the alarm clock...lol

I'll be here a while if you need help Nokra

I am here ...busy today ..so couldnt play till now..

hi Pmisty!

Got thing from briefcase ._. what do now? ><

Ok ..that was different .. only needed the help with the card reader

Unknown ...Need to put card in reader by door ...then look at symbols and count squares to match number ..

Pass comp: RYO
How open orange safe?

Fake Escape-Through
Watch the opening scene for a cute plot
See that you need a card by the exit door
PC needs a first name, wood box need 5 digit number
Outside, you have a night view of Tokyo

Right of bed find
-a clock with no time
-drawer needs a key
-a safe with no obvious way to open

On the bed are several cocktail cards
Look under the pillow and find a KEY

Left of bed is
-a cigarette pack
-drawer with 2 star buttons
-safe with 3 colored dials (orange, cyan, green)

Closet has 4-way buttons lock


Use key on locked drawer for FAKE BLUE DIAMOND and CARD HOLDER

Look through cards in card holder
Enter name in computer for mission and clock time
Enter time in clock for 6 time clues
Use this clue to open closet
Open closet to see ties, suitcase, and shopping bag
suitcase needs 4 numbers
Shopping bag has a gift and gift card
open gift to see star-hint
Use star hint to open left-side drawer for FAKE YELLOW DIAMOND and NOTEBOOK
Look in notebook to see 2 hints
Open color safe to get FAKE RED DIAMOND
Match the gift card with the business cards to find
Use this to open suitcase
See place for 4 diamonds and picture of keyboard
Use notebook hint and picture to open wood box for FAKE WHITE DIAMOND
Place 4 diamonds for CARD
Use card on reader next to door
Note: The game hint says "number of white diamonds", but this NOT referring to the one in the suitcase!
When you press the buttons in the 12345 hint, the safe is opened
Go the the safe to get a note and a BLUE FLASHLIGHT (ON)
Use the flashlight on the business cards to find your last hint: TIME4
Enter the new code to exit

Hints and solutions
First name: 4 cards are the same
Clock: It's night, so use standard 24-hour clock time SPOIL2135ER
Closet: Think of a numbers on a clockface
Stars: SPOILrlrllrER
Color safe: O=cigarettes, C=Ties, G=name cards SPOIL658ER
Suitcase: Sakura's e-mail SPOIL0428ER
Wood box: arrows are keys so <- is 4, -> is 6, Home is 7, End is 1 SPOIL76147ER
Diamonds: order is ABCD, based on cocktail names SPOILybrwER
Using the keycard machine: The number of diamonds on the buttons are 4-1-3-2-5 in order
first time, enter 12345 (as shown), second time 21354 (time on clock and 4)


       Anonymous  4/2/12, 1:58 AM  

Thank you for the walkthrough, PuzzledinCA.
I'm afraid I don't understand the "home -> end <- home" code. Like Jean-Michel, I thought that the answer was 74147.

       Anonymous  4/2/12, 2:02 AM  

POP magic again (-:

I watched the arrows on my keyboard !

very easy


Look at the painting on ties

nice game ...need little help with the code of wooden box otherwise easy game

Wait...when you've finished playing, you can read "1END". In Japanese blogs, this usually means "1st Ending".

So there must be a second one, too?

Thanks for the WT @puzzled - got stuck on the card reader. Nice game.

No, I'm sure there's only 1 end. At the top it says 1 End to indicate there's only one ending too. Robamimi has always indicated it like this.

Usually if there is more than one ending wouldn't it say something like "perfect end", "bad end", and so on?

Usually yes, frankly spoken. :) It's probably just that I hate these unsatisfying endings "sacked because of insuffient skills" etc...so that I always try hard to find any alt endings ;)

Great game as always!!!
Thank you puzzledin for the WT , couldnt understand the final card codes.

Keyboards are not all the same. I could not get that clue.

Using the hint in the book AND the picture in the briefcase you get:
Home = 7
→ = 6
End = 1
← = 4
Home = 7

This is just for the people like me that kept trying 74147.

Card reader:
1 = V
2 = ♦♦ -You want these white though.
3 = <>
4 = Center black-outer 4 white.
5 = All white.

12: 03: 09: 03: 06: 12: frome the clock what does it mean????

thanks to Janet for suggesting this game

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