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Flag Room Escape Walkthrough

Flag Room Escape

86Game - Flag Room Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game by 86Game. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Well, I thought I could solve the cabinet code quickly based on the panda flags on either side of the door. But not.

knock the orange/blue/green flag banner down and check each flag for star hint for drawer. Which I still haven't figured out, lol. Having a mentally slow day.

hizoz ... i'm totally stuck too! lol

basically trying to brute force the cabinet code. with no luck, I might add. Here's hoping you have a breakthrough @linda_r_1957

interesting... the door keypad has only 3, 6, and 9 as choices...

click 334224

no POP here! ... still trying

and those blue flags ... you can zoom on them ... but they tell you nothing? not liking this game ... no logic

thanks @Megi! But how did you figure that out?

look at the colours first

Zoom in on Blue flags - square is on a different part of each flag. Wonder why... actually, am wondering lots of things. lol

Got the drawer open, but totally confused by what I found inside.

omg, i can't believe I got the code for the cupboard! Look at the clue from the drawer, then compare to the green/orange/cyan flags with their corresponding number of stars.
2 >1

get it?

the flags that we knocked down ... click on them 4 green stars 3 red 5 green 6 red 2 blue 1 blue ??? not sure what it means ???

the hint in the cupboard is just as obscure as the others!

zoz - I got that, but I fail to see how it helps me open the CB.

@linda_r_1957, look at the order of colors on each flag and write down the number of stars for that order. Then look at the hint from the drawer as i explained above . Then press the flags on the cupboard in order from 1 -6

wait... wait, I got it. That IS obscure. CB is open... confused again.

OK, here's a spoiler for the cupboard....


the thing in the cb that looks like a lighter is actually a battery for the code pad under the fish tank.

Out now... how very ARGH-inducing.

why 2>1, 5>4 and not 1>2, 4>5?

Because 1 is not greater than 2, nor is 4 greater than 5.

Oh I suposed those were just arrows.

Holy Cow (or Panda) I solved the fish tank. Actually understood a clue!

Use the hint to fold blue flags to get 4 shapes.
Combine this with the lighter blue mark on each blue flag to get the order.

Well done @SunshineRR4! I was trying to superimpose the flags on each other based on where the lighter blue square was.

And out! Thanks

The clues seem so obscure ... until someone else solves them - then they seem as clear as day! I never would have made the connection on the arrows, and am still somewhat suspect to the logic of the cupboard with the 5 colors, as two of the colors were duplicates. Thanks for all the help.

game sucked .. not out and no logic ... waiting for a SD game :)

whoever made this game has a really different way of looking at things. @linda_r_1957, I'm waiting for a SSSG as well. So is my SSRG (Super Sneaky Racoon Girl)

they need a Like button @ zoz ... I like! lol ...

Obscure Hints and Convoluted Logic - Through

You know all of those tricks you've learned in other games? Well, forget them b/c you can't use them here!

- Go right, open left side of cupboard and take the grabber.
- Go left and use grabber to partially pull down the three-color flag banner.
- Click on each flag and note both the order of the colors (green, cyan, and orange) and the number of stars for each flag.
- Go left and use the flag colors to open the drawer (Solutions Below)
- Take the hint from the drawer.
- The hint has the three pairs of color combinations from the flag (i.e., GCO, OGC, COG). We know what number corresponds to each color combination (e.g., GCO is for numbers 1 and 2). The Panda in the middle tells you this clue is for the flags by the door. The "greater than" > symbol between each flag tells you the order for the panda flags, which tells you how to press the arrows to open the right cupboard door (did I mention that these clues were obscure and the logic convoluted?).
- Open the cupboard door and take the battery and look at the Hint. Take a moment to scream and/or curse. Then, place the battery above the code pad for the fish tank and use the hint to
enter the code.
- Open the drawer and take the Grey Flags.
- Go to the desk where the Robot Sailor is and put the grey flags in his hands. When you click on him, he'll show you the code for the door. Seriously.
- Enter the code and open the door and Promise Yourself You Will Never Go Back In That Room!!!

Drawer: For each flag look at which color is in the center, then put those colors in order according to the number of stars. For example, the flag with 1 star has Cyan in the center. 2 also has Cyan, 3 stars has Orange, etc. Then click the bars on the drawer in the star/center color order.
334224 (CCOGGO)
Cupboard door:
The order of the flags is
So looking at the Panda flags by the door, number them
Then press the arrows on the cupboard door in order from 1-->6
Fish tank:
According to @SunshineRR4: "Use the hint to fold blue flags to get 4 shapes. Combine this with the lighter blue mark on each blue flag to get the order."
Personally, I ended up brute-forcing the d*&n thing.
Triangle, Upside down Triangle, Circle, Diamond.
Sailor Robot & Door Code
When you click on the Sailor once the grey flags are in place, his arms correspond to positions on a clock (like on his face). Since there is no 12 on the door code pad, you can ignore the arm that points up and just pay attention to the order of arms pointing towards 3 or 6. So the door code is 9393.

This was great! Out with no help, just hard enough to challenge. I thought it was very logical...

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Thanks. out..
Fish tank hint : http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/851/bayraklar.png/

I actually liked the game too.
Did need help with the "obscure clues" from the WT though and learned a new word (convolution), thanks zoz :)

for panda code
paper hint gives

on the door, flags panda

so in order 123456 = LRLRRL

thank heavens (as we cant swear)for walkthroughs



I liked it too, Andrea. Something for thinkers, though (and logical, too). Since I don't like it if it's too easy...

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