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Gas Station Escape Walkthrough

Gas Station Escape

Petrol Station Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by DozenGames. Your car broke down, but luckily You made it to the gas station. You need to refill Your gas tank and repair the car to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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hello-o.. anybody here? I'm not really a mechanic...

I am here, too early in the morning to be doing math puzzle.

at the flipper I can shot the ball, but nothing happens... and I think I need a tire...
I've put the wheel rim at this thing in the garage

maybe I also should leave any hints... lol
the coin is for the jukebox, then you get the lights for the door of the garage...
and the math... I try to remember... star: 3 circle: 1... and I think square was 4 and triangle 2

hi alice =) any progress?

in the shop on the floor there was also an empty bottle... i filled it at the water dispenser

naw, still trying to figure out star puzzle waiting for my coffee to finish brewing then maybe I can think. going to try hint you gave will be back.

I payed with the credit card and have a full tank now... without engine and wheel... woohooo... maybe a nice jouney

there are so many wheels around and no one I can take... and how can I get the engine from the garage to the car?

Sabbertje!!!! <3 ,3 4

Got a 15 minutes breaktime..start the engine ;-)

And ofc. Hello Alice :D

Thanks Sabine for getting me started.


now I cleaned the window of the car with the water... but after this I'm officially stuck

Hi there all!
Got key from left side of door. (white car) Open trunk with it to get a tire.

ok... I'm very sorry... I mixed up triangle and square...
ALKKKKK... <3 ,3 4
finally we are together again in a live game ;o)

hi catqueen... I have this key, but it won't open the trunk... :(
maybe now after POP

ok, got tire off car and put it on thing in garage, filled water bottle, going to get my coffee, yummm, will be back.

Gas tank is full and replaced the tire. Now I'm stuck.

incredible... now it works...

wheel ready and on car...

great...have to leave already..customer is here..grrr.. :)))

need this engine... but how?

Got fan off engine in the shop. Cant get it on car.

what about the pinball?

Hi everyone... internet playing up but will try and play :)

put the fan on this black box in your inventory... now you can put it in the car...

Used wrench on engine with chains in garage and got a fan. Combined this with the blakc laptop looking thing. This goes in the hood.

wow... done... I'm out... after fixing the engine (or whatever that is) you can sit in the car and there is an up-arrow...

Fan goes on thing that looks like a briefcase, then it goes in car.

Clean window with bottle of water.
Those darn bugs... LOL

Thx Sabine...I tried to get the keys somewhere in the dashboard, but it was only for the trunk.

Alkmar: is the customer gone??? We need another passenger in the car :)

Im back and stuck, got gas in car, cleaned windshield, rim still on machine, seems as it needs a tire but can't take any and can open hood which seems like it needs something but no idea.... Maybe after my 2nd cup of coffee my brain will work.

POP just found car key

I have to go now. Have fun playing all and saying Hi to Alkmar when she comes back.

Liked the game but the wrench is really pixelly. only after clicking 1000 times could I take it. Thanks for all the help.

I have the tyre on the radiator and fan on I have paid for fuel and have been given a bowser handle does this mean I am already gased up i dont seem to b able to do anything in the pump scene at back of car ???

had to go to the "help" button to find the keys for the trunk...inside the white car, facing the steering wheel, click on the door pocket, they are in there

jolow: the gas cap is on the left side of the car, trunk view. use gas pump handle on that

simple game. Get the tyre fitted and balanced. Take the fan off the engine hanging in the garage. Combine with something as suitcase. Fit to the car. Wash your windscrean. Fuel up and fire :)

Well dont forget to pay ;)

I totally fixed a car LOL,that could happen only in my dreams and GAMES!
Thank you all for your comments,missed the key inside the car

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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