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Golem is an unusual point and click room escape game. Resurrect the Golem of Prague in order to get out of the museum complex. The game has two different endings. Good luck and have fun!

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Golem Walkthrough

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I can't click the link..

Sorry, lapse of concentration...try the link again :D

Ohh my this game is too complicated for me :(

wow that looks complicated


lots of hints in the books but absolutely no clue

I think we need some superbrains here

Come on girls!...I need to hang on to your coat tails...lol

All ive done is flick the electrical lever where the 3 wheels are.

Apparently you have to rotate the start room to get to another rooms.

Ok this lowbrow is now entering this dark place...

in one of the books is 18:7 I tried to put the green wheels at the equivalent sign from right and from left but nothing happened

If you adjust the valve like this : > you activate the elevator and you can go to another room. More clues there and a paper. I entered the symbols for good and evil to the machine and summed the indications but no luck for the keypad

Just Great LOL Anybody of the Hebrew persuasion here?

One book has clue 250kg and 2 are in hebrew, and in elevator says: count the dots. Count them 62 on ceiling above fontaine.

my elevator does nothing
I shall leave this and wait for a WT

Im leaving you brainiacs to this one. Will try it again tomorrow.

SM there is a WT when you click on help.
I just looked at it, but still too complicated for me, the game is too much a maze and i hate mazes :)
I will not play thisone.

I will point out the good\evil clues are in english L->R but in Hebrew written R->L ( looks that way to me anyway)

thanks zazie - might get back later to it

Yea just a few clicks around the first room and this wasn't for me lol. Just seemed too hard with number associations and stuff. Game looks and sounds great and atmospheric but not for me.

wow this looks so hard

got a Y paper from circle thing on wall

any luck on the sphere thing or other thing in that room

did everyone leave O-O

5 letters now i didnt realize this game was posted a long time ago. hint in round room in basement there are 2 doors i kept missing that after that the game is pretty easy

hahaha he killed me

and out I can't manage to go out without the walk through haha

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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