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Inventor's Quest Walkthrough

Inventor's Quest

Inventor's Quest Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by TimeFall. In this game, you try to escape from this wonderful room full of interesting inventions. Have fun and good luck!

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Yep, I deserve a break, now!

- little KNIFE & HOOK unde cushions (couch)

- BLUE light bulb from plant (use knife)

Hi, Dabbeljuh,
RED bulb from name puzzle (phone inventor)

- WHITE bulb from triangle pic puzzle

- bolt CUTTERS & CROWBAR from the other couch

- BLACK bulb from machine (use crowbar)

- ORANGE bulb from clock (bottom, use cutters)

- GREEN bulb from top of phone cabin (use hook)

I'm here...lol Looks like you have this one solved, premiere....lol

- HAMMER from name puzzle (hint: Leonardo)

- use hammer on drawer under desk (bottom right of machine) for HINT (XOXXO)

LOL, hi, nokra,
I'm on the way...

Hint for 4-digit number puzzle on phone booth. Its a bit of a stretch, but its there.

Lots of false clues. I spend time looking for patterns in that wallpaper!

- PICKAXE from number puzzle (HINT: some letters on phone booth)

Hi all, yes, it certainly was a stretch for the numbers @DW.

Just need the bulb at 9 O'clock now....

- PURPLE bulb from lamp flowers (use pickaxe)

That dumb number... finally got it.

Hi, Rambler,
that was the blue bulb...

Where to use scissors, please?

POP...the bellows...lol That was the first thing I clicked

And out!!

Scissors on pump thingy on cupboard. Can't get the numbers?

Thanks @premiere, I got it finally. Sorry not to comment a lot, but you were doing just peachy lol

- SCISSORS from XO puzzle
- YELLOW bulb from bellows on puzzle CB (use scissors)

@Sandy, look at the reddish letters in TELEPHONE and use your imagination. Not upside down ;)

- KEY from bulbs, used on door & OUT!
☺ ☻ ☺

Spoiler for numbers
You work the rest out.
For me, I knew 3 of the 4 and guessed at which of the 2 options I had for the one I didn't know.

Sorry, not back to front...

LOL...first I tried it backwards..then I flipped it...anyway...got 4 digit...thanks for the clues...lol

I thought I had tried every combination but the last one worked, BF'd.
Thanks, one of the daftest clues I've seen.

- HINT: 4 letters (NOT the black ones) on phone booth
L-E-P-O (which numbers look alike them?)

In and out of the Sakura... just going in this one :)

Out too.

The numbers are like that because Leonardo DaVinci, wrote in a code. Some things mirror inage, while others were upside down, yet other were upside down mirror inage!

i dont get how you people get answer Lenardo Divinci ? can any1 explain to me ....

the name of the game is «Inventor's Quest» & Da Vinci is THE inventor of the centuries.

& browsing thru the 2 first letters (DA) was also a help (at least for me)...

or the portrait...
(but I only know him with a lot more wrinkles in his face LOL)

thnx premiere for explination.... i thought paintings on the wall are davinci ..&.u all people are so much art lover .. that you just kno the name ...

LOL raasti,
we all are (art) lovers in the one or other way... here on EG24, whe have a lot of escape art lovers...!

I still don't get the 4 digit number. I'm not seeing what the L is, if it's not upside down. Back to front, is O93, if it's not upside down.

What is the number PLEASE!

@mlmaietta@gmail.com: LEPO is the clue. It is leet so you use the numbers that the letters look like. Doing this you get


       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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