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Kamo Escape 3 Walkthrough

Kamo Escape 3

Kamo Escape 3 is another point and click room escape game. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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got two uniforms and a sweeping brush ....cant do anything else...

same place....stuck

Change uniform to the blue one in the view with empty paper box. Then you can go inside. I'm stuck inside with a third uniform on me (butler) and used food, drink, have magazine, used brush to block a door. Have keys. Can go to the roof but not do anything there.

I think i got rope wearing yellow uniform outside and looking in big green trashcan. Only possible to change clothes in paper box view.

Finally could give magazine to chef and then open fridge to find egg.

Went to roof with the egg to throw it at someone.

i don't have a blue uniform onl yellow and green. and can't put either one on

Sorry... meant the green one to go inside. Blue is what you wear from start.
Go to empty box view, and view item (uniform) from inventory. Click japanese text box to change.

Click text box in upper left corner to wear clothes, and upper right corner to take them off.

Out now! Got a hook from womans room to combine with rope and escape from bathroom 2nd floor.
Terrible navigation!!

can get the green uniform on and go into kitchen then bathroom can get the yellow uniform on but cant go anywhere ....? have broom rope and what looks like bar of purple soap ...?

Use the soap on the bathroom floor. Then you can go upstairs.

found lady in the bathroom where is magazine please and your right about the navigation ...terrible

sorry lady is in the bedroom and found a key

now there is a plant in the bathroom ...sheeesh

I think the magazine is on 2nd floor, on door right of 203 and 204. Use key to enter.

The bathroom with the plant is the one on 2nd floor. There is one on each floor, and 2nd and 3rd floor has many rooms (201+202, then 203+204 and locked door + bathroom) and (301+302, then 303+304 and locked door + bathroom).

have a bottle of something and im lost ...stuck

The bottle you need to place together with the food inside the locked room on 3rd floor.
To get the food from the kitchen on bottom floor you need to give the magazine to the chef.

cant get by the man in the black coat..?

You have to place food and drink first in the locked room on 3rd floor. The man will go there to eat... then you have to lock him inside the bathroom on 3rd floor with broom. There should be another stairway (where you can go down to 1st floor, or up to 3rd floor from 2nd floor), and if you use that way up the man isnt there.

man not there anymore cant find the bloody bathroom on 3rd floor :( shattered runnung up and down the stairs lol

nvm locked him in at last

mango thank you very much ...im out now phew :)

Lol! The mission in this game is to get an egg, throw it at someone from the roof, then escape the building. I wonder why.

Go left.
Pick up a YELLOW COSTUME from paper box.
View it in about item and click the Japanese text box in upper left corner of the costume to wear it (you will see the man to the left of the game screen change looks).

Go left and click the big green trashcan (?).
Get a rope from inside (which you can only do when wearing the yellow costume).

Go left.
Open the back of the truck and take a BROOM and a GREEN COSTUME.

Go right twice (to empty paper box).
View the green costume from inventory and click the Japanese text box in upper left corner to wear it.

Go left once and click the grey door to enter the building (only possible when wearing the green costume).

Go left twice to the man in grey costume.
Click the small brown door left of him to enter the bottom floor bathroom.
Get the PURPLE SOAP from right of the left sink.
Use the soap on the bathroom floor, next to the door.
Exit the bathroom and turn right.
You can now go upstairs (if you go back inside the bathroom on bottom floor you see why… the poor man in grey clothes went in there and slipped on the soapy floor, now not able to stop you in the stairs anymore).
However, before you go upstairs you should go back to the left and take the KEYS from the shelf behind the counter where the man used to be.

Go to 2nd floor.
Go left to see the doors to room 201 and 202 (numbers show in text when you click the doors).
Enter room 202 to get a BOTTLE.
Exit the room again.
Click the end of the corridor (just left of the right navigation bar) to face the door to the 2nd floor bathroom (purple “bottle” on a pidestal outside).
From outside 2nd floor bathroom, go left.
Now, you are facing rooms 203 and 204. On the right side of the corridor is a locked door.
Use the keys on the locked door to enter.
View the butler dress with about item and click the Japanese text box in upper left corner to wear it.
Exit this room.

Go back down to bottom floor and the kitchen (from outside rooms 203 and 204, go down twice (pass the bathroom) then right to see the stairs, down the stairs and into the grey door).
In the kitchen, select the magazine and give it to the chef (click his face).
Leave the kitchen and go back inside again to see the chef is gone.
Open fridge (top part) and take an EGG from inside the door.
Take the FOOD PLATE from the desk, right of the sink.

Go to 3rd floor and find the locked room there.
(From kitchen, turn left, click upstairs twice to get to 3rd floor, go left to face door 301 and 302, click end of corridor (left of the right navigation bar) to face the bathroom, then go left).
Use the key to enter the locked door (right side of the corridor with rooms 303 and 304).
Place the plate of food and the bottle on the blue table.
Leave the room.

Click end of the corridor (when facing rooms 303, 304 and locked door).
See a grey dressed man preventing you from going upstairs to the roof.
However, after placing the food in the locked room on 3rd floor you can make him go there to eat.
To make the man leave to eat, click the window behind him to go down to 2nd floor, then go back up to 3rd floor.
The man will be gone, but you still can’t go up the stairs to the roof.
First, you have to lock the man inside the 3rd floor bathroom.
When facing the stairs to the roof, go right (to doors 303 and 304).
Click down arrow to see 3rd floor bathroom door.

Place the broom on the door to lock it (this only works after you place the food and make the man leave the stairways).

Now, go up to the roof (click left from 3rd floor bathroom, then back of the corridor next to rooms 303 and 304, and finally go upstairs).
You will see a movie sequence when you throw your egg at someone.

Time to escape this building…
From the roof, go down then right.
Enter room 303 (there used to be a lady inside but she’s gone now).
Take the HOOK from the floor.
Open the rope from inventory with about item and add the hook to the rope.
Exit room 303.

Go to 2nd floor bathroom (down twice from outside room 303 and 304, then right and downstairs. On 2nd floor, click to go left, the click end of the corridor (next to room 201 and 202)).

Inside 2nd floor bathroom, turn right to the open window and the plant.
Use the rope with hook in the window.
Watch the end.

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