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Kim Dotcom Prison Break Walkthrough

Kim Dotcom Prison Break

Kim Dotcom Prison Break is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inkagames. Megaupload.com has been shut down by the FBI, and his owner, Kim Dotcom, has been arrested charged with informatic piracy. You will be Charlie Dotcom, Kim's younger brother, and will elaborate a reckless plan to get him out of prison. Good luck and have fun!

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Kim Dotcom Prison Break Walkthrough
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Can't sleep might as well play a new game. Happy Easter

From house:
- cushion (for cat - park)
- money (for guns - shop)
- access card (for main door - factory)
- scissors (for 2nd access card, guard - factory)

- blueprints in factory (2nd door)

Ohhhhhh it's not fair, new inkagames and i have to get ready to go out. Lol, oh well... Hello everyone! (Thanks in advance premiere for all the hints I know you will leave for me) ;)

LOL & hi, Jo.C,
atm, I'm stuck, don't know what to do more to get the cat...

use the pillow and hammer to get the cat

@premiere you need hammer to hit the tree, the hammer is in the flowers in front of the office with blueprints....

stuck in nursery, all i can take is pill and purgative....i get caught if take the key....

oh i didn't notice that i can use map again....

ah, missed that hammer,
thx Jorge & pamarina!

got the cat now (poor kitty LOL)

happy easter to you all, going in i love inka games

there is a wire from the window in the nurses topic that you will need....first remove the bars....

- give cat to tattooist girl
- get tattoo (blueprints from factory)
- let you catch at bank robbery to get in jail

As usual, I'm too slow at the nursery...

& a looong to-do list...

getting the key is tough, you use the putty to make a copy then put the key back...in under 15 seconds... :(

i have got all sorts of thing. need to get the footpowder. prepare the caterpillar there is a rough spot on the wall too

also, take the glasses off the doll (don't know why yet, thought Elvis would like them..)

you need to make a wise catapillar

how to set fire with magnifier, don't know where to put it....

thankyou george i now have a lit candle

pamarina go left into the garden and take a leaf use the magnifier on that and then the candle

make the big guy in sports sleepy with the watch and there is a bolt which I cannot unscrew yet

also combined gum with 4x2 wood

Bigtank how did you make a fire?

Going In, Love the Big Bang reference in the begininng.

leaf + magnify glass makes fire, apply to candle to light it.

wood + gum + shark fin makes boat

then 'talk' to the shark fin when it is in the water...

i can't get rid of napoleon


mouse scares 50cent, gives knife and coin, knife will free guitar for elvis but it is too 'simple' still...

I cannot get bolt
I cannot use phone
I cannot get wire in nurses room

have a spoon full of honey
toad, mouse, pencil, wire, candle and sausagges
puttypattern of key

pen signs guitar which makes it special :)

Didn't notice, that there's another teleporter map, once you're in jail...
Now let's go on here, too!

- pill from nursery to big brother Kim
- leaf from garden

where/what is 50cent???

I never got the wire from the nurse and now I can't go back there!

How to make the mold hard?

use the weight from 50cent to tie to rodman...then throw the ball

the coin gets out the bolt in the gym

help please - I dont know how to get the coin?

and how to get 50cents?

50cent in sports, go left

need to get rid of napoleon to use the bolt on the wall, somethings in jacket pocket too

from warehouse:
- gum, wire, barbie doll, plastic shark fin, fresh putty, A 2x4, clock,
- need cut rope from guitar...

you must get rid of the guy near the phone to get an item that gets rid of napoleon

give the molt to the weatress

LOL I bet you have to sharpen spoon on wall to guitar then to give to elvis

you have put the mouse in front of the ground by 50 cent

thank you ikke

where do i get the dollar from i have a coupon for 5 dollars but he does not want that

have anyone see a phonenumber?

the putty needs a fresh mold of the key, take the imprint from the key, then got straight to the diner in the gardens, give the putty to the waitress, then use the molten comb on the putty

ok got the hamburger and coke now,pills with burger for phone guy

you have to combinate the burger whit the medicine cube and than give it to the big gay near the phone bigtank

@ikke done that but not seen the number anywhere

I dont get you jon
I have the "fresh putty with imprint"
what do I have to do now before giving it to waitress

I only needs the voice recorder from the to do list and i can't call without a number

Check the tattoo for phone number.

if you look at your tattoos you will find the number

aahh found the monopoly card at the side of the phone on the floor

i need a passcode now but the parrot's clue is vague

after you give the burger, you can get the monopoly card from behind where he was standing...give that to Napoleon

ty jorge i keep missing the arrow views

Where did you see the number in the tattoo??

whait i didn't notice that there are more views

ok i now have everything on my list

@Swiss. If you get the imprint again from the nurse then you can give it to the waitress....if you do other things in between, the mold isn't fresh anymore

- kitchen key from waitress (UFO comment)
from kitchen:
- pen (table before kitchen)
- cheese (get mouse)
- honey pot
- spoon (take honey)
- caterpillar
- sausages

Out. Very Fun game

ty jon

what to do with all the things i have collected. can not talk to the guard anymore

continue to post (evtly) missing steps:
- put glasses from barbie on caterpillar
- place it at alien for magnifier (UFO comment)

ok i gave the pill to kim ages ago and he is still stood there,

I still have not made a duplicate key - any help pls?

what to put in hardened mold? A melted comb?

ok swiss i just gave the putty to the waitress then the comb and then combined them

comb ? where do I find a comb??

key walkthrough: make sure to have the putty in the inventory, visit the nurse, quickly get key from the wall and use it on putty, return key to wall and sit. Visit the diner and get the waitress to 'cook your bread' and give her the putty. Use the molten plastic comb on the putty (after getting Elvis' jacket, take the comb as well as the token. Use the candle to melt the comb)

first you have to melt the comb whit the candle

Happy Easter to you all!

Shuchun and MegiPoland, beautiful games post,
say thank you!

ty finally got the key :)

has anyone found battery for the recorder?

LOL I missed the comb in the jacket TY

just do not know what to do know, i have everything on my list.

Im with the same problem bigtank

I have a feeling if you miss out certain steps, you cannot finish the game...before making the phonecall, I didn't blow the foot-powder onto the phone....now I am stuck....

Nah Jon Im thinking that is last step before escape in the tattoo plan (Im at lever now LOL)

so, where is the battery? I have nowhere left to go...

Has anyone got past the fan in the basement yet? I'm stuck at the bars with the lever....

Back in cell
- blanket
- batteries (put in recorder)
- use wrench on sink
- use knife on brickets
- kick them for passage

how did you get in the basement Rambler

& pillow from bed, too

Yep I just used powder on parrot scene keypad

yes how did you back in the cell

@ikke, After you take the sink unit out, make a recording of yourself. Put the blanket and pillow on the top bunk and you should be able to do the rest....

- before going in passage: record phrase
- go in passage
- other inmate put pillow on top bed & blanket over it & put sink back

and finally out - after that blasted key the rest was easy

throw the spoon of honey at the lever
the fly will get to it then use the toad

LOL rambler use wire to short circuit electrics (use knife to open panel)

- way out according tattoo
- use knife on power box & use wire inside (stop fan)
- go down ladder


Ahh, thanks SM, almost out now :o)

you dont need to go back once you are in there

bigtank - when you have done all that is needed
the guard will come and put you in your cell

i can not find anything else to do , i have everything on my list.

ty rambler but i can't get even into my cel I have everything on my list..

- after grid & lever (honey for fly & fly for toad)
- use coke on metal cap & kick

maybe you have to walk around a bit (don't remember exactly)...

Where do I stick the other end of the hose?

I've got no more hotspots....

rambler - go into lift
tie hose on right rail and press no 1 floor

big - go to guard and turn left - not sure anymore

Got it, in the lift...

Yay, I got out. Thanks for the nudges along the way :o)

elevator hall:
- take hose
- use plastic key to go to nursery
- take somniferous, syringe & flask with adrenaline
- fill syringe with adrenaline & wake up big brother Kim
- use somniferous on sausages
- attach hose on bars

- also pull down lever in hall

ok i give up

- after removing bars (elevator with other hose end on 1st floor), get out thru window along wire
- use leather jacket on barbed wire
- go down
- quickly put somniferous sausages on ground for dogs
- have a cab ride & OUT

@bigtank I have restart the game and now it go farther I'm in the cel now

sorry for you, bigtank...

bigtank - did you go to telephone again

as I remember well, I was at the phone, when guard called...

it says i dont need that any more

(I mean, in the phone scene...)

@bigtank you have to restart I had the same and when I restart the game go automatic farther when you have your list complete

Pls help me

Wht should we do with tht oversized dude?

anyone playing? How do I melt the comb?

I should have asked how to light the ccandle to melt the comb

the one at sports: hyptonize him with watch
the one at phone: give him burger with medicine

melt comb with candle, lit with leaf, lit with magnifier

Thanks Premiere I have been trying to light the leaf, where should I place it?

Got It POP

combine in inventory: leaf with magnifier & leaf on fire with candle
(do you already have the magnifier?)

Great, alice,
POP's always the best!

Where to use the plastic key that i got from the mold? I can't go back to nursery anymore... and where is burger?

- you'll use plastic key later in elevator hall on nursery door (when you got back in cell & broke out from there)
- burger (& coke) at waitress in dinner hall (garden), you have to pay 5 bucks...

thanks premiere....

This comment has been removed by the author.

got Napolian moved, got key,frog, need to get bolt, foot powder,wire from window, havent used rough wall, not sure what to do next.

POP just got bolt!

weight on rodman moving right along

got recorder now.

I love Inkagames one of my favorite publishers, and not a bad game but wayyyy too many items to collect and figure out. Don't get me wrong I like epic and long games compared to short ones but still.

Agree Tommy, I hate the scene in the hospital where if you don't get, the items right you have to go though all the talk again. Gets boring, but I do love these games.

Finally out, if not for the above comments I would have given up out of boredom.

Where is the voice recorder? It's my last item form the to do list...

call your friend for a favour - she will come to see you & bring the recorder.

Thanks a lot premiere but where is the phone number? I have the coin... but I dony know the number. Do I need to blow the foot-powder onto the phone before making the phonecall? I can't do it...

Ah there's a number on charlies tatoos! How did I miss that?!!!

I think I have to restart the game... I have my list complete but I can't go back to the cell =( boring!

I'm so stuck at the key...I go get the key, use the putty, put the key back, run to the girl to process, I don't get the "cook my bread" option...just says i need to do something to the putty first...great game, just can't get past this one point ;)

You need to give directly the putty with the key mark to the girl. She will cook it on the microwave. Then use the candle on the comb to melt it and put it on the cooked putty.

When you are at the nursery you grab the key and use it on putty. The putty will have the printed key. Put the key back and sit down before the nurse came back. Then you can give the putty to cook.

thank you LaraR....will go back and try again....

Good luck! I finally made it..

congrats! I'm still getting just plain putty, even tho I can see a key imprint in it...gonna start over and see if that helps, been trying to make that silly key for an hour lol

Walkthrough Part 1: The Idea

Charlies House:

Pick cushion (left), access card (middle), scissors (in the picture on the wall), $500 (corner of the bed)

Building S.A.:

Pick pounder (left in the flower bed), use blue access card. Use scissors on the hand of the guard (where he holds the papers), get a red access card. Use red access card, pick blue prints from the upper right.


Place cushion below cat, use pounder on tree, pick kitten.

Gun Shop:

Give $500 to dealer, get two revolvers

Tatoo shop:

Talk to girl, give her the cat. Give her blueprints.


use revolvers on girl.

Walkthrough Part 2: In prison


Talk to guard, choose option 2. When nurse leaves, stand up (click arrow). Catch purgative on the left upper desk, pick pill on the right desk behind bed, sit again on the chair.


Give pill to Kim


Pick plastic shark fin, gum, 2x4 wood, fresh putty (all around the desk), small clock from the wall, barbie doll, wire (looks like a rope) from the right.
Use gum on 2x4, shark fin on 2x4. "use" barbie doll, pick her classes.


Enter "Diner". pick pen from desk, go left. talk waitress, use option 2 (Ufo), quickly catch key. Go right, use key on door "cocina", enter.
Pick candle, spoon, cheese, jar of honey, sausages, caterpillar (from right to left). Use cheese on mouse hole on the left, pick mouse.

Use spoon on honey jar, use glasses on caterpillar.

Leave diner building, go right. Talk alien, use option 3 (ufo again), put "caterpillar with glasses" on flower between you an the alien. Pick magnifying glass.

Go left twice to the sea. Put "shark fin/gum/log" combination on the water, then "speak" to it, get toad.

Pick a leaf from the pile above, move into the sun, use magnifying glass on leaf and the burning leaf quickly on the candle.


Walk left, put mouse on 50cent, grab weight, coin, knife.

Go right, put weight on Dennis Rodman, talk to him about footpowder, accept challenge, pick footpowder.

Go right, use clock on fat inmate. use coin on bolt.


Use knive on guitar on the left, use pen on guitar.

Wall side:

Go left to "Elvis", give him the guitar. Use leather jacket, pick the yellow coupon from the right lower pocket and the comb from the upper left pocket.


To the headache show again. Quickly stand up, pick the key, use key with the fresh putty, put key back on the wall, sit down.


Enter the dinner again. Go left to waitress. Give her the coupon, get burger and coke. Give her the mold with the key, return baked mold. Use comb with candle, use melted comb with mold. You have a plastic key now.


Go left. Use purgative on burger, give burger the tough inmate. Pick monopoly card from below the corner, use 50ct on phone. The number is on the deck of cards on charlies tatoos (you have to switch right 2 times). The number changes from game to game. Talk to Aida, use option 3 ("need your help"). Watch cutscene.

Wall side:

Go right to Mr. Napoleon, give him the monopoly card. Use bolt on rough wall.

Now you should have all parts from the list and a cutscene starts.

Walkthrough Part 3: Break out

Prison cell:

From bed pick: pair of batteries, pillow, blanket. Put batteries in voice recorder. "Look" at sink, use allen wrench four times, close window, grab sink. Use knife on brick wall, use brick wall.

IMPORTANT: now use voice recorder in "record" mode to record your voice.

Click on "go in" arrow. Then quicky use sink on wall hole, pillow and blanket on upper bed. When the guard arrives, playback the voice recorder.

Behind the wall:

Use knive on electrical box, use wire (the brown cord) on the box. Use ladder down. Click on the fan. Use spoon with honey on the lever on the left, use toad on the lever. Use the ladder down. Use coke on the metal plate on the left. Use the plate, go through. Use ladder up.

Talk to the parrot, note the number he says. Use footpowder on keypad. Use keypad. You see the 3 used numbers. Because the first number is known by the parrot, you need not more than 2 tries.

Free Kim Dotcom:

Pick fire hose from the left, switch lever on the wall, use plastic key on the door.

Pick somniferus from the desk left to the window, adrenaline from the desk right of the bed an the syringe from the board on the right. Use syringe with adrenaline and then with Kim. Use fire house with the bars in the window. Enter the elevator a room before and attach "the other end of hose" on the bar on the right in the elevator. Press key for "Floor 1" and watch the cut scene.

Return to Kim, "use" the small wire in the now open window. Cutscene.

Use leather jacked on barbed wire in front of you. Use somniferus on sausages. Go down, use somniferus sausages on the space between you and the dogs in the bushes.

Enjoy the end.

In the spirit of EGDALTWT:

(Every Game Deserves At Least Two Walk-Throughs)


- watch INTRO

- already in INVENTORY: TELEPORTER & PLAN to get into prison (3 things to do)
- CUSHION (couch)
- MONEY (bed)
- access CARD (night table)
- SCISSORS (painting)
- use teleporter to go to

- take POUNDER from plants
- use access card on module right of door
- enter factory
- take with scissors: another (red) access CARD from guard
- use red caard on module right of door
- enter room & take BLUEPRINTS top right on shelf
--> number 1) from plan done!
- use teleporter to go to

- put couch cushion under CAT on ground
- use pounder on tree trunk to get CAT
- use teleporter to go to

- talk to guy
- buy 2 REVOLVERS (use money ;-D)
- teleport to

- talk to tattooist GIRL
- give her cat
- talk to her again
- give her blueprints
--> number 2) from plan done!
- teleport to

- use revolvers at TELLER
- watch CUT-SCENE
--> number 3) from plan done!

- NEW in inventory: TELEPORTER & to-do LIST
- talk to GUARD (choose 2nd option)
--> you have 15 SECONDS...! :-o
- stand up
- take PURGATIVE from shelf left of window
- take PILL on table
- note WIRE outside of window (you need to remove bars first)...
- sit down
- watch CUT-SCENE
- back at courtyard, teleport to

- give pill to your brother
- teleport to

- enter
Take (from left to right):
- plastic SHARK FIN (floor)
- a 2x4 BOARD (table)
- GUM (table side)
- fresh PUTTY (table)
- CLOCK (wall)
- BARBIE doll (floor)
- WIRE (floor)
- note, you need to cut rope from GUITAR...
- teleport to

- go left
- take LEAF from PILE
- combine gum with shark fin & put it on board for FLOATING shark fin...
- put board in water & blow (choose MOUTH/TALK) to get TOAD
- go right & enter DINER hall
- take PEN from table
- go left
- talk to WAITRESS (2nd option)
- quickly grab kitchen KEY (5 seconds!)
- go right & open kitchen door with key
- enter kitchen
Take (from left to right):
--> you can see your progress on the To-do list...!
- put cheese in front of mouse hole for MOUSE
- exit kitchen & diner hall & go right
- USE barbie & take GLASSES
- use glasses on caterpillar for a WISE one 8-D
- talk to ALIEN (3rd option)
- quickly put wise caterpillar on FLOWER between you & alien for MAGNIFIER
- teleport to

- go left
- try to take WEIGHT... ;-P
- talk to 50-CENT (1st option)
- give mouse to 50-cent for COIN & KNIFE
- take WEIGHT
- go right
- talk to green hairy Rodman (2nd option)
- try to score a basket... ;-P
- tie Rodman at weight
- talk to him again (2nd option)
- score a basket for FOOT POWDER
- go right
(- talk to STEWIE on bench & to fat INMATE)
- hypnotize inmate with clock
- use coin to take BOLT
- teleport to

- cut rope to take GUITAR
- teleport to

- go left
- talk to Elvis INMATE (2nd option)
- use pen on guitar for an AUTOGRAPHED one 8-D
- give autographed guitar to inmate for LEATHER JACKET
- USE jacket & take PLASTIC COMB & COUPON worth 5 BUCKS
- teleport to

WT Part 2


- from WALL SIDE, teleport to

- talk to guard (2nd option again)
--> you have 15 SECONDS...! :-o
- stand up
- take KEY right of window (hook on wall)
- put key in fresh putty to make MOLD
- put key back on hook
- sit down
- watch CUT-SCENE
- back at courtyard, teleport to

- got to waitress & give her putty with key mold
- also buy BURGER & COKE with the 5 bucks (see poster)
- teleport to

- go left
(- talk to tough INMATE)
- put purgative in burger & give it to inmate
- watch CUT-SCENE
- take MONOPOLY CARD (wall corner)
- use coin on phone & call your friend AIDA
(for number, look with arrow at 3rd tattoo: CARDS)
--> phone number changes each new game...!
- talk to Aida (3rd option)
- watch CUT-SCENE
- get VOICE RECORDER without batteries...
--> What's left on your To-do list...?!
- teleport to

(- go right from Elvis inmate)
(- talk to Napoleon INMATE)
(- USE monopoly card)
- give cart to Napoleon inmate
- watch CUT-SCENE
- use bolt on ROUGH WALL to make an ALLEN WRENCH
- teleport to

(you left it at phone view...!)
- use magnifier on leaf for FIRE
- light candle
- melt comb with lit candle
- put melted comb in putty with key mold for PLASTIC KEY
-->All things done on your To-do list...!
- watch CUT-SCENE

- BATTERIES (bottom bed)
- PILLOW (bottom bed)
- BLANKET (bottom bed)
- use wrench on SINK (4 corners, zoom)
- close zoom & take away sink (choose FIST/TAKE)
- use knife on revealed BRICK WALL
- kick brick wall (choose FIST/TAKE) for HOLE
- put batteries in recorder
- speak in recorder (RECORD)
- put pillow on top bed & cover it with blanket
-->you can also leave it to your inmate buddy Patricio, but you only have 15 SECONDS...!
- crawl thru hole
- Patricio puts sink back
- guard comes
- 5 SECONDS to PLAY recorder

- have a look at first tattoo to see your way
- have a look down the ladder (fan turning)
- use knive on electrical box PANEL to open it
- use wire on the box
- go down LADDER (fan stopped)
- jump in fan
- with spoon, take honey from jar
- throw honey from spoon on LEVER to attract FLY
- let toad catch fly to open GRID
- go donw LADDER
- have a look at 4th tattoo
- use coke on the round metal CAP (left wall) to get it RUSTED
- kick cap (choose FIST/TAKE)
- climb thru hole & go up LADDER
- talk to PARROT & note, what he says (first number & no repetition)
- use foot powder on KEYPAD to reveal, which numbers are used...!
- put in CODE to open DOOR
--> don't remember, if this number also changes each new game... but anyway, you only have to try not more than 2 times, as you got the first number from parrot...! ☺
- go thru corridor to

- take HOSE (left side)
- switch LEVER (panel right side of topic door) to turn off electricity (outside of building...)
- use plastic key on door keyhole
- enter

- SOMNIFEROUS on shelf left of window
- FLASK with ADRENALINE on table
- SYRINGE from shelf above table
- use syringe on adrenaline flask
- inject adrenaline to brother Kim to wake him up
- attach hose at window BARS
- go back to

- enter elevator/lift
- attach THE OTHER END OF HOSE to right bar
- push button 1st FLOOR
- watch CUT-SCENE
- back to

- let Kim climb out of (now free) window hole (choose FIST/TAKE) LOL!
- watch CUT-SCENE

- put leather jacket on barbed WIRE
- use somniferous on sausages
- climb down
- quickly put somniferus sausages on ground (10 SECONDS!)
- get a CAB RIDE with DOMINICK
- watch OUTRO

☺ ☻ ☺

- if you light your leaf with magnifier & don't use it IMMEDIATELY on the candle, you'll lost it...!
- just go again & take another one

how do u go in cell?
plz some 1 help me !!!

Great game !!
I played yesterday but lost my leaf and thought it was a bug LOL
Thank you all for your comments and especially Premiere and Freebyte for the WTs ( i needed help )

IMPORTANT INFO RE KEY MOULD The waitress will not take the key mould from you if you have stolen her key first so make sure you give her the dough with the key imprint first, ask her to warm your bread and then you can distract her and steal the kitchen key. If you do it otherwise, you won't be able to complete the game and you'll need to restart as I did.

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thanx to free byte n premiere 4 making a perfect walkthrough. otherwise i was getting confused

Very long and complicated, this game. Part 1 is easy, once in prison it becomes (much more)difficult. Towards the end it's almost impossible (at least for me) without reading the walktrough.

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