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Kuwagata Room Escape Walkthrough

Kuwagata Room Escape

[REPLAY] Kuwagata Room Escape is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Sanpoman. In this game, you are trapped in a room and your objective is to escape from there by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺
[Submitted by Roberto] 

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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hi lottie ..got paper ,teapot,2 boxes ,green thing so far

hope no language barrier

open the rope of box with the help of crab ..got sd used it & got box above the shelf

Hi tommy same as you

how to open that green box ?im stuck now

Maybe we need to find water for the tea?

click the place a bit under the window and press button
get directions...

Hi Lottie, same as you. Man I am so tired falling asleep. Will have to catch up tomorrow.

lottie i find that too..but dont understand :(

for the green box with 4 circles
observe the lines on the floor with 4 cushions

then pour water into the blue pot
and boil the water on the electronic stove on cb

use paper on the cup of tea and get hint for the 6-button thing

lottie i still cant open the green box :((

it should be something like this

And I'm out
And spoiler for the last code is
from bottom to the top

oh thanx lottie my first 1 is wrong

I followed the directions/arrows to pull on the crab's legs in order and it doesnt do anything.

after gettting hint on paper ..wht to do next i can see heart on & clove under the ma t

This comment has been removed by the author.

pop got it

im out ..yipeeee

ah, nevermind, i forgot the crab was facing down..and out

Dang! I could not make the final arrows clue work for me until I drew a picture of the scarab...and put the 1-7 on the legs...lolol

hi all

i pulled the crab's legs and nothing happened :(

nevermind, i'm out! i love POP! :D

thanks lottie

Why don´t the imagelinks shows as links. I can not open the links and I need help with the box.

heart spade club
club heart diamond

i stil need help on scrab'legs...cant figure it out

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 8:19 AM  



- you can reach the room furniture from TWO VIEWS...!
- SOLUTIONS at the bottom

- card SLOT (crab)...
- locked door... ;-P
- sink without TAP...
- sink CB with card suit PUZZLE...
- go left

Note on shelf:
- DEVICE with clickable BUTTON (bottom)...
- CRAB (middle, according sound, it can cut)...
- hexagonal BOX (top, you can't reach it yet)...
- take BOX with shape PUZZLE from upper shelf (left of plant)
- go left

- take green TEAPOT from table
- CLUBS on teapot lid...
- HEART on cup (table)...
- CLUBS under cookie on plate (table)...
- HEART on cushion (2nd from left)...
(lift it up & click bottom border to turn it)
- PAPER (under most right cushion)
- blue KETTLE (left drawer, left side of pedestal)
- TIED PARCEL (right drawer, left side of pedestal)
- note: screwed drawer (right side of pedestal)
- look at cushions & lines for HINT
- open shape puzzle box for TAP
(you'll hear a click sound, when solved)
(click triangle button bottom left & side front of box at the end)
- go left

- put tap in slot on faucet
- note: DIAMOND on tap...
- fill blue kettle with water
(highlight kettle, click faucet for water & click water)

- cut string from parcel with crab on shelf 8-D
- take SCREWDRIVER from parcel

- unscrew drawer with SD
- open drawer: Ah, it's a PLATFORM...!
- take hexagonal BOX from top of shelf
- push platform back
(otherwise, you can't exit view...!)
- open box & take TEA
- note: SPADE in box lid...
- open teapot & put tea in
- put kettle on device & click red button
(Ah, it's a HOTPLATE! ☻)
- wait a bit till light right of button turns green
- take kettle & pour HOT water in teapot
- pour hot tea in cup on table
- unfold paper & put it above cup for HINT (items)

- open CB under sink for CARD
(click sound, when solved)
- open (almost invisible!) wall PANEL under round wall hanging with SD
- click red button behind panel for HINT on hanging (arrows)

- put card in slot (left side of trunk) to activate crab
- click crab's legs according arrow hint for DOOR KEY
- open door with key (keyhole) & click door knob to ESCAPE

☺ ☻ ☺

(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)




       Anonymous  4/22/12, 8:26 AM  

Oops, missed under

(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)


Nice game!

Premier that was a great WT. Love these games, but could not do it without a WT Good Job

For the record, Kuwagata means beetle, not crab.

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 12:39 PM  

Ah, ok, LOL, thx, Cyberjar!
Everybody was talking about crabs, but now, when I know it, they really look more like bugs...!

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 3:14 PM  

Thank you Premiere! You always do wonderful walkthroughs! Thanks for your help Smooches!

Loved this one!
Didn't have time to play it until now (thanks a lot Bluesolt! ;))

If you fail, chin up, don't frown;
just try the code once upside down.


Nah, I'm a bad poet.
Nevermind ...

I think the crab legs are easy to solve without any drawing, when you regard them as directions on a compass:

E - NW - E - W - NW - SE - SW

(read straightly off the window, top to bottom.)

Now take the OPPOSITE direction of each direction (so NW will turn SE) and you can solve it without much fuss.

First is 'W', obviously.

Woa! What a nice game, and beautifully made! And many thanx @premiere for yet another great walkthrough ;-)

Woa! What a nice game, and beautifully made! And many thanx @premiere for yet another great walkthrough ;-)

Woa! What a nice game, and beautifully made! And many thanx @premiere for yet another great walkthrough ;-)

Out with no help1

       Anonymous  6/28/18, 11:05 PM  

caught this one while searching for games worth a replay

thx for all your creations, Sanpoman ☺
& thx premiere for the WT ;-Þ

btw, as the links to the solutions don't work anymore, I'll post new ones shortly

       Anonymous  6/28/18, 11:18 PM  

phew - that took me some time...!

shape box puzzle
lines & cushions

right click to open link in a new tab

       Anonymous  6/28/18, 11:26 PM  
       Anonymous  6/28/18, 11:37 PM  

crab legs
(or bug legs, who knows ☻)

right click to open link in a new tab

Thanks for linking this excellent little game for replay!

I'm a little bit sad that the Flash era is over, would like to play new games like this, but ok, no problem, I know that the times change and since we still have the possibility to play these old games, we're gonna be fine. It's just like our favourite music isn't gone for good, it still exists on the records.

@ AlphaO...thanks again for these replays. I would have never known about so many of these games, and these have been some of the best!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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