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Noho Noho Escape 2

Noho Noho Escape 2 is another point and click type room escape game by Bluesolt. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. There are 2 possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

Play Noho Noho Escape 2

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       Anonymous  4/22/12, 3:32 AM  

LOL, the chicks are back!

- A fat & a slim chick from bowls

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 3:34 AM  

- pestle from pot (kitchen)

Hello, I have found two sticks, one thin and the other kind of like a baseball bat, two strange waterdrop-like shapes that go in a blue box on the counter, and a string. Plus another chick from the calendar.
I managed to get the wobbly picture down from the wall using two kinds of hints, now I'm kinda stuck.

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 3:39 AM  

- orange petal under pillow on floor (left table), same one as on blue box on counter

Btw: confusing navigation...!

Wow, is that a beer tap? :D

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 3:42 AM  

- string right of plant pot on floor (entrance)

Oops, lunch is ready, so bbl... leave good hints, folks!

Some chairs can be moved, I don't know why.

thin stick for clock

how to get picture down??

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 4:03 AM  

Shortly back while waiting for 2nd plate!

- combine pic on shelf (entry) & magnetic buttons (above counter) for tukan pic corners, get orange petals for blue box (counter)
- hint for box in tall CB (pillow tables) behind tukan pic, get CD from that box
- one chick behind curtain

Got 3 orange thingeys, string, pestle and sd. Used toothpick on side of clock.

oh got it!!! need to use hint on cupboard and hint with price list with blue pins

hint behind picture... hum interesting!

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 4:09 AM  

- put CD in black TV (shelf left of toilet, vis-à-vis of kitchen) for hint (coloured numbers in kitchen)

oh got it... use that hint for pink box

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 4:10 AM  

- SD (finally! ;-D) from coloured number code

Btu where to use the SD...

one stick in clock side an another drop

use sd under blue box on shelf

I cant remember were to use color code...!!! help

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 4:24 AM  

in kitchen far bottom right corner.

thanx premier.... was going mad!

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 4:25 AM  

click button under unscrewed panel (bottom of view shelf with black CD player)

hum!! what did pressing the buton do????

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 4:28 AM  

- TOOTHPICK from table (bottom left of windows, room overview to wall), used on clock (as already posted ☻) for 3rd orange petal.

oh yeah.... the buton activates the keypad in wardrob!

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 4:29 AM  

- another chick backside of unscrewed panel

hi everyone ....just joining you people ..

got paper and blue salt from safe in wardrob!

use beer on paper for hint... but langage barrier... help

I think the paper hint has to do with price list and is for blue box on shelf

crunched blue salt into powder using the pestel (thick stick)

i cant get out from that kicthen

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 4:38 AM  

which is the hint for wardrobe safe?

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 4:39 AM  

use also navigation arrows right & left.

anybody found the cod for the 3 letters box?

premier the hint is "move=on".... what in the room moves???

ohh god finally out from that kicthen ..i was trap there for 5 min...lol

where to use the string?

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 4:48 AM  

thx, ank,
finally got that wardrobe safe (lack of spacial orientation here & a lot of choices where to sit LOL)

hot spot on kitchen floor... any idea why?

how you people get toothpick ...i can see 2 bottle of toothpick ..cant pick it

i dont kno wht to just hav 3 chicks ,base ball bat ,string,2 petals and pic down with hint

I don't get MOVE=ON...

any idea what the hint on the end of bar is for??? there are numbers and symboles in corner.... and also a hint for the blue solt.... but I dont get it

no i dont hav any idea ank bc you reach very far in game & im stuck with the question how to get toothpick ?

@raasti click on the table left, with the chairs, on the view before the smaller tables with pillows

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 5:02 AM  

find view, where you have an overview & look into the room on wall (with tables & pillows on floor), then click table with chairs bottom left in front of windows.

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 5:03 AM  

click buttons on wardrobe safe for those chairs in room, that move.

i feel so dumb here ,i cant get that view :(

Thank you! Poured beer over note ... language barrier?

raasti: when viewing glass doors, click right; then it's the table on the left.

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 5:10 AM  

Another chick & KEY from cyan box under black CD player on shelf vis-à-vis kitchen (hints: paper, wet from beer & prices on papers with magnetic buttons)
- open kitchen CB with key for another chick

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 5:11 AM  

btw: expected more in that kitchen CB...!

now have 4 thick & 2 slim chicks, string & blue solt powder left...

finally got that SPECIAL TOOTHPICK...i will put this toothpick in safe with my jewellery ...

premier..... what is the code please..... for box under cd player..

You're not kidding about the kitchen CB...0_o

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 5:17 AM  

(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)


       Anonymous  4/22/12, 5:18 AM  

- yellow 3-letter box (entry) still not open (hint on mirror in toilet?)

mirror looks a bit like hint with blue solt on bar

its look like im in the middle of nowhere ...cant open the pink box with hint behind pic ..i think should wait for Premiere walkthru..

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 5:26 AM  

& missing 2 petals (have 3)...

hint behind picture spoiler


same here premiere

thanx ank ...i think you want me to continue my efforts with the game ...lol



I think you guys were lucky when it still worked, but now there is no way to load this game off the official site.
I also checked browser cache and the .swf file was exactly 0 bytes, so at least *I* know now why I could as well have wait forever.

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 5:30 AM  

PINK BOX in wardrobe:
(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)


lunch is ready!! good luck.. will catch up later!

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 5:35 AM  

Enjoy, ank, CU!

you have my sympathy - it's a game after your fancy...!

i opened the screw pannel it turns orange then wht happen ?i dont kno..

OMG! In the closet with pink box view you can turn right! XD


It seems we've managed to force the server to its knees! Now I have a .swf with something in it, but it loads **HOLD YOUR BREATH** 0.2 MBytes per half a minute. Good old 56K Modem speed ;)

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 5:39 AM  

OMG, too - great find, Jenn!

put string on triangle from wardrobe.

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 5:40 AM  

- hang triangle on hook in toilet

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 5:44 AM  

Time to catch up, arbeitslooser...!

Still no idea about triangle hint (mirror & calendar)...

wht happened after unlocking screw pannel ? i hav 3 flower petal ,the pestle (which i was thinking baseball bat lol)and triangle with string ...

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 5:51 AM  

button under unscrewed panel is for activating chair puzzle in wardrobe with pink box (click a bit above pillows to get the view). After getting the stuff from there, use pestle on solt glass.

i'm back.... thanx Jen for new view!!!

thanx premiere but now idont get chair puzzle :(
rite now im cooking ,cleaning my kitchen & playing & feeling dumb because of not getting the puzzles ...

raasti, each button represent a chair in the room. the first row are the chairs at the bar the others are chairs at the tables. press the chairs that move.

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 6:03 AM  

SPOILER for MOVE=ON chair puzzle in wardrobe:

- go around the room & note, which chairs are moving

X = press button

O X X O X = counter with petal box
X X - O X
O O - X O
= tables (4 chairs each)

no rassti.. onli 5 black chairs....

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 6:07 AM  

at middle view of black chairs, the left one is the one from the left view.

ohh ok i thought they were 6 ...the navigation in this game is so confusing ...i m always getting trap in kicthen.lol

the image we see in the mirror is reverse.... hum... does tht help?

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 6:09 AM  

Btw: you can take triangle back from hook...

still stuck with closed 3-letter-box, still missing 2 petals (from 5) & 1 slim chick (or even more...) & solt powder...

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 6:11 AM  

I tried to turn mirror according calendar hint (hole in mirror at left side), but even the turned letters (from C-N-O to U-Z-O) don't work...

Stick ze trianlge in the "fridge" and WAIT a good long while

I have 3 slim chicks and 5 fat ones... how many are we supposed to find?

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 6:14 AM  

ah, thx, Guru,
that was meant with «cold» from calendar hint...!
Never thought, that the unlocked CB in kitchen is a fridge...

@ premiere i cannot hooked triangle ...& which mirror are you talking abt ?

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 6:16 AM  

got KEY now from letter box...


Finished loading after 22 minutes. (record-breaking. because I think I haven't ever had to wait that long for an escape game to finish loading)

The SWF is enormously HUGE (10,126,435 bytes of data). So ~20 minutes on a very slow server is perfectly normal.

oh!!! thanx Guru, you'r a saver!

rasti.... put string on triangle

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 6:18 AM  

the mirror with hexagons in what I call toilet (go forward instead of right to kitchen, shelf with black CD player to the left)

Now, that is a game for a vid WT with that odd navigation...!

jeez... how long do you have to wait... my fridge does not want to reopen....lol!

oops @premiere i feel so stupid while playing this game but i kno in kitchen it is fridge ..as most of the time i trap in kitchen lol

my fridge is not working i think :(

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 6:22 AM  

Now finally some progress:
- open locket toilet door with key
- 4th petal in middle toilet paper
- 4th slim chick left of john loo
- stool right of it

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 6:23 AM  

- put blue solt powder on mirror in toilet & turn lights off for HINT

cannot reopen the fridge @ank can you reopen your fridge ..?

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 6:26 AM  

- put stool on kitchen floor to reach right shelf for last petal!

@ premiere i hav to use calender hint fridge or it open by it self?

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 6:28 AM  

that fridge needs patience LOL, but it will open after walking around a bit...!

calender hint for fridge i mean

my blood pressure is getting higher & higher premiere ..i think i hav to sit in fridge to cool me down ...lol

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 6:32 AM  

- put petals in box on counter & click according MIRRORED! hint from toilet (still trying...)

This navigation is soooooo complicated! *groan* You move into corners, and in that corner there's another arrow to go in the corner with that corner! ;)

why i start playing this game ? i will wait for premiere spoiler for petals ...:)

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 6:39 AM  

Rats! Don't get those petals!
(I bet, the keycard for entry is inside that box...!)

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 6:50 AM  

Rats squared!
I went again in toilet to see mirror & now I can't go out of the view in front of kitchen...!

@ premiere we did not use calender hint anywhere ? or you people used that hint & i dont kno that ..

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 6:53 AM  

At least I saved the game just before, so restarted & still waiting to load...
(my fellow sufferer @arbeitslooser, LOL!)

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 6:56 AM  

the calendar hint is for the petal order (which I couldn't find out yet):
- numbers = order (2!-6, #1 already in box)
- triangles = same as on mirror
- note * on mirror & on box to have the correct orientation

im not trying the game now premiere but its for you may be the hint on mirror is reflection so may b you hav to use arrows in opposite direction ...

I can't get in:( The game is loading now for 15 minutes already! Does someone have a alternate site?

Still can't get the painting off the wall :(
I know I have to combine the magnets and the hint at the entrance (the 1-4 hint right?) but still can't figure it out.

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 7:35 AM  

TOUCAN PICTURE off the wall:
(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)


Thanks alot premiere!
That's what I have been trying, but only now it works :)
Moving on..

Thanks for the sympathy, premiere! =D

So there's at least one person who now knows WHAT patience means once Bluesolt's server is on high load!
Because you guys were doggone lucky...since all of you sneaked in *before* the big run started...

Anne, I think the problem is that the top left paper has TWO magnets and the top right as well; and that you really have to be lucky to get these two pairs in right order!

I did it with my pen & paper method: just wrote down the 4 possible combinations and one got the thing open! =)

That last puzzle was a BUGGER.... LOL

Think more like numbers and order than shapes

ie. label the shapes in the mirror (reversed, of course) 1-6, then find those equiv shapes in the roladex thingy

Then just press 'em in the subst. # order.... woteva

It's late and too hard to explain.... LOL


       Anonymous  4/22/12, 8:22 AM  

there's also L<-R on hint pic frame (entry), i.e. order of magnets on each paper from right to left
(e.g. #1 Top Right / Bottom Left)

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 8:26 AM  

I don't understand GuruOne hint
Think I have to wait for someone to solve and post the solution

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 8:26 AM  

I don't understand GuruOne hint
Think I have to wait for someone to solve and post the solution

Ah, L-R is order of magnets *PER* each paper regarded standalone?
Thanks premiere, I wasn't sure what that "clue" was for. Not too obvious I must say.

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 8:50 AM  

LOL, still struggling with the petals...
found 5th fat chick at backside of toilet key

Still live?

I see Guru is out, but with all due respect he doesn't count because he cheats (in a nice way of course)!

I've loaded the game and am trying to catch up...

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 9:05 AM  

LOl & hi Rambler,
& yep, it's still live (at least for me LOL!)...
no way to get that petals
(what's wrong with my brain today?)
so hurry up plz & help me to strip off (the leaves, natch!)

Ooooohhh premiere!


I'm working my way through with a little peek on here now and again - just to save time of course ;)

My triangle is cooling off in the fridge right now.

Still strugling with petals as well. Mirrored the image first.
Tried to push in order of calendar (though my calendar has 2 times number 5 and no number 1)
Also tried to push in order 1-6 accordingly to the shapes.
No luck so far.

I'm at the petals now. Seems tricky!!

BTW, I have 5 fat chicks and 4 slim chicks, is that what everyone else has?

Yes thats what I have too.

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 9:42 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  4/22/12, 9:43 AM  

same here, Rambler,
& as I'm using Paint, here's the link to make it a bit easier by having all hints for petals together (NOT a solution!)
(highlight link & click right to open it e.g. in a new tab)


That makes us sound like a 1970's gigolo lol

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 9:45 AM  

LOL, Rambler!
(at least the male ones here ;-P)

@premiere, thanks for the pics, it pretty much sums up what I've done with pen and paper.

Off to brainstorm (or brainstrain).

Thanks, makes it a bit easier to talk about :)
See you also have number 5 on the last page of the calendar instead of 1.
Would that be a clue?
Can't press a petal twice though.

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 9:47 AM  

I thought, that #1 is the petal, that already was on the box, but don't know if it's correct...

Oh yes, of course. The top one (when viewing the box in the game) was already there.

I think that because the direction arrows on the two number 5's are the same, it means that that the arrows are a clue to the petals.

That reads oddly! Hopefully you'll know what I mean.

Dinner calls, got to go for a bit. Keep going you two :o)

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 10:03 AM  

Ditto here (dinner), Rambler,
& enjoy!

premiere are you still here ..im come to join you again

after reading all the comments i think im not that much bad in the game atleast i solve pic & other 2 puzzle by myself ..

Hey raasti, I got stuck in the kitchen too!

My mind was boggled a few times and I felt like joining you in the fridge to cool down lol

yeh sure i hav sme space left in fridge ....lol

where are you in the game did you get all the petals ?

Back from dinner as well :)
And still no clue on the petals.


Seems I should FINALLY write another helping post.

There is one thing in the game you MUST know, after that you will no longer get trapped in the kitchen.

When facing the wash basin in the room ahead (with the shelf to the left) there are *two* arrows to the right.

One right arrow is visible and it's placed exactly right of the door framing.

The second arrow, however, is NOT visible until you hover over the RIGHTMOST EDGE of the screen.

Arrow #1 will ALWAYS get you to that fookin' kitchen.

Arrow #2 will let you get the view where you can operate the clock and go to the entryway.

It all sounds so obvious, but maybe it helps some of you guys anyhow.

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 10:47 AM  

Thx, arbeitslooser,
btw, are you one of the geniuses, who solve the petals already...?

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 10:51 AM  

1) already on box
2) under pillow on floor (left table)
3) behind toucan pic
4) ditto 3)
5) clock
6) from toilet paper

brb dinner is ready ...goodluck all ..;)

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 10:54 AM  

LOL, raasti,
kinda shift change here...!

Hello guys I'm stuck at the petals as well... guess that those 2 5s are wrong... and maybe we need to do something to get a 1.

And btw.. My inv is empty.

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 11:02 AM  

Hi, Nini,
ditto here... getting petaloid here LOL!

Here is what I have been trying so far:

Welcome back arbeitslooser :)
The navigation sure is very annoying, till you get the know where all arrows are.

Have 4 thin chicks and 5 fat ones...
Btw.. did u get the fat chick inside closet? (clicking right where we got CD)
Oh and I couldn't get chick behind gold key....cuz it's gone!

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 11:07 AM  

Thx, Anne,
for the visual support - that's what I tried more than once without success...

Welcome back premiere and hi Nini :)
Should have refreshed before posting.

Have the same number of chicks Nini. And I doubt if I got one from the gold key, since mine was gone already too.

Btw, just noticed the copyLight on the game ;)
Not sure if Millor should have been mirror as well, but then, shouldn't it have been Millol ?

ROR (LOL) Anne I thought the same thing... that sure is wierd eh?...

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 11:20 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  4/22/12, 11:23 AM  

(Fat or Slim, don't remember all...)
1) F - bowl (counter)
2) S - bowl (counter)
3) behind curtain
4) backside of unscrewed panel
5) from cyan box under black CD player
6) from fridge
(subtotal so far from my comment: 4 fat & 2 slim)
7) calendar
8) S left of toilet
9) F - toilet key = 5th Fat
10) 5th Slim ?

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 11:28 AM  

Is it a Chinese game?
They don't make any difference between R & L...

No further forward?

Okay, I'm going to wash the dog - and that's not a euphemism!

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 11:32 AM  

LOL, Rambler,
does he/she like it?

He hates the washing, but he loves the drying lol

5) and 9) are the same. You got a fridge key from the cyan box. Replaying and there is no chick on the toilet key.

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 11:46 AM  

OK, thx, Anne,
I had one after restarting & loading my saved game...!

There's no chick inside cyan box nor on toilet key.. but there're chicks behind fridge key and right of where we got CD

From your list:
10=S its from the triangle we found next to the pink box

So again I got 5 fat and 4 slim chicks. Not sure if the petals will only work after finding enough chicks? But on the other hand, not sure if we need 5 slim chicks...

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 11:53 AM  

As the fridge is empty, maybe the fat one from there is still on a diet & slim soon...!

Might have found something:

There is an orange line in the middle of the petal flower on the cd.
What if we need to mirror from there??

do I have to find all the yellow guys and need wt for the petals please

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 12:02 PM  

IDK, Anne...
really petal plucked here in the meantime...

Btw: if you're replaying, are you also writing a WT at that occasion?

Good find Anne.. now we just need to know how to use this info lol

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 12:04 PM  

Well, GhostDog,
that's what we all here are working on (petals)...

LOL, ok...will keep trying

Should have asked that before ;) Already at the petals again. And still stuck (ofcourse).

Gonna put the kids in bed, but will try to write one when I'm back. Once you know what to do, it isn't that hard to replay.
So see you all later, hopefully with the petals solved!

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 12:09 PM  

Ah, great, Anne,
thx & CU!

Hm.. I'm going as well.. See u ~


No I'm not. TBH I've done some other things in the meantime, because---embarrassing as it is---I'll have to wait for a WT anyway because I haven't even got that triangle, nor did the fridge "episode."

With me, it's usually so that I have to read 3 lines of the WT and then switch to the tab and (normally) play the game till the end.
It's VERY rare that I'm stuck multiple times in the same game. (But when I'm stuck, then I'm really damn stuck lol.)

(P.S. Very good candidates: Objects MISTAKEN for something else. There's a good example here as well: the petals could easily go for CRANKS, e. g. my toy cash register that I played with in childhood had a plastic crank that looked EXACTLY like this one. :))

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 12:30 PM  

to find triangle, go to wardrobe with pink box on upper shelf (the one with the Play & Pause etc. buttons, we got CD from there), then click (middle) right side of game screen (NO navigation arrow...!) for a new view in that wardrobe.

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 12:32 PM  

LOL, arbeitslooser,
maybe cranks would be better to crank up everybody's brain cells for solving the petal box...!

You bet they would! :D

Thanks a bunch ... in that mess of posts, I read about that button but not WHERE it was located. Glad it's not at some more obscure place...(read: "na-vi-ga-tion" ;))

...that VIEW not that BUTTON...typo.

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 12:56 PM  

game has 2 endings... go figure!

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 12:59 PM  


It seems, that this game will get more than 200 posts...!
So to see the newest comments (from post 201), look on the next page (click blue word «newest» above or under comments)


Dog washed and dried. He ran away with the towel lol

And we're still absolutely petalled!!

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 1:05 PM  

LOL, Rambler,
no more doggy smell (at least for some time...! ;-P)


we are about to reach the 200th post.

Please find any followups on page 2.

Petal Pagination Alert

Almost 200 comments and still no solution :(


Gonna watch Homeland now..

       Anonymous  4/22/12, 1:12 PM  

& again, Blogger deleted another comment of mine (this time the pagination alert)...!
Thx, guys, for your 200 post awareness!

Got it!

Crazymaking, but I finally figured out Guru's hint after trying 4 different ways - SPOILER below


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