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Pirate Shipwreck Treasure Escape Walkthrough

Pirate Shipwreck Treasure Escape

Pirate Shipwreck Treasure Escape is another point and click room escape game. Find the treasure on this haunted pirate ship. You must solve a series of puzzles and escape dangerous traps in this fun point and click style game. Good luck and have fun!

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Pirate Shipwreck Treasure Escape Walkthrough
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found a gun, canonball, flame torch and stuck!

click on net, and I can see a key on top

well, let us see


Live one. Going in. Have canonball and gun.

Hi everyone, just joining you :)

same here - cannonball, gun and torch...

Put canonball to end of rope on the right side. Open canon and put ball in and lit fuse.

Thanks but I've tried that but for me it doesn't work :(

Thanks Catqueen, just trying that now :)

Do you mean zoomed in to the right and you can see a little bit a that rope on the left of the screen?

doesn't work for me, neither end of rope nor end of chain

Catqueen is just kidding ;)

Hi Jo, Dabbeljuh, Ruit and Seb!

The thick black rope with the stripe on it.

Got a stick and used it on the crates (left crate) in the back. Gunpowder on floor, lit with torch.

First you have to attach (clicking) one end of the rope to the net. Then the cannonball can go to the other end of the rope.

In view with chain in front, there is a crate and the rope is to the left. Put canonball there and click rope to attach.

my cannonball doesn't stick anywhere, I threw it all over the place

got ball attached to rope. how to load cannon?

Dabbeljuh: open canon first. Then put the ball in.

thanks alls but I must be wrong, my canon ball doesn't stick on rope and I have click on net first

I guess I will leave that treasure for you to find and go out and enjoy the sun ...

Ohhhh that was it, didn't have the rope attached to the net lol, thanks Edgar and Catqueen! :)

After explosion you get a bottle and an axe,plus the stick and the torch which you can take back.
Use stick on bottle for a paper.
Use the axe on the rope by the cannon to make the net go back down and collect the key.

seb - you have to fold up the net midships. then click rope (bit hard to see in teh dark) to attach net to rope. then cannonball will stick on rope

Got key, opened dark room, got into the ship basement, but can't seem to light up the pirate dark room..

Key used to open the door. Get inside.

Cant´t find that #*§$% pixel to open cannon...

Now how do I open the bloomin' cannon? Lol

OOh! thanks a lot Dabbeljuh,yes in the dark, I missed that!

where did u find the stick plz

Use hook on right side to open trap door. Get compass then needle, key, magnifying glass, and bullet

Opening the cannon is not pixelly. You just need to have the rope attached around the cannonball. Make sure the rope is attached clicking on it, to the left of the ball.

POP - klcik CB again to tie rope around it. then cannon will open

Found the second key, in the basement, click on the leftmost bottle.

Use key on chest inside to get clock/sextant?

Attached hook from anchochain to trapdoor and throw anchor into the sea

From basement:
- Compass, you can take the hands from it.
- Bullet, use it on the gun.
- Key. use it here to get a clock(?)

Oh yes need to click 2 times on canon ball then we can open canon... I'm a canon ball!!!LOL

use magnifying glass on compass for red 3. ...and now havent got a clue

where was the stick?

Found magnifying glass from the leftmost bottle, bottom shelf.

Use gun on right crate in the basement and a paper will fall from the ceiling.

Thanks for maginifer @...

Melissa the stick is under the net, after canon explose

POP finally opened the cannon, it was pixely for me! I already had the rope around the cannon ball waiting, but after i kept clicking it finally opened! Might be able to move on now lol ;)

Melissa: you get the stick after you fired the canon. It's under the net.

hi friends
i am out
may i help you

thanks alls :)

I still can't find a way to look inside dark room...

In hut use torch just right of the sandclock to make light.
After talking to the captain take sandclock and bottle from the left. There is a chest to zoom in.


This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks Catqueen!

I can not zoom into the crates at the back for the gunpowder.

friwi: click above the door on the deck.

Oh, its the barrels not the crates. I love POP. Very pixelly though.

Thank you, Catqueen!

GNA - all items except map, compass and "5"-paper are gone....

Also a map on the floor in captains hut. See hint on map (down left side) with magnifier. Also hint with magnifier from compass.
I smashed sandglass and bottle with stick. More papers!

Get the 4 papers together for the 4-digit code.
-From using the gun in basement.
-Inside the bottle after explosion.
-inside the bottle from darkroom.
-Inside the hourglass.
(Break them all last 3 with stick)

Put amulet in book and use the needles from compass.

Use hints from compass and map to open the book. Numbers and color gives the solution.

'clock' goes on the captains diary. Put both hands from compass and move them with the compass/map hint. You can open it now.

It seems I need something else for book. A human heart??

LOl @ Edgar, we're going the same way!
Jo how r u doing?

Zoom on the right picture. Get the EYE.

Stuck in the dark room after opening the door - what do I do next?

Doing good it seems CQ!
Give the eye to captain for... indeed... the heart!

Now... where do I need to use a key? Hm...

oops missed the down arrow in the dark room... on I go!

Oh no I don't LOL. Am back where I started - thought I had found a new scene.

Oh, the chest under the captain... out!

Aha now I can zoom in on captains picture. Get eye and give it to him.

@MaryD, inside darkroom, use torch to light the oil lamp, right part of the table.

Oh I should read more carefully. I didn;t take the torch back off the deck. I now have light!

Got heart from the captain. Put it in the book. The End is near.....get key and open chest with goodies.
Out. Very nice game. Thx for the hints.

And out, thanks guys!

Lol I am slowing following you all... trying to get a bit of work done as well ;)

Out too. THX all... It´s an honor to play with you :o))


Ok out as well now, good game :) Thanks for the help

Thanks all for playing along. It was my pleasure :)

Well I just gave it 4 stars :) But it still says the overall is just 2, I thought it was good!

wow what a game!! thanx Edgar and Catqueen for the tips.without which i ld not have escaped. esp the rope-canon thing

I feel stupid ! How did you all go to basement ? I'm in the captain's room: I have a gun without ball, a map and three papers ... and can't do anything else ..

I feel stupid ! How did you all go to basement ? I'm in the captain's room: I have a gun without ball, a map and three papers ... and can't do anything else ..

@Gazoline, zoom on the right side (cannon view), click on the hook to make it go to the trapdoor, then click on the anchor.
Trapdoor (basement) gets open.

Thanks Edgar !!! I go down now :))

And out !

I still can't attach the rope to the cannon!!!

Cannot attach rope to net or put cannonball anywhere. Game is a complete waste of time and effort for me.

same here, can't do anything with rope or cannon ball

Ok, got it. there is a small piece of rope visible directly above the loop at the top of the net.

Tab works too

I couldn't get this game to do anything, after I followed the very helpful instructions on how to get the cannon ball into the cannon. I got a stick but nothing else and no amount of clicking helped. Glad some of you enjoyed it, but I'm done with this one.

well, once I fired the cannon I am stuck again. found stick but not the bottle or axe that Edgar mentioned above. I see a bottle, but can't zoom in on it

If anyone else is hopeless stuck like me,... there is a video walkthrough to help

after lighting the cannon, use the stick on the left barrel (above the door) that releases some gun powder, which you light with your torch. then you can get the bottle and axe

That game was awful. no logic whatsoever

Stupid game. Nothing works. No logic. Exiting.

same feelings like other cannot attach rope or put canon anyehere ...

This comment has been removed by the author.

I figured it out eventually (with lots of help!). What's annoying about this game is that things have to be done in a specific order, and you can only do certain things once you've done other things first. For cannon, you have to:

- click on the net in the centre view to bring the corners together
- click on the dark bit of rope just above the net (almost invisible!) to tie it to the net
- go to the rightmost view and place the cannonball at the end of the rope there
- in the same view, click on the rope to tie it to the cannon
- click on the cannon to open it
- click on the cannonball to put it into the cannon
- light the fuse, aaaand... boooom! xD

And speaking of booms, I thought Edgar was talking about that first explosion (the cannon one) when he mentioned the bottle and axe, but actually he meant the second explosion with the gunpowder! Was terribly confused for a while there, hehe.

Oh, and I don't think the hook/trapdoor thing works until you've done the gunpowder thing and then got the net to fall back down. It didn't for me, at least.

Hope that helps anyone who's confused!!

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