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April 15, 2012

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Sphinx Escape Walkthrough

Sphinx Escape

Kotorinosu - Sphinx Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Kotorinosu. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  4/15/12, 1:34 PM  

made it to third room - have pig, bird, die and ball...stuck

I`m a long time stuck in final question.

Found 3 items .. stuck

       Anonymous  4/15/12, 1:36 PM  

do you know how to solve question 3 roberto?

last puzzle makes no sense to me. No matter where you click the shapes combination is all the same.

you have to put camel in round panel.

For number code, look at die & where the slot is to open it = 1st number.

roberto thx for indicating this game... played when u posted the link.
Love it!

I guess the camel´s humps in round panel are wrong. It´s opposite.

Hi Nini! Have you solved last puzzle?

Hi all, premiere how did you open the dice,i can move it but...

Oooo you can move it around

yup roberto... haven't u? o.O

doh .. thanx premiere

new..imagine you folding it out, write down the numbers

not opening it ? !

Nop! clicking those shapes does nothing. They remain the same. Don´t understand them.

roberto.. the shapes move the triangles above each door.. make em the same as the final door

I haven't opened it and am in room 2 now

Lol! I thought we had to make the shapes like the shapes above the doors. Thanks.

It was a very nice game!
Obrigado for the final hint Nini!

I would be so much nicer if the comments had anything to do with the game....some of us are just starting the first scene...not the third!

Hi, Nokra. I'm here - just finished the first scene, but stuck on the second. Let me know if I can help in the first - need your help in the second!

What help you need nokra?

have a look above right jar for an odd brick in wall...

Roberto - hint for question 2? Can't figure out the clock with the paper hint for the stone tablet.

Thanks, Premiere - I did find the key and the paper hint. Just having a dull-witted day, I think....

plz some hint for Q-4 (3x3 duck feet square buttons), don't get the different figurine pics on walls...

Just use the paper in pic at the wall.
You see a square a circle and a triangle.
Use the shapes in clock hands.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Oh my goodness!! Master of missing the obvious today!! I kept 'viewing' the paper but never tried to just 'use' it! Thank-you, Roberto!! You're a genius!

Note that the pics with figurines have cardinal points. This is the hint you need to set the figurines positions.

I can't get in the room with Question 4

thx, roberto,
I saw the directions & keep trying to find the right spots... (lack of spatial orientation atm, it seems LOL)

you need the lever for room-3 (the one with Q-5). To get it, adjust camel's head & buttons, that it fits in the circle of the symbol stone (blue hourglass room).

Shoot, time is getting away from me and I have to go. I'll check back in later to finish - good luck everyone else! Thanks, Roberto and Premiere for the help!

Did you get the rope yet premiere?

@première, man on the right(east) bird on north and camel on the left (west)

- bird -
camel - -
- - man

Huh, roberto,
what rope? ☻

thx, seb,
& how to figure it out from the wall pics? (maybe I'm overthinking again...)

man with both hands up looking front.
camel with last 2 humps up looking left
bird looking right.

thx, roberto,
that stuff, I already figured out...!

premiere, could you post a screen shot of the
finished 3x3 grid, as I have no hair left to pull out. :)

roberto, you're a life-saver, TY

And out, what a beautiful game,
I wonder will there be a copy, lol

Thanks Mani and crew !

will there be a wt, I cant get out of the first room, what do i do to get to the second rm help please

Sherry look at the dice, you can turn it



Seb thank you, I could not fiqure it out, well im in the second rm, dont know if I can do it, but Ill try, thanks for the spoiler

sooo stuck on the last door..I know the opened dice shows the rooms but the figures on the cross is always the same

OMG .. at the end when you try to adjust the shapes, there's two different things you can turn

and out.. great game

Delight .. you have to walk alot after every turn
look at top of doors and on big end door

forget it, Ill wait for a wt. im no good at these games

woow..that was a lot of walking :) thanks a lot Pnut

@delight, each circle on the big cross represent a door/room

you have to turn the figures an little triangles to put big triangle up each door/room as the triangle of the end door

hope is clear...

just did it @seb, thanks for your reply too

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Still stuck at door number 2 can't figure out the order of the dials. Hints so far have been useless.

Roberto belated thanks for your picture!

From your textual description, I couldn't have made it because you said "bird looks right" and "camel looks left" but you never pointed out whether it was from the figurine's view or from our view.

From our view, it's actually DIFFERENT !!
(see pic)

bird looks to (our) left

camel looks to (our) right

omg, another great game! I just couldn't for the life of me get the camel, bird, man to work, all because I didn't notice that I had to change the camel's humps so that the last two were up and the first two down. Thank You so much for that @roberto!

HEY PEOPLE!!! Can you just stop gushing over the wonderful game and help us poor brainless ones that are stuck?

I need help at door 2 with the dials. Can't figure it out from the clue. Tried positioning the dials as indicated on the paper, assuming the position of the hole is where the dial is supposed to point. No luck. Any ideas?

@Daily rant, as I recall, each clock hand has either a cross, a square, or a circle at the end in the middle of the clock. Once you get the transparent paper clue and place it over the heiroglyphics on the wall to the right of the first door, you'll see how to set the clock hands. I hope that helps!

@premiere, are you doing the WT?

@Daily Rant, you point the clock hands according to whether the symbol on the wall was surrounded by a cross, a square, or a circle.

Yep, zoz!

@Daily Rant

No worries, I'll summarize...

*Door II*

- You need ALL pieces from the broken old Egyptian stone TABLET (mounted on the wall)
- You need the STENCIL with 3 holes
- Use stencil so that it appears floating on screen (like when you piece together images from smaller chunks in Photoshop lol)
- Align the stencil with the writing plate
- Also, note which symbols (through the stencil) appear through which shape (circle, square, cross)
- Note the shapes on the clock hands at the door, and you'll get the idea =)

ZOZ - Thanks. I'm missing the third piece for the hieroglyphics, so I can't complete door #2. Tried BF, but it won't let me. Any hint as to the thrid piece, the one that shows the symbol for the square dial?

Yay @premiere! I certainly didn't want to do a WT, and mine are never as good as yours, anyway (especially since I can't post screen shots like you do. My brain cells haven't been the same since the 1960's $o}

Oh, POP...didn't realize that the eye from the thing in the second room was needed to open the compartment in the first. I thought a second "eye" was missing.

@Daily Rant, @premiere can tell you for sure, but I seem to remember it was in a chest you open with a key that's behind a brick below the Q #1? I hope I'm not sending you on a wild goose chase.

TY, @bakes and @roberto...sorry I missed your offer to help....
I left the game for a while because it seemed to be long past live...
Good game and so many comments now...I seemed to miss the real live


- SAVE option available
- SOLUTIONS at the bottom

- take SYMBOL STONE-1/3 right of CHEST
- take CAMEL & DIE on SHELF
- note: wall ORNAMENT with round SLOT under shelf...
- note: TRIANGLE with LINE above door...
- open door (HINT: die)
- go thru open passage to

- take SYMBOL STONE-2/3 in left jar
- note: FIRE symbol on lid of right jar & some LIQUID in it...
- take KEY behind odd BRICK above right jar
- take BALL-1/2 from FACE right of door
- go back to

- put ball in slot under shelf for SYMBOL STONE-3/3
- take ball-1/2 BACK!
- open CHEST with key for BIRD & PAPER
- complete STONE TABLET in wall with all 3 symbol stones you found
- unfold paper for STENCIL with 3 holes & put in over TABLET for HINT (shapes & symbols)
- back to

- note: TRIANGLE with LINE above door...
- adjust SYMBOL CLOCK to open door
- go thru open passage to

(3 passages)
- note: TRIANGLE with LINE above door in front...
- look in little HOLE in left wall for STICK
- back to

- dip stick in liquid (right jar)
- back to

(3 passages)
- light stick on FIRE
- go thru right (opened) passage to

(blue hourglass)
- light room with burning stick
- note: TRIANGLE with LINE in front...
- note: STONE with CAMEL/BIRD/MAN FIGURES (left side)...
- note: hexagonal LEVER on DEVICE...
- adjust camel, that it fits in symbol STONE in front of you
- put camel in slot for ROUND LEVER
(circle in stone will turn)
- take camel BACK!
- back to

(3 passages)
- put round lever in slot on DEVICE
- change lever place from BLUE to RED HOURGLASS to open LEFT PASSAGE
- go to

(red hourglass)
- note: TRIANGLE with LINE in front...
- note: square LEVER on DEVICE...
- take KEY from red hourglass niche
- note: STONE with CAMEL/BIRD/MAN FIGURES (right side)...
- back to

- open GRID with key for MAN
(push red button behind panel right of keyhole)
- back to

(red hourglass)
- put figures on 3x3 GRID (duck feet) for ROPE
- put rope on lever
- back to

(3 passages)
- open middle DOOR (HINT: shapes & hourglasses)

(escape door)
- take TOOL left on wall
- note: sth has to be put on BUTTON in right on wall...
- back to

- open die with tool (find slot) for BALL-2/2
- open die fully to see HINT (map)
- put both balls in face for WHEEL
- back to

(escape door)
- put wheel on button & turn it for CROSS
- adjust circles on cross for blue CHEST (HINT: shape on escape door)
- open chest for escape KEY
- use key on escape door, click door & opened passage for


☺ ☻ ☺

Oh, my!!! I was so sure there would be a few comments after my last one....lolol
I am stuck at the near end, I think..
I connected the rope to the handle...but left the figurines there...all I have is the die in inventory

no idea what to do next!...anyone?


- look on die (turn) & where the slot is, you could open it
- imagine, you folding it out (turn die to see numbers):

- stencil aligned with complete tablet on wall
- symbols seen through holes in shapes on stencil & adjusted clock hands:
circle - scale
square - ankh
cross - arrows

Q-3: CAMEL (for stone)
- head to the left (looking at you)
- push first & last button

Q-4: 3x3 GRID
- Figures:
- MAN both arms up, looking forward
- CAMEL first 2 buttons pushed, looking to the left (at you)
- BIRD looking to the right (you don't see beak)

- HINTS on stones:
--> left room, red hourglass: man FRONT, camel CENTRE, bird REAR
--> right room, blue hourglass: camel LEFT, bird CENTRE, man RIGHT

- put figures:
X bird X
camel X X
X X man

(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)

(thx, @roberto! ☺)

- adjust levers on device according hint on front door (room-3):
SQUARE (diamond)/BLUE hourglass - CIRCLE/BLUE hourglass - HEXAGON/RED hourglass
- pull rope thru hole (puts lever on blue hourglass & opens right passage)
- put round lever at blue hourglass (room-3)
- put hexagonal lever at red hourglass (right room)
--> all passages open

- note, you can turn INNER & OUTER circles
- inner turn LINE on triangles above passages (at right/bottom/left triangle side)
- outer turn TRIANGLES above passages (point up/down) INCLUDING lines
- HINT: TRIANGLE on door: point UP & line at RIGHT triangle side)
- ROOM-1 (chest): nothing to turn (bottom circles on cross)
- ROOM-2 (jars): turn outer ring 1x & inner circle 2x (2nd from bottom on cross)
- ROOM-3 (3 passages): turn outer ring (center cross)
- RIGHT ROOM (blue hourglass): turn inner circle 2x (right on cross)
- LEFT ROOM (red hourglass): turn outer ring & inner circle 1x (left on cross)
- ROOM-4 (escape door): turn inner circle 1x (top circles on cross)


(It's way late here for me, so hopefully no silly boobs 'cause of my tiredness...! ☻)

Aha!!!! @premiere to the rescue!!! missed it by one minute! lol

LOL..all I had to do was flip the right room lever...thought I was going to be locked

I had left ,returned and played but got stuck in the end and then i refreshed and OOOO i see my friend premiere has done a WT !!
Thank you prem ,you saved me again and btw very nice game !

well....You did a perfect WT as usual, @premiere!

and i discovered i wasnt quite in the end LOL
Thanks again

Beautiful game, too bad it's so complicated that it's nearly impossible without tons of help.

I agree with Princess. I usually LOVE this developer, but this one was way out of line in terms of difficulty. Great looking game anyway, as always. Thanks everyone for the help, esp Premiere for the WT! I surely would have given it up without it.

On the cross, when I zoom out after turning the circles, I see no change. After turning the last triangle noting happens. What am I doing wrong? Does the cross go unchanged (in the start modus) when you zoom out?

you don't see any change on the cross itself, but on the triangle shapes with lines above passages, by adjusting those shapes & lines with the rings & circles on cross.

For the non-WT readers hint...

At the final door, you will find a "thing" that looks like some kind of tool to PRY OPEN an object.

There IS an object with lots slots, and one is different from the others.
This object and the tool can get around very well with each other ;-)

from premiere's WT...

- outer turn TRIANGLES above passages (point up/down) INCLUDING lines

Yes!! That was the trickiest part, because you FIRST have to use the outer ring to get the triangle with point up; then, the dent (well I'd call it dent) is wrong again, and you have to "correct" it with the knob inside.

So don't start with the knob inside, because you might need many too many steps.

Dang! That cross puzzle was ca-razy! Did it myself until I got to that cross puzzle. Always happy to see your w/t, Premiere! Thanks from all the other gamers, too. Awesome game!

And with a fresh head I saw that combining
the two pictures of the figures gives clues
for adjustment and placement,

Man on the rightside, arms up and at the front,
head forward.

Bird in the middle, beak to its right at the back.

Camel to the leftside, head to its left, in the middle
with first two buttons down.

Easy when you know how, lol

Lol been a bit slow catcing up on the games, so only just starting... Already got a bit confused, then saw zoz ask if premiere was doing a WT... And thank you for delivering! ;-) Great game!

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