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Under The Sakura Tree Walkthrough

Under The Sakura Tree

[REPLAY] Escape Game 19: Under The Sakura Tree is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Suzunari. In this game, your aim is to escape the room by finding and using items and hints for solving all puzzles in this room. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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wow, can't load either link. everyone must be hungry for an escape game.


alternative worked for me

you'd think the drum pic should open the 4 square cabinet but i cannot make it go

can only open the right side of upper cabinet?

have SD, flower petal box, step ladder, screw, bag of ?, paper shredder?, and candle.

what 'cho doing?

i have SD (used, but still available), box with flower (petals change color), cup with flower, bag of coffee?, some kind of stringed instrument, stepladder (used twice), something that steams (can't put coffee in it though), and candle (placed). Now trying to figure out some codes.

opened the color code door for a screwdriver. Hint is right under where you put the code.

Great game. Entirely logical. No lang. barrier. Wish ALL game makers would follow this lead

placed and lit candle

i am alone?

need 2 clues to open 4 square button cabinet

Where did you get lighter?

Service Temporarily Unavailable

alt link works through proxybrowsing for me

matches using screw from cupboard

Got start screen in both links but start button does nothing.

THX! I didn't pick up the screw!

thanks aitch.

anyone get the pic off the wall or open the petal box?

Pic clue is inside cabinet that looks empty + a clue from steaming the window.

Petal box clue after you make tea and pour in cup.

@unknown look at the cupboard to the left of the color code and the steamed up window to get the picture off the wall

What to do with the watch?

don't forget to look at match box for a hint

watch - push the button to see symbols

Press the button on the watch to see numbers equal symbols.
Use the SD on ladder for the math with these symbols.

I missed looking at the back of the match box. Now the watch clue makes sense.

out now. Good game.

Nice game!

i found the two clues for the eye box but i cannot make it work

i used <, sm dot, big dot, then closed eye

what did i do wrong?

Thanks, val. missed the ladder clue!

unknown--remember to think THEIR left and right

Remember to use there left and right not yours.

@Unknown, use the L & R from their perspective, not yours.

lol guys!

good game and thanks for the help but i still cannot do the "eye" box and what to do with the pogo looking thing and where does the 4 digit number go?

nuts, i hope some smart people are still around

OHHH their R and L. DUH thank you. out now

watch? I don't have a watch

didn't get the clue with the men with a drum at first
(clue for 4 square door btw)
that got me further

any one here i cant open the white lower cb with 4 squres to push

cant open the lowers white cb

@raasti, which lower white cb? In the closet??? I don't see a white cb.

oops sorry they are brown

Is it the one in the closet?

the one with squares to push & with no# both .i kno for sqaures drum are clue but still dont get it

The one with the symbols like the eyes on the pink and green dragons?

nopes that i opened ..in sec left scene ..lower brown cb

ZOZ where are you ?

ok the one on the left of the cupboard below the four dragons? If that's the one you mean, first look at the banner with the men with drums and note which way they point (L, U, D, R, L). Then, put the candle (I don't remember where it was!) in the little tower below that banner and light it with the matches, then close the door. The numbers you'll see tell you the order of the buttons to push (so 3,4,5,2,1 = L, R, L, U, D).
At least that's how remember it - I hope it's correct!

lol @raasti, I was busy typing and trying to sort out how to explain.

you must catch up, because I'm stuck with the Lady holding the banjo with the 4 digit code, and also a code on the step-stool that you get by using the SD on it.

at zoz it is 34521 so it DLRUL

now I'm looking for the watch...

my cb is not open yet so i cant do anything :(

@raasti, have you opened the box with the pink flower on it? if so, can you give me a hint?

nopes i dont ..im totally stuck ..i cant opened cb with any combination

lololol @raasti, not I look at my notes and it looks like the code should be L, R, R, U, D. I think I should go to bed now :o}

Hi...still live?
I just got in and need help...all I found is a bag of something and a tea cup....

Nokraaaaaaaah! Help is needed here! You're up as late as I am, so I guess I have no good excuse.
Let me walk you through to where I am so you can help me!

The first comments say they have all these things, sd, box ladder, screw....where can I find them please???lol

I stopped reading because I didn't want to keep finding spoilers....

Yes! TY TY Zoz!!!!

make the tea Zoz, the cup will change colors

finally opened that cb?now wht zoz did you get that code

stupid stupid schtupid links! I wrote a long thing and clicked the wrong button and it wouldn't let me back!
Sorry. Where were we?

@mugglehead, how to make the tea?

Bummer zoz, can someone just tell me where you found the SD?

omg POP! I LOVE POP! I took the brown container that I put the tea in and clicked on the humidifier and, voila! Tea!

OK...nevermind...I'll come back another time!

nokra i think sd is in upper brown cb (but not sure)

@nokra, I wish I could remember. Let me see if I can finish and I'll go back and look again.
I have the watch now!

where is tea ..i hav that cup & teapot but no tea

screwdriver in color cupboard, look at pigs

ok pop happened got it

tea I think... was in a drawer?

I'm at the girl and needing a number code for her.

Oh, frabjous day, I'm OUT!
Now to start over so I can actually be of some assistance, Let me know where you're stuck.

out!! Messed up my watch numbers, take the numbers that change

@mugglehead, take the watch and press the button on the side and you'll see symbols like the ones from the ladder (use the SD on the ladder to see the symbols and the math). Then do the math - note that some symbols are on the inner ring, and thus correspond to the hour. Others are on the outer ring and so correspond to minutes.

wow, by myself I'm an idiot, but with you guys I become a genius! Amazing!

you've helped me plenty of times, Zoz!! Thank you!!

thanx ZOZ for ur help :)

soooo....where do we put that 4 digit number from the watch? Please?

@nokra, do you have the Lady doll and have you put the banjo (looks more like a pogo stick) in her hands? The code goes on her base.

I forgot I hadn't opened the Eyes Box....

out now...

Thanks, zoz...and raasti and mugglehead!

was trying to do the eye box from pink and green pig bot no work... Hint from match box RLLR/PGPG but no work

Aaaahhhh! I was more than halfway done, and suddenly get a big (!) instead of game!

POP got it..

L and R opposite from us and the lion/dragon/pig in green and pink

Finally back to where I was (and SAVED GAME)
I think I've opened everything except the 4# and the flower
Haven't seen a watch anywhere ...

I think the watch comes from the box with the flower on it...

Gees...look at the time, almost 2:30...sending myself to bed...now!!! lolol

Thank you @nokra.
I thought I needed to make tea first and still haven't figured out how to do that. Have nothing to open the tea packet and can't get hot water and game keeps shutting down on me.

Will probably come back tomorrow and find out tea opens itself!

I Can't Believe I Made It Through - Through
-Go right and open the top left door of the cupboard. Click on the empty space and note some symbols. Write them down!
- Look at the colors of the four dragons and enter that as the code for the upper right door of the cupboard. Take the SD.
- Click the Blue dragon on the right and take the teacup.
- Go right and click on the banner, then on each of the figures. Make a note which way the drum is pointing (for example, top figure points to the right).
- Look at the Pink and Green Dragons and note their eyes.
- Open the left drawer and take the bag of tea.
- Zoom on the bottom right closet door and use the SD to remove the stick. Take the screw.
- Open the right closet door and take the Humidifier.
- Open the left closet door and take the step stool. (leave the safe, for now).
- Place the step stool in front of the closet (there are brackets on the floor to tell you where to place it) and open the top right door. Take the candle. Take the step stool back.
- Go right and place the Humidifier on the desk (it will automatically plug itself in).
- Zoom on the lower left window pane and note the symbols and their positions.
- Zoom on the lower desk cabinet and use the screw and the SD to repair the handle, then open the cabinet door.
- Take the matches. In the About Item view, click the right side of the matchbox and note the pinkR, greenL, pinkL, greenR.
- Go left and open the door of the little tower below the banner. Place the candle, light it with the matches, and close the door. Note the numbers from top to bottom: 34521
- Go left. These numbers combined with the banner drum directions are the code for the lower left cupboard door. (See Solutions below).
- Take the semi-transparent sheet and place it over the framed picture on the right. Align the black dots and you should see a three digit code for the lower right cupboard door.
- Enter that code and take the brown tea brewer. Highlight the brewer in About Item and then click on the tea bag and add it to the brewer.
- Go left or right twice and highlight the brewer, then click on the Humidifier. Now you have tea!

- Highlight the teacup in About Item and click on the brewer to fill the cup with tea. Note the colors and their order on the flower.
-Go back to the cupboard and place the step stool in front of it so you can get the box that is on top. Take the step stool back.
- The flower on the box looks just like the one on the teacup, and the colors will change to match the flower on the teacup. Amazing.
- Match the colors, open the box, and take the watch.
- Go right and open the left side of the closet. The brown safe requires the eye symbols from the Pink and Green dragons, in the order specified on the matchbook. The L and R are from the dragons' points of view!
- Open the safe and take the Lady Figure.
- Go to the picture by the door of the Sakura (Cherry Blossom) tree. Use the combined clues from inside the upper left cupboard door and the steamed window.
- Take the mandolin/banjo that looks like a pogo stick,, then give it to the Lady Figure.
- Look at the step stool in About Item and use the SD on it to reveal a code with math symbols: Star x Diamond X Square + Double O.
- Now look at the watch and press the button; You'll see the same symbols as in the equation on the step stool.
- Do the math, then enter the code on the base of the Lady Figure.
- Take the key and getoutta there!

Lower left cupboard door: 34521 combined with RUDRL gives you LRRUD
Lower right cupboard door: 268
Brown Safe in left closet: 1. white circle inside black circle 2. leave as it is (upside down U) 3. < 4. black dot.
Cherry Blossom picture: The steamed window tells the position of each symbol (UL, UR, etc) and the symbols in the upper left cupboard door tell the order to click each corner. UL, LL, LR, UL LR, UR
Box with Flower: clockwise from top: pink, yellow, grey, light green, blue.
Watch: When you press the button the symbols appear either on the inside, replacing Hour numbers, or on the outside circle, replacing Minute numbers. So the symbols are: Star = 45, Diamond = 6, Square = 8, Double O = 10. So the equation becomes 45 x 6 x 8 + 10 = 2170.

Loved this game. Thanks for the help everyone.

wow..that will teach me for not refreshing...there is a Zoz-a-through now! Thanks zoz.

Fantastic game! Loved it. The puzzles not too hard and not too easy, just as I like them.

lovely game.enjoyed every minute of it!!!

I persevered a little, and managed to get out without help ^^

Great great story line as usual.. about a boy and his grandpa who became senile and sort of "forgot" about his grandma. but boy witnessed how lovey dovey his grandparents were, under the sakura tree, and the fact that grandma was happy even though grandpa became senile..

Wonderful game! Sorry I didn't get in live to play with my eg24 friends!

Would love to see lots more of these!!!

       Anonymous  4/12/12, 5:39 AM  

Another phat suzunari game!!!
Only missed step stool hint...
Therefore: Thx, @zoz, for the WT!

       Anonymous  4/12/12, 5:42 AM  

- click:
W 0x/7x (start)
B - 1x
Pi - 2x
C - 3x
R - 4x
Gy - 5x
Y - 6x

       Anonymous  4/12/12, 5:43 AM  

lG - Pi
- eye order (matches):

       Anonymous  4/12/12, 5:45 AM  

- hint on cup (around, start BL):
- clicks (for box):

Thanks @mhtyhr for a summary of the storyline! A great game + a great plot = the best!

       Anonymous  4/12/12, 1:00 PM  

So the green, pink dudes we use from their perspective, but the tambourine is from our eye view? Inconsistency ruined it for me.. were there clues for this that I missed?

Out with no help! Reversing the eyes stumped me for a minute. Never got in top left drawer of cb.

nice little game, all logic :)


Nice Game

What a lovely lovely game this was.

I missed that kind of games lately...

       Anonymous  9/10/18, 11:01 PM  

caught this one for the replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, Suzunari ☺
& thx zoz for the WT


Clicking on 'play' in both links, and nothing happens. :(

Well, it was probably a nice game. :(

       Anonymous  9/11/18, 7:43 AM  

just checked & game is loading fine for me in FF & Chrome (just had to allow Flash)
which browser are you using?

Thanks, AΩ, for reposting this classic piece of perfection!

One thing you shall not forget: the right eye is the right eye and the left eye is the left eye, in spite of other people seeing your right eye left! I forgot that, and needed some assistance here, thanks for that!

Hi AO. I'm using Chrome. It did ask me to allow Flash, and I did, but clicking did nothing. I'm going to try again.

Well what do you know? Now it's working! thanks!!!

       Anonymous  9/11/18, 9:48 AM  

glad for you as it's such a great game

Beautiful game. Thanks for the replay.

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