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Abyss Escape is a new escape game created by Selfdefiant for Yizzim and Melting-Mindz. You were exploring this strange old place with some friends and got lost. Now it seems that a strange force has you locked inside. Before you lose your mind you should start trying to figure out how to escape this abyss! Good luck and have fun!

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Yes!!! TY selfdefiant!

SD is working late!! Great!

oh AWESOME!!!!!

Hmmm...the cursor to hand for hotspots is not really working...this may be a bit harder ....lol

Hi, Jon and rimic!

Hey nokra :) Hi jon :)

are you guys having the problem with the cursor...or is it just me?

no problem here nokra...

ok found piano but need to find something to activate it...

found map in C

oooooh how exciting!! love these games :D

All I have is a crowbar and the map...I think they were both in B...but...I have come to rely on the cursor to hand....my clicking finger will not make it this way...

crowbar in B

Been all over the place, found map and crowbar, piano and some symbols clues in M.
Looking for a place to use either the crowbar, or the clue.

a puzzle in m

Have fun guys! I'll attack this in a few hours.It's 2 in the morning so I'm off to bed!

ok i think they are rugs, are clues for the puzzle in same room

goodnight nokra :)

POP! have green key

I found the clues but not the puzzle. It's in M right?

Found it, got green key too

note in f is a clue for the piano...have white gem

need lighter for candles

Now found a flashlight

where is screwdriver?

where is flashlight Cool?

Have not found the screwdriver yet.
The flaslight is in one of the cubboards in F.

Found gold key in A

Hi all.
The screwdriver is in J.
Howe did you repair the piano? mine sounds strange...
Have red and yellow gem and im missing the red and blue keys... help pleace

found silver key in R

and i dident solve the number box in S jet

Hello Tijuna :) with the piano, numbers match with the letters. think of the alphabet :)

For the piano you need to use the number clue on the piece of paper.

ah... dident try anything becouse i thought i have to fix it first... thanks.

Where did you find the red gem Tijuna?

and my coursor isnt working properly ether. sometimes.

Found the lighter in I

one gem was from the candels and one behind the panel with the screws (if im remembering richt, im not sure...)

And the candles give the red gem

have anybody found a hint for the number-box in S yet?

found purple gem in s...open box with number clue in J

ok so far have white, purple, red and yellow gem

we need keys ... the red and blue one

ah thanks rimic :-)

now im missing some keys to go further... has anybody fount the red or blue key?

cursor problem here as well. My click finger hurts. Refresh does not help. SD - can you do something??? Please?

looking for those keys too

Have to run, gotta make a roast mmmmm lol...... goodluck everyone!

Red key in J in the left drawer - use the screwdriver

ive found the red key!!! very sneaky!!its in j where we found the screwdrider :-)

And blue key in G

Thx for the red one Unknown

There's a book in G too

Hi alls, thanks for your help :)
in F use crowbar on cb door to get flashlight
for piano (hint F)


Knife in Q

Use knife in T and pull lever

Where is the book in G? maybe it has some clues for the puzzle underground.

nevermind, found the book :-)

@ Cool, please do you remember where is gold key in A, can't find it?

Got it, used flashlight

so, need purple key. ive found all gems ecsept the green one i think. wher do we use them?

gold key is in A ... use flashlight

Solved puzzel in V ... tricky, combine clues in book.
Book gives blue gem btw and puzzle orange gem

thanks got it

Flip lever in Y

Flip lever in Z

ive flippt all levers if found... still no key

Need purple key too. Flipped 3 levers, but no idea what that did.

Another lever in X


I found 4 levers in total: in T X Y and Z
Have you found any others?

no same here. you can flipp the lever in T again but then the gate is closed again..

Just discovered that too

But the lever in T is the only one you can flip again. Wonder why?

Totally stuck now :(

Hello everybody,
I just arrived....
I don't find puzzle for clues in M, any hints ?

purple key is in room x on the left side of the wall. i only need the green crystal...

in R silver key, use flashlight too
order to light candles in F


still live?

puzzle for clues in m is on the ground in same room, on the right of the chair in front of the bookshelf.

Looking all over room X, but can't find that purple key ????

@strawberrie ... I believe it's somewhere on the lower left part of the room.

Clue in M are on 3 books
from left: one in 1st cb, one in 3rd cb, one in 4 th cb


Please ... where exactly is the purple key?
I looked ALL over the place, but it's just not there.

after mass clicking around X, i finally got the purple key. it's on the left wall between the pillar and the corner, about halfway up the wall.

cant find the purple key ether...

THANK YOU Crazed .... it almost had me crazed too :)

Now looking for green gem

okey found it... my finger hurts now...

hehe what did i miss

Got the green gem.

Wondering why one could flip the lever in T.
And why we got the crystal.

Flip the lever in T down which closes the gate and use crystal to go to W, there's the green gem

Does anyone understand the puzzle in V? I feel like I must have missed something...

probably stupid question ;(
but...how can I go in room K ?? please

ah and out now. finally :-)

And out ... thx for all the help .... though I must say my fingers hurt from clicking.

@seb: find the blue key and unlock the floor panel. then just click on the panel.

Oooh! thanks a lot crazed4, missed that

@seb: use blue key on trap door in j (don't remeber where I found the blue key, though)

@crazed4now, use the hints from the book in G

still missing YELLOW gem

Thank you papas! It felt like i missed something. Totally missed the book. -_-

This comment has been removed by the author.

POP found it :-)

Is anyone working on a walkthrough yet?

thanks too Rudi (blue key in G)

And out! I guess I could do the walkthrough. I'm bored enough. XD

Please do Crazed ... :)

Thanks for your help. Do you remember in wich room where candle for red gem ?


Somewhere on the right, in the room with the books, where you found the flashlight. Upper right cupboard.

Finaly OUT
Tnx Cool for the Green gem hint

Thanks, I have found the candles but I can't have red gem. I suppose I have miss an hint.

Strawberrie, you need to light the candles.
I can't remember where the lighter is, I believe in the same toom where you found the screwdriver, but I'm not sure.

@Strawberry, lit them in order to stay burning all of them. Start with the first on and then the fifth, third, ...

This comment has been removed by the author.

strawberry light them in order 153624

@strawberry, lighter is in R on the shelf

Strawberry it's trial and error.
Light one, of you light the next and the first goes out, try another one after the first one. When bothe stay on then find the next.

Start with 1, then 5 I believe

Thanks for your help, I have now all the gems !

and out :) click click CLICK wow lol..great game :D

please...again :( I can't find yellow gem

@ Seb: Have you used screwdriver in C, or open box in S ?

I'm sorry Seb I can't remember where that came from.

thanks strawberry, missed room C!

oh... have not realized this is still live xD
I can't find the book in G... please help me :)

Sabine, If I remember correctly the book is somewhere under a bench, I think on the lower right side

and excuse me please... can't write very much... have broken my wrist :S

tanks Cool =D got it!

lol... meant thanks Cool =)


Poor you, does it hurt a lot?

yes, have a surgery next tuesday,,,but its the left hand... i still can play games ;)


Go left. Grab the map
Left again. Grab the crowbar in between the pipes in the center.
Make your way to M. click the books by the 1st and 5th bookshelves as well as the center of the 3rd shelf. Note the number and the symbol. click right of the chair on the ground on the box and input the code.
Grab the green key.
go to E and use the key to get into F.
Click the note on the floor and note the numbers.
Use the crowbar on the bottom 2nd cabinet to get flashlight.
Go all the way left to A and use the flashlight to get the gold key.
Go to N and use the gold key to get into R. Use flashlight to get the silver key.
go to L and close in on the piano. Use the number from the note in F for this puzzle by linking up the letter of the alphabet to the number on the note. (1=A, 2=B, ect).
Grab the white gem.
Head on over to E and use the silver key to enter I.
Grab the lighter on the right window sill.
go right and click the right drawer to grab the SD.
click on the left drawer. use the SD on the back of the drawer to pry up the bottom and get the red key.
click on the poster on lower right of the cabinets. Note the "dial" number.
Head back to F and click on the candles on the 2nd shelf on the far right cabinet. You have to light these with the lighter these in the right order. Just use trial and error.
Grab the red gem and go to H to open the door to G with the red key.
Grab the blue key on the left side under the pew and the book on the right side adjacent to the key.
Go up to S and click on the box on the floor. put in the "dial" number and grab the purple gem.
Go to J and use the Blue key on the lock on the floor (under the rug). Click on the panel and descend.
Head to Q and use the flashlight to grab the knife.
Head to T. Use the knife to open the panel and flick the switch.
Head to V. Use the clues in the book to figure out the order [and grab the blue gem from the book if you haven't already]. (again, sorry if it's hard to read. ^^;)
Grab the orange gem and go to Y. Flick the lever down and go left to Q.
See that area on the left side between the corner of the wall and the pillar. In the center of that, click and get the purple key.
Flick the lever on the right wall down and go to Z. Use the purple key to grab the crystal and flick the lever on the wall down.
Go back to T and flick the switch down. Now click on your map and click W to grab the green gem.
Go to C (Via map is the quickest way) and use the SD on the panel to get the yellow gem.
then it's gem placement time! Travel around and put the gems in their designated spots. Then head to D, click back to view the main door, and click the doors to escape!

(This is a spoiler for people who are too lazy to find the gem placements by looking around)
Red= A
Blue= D
Yellow= L
Purple= K
White= X
Orange= J
Green= F

Best of luck to you then .... hope it will be well soon.
But as long as you can play escape games, life's not that bad. :)

got all the gems, but have no clue where to put them... anyone?

Great job Crazed :)

you're so right Cool ;-) and thanks

Thank guys!
It was nice playing through again without worrying about orbs. XD

foufou: if you got all gems the places you put them appear

Thanks Crazed4 for WT and alls for precious help :)

Just got started. I chose the one with the Orbs (i miss the orb ding). Does the other one without the orbs have the nicer cursor that finds hot spots? I don't like this one where we have to pixel hunt.

I don't think so Rachel. Some of us were playing the without orbs version, but seemed to have the same problems.

:( Thanx Cool. Wonder if SD planned it that way?

If he did, I hope he will not do it again.
The games are great, but complicated enough without the pixel hunt.

       Anonymous  5/25/12, 1:43 AM  

I hope that SD will fix the problem with the cursor soon...

There's a new gotmail game ... does anyone remember the ID to log in?

this one works


Ah thanks seb ... it's been removed from the front page, because the passwords did not work. But I can log in now.

red key, book, lever in T really sneaky
thanx, SD

I just started the game and the cursor is a constant pointy finger. I notice others on here with the same thing - is it supposed to be like this or will it be fixed please?

       Anonymous  5/25/12, 3:39 AM  

@Bat E,

I don't know, but for me the game is not playable like this : after many random clicks, I found only a crowbar, I'm not going to hurt my finger in order to find a place to use it. This SD's game is a big disapointment and I'm giving up.


Thanks for your reply. I'll wait a while to see if it gets changed - I hate random clicking as well.

I also cannot play because of a flickering curser all the time, this is driving me nuts, so i will try again later.

I like the new twists, especially the increased reliance on the flashlight, but can also do without the random clicking. Either have the hotspots a little more visible, or return the cursor indication please.

Thanks again, SD!

unfortunately, i won't be able to finish the game, problem seeking the purple key in room Q. No indication besides Crazed's clue (thanks anyways Crazed :)), and I still can't find it, please SD put the cursor's sensitivity back in. Will try again later.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I don't know...I didn't mind so much about the cursor - it just makes more of a challenge. (Look how many of us got out!) Of course with everyone contributing all the hints we all help each other out, so it's not really what I consider random clicking...imho...

Pointer has really missed in this one !
Was there a hint somewhere for the green gem ???
A very great thanks to Cool !!!

And I was going around and around but I however missed one orb: are they well 100 ? :(

Pointer has really missed in this one !
Was there a hint somewhere for the green gem ???
A very great thanks to Cool !!!

And I was going around and around but I however missed one orb: are they well 100 ? :(

Sorry about the cursor being always a hand. I thought it would make it a bit more difficult not completely impossible. I fixed it, just refresh! :)

ok, so the purple key is not in room Q bug in room X....

Self-defiant thank you for changing the cursor back! I do appreciate your attempt to change up the game to make it more difficult, and I appreciate even more your checking here, seeing what people think and then changing it back.

As always, fantastic game!

Hello!Where is the blue gem?

@hazikrisz I think it was in the book that you find in room that looks like a church (sorry game is closed and can't remember what the room letter was)

Jo-Ann-Thank you!:)

       Anonymous  5/25/12, 9:09 AM  

purple key in x not q

help !!!! can't find purple key in X

       Anonymous  5/25/12, 9:32 AM  

quoting post of crazed4now 5/25/12 12:23 AM

after mass clicking around X, i finally got the purple key. it's on the left wall between the pillar and the corner, about halfway up the wall.

Thanks @Selfdefiant! It's nice to have a game set somewhere I actually do want to leave. And I'm so glad the cursor was changed before I got to the game!
Special thanks @Unknown (for red key), @solitude01 (purple key), and @Cool (green gem).

(@Sabine, you have my sympathy on your wrist. I broke my right wrist a couple of years ago and it hurt like mad.)

Still don't understand the puzzle in V. Help please.

       Anonymous  5/25/12, 10:37 AM  

- 2 hints in book:
Combine those hint, means: X=star, Y=square, Z=circle, gives
1)star-2)square-3)circle-4)star-5)square-6)circle etc.
- set pillars I - VIII (1-8) on following signs:

I) star
II) square
III) circle
IV) star
V) square
VI) circle
VII) star
VIII) square

Anybody here?

Thanks Premiere You were there before my last post.

please, cant find green gem in W, a hint or somthing to know where to look for it :(

Thanks everybody. I'm finaly out.

Yiyis, look at comment of Cool at 12:30 AM.

thx Kees, done. Didnt understand the first time I read it.

Many thanks for a green gem !

whats up with the orbs no orbs option? Kinda takes away MM. Just My op. Cool game though, keep em coming!

See that area on the left side between the corner of the wall and the pillar. In the center of that, click and get the purple key.

This comment has been removed by the author.

ROFL.....I escape and it wants to know how much of my mind is left???.....lololol!!!!!! Well dang...I suppose this means I must enter the bleak, black ... oh look, one of the purple orbs I missed :P I digress....back to the Abyss to find the answer to the question I already know the answer to @.@ No worries...this time I am armed with my bottle of Patron and a lime, and soon, I will be seen skipping down the hallways and looking fascinated whilst listening to the echo of my voice in the dungeon..lalalalalalala!!!!!

Thank you for another great game SD!!!!! :)

@crazed...thank you so much for taking the time to write a walkthrough, because in EG24, *Every Good Game Deserves A Walkthrough* :)

@Sabine...I hope surgery will fix your poor wrist. My thoughts and hugs are coming your way :) A few years ago I broke my right arm *humerus bone* ...hahahaha....but as long as one hand works, we escapers will continue to find our way out of locked rooms ;)

"oogy borg, oogy borgborg"

(For some reason, that's what I hear in my head every time that weird sound plays in the background music.)

TY so much for fixing the cursor hand!!!!
It is still enough of a challenge , your games are always entertaining!

I was intrigued by the caves....very beautiful! Do they really exist?

Great WT, @crazed4now!

Thank you SD for another great game.

Thanks to all you posters for your help and tips :)

Beautiful! Thank you, Selfdefiant, for another gorgeous dark game. These are my favourite because any success I have in these feels like more of a triumph than the more 'comfortable' beach mansions.
Does anyone else get that too? If we were under the threat of being discovered by the beach escape mansions owners it might be the same there, but that would be a completely different type of game, and one which I might avoid playing, haha.
I must add a huge thanks for the choice to play for orbs also. It must be a real pain in the 'area' [ahem] to place orbs or coins for every game, so I appreciate the trouble you take =D

To zoz:
You want to leave this/these buildings? Just think of the wildlife we could house and care for in that huge place [mind you, we might need that teleport crystal to reach them all as and when they need us]. I can just imagine the rooks I could care for, with plenty of ground space, perches for flight training, 'toys' to demolish and holes to stash their 'treasures'. They'd be in toy heaven with all those books and room fittings =D

To irishenigma:
Now why DO they call it a humerus when it isn't the slightest bit funny, especially when you injure it?

I wish we could have 2 a week like these! I LOVE THEM!

Love love love the dark ones. Difficult this one - some things weren't "logical" but I guess that fits the dark theme.


Thanks for changing it Selfdefiant. I'll give it a go now.

Where do I place the gems...I have all...and what to do with the crysatl?

       Anonymous  5/26/12, 5:34 AM  

after collecting all 7 gems, go thru all rooms again to find new appeared slots for the gems (usually in a wall).
As you have the crystal, you can only click on a room at the map & you'll be instantly teleported there.

Excellent, as usual.

cant find the red key or blue key

       Anonymous  5/26/12, 7:39 AM  

- red key in J (in left drawer, use SD)
- blue key in G (left side under pew)

OGosh thank you premier!

arg! i thought the books in the library would have something to do with the stone pillars

ok thanks again, now only have 5 gems!

got it sneaky 'lil green gem!

Well, I CANNOT find the green gem, despite flicking the switch in T and teleporting myself to W. Have I missed something? (Btw, watching Eurovision at the same time!)

(Looks embarrassed) I missed flicking the switch in Z. Now I can rest easy in my bed tonight

Awwww, guys, you're making me blush. =^-^=

Sorry about saying Q instead of X, though. I'm glad most of you figured it out when i said "go left" before it. ^^;

i'm stuck with candles, i dont know the order, i light one but then when i ligth another the first goes out and i cant find a clue. please help me

       Anonymous  5/28/12, 12:56 AM  

there's no clue for the candles, just try & error to find out the order. When you get the correct one, the previous candle(s) stay(s) lit.
(start with 1st & then the 5th, or for spoiler, look at post: seb 5/25/12 12:13 AM)

       Anonymous  5/28/12, 12:56 AM  


It seems, that this game will get more than 200 posts...!
So to see the newest comments (from post 201), look on the next page (click blue word «newest» above or under comments)

Thank you for this game.... ..

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