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May 21, 2012

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Day of the Ghouls Walkthrough

Day of the Ghouls

Day of the Gouls is another new point and click adventure game from Pixelatrix Games. In this game, you try to find some items and solve some puzzles to finish it. Good luck and have fun!

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I found a cucumber in the pub and a duck and little ball in the playground.

same here... i also gave a pizza to the house...

I also have a pickle from the bar, duck toy from the playground and a ball. Got a pizza and delivered it to gain access to Nick Stewart's apartment. Opened the safe and looked at the book. Went through to Amenabar Ave. and now I'm stuck.

I could take a pizza in box with the order for M Keller, Pang av

Once you go into the alley, there's another view to the right, you can move a garbage can and go through an open window to get into Nick Stewart's apartment after you try his front door.

How do you deliver the pizza ?

tosca, ring the bell and when it says pizza, give it there...

I rang Keller, after she answered, opened the backpack and dragged the pizza to the bottom of the screen to get out of the inventory screen. Then drag the pizza up to the security camera. That's what worked for me.

Thx have the sound on now

Hi, I'm stuck at the pizza, I can put it in the box but then I can't pick up the box, once the pizza is inside, nothing else is clickable for me

How did you open the safe? I tried counting words from the note but no good.

aridza, take the delivery note, above the pizzas... ;)

Hmmm, am I supposed to find the overdue book in the apt? I'm going around in circles, quite literally.

Thanks, I was about to restart!

There is a box of receipts in the bedroom. The code to the safe is the price of the safe on the receipt.

Finally found the wall safe, stuck again anyway.

thanks gmm.

on amenabar ave, click above the ambulance, and give the small ball to the craw...

I've also come across a box in the alley behind Pixelatrix games that I can't open, and there's a key behind the gate at St. Bernard's that I can't reach. Anyone found any tools besides the pickle, duck and ball?

troullinos - where do you click above the ambulance? I can't find a hotspot and I don't see a crow(sp?).

I can't even find the ball for the crow.

ok it's not above the ambulance but it's on the tree to the right of the gate with the key

gmm, the crow is in the tree one screen to the right. the ball, i'm still looking for.

you are right... it was next scene....
the ball was at the playground...

stuck with the pickle and the cotton...

Alright, in the orphanage after a little breaking and entering.

Going in - trying to catch up!

Used the duck to smash the window and now I'm inside St. Bernard's.

has anyone found the 2 codes and the key needed in the orphanage? I'm stuck trying to find something else to do in there, I'm guessing we need to find the secret passge but all I found so far was a cotton ball

Throw the duck in the window of st Bernards home

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I tried the kid's DOB for both panel codes, no luck.

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go back to the pizza place, and put the cotton on olive oil... then, go to the box with the rust to the alley, put the cotton on it and take the 3d glasses

and now what to do with the glasses??

Can't get into pizzeria? help please

if we have to go through all the scenes with them, it's gonna take a while to find a code!

Hi all,

would anybody be so kind to tell me where the safe is?

I clicked every pixel twice in the apartment, but i can´t find it.
There is a hotspot without function on the picture above the telefone in the living room of Nick, but no safe behind and no tool to remove the picture...

trirepeate, it's behind the painting above the chair with the newspaper on it.

trirepeate, the safe, is in the house, at the scene with the phone, behind the left painting

pop, clicked the wrong picture (the right one) and forgot to try the left one^^

Nice find troulinos, about the olive oil.

Kiki - I think you need to ring Keller's apartment before you can get into the pizzeria.

the safe is behind the other picture, the one above the chair.

I've gone through pretty much every scene of the orphanage with the glasses and I haven't found anything so I'm going to look some place else

kiki, have you buzzed keller's apt yet?

ok - feel really stupid, cause can't fink apartment? have the ball, gherkin and duck

Nevermind - forgot to look at paper in wallet.....soooo stupid - thanx for all the help!

I'm totally stuck with the 3D glasses

Still nothing from the 3D spex...

where to use cotton with oil?

got it! There's a note next to the staff door(zoomed on the code panel). Count the body parts...

tygrys, there's a box in the alley next to the games shop with a rusty tin in it. use the oiled cotton on the rusty tin.

How does the bodyparts code get counted??? Cheeat me cos it getting very annoying LOL

good job finding the note snowghoul, but i still can't figure the code.

nice find snowghoul! but care to help us more...?

Staff door(SPOILER!)


Hi everyone! Have just started... this seems quite involved lol :)

10 knuckles? 2 elbows? 1 nose? 1 face? How does it work LOL

can't see the note anymore, but I think it was 1 nose, 10 toes, 2 elbows, 1 face, and 10 knuckles. Code 1-10-2-1-10.

staff room code

Ahhh, gotcha. Thanks snowghoul, gmm.

razorboy Thank You ...... I have the 3D glasses :)))))))))))))

Now, still have pickle and 3D glasses, looking for a clue to open the butterfly box.

LOL I was so close TY Snowghoul...

For the butterfly box just remember the strange note from the apartment

"a stream of hot blood crosses a gentle meatdow under the harsh eye of the sun to reach the sea as a small cloud of mist disappears in the horizon"

Ha. Finally get to use the 3D spex in the director's office.


ID's in director room
So wath?

lol... for the first time, there is a SD, and we dont need it...

or the matches... the crowbar...

at the basement, drag the "selfs" where the screwdriver is, from the right side, to reveal the secret passageway...

Anyone have an idea for the code panel for the sewage works?

Well can I just say thank you everyone for all these hints so far! Still way behind, but wouldn't have got very far without you all lol :D

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Grant Family Tomb must mean something.

What do you do with the 3-d glasses in the directors office?

Princess - there is a document on the top of the shelf in the director's office.

aridza, after you explore everything in the basement the gate for the sewage works is open.

what do we miss?
we cant take any tool or light for exploring the sewer or cutting the lock to the secret passage or the locked gate to craven street.

but the card in front of the secret passage gives a hint to the funreal.

take a look on the shelf on the left. on top of them you can click and a paper with blue and red dots opens...

Geez, totally missed that - thank you Gmm and trire

Oh well now I simply cant find the basement LOL i have seen that map so am ambling around st Bernards looking looking...

count the dots, in front of the panel...

I went in the sewage from softley st, above every gates are numbers but I can't figure out the code, but it says protective glasses must be worn, so maybe we need to find some

thanks troullinos.

the entrance to the basement is in the view with the broken window on the right side.

great find troullinos!

Aaaah TY so I now amble back to tree and climb in again or I might try going out the broken window LOL

Can't find a basement :(

way to the basement from the front entrance of st. bernards^^:

click one time left. then you look at the broken window (first entrance).
the door to the basement is now on the left side.

from entering through the broken window, click two times right, the basement is also on the right side.

to the sewers, follow 34-58-93-14-7

Found the basement (thanks guys) but am confused. "at the basement, drag the "selfs" where the screwdriver is, from the right side, to reveal the secret passageway..."
Any help with this? Ive tried to drag everything in the basement and can't get anything to move.

Got it moved, had to zoom in on scratches. I am hopeless in this game.

LOL Im in Craven st finally.
entrance is right of broken window (inside home)

to the right of that shelf are scratches, zoom on them and then the shelf will move

Will this game NEVER END?!!!.... LOL

stuck with the pickle and a towel got from baboula $ sons. also, used the chain cutter from the same spot, to open the gate....

Which gate does the bolt cutter open? I've only been able to go into the funeral home.

I got a tag from the embalming room

stuck at the same place, got to go now, will come back later...

maybe it will be needed. a paper with the funreal of j. collins int the directors office in the funeral home.
Can´t use the sheet or towel or whatever to cover myself end enter the secret passage.

razorboy, tha chain, holding the gate to the craven st exit, in the tunnels

In the funeral home, is my/ her name not J.Collins? LOL, is she dead already! Don't forget, this game auto saves so you can always come back another time.

thanks troullinos.

Did anyone use the pickle by the way from pub?

After getting the tag, went to the room with two bodies, open the body drawer on the lower left corner, put toe tag on myself and covered with sheet. Got buried (!) and now I'm in the cemetery.

ok once you get the tag, go back to the fridge room with a dead guy on the table, you can now zoom on the fridges, open them until you find an empy one, zoom out, click the body, it'll go in the fridge, back out again and get on the table, put the tag on your toe then the sheet, and then you'll get to the cemetary

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Hmmm LOL I just tied tag to my own toe?? Do I have to bury myself now?

and now I'm stuck at the code at the Grant tomb

What do I do after the tag tying?

Ok how did you guys go from basement in Children's home to... ? where do you go next?

Down the sewer in softly st Follow map numbers from map on wall in sewer place

i think, that i'm gonna eat the pickle, while waiting for the code at the grant tomb...

Leroy, use the sheet to cover yourself.

@Leroy, put the sheet on yourself

@princess, you get out of the orphanage and then you can go through the gate of the water building, the code for the door was given a bit earlier

numbers to follow posted here earlier LOL

Aaah LOL I hadnt found the sheet yet...

This game is killing brain cells. I'm looking at the Grant puzzle and it's just making my head hurt.

Lol tried nicking a better coffin...

razorboy, believe me, i know what R U talking about...!!!!

aridza I should have mentioned, I went to the water company, but cant go/see/do anything but look at map on the wall. That's why I cant figure out what to do next. I see the purple line to follow, but where to go?

princess, you have to go to the craven st. access, by following the purple line... i wrote earlier, the numbers where to enter...

I saw the purple line, I saw the numbers, but when I'm standing in the water company looking at the sewer map, where do I go from there? The door next to map doesn't open, there is no purple line on the street, the underground tunnel has a lock on the Craven street exit...

I went in the kitchen to start some tea hoping when I came back I'd have a moment of clarity and the tomb code would be clear. No such luck.

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Princess - you need to go back to Softley St and go down into the sewer. Then you can follow the numbered tunnels to get to Craven St. 34-58-93-14-7 then up the ladder.

Well at least i used the boltcutters LOL no more sewers for me! That code is horrible!

Ok figured out what I was missing, go to the alley on Softly street, there is an open manhole cover, go down in sewer there.
Now at funeral home and got sheet and toe tag, can't figure out how to put it on myself.

Look at doors behind body on table. Open them til you find empty one.. zoom out and click head of body. You put body in door and now you can lie down on the trolley, add tag and cover in sheet (you need to have filled out burial instructions in directors office first...

Where to use this bloomin pickle... it's the only thing I have! And also can't figure out graveyard code

still nothing for the roman numeral code, I don't think I've ever played a game for that long!

Figured out some more - in the room with the body on the table, click on the closed refrigerated doors behind him on the left. The bottom left drawer is empty. Open the door then click on the body to move him in, then you can get on the table. Put toe tag on first, then sheet. Then you get buried in the cemetery.

I'm starting to feel like that stupid pickle is taunting me. I may have to take my leave from this game for a while to preserve my sanity.

got the grant tomb puzzle.

The line is always a description of the line above.

So first roman 5 (V)
second you say you have 1 5 (I V)
next, you have 1 1 and 1 5 (I I I V)
then you have 3 times 1 and 1 5 (III I I V)
and so on

so finally
solution is

In the pub... when she looks at the pickles she says 'I love pickles. They really wake up your senses'.. could be some sort of clue? Or am I just clutching at straws here lol

my mind, thank you Magno!!!!! well done

New Tomatea.... THANK F.... haha

Back to this MUCH LATER :P

Brilliant Magno. Thank you.

Magno the magnificent lol :D

Next code? LOL

Now a letter code. Terrific.

OMG that guy just really made me jump LOL... think we are getting closer! ;)

Magno can you put more commas in your answer pretty please?

finally... got rid of the pickle!!!!

finally used the pickle, I gave it to the ghoul and it let me go through the door

And a zombie monk blocking a passage.


III, I, I, III, I, I, II, II, II, I, I, V
in normal numbers:
3 1 1 3 1 1 2 2 2 1 1 5

give to the zombie, the pickle razorboy

Lol oh yeah... so he is realizing he is not dead now? Haha

So now we need to figure the opposites of the ingredients?

yeap... and from bottom to top, is not working...

The next code is the first letters of One, Two, Three, Four, Five, etc..

i figured it out. they are the logical opposites. like angelberry/devil's drupe.

i wrote it down if anyone needs it.

Thanks razorboy, will try and work it out :)

finally over, thanks for the help all.

Yep got antidote now :)

@razorboy, could you write them here please? thx

Razorboy do you mind sharing?

Hmmm now what, still need to figure out letter code to release that guy, and probably give him antidote?

For anyone that needs the antidote list:
dried lichen
cottonwood leaf
distilled water
parrot feather

And out!! Thanks to everyone for the help!

nevermind, I got it

they are:

dried lichen
distilled water
parrot feather

I had... Dried Likhen, Angel berry, cottonwood, water, parrot feather and honeysuckle (roughly what they say but can't look at sign again lol)

Whoops too late lol... what do we do after we have the antidote?

out too, thanks everyone!

Thanks for all your help everyone - wow that was a long one.

then you give the antidote to Nic

Jo. C, princess figured out the letter code a few lines up.

Ohhhhh yeah! And out, phew!! Good game if you have the time lol :)

I cannot find the cottonball. I think I will be needing a walkthrough for this one.

This game is good, but very hard! I'll wait for a walkthrough!

lol, where do you take the pizza??

First You must call to the door,at 82 PANG AVE and hear the voice,then you can go to the PIZZERIA ROMANA.(Sorry for my English)

The cottonball is in NURSE'S OFFICE in SAINT BRRNARD'S HOME for wayward children.

I deliverd the pizza.Now what ? I tried to ring at the 101 apartament but nothing happend...

what's the code for the waterworks

34643 waterworks. i had to find a turkish version to get it!

This comment has been removed by the author.

finally i am out ... thanks guys for the helpful walkthrough.

After several tries and a lot of looking through this, here is a walkthrough! My very first walkthrough ever, in fact. Thank you to everyone who posted, you helped me win this game so I could write this walkthrough. This is meant as a guide, for the best results mess around yourself and use when you are stuck. It is divided into where most of the steps will be completed to (hopefully) make it easier. Here goes:

1. Look at paper on desk. Leave office.
2. Enter bar straight ahead, collect gherkin. Leave.
3. Enter Park, collect duck, collect marble in sandpit, leave.
4. Look into Pizzeria window, find wallet in alley beside Ferkakta Times.

5.Go to the tunnel, take to Pang Ave. Find apartment building (right), ring R. Keller.
6. Take tunnel back to Softley St, enter Pizzeria.
7.Look at checks on spike, click through. Note last.
8. Click boxes, choose Pepperoni pizza, take "Keller" Check from ceiling, take pizza.
9. Leave Pizzeria, go back to Pang.
10. Ring R. Keller, show pizza to camera.
11. Enter, look at mailboxes.
12. Leave, go to alleyway behind apartment building.
13. Click trash can twice, enter window.
14. Chest of drawers is left, check receipts in box in right cupboard. Note the last one.
15. Leave the bedroom, read paper on table left. Note it down.
"In my nightmare a stream of blood crosses a gentle meadow under the harsh eye of the sun to reach the sea as a small cloud of mist disappears in the horizon."
16. Click painting behind armchair twice.
17. The code to the safe is its price as told on receipt.
18. The code is 13995. Read the book, look at the map.

19. Leave apartment, go to Amenabar Ave.
20. Right, right tree. Climb this to get into St Bernards.
21. Click twice, give marble to crow, click twice.
22. Left, turn corner, zoom on window.
23. Use duck to smash. Enter.
24. Go into the office. Collect cotton on table, read file in left drawer.
25. Leave, try middle door. Read book on desk.
26. Leave, go into left door, up stairs. Staff door clue is beside panel when zoomed in.
27. The staffroom code is 1102110.
28. Enter, desk, drawer, box on left. The clue is poem from apartment.
29. Code to box is Red Green Yellow Blue White.
30. The key is to the directors office downstairs.
31. Leave St Bernards, go to Softley.
32. Enter Pizzeria, dip cotton in olive oil.
33. Leave, go to Pang.
34. Pixelatrix alley, box on left, use cotton on metal box.
35. Collect 3D glasses, go back to Amenabar.
36. Saint Bernard's Director's office, paper on shelf.
37. Use 3D glasses, note code.
38. Go to basement, use aforesaid code (4126).
39. Down stairs, zoom on scratches behind shelf.
40. Move shelf by clicking side, enter door, note the card on ground.

41. Leave St Bernard's, go to Waterworks.
42. The clue is count the dots on outside of panel.
43. The code is 34643.
44. Look at map, noting way from Softley to Craven St.
45. Go to Softley, sewer entrance in pub alley.
46. Take sewers 34, 58, 93, 14, & 7. Go up ladder left.

47. Collect clamps.
48. Go into Craven tunnel, use clamp on chain.
49. Go to Funeral Home.
50. Right corridor, middle door, click on all caskets. Check supply closet.
51. Collect towel on 3rd shelf down, right side.
52. Left corridor, Directors office.
53. Zoom in on desk, click on pen. Leave office.
54. Left corridor, room at end of hall.
55. Collect toe tag. Leave.
56. Right corridor, room at end of hall.
57. Fridges, lowest left, put in body on gurney.
58. Get on gurney, attach toe tag, cover self with sheet. Be buried

59. Left to Grant tomb.
60. Code is an inventory of the numbers in the line above.
61. Code is: iii, i, i, iii, i, i, ii, ii, ii, i, i, v.
62. Through corridor, down steps, left. Try numbering the letters.
63. The letters are the first letters of each number (O = one, T = two, etc). Enter the last three letters in the sequence.
64. They are E, N, T.
65. Go down corridor opposite.
66. Right, give gherkin to ghoul, continue down corridor.
67. Left is the Algol recipe, note ingredients & fine print.
Wet Slime, Devils Drupe, Irontree Bark, Dead Sea Salt, Snake Skin, Bitter Orange.
68. The Right door is the Algol Machine. The "arm" is actually a scroll. Read before attempting to program.
69. Enter Antidote ingredients in order of each ingredients opposite is in Algol.
70. They are in order: Dry Lichen, Angelberry, Cottonwood Leaf, Distilled Water, Parrot Feather, Honeysuckle.
71. When successful, a message "ANTI DOTE MADE" should appear. Collect orange antidote.
72. Go to Cage.
73. To get there, leave room, right, corridor, left, corridor, right.
74. Give Nick antidote.
75. Bathe in glory of winning.

I cant find the bolt cutters anyone know where they are

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