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Aries Episode No. 004: Chika's Room Walkthrough

Aries Episode No. 004: Chika's Room

[REPLAY] Aries Episode No. 004: Chika's Room is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Aries. In this game, you are trapped in a room, and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve all puzzles in this location. There are two possible endings. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


slow to load

hmmm...some dialogue, language may be factor? not sure yet

hint on shoebox lid, hint on picture, blue and orange legos

so far have legos: green red orange yellow blue, yellow shovel, used...something used lol not sure what it is, and a piece of dirt and maybe a match

slooooww loading!

have 5-4 and 8-2 clues

something in left door under tv, not sure what it is

k officially stuck

found 7-5 under bed

now 2 yellow legos

I saw the normal end.
How to the other?

dang, got blue lego from bowls, didn't write down the color order before I used legos on it

geez CROOK, you out already? lol I'm such a noob lol

I don't know what to do with dirt

Find 4 notes(NUMBER - NUMBER).
They are the code for the light blue box.

Hi all!
I have spade (used), dirt from vase (I think I have to clean it to find another lego, but I can't see no water), a sort of pointed blade (from book in library) and 8 legos...
There's one more lego in the left drawer under tv (but I think you need scissor, the blade doesn't work). Hints: 8-2 (from box) 5-4 (from foto in window) 2-7 (red; from book)
Where have you seen 7-5 exactly? And where is match?

my box asks for 5 numbers

Use the dirt at the kitchen.

7-5 was under the bed, down from pillows

I don't understand how to do the code. Help Please

so far I have:
1 green
2 red
1 orange
2 yellow
2 blue.
kinda mud
and a sharp tool.
Legos draws numbers but need order.

For the box.
If you have 1-2 2-4 4-8 8-9.
It's 12489.

Guess 7-5 is in drawer, under bed.

The number hints aren't subtractions, they are parts of a sequence of 5 numbers... combine them to get the complete sequence for the blue box


Sequence for the blue box (SPOILER):


TY CROOk and raccioly....the light slowly comes on in this dim bulb lol

can't get in, screen stuck on Please wait ... Phase 1

I see... thank you raccioly, I never thought about reading the number as a series...
I have been in the kitchen now and (I think) I miss only 2 legos (I have 14: 3R, 3O, 3B, 3G, 2Y), and I miss the triangular thing to be put on the "blade"

Where is the second SD bit?

The triangular thing is inside one of the drawers in the kitchen. As for the legos, there are only 15 of them, 3 for each colour.

Normal end too!

The second SD bit is inside the safe in the locked closet in the room. Use the lego numbers to unlock it.

I`m playing another game.I think not posted yet.

Code for the safe (SPOILER):


I can't open the door after taking the screws out.

Is anybody still playing this one? Can't find the second end... I'm sure it has to do with the washing machine and the colour code from the lamp, but can't find any place to input it.

@kmoorer, unlock the door first by turning the latch.

where is the darned kitchen?????

Kitchen is the brown door by the closet ... can't remember what we needed to open the door ... I'm still trapped ... have all SD parts and don't know how to combine them or what to use them on! We have been abandoned by the escapers! LOL

You need a key which is in the blue box.

Combine A and B, then C.

I can't change the numbers on the blue box...

Normal end: remove screws and out
Happy end: find the thing with HAPPY on it and out

@tony...you have to find all the clues before you can solve the code boxes!

Ty @lottie...now, let me see if it loads the saved game.....lol

I'm missing 3rd green lego -- seems like I've searched everywhere 2-3 times!

OMG...I had clicked there so many times....finally, got the "Happy Heart" and the Happy End!

Nice game!

@puzzled...I had a hard time finding my last one, too .....did you get one from under the sink?

POP! found the last lego.
Can't find the "happy" item
unused = color clue from ball and flap on washer

Where to find things (normal end)
Number clues:
-lid of shoebox
-under blankets under bed
-in clue book
-back of picture in window

Legos (first room):
-under bed
-wall clock
-headboard (move BOTH bottles)
-inside color ball
-in yellow cup
-under wine bottle
-in bowl of blue marbles
-under bin
-under TV (use scissors)
Legos (kitchen):
-top door of refrigerator (open to right)
-bottom drawer of refrigerator
-condiments on counter
-drawer under condiments
-drawer under stove
-washing machine

screwdriver bits:
-from "medal" in book
-in drawer under condiments
-handle from safe in right closet
-SD instructions
-drawer in refrigerator
-drawer under condiments

- blue box gives key to kitchen (brown door)
- dirt under faucet gives key for right closet

A Quick Through!
No spoilers given, as they are already here in the comments!

Find box in closet , click the top for a #-# clue and write it down

Go left and find:
green Lego on bed headboard
Yellow Lego and # clue in drawers
Red Lego on clock

Go left again for:
Blue Lego on table
Orange Lego under trash bin
a # clue in window
Yellow, red and blue Legos in shelves
Get a SD part and # clue from books

Go out on Balcony for:
a spade, use it to get a clump of dirt

Put your # clues so same numbers are together...and you get a 5 digit number
Put it in Blue box on shelf for a key!

Use key on door right of closets and enter Kitchen!

Get a green Lego from washer
A note and blue and green Lego from fridge
Orange Lego from under sink and another left of sink
Yellow Lego, a note, 2nd SD part, and scissors from drawers
Wash clump of dirt in sink for a key

Use Key on right closet and find a colors safe
It will not work until you have 15 Legos

Go use the scissors in TV cabinet for Red Lego!

Now for the fun part...look at each color's 3 Legos
There are parts of numbers on them. Draw them and put them together and you end up with 5 numbers, one for each spot on the safe.

Now you have all 3 SD parts...combine them and use them on exit door in the kitchen....
But don't leave yet!!!

Go back to Bed Headboard to find a Happy Heart!

Now you can have a Happy End!!!

Thanks @nokra -- apparently the heart disappears if you've already unlatched the door. Not going to replay for it.

Thanks for code blue box (82754) but I can't understand about logic order, is there a hint missed?

OK! got it 82 27 75....

After loading I get a black screen?

So do I Jenn, can't get in :(

POP refreshed twice and now working :)

Refreshed X times, but still nothing. :(

Finally! No, I have nothing better to do... >_<; :p

not working for me, it stays stuck with please wait, phase 1 and it's been that way for hours for me, nevermind :(

       Anonymous  6/1/12, 7:55 AM  

Colours on SAFE:

Lego colours:

Hi Jo.C,
I think that mainland Europe gets preference
for Jap/game servers. Ah well maybe in a few
days we'll get to play.

Yes @Morgan I think it is just Ireland that
gets the short end of the (server) straw !

I can't look at anything in my inventory, like the lego to see the numbers on them.

Restarted and now can double click to see items.

       Anonymous  10/4/18, 11:53 PM  

caught this one for the replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, Aries ☺
& thx Puzzled & nokra for the WTs

I find that if the top slider in the settings window is set to 0, you cannot look at objects in the inventory by double-clicking. Moving the slider to any other setting solves the problem.

"Lego" is a mass noun like "rice" or "sand". It is correct to refer to several bricks as "Lego" or "some lego" (not "Legos"). One brick is a "Lego brick" or "a piece of lego" (similar to "a grain of rice").

       Anonymous  10/6/18, 9:52 AM  

thx jfgw1 ☺
for your English lesson
I'm sure there are more players like me who want to improve their language skills (not having English as their mother tongue)

thx for using EG24 as your (fav) gaming site ☺

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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