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Escape from Cat Cafe Walkthrough

Escape from Cat Cafe

Escape from Cat Cafe is another Japanese point and click type room escape games by Oruoalls . Try to escape the place by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Me first but probably last out LOL

Hope language isn't a barrier

chose first pink square to start the game

have two white cats that fit into the box and a stuffed cat that needs to be cut open

Hi Leroy! any progress?

I also have a cup...

have cup and two cat doll which have been put on the stand
and one brown cat doll

accidentally get code for the SALE bag with 8014
with ALE found on the memo on the counter

solved the clock and got a mouse?

Thanks @ Lottie, now have key but no idea where it works

Bloody mouse puzzle tip it is upside down LOL look at cat in book...

Sorry meant paper clue...

and now stuck with the mouse clock = =

gave clock mouse to cat on chair in second room for a clue

clue under chair gives hint for safe. have third cat for box now

wondering if order of cats on box gives numbers for equation in black book

have three cats now for box

Ann could you please give some hints for the clock
super stuck...

ack, key is for locked door! lol thought that was too easy so never tried it!

in kitchen now

now have cup of coffee, cat food and half a fish from the kitchen

Lottie upside down clue is paper on bench

@Lottie, the clue for the clock is the white piece of paper on the counter behind the green dish

if you look , the cat is upside down

cat food goes in dish for black cat and another key

key opens freezer for another cat

what black book?

and stuck

@Jheri, there are a bunch of books on the cupboard above the cat safe, the black one opens for a hint

suddenly get the clock mouse...

I only have coffee in inventory where do i use it?
ps just got 5th cat LOL

Now I need code for cat box LOL

placed 4 out of 5 cats

have a cup of coffee and a stuffed cat that needs to be cut open

Leroy! you are holding out! I need another cat!

what do the coffee work for?

thanks JoAnn

@Leroy, do you also have the other half of the fish?

another half of the fish get on the shelf above cat house

@Lottie, I am still stuck with the coffee. if it wasn't so late, i would drink it myself. ;)

@ Lottie AWESOME! have second half of fish.... now green when light is off, no idea what that means. lol

turn off light after placing both fish halves. Not sure what the clue is but...

I open the flip behind the cat doll with the green fish light lit

Aaaah TY btw turn the stuffed cat around gives another key...

@Lottie How?

weight cat doll


to turn stuffed cat you dont need green fish lit LOL

ahhhh TY that gives fifth cat doll and now need the code from the black book..... which i didn't understand at all LOL!

ok, seriously, I turned that cat around a dozen times in the green glow and nothing... all of a sudden there was a key

I think it was click somewhere low on the stuffed cat but it was picky LOL

and how to open that flip
I guess I accidentally press the cat's hand...

and out with final fish mouse cat code

card with red mouse shape
cup with blue cat shape
and the other???

after you get the card from the cat weights, put it in the panel next to the door. the order of the animals is from the calender. the colors are from the coffee cup aaannndddd..... i dunno where else. I saw "green fish" and assumed the mouse was red. Escaped. ^^

I'm not sure what happened to the cup of coffee, except that it gave the final cat color

pink mousie was on the back of the card

Finally out LOL

only have 4 cats??

white, black, black/white, white/black, brown/white

which am i missing??

and out, never saw the clue for the green fish...

Ann the fish is the green fish you see when light off~

And btw I make a mistake, the cat doll flip can be open when you press the cat's hand only
no need to open it with green light...orz

pop--- lol forgot my last cat on scale in kitchen :)

Hee hee how can you miss the fish colour when it is lit up brightly and surrounded by stars?

no way to find the cat safe code?

You talking the alphabet code?

If you are then give that mouse to the cat in the next room. Knocks a chair over that has a clue on it...

If it is the 5 cats then weigh them all and do the maths as per book from bookshelf.

I see that clue but make nothing of it..

WT needed!
Have 3 cats (#1,4,5 in cat box)
and unused mug
Gave clock mouse to cat on chair for code, but not sure how to use it

Cats from bin in 2nd room, key on drawer, feather on cat in box

Oh wait - the clue on the overturned chair is MUCH simpler than I thought LOL. I now have all my cats...

How does mug get blue cat? Mine is plain grey - I have tried to put coffee in it but failed.

Oh OK.. fill with water, put water in coffee machine and make coffee... duh!

and curses.. just when I was in sight of the exit I refreshed the wrong page LOL. Thanks for all the hints anyway. Now back to work...

PuzzledinCA - you have seen the safe in a cupboard somewhere? Use the clue from the stool there. Very simple clue as it happens. I was led astray by that menu, kept trying to wring some sense from that LOL.

anyone finished? is there only one ending?

SALE bag code - look at the menu card
alphabet is divided into 3 parts (second page of menu)

letters in that parts is from 0 to 9 (first page of the menu)
there is bug on the menu card cause M should be 2 (not 3)
so the

Looks like just the one ending. We need a Japanese speaker to ell us for sure, maybe!

Thanks for help :)
for safe spoiler



-go right; take feather from bottom left drawer and use it on the cat hiding in its house; it will give 1/5 cat doll;
-click the upper part of that cat house and get a part of fish;
-zoom on the cage-bags; SALE is written on it; go right twice and zoom the table menu thrice to see the back of the menu where it is written A=K=U; and A=0 and J=9, again K to T= 0 to 9; thus, SALE=8014; put the number on the cage-bag for SD;
-on the menu desk see a hint paper for the clock (remember it is upside down, see the cat symbol on the bottom right corner); use the clue there; make the mouse's eye point in 12 down, in 3 up, in 6 and 9 right and get a toy mouse;
-get stuffed cat from the sofa in the clock scene; note something is hidden in its back;
-click on the green dust-bin for 2/5 dolls;
-go to the next room;take the cup from the right table;
-show the toy mouse to the cat sitting on the chair to get clue; turn left; click the left door of the cupboard and use the clue (FISH) for 3/5 dolls;
-use SD on the top drawer for a key; note the black book on the cupboard for the last clue of the game;
-go to the previous room and then go left; open the door with the key; its a kitchen;
-pour water from the sink in the cup, pour that water to the coffee machine and get a cup of coffee and see the blue cat hint;
-look in lower-right cupboard and lower door of the refrigerator for cat food and another half of the fish; note the upper part of refrigerator is locked;
-come back to the previous room; put the cat food on the bowl beside the sofa; a cat will come to eat that, then take the key from its neck-chain; use it on the refrigerator's upper part for 4/5 dolls;
-go to the previous room, zoom on the tray above the locked drawer, put the 2 pieces of fish on it; zoom out, turn off the light (switch is right of the door of that scene); see the green light coming from the fish;
-now flip the stuffed cat and click its left hand and get the key for the drawer; use the key and get 5/5 dolls;
-go to the kitchen and see the weights of each dolls;
white - 9
black - 4
brown - 20
mostly black with white - 5
mostly white with black - 16;
the clue says:
20/5=black square=4
white cat-black square-triangle=9-4-12=9412;
put the dolls on the slots above the right-corner cupboard beside dust-bin and put the number 9412 for card-key for door;
-look behind the card that mouse is red; so cat is blue, fish is green and mouse is red; and the calender gives the order fish-mouse-cat; put the card, use the color and order of the animals and ESCAPE...


- to START, click TOP option
- middle option: open SAVED game
- bottom option: game instructions & mute
- to SAVE: top option (behind left button of inventory)
- to quit game: bottom option (behind left button of inventory)
- SOLUTIONS at the bottom

CAT TREE (start screen)
- take 1/2 FISH from top of right cat tree
- note on CALENDAR: HINT (animal order)...
- note: (almost) hidden CAT in cat tree...
- note: tool inside left CAT CARRIER & HINT (SALE)...
- go left

- take STUFFED CAT from couch
- in inventory, click its RIGHT FORELEG for KEY-1 (backside of toy)
- note: cat BOWL on floor (left of couch)...
- note: turnable MICE on CLOCK with CAT...
- note: locked DOOR...
- go left

- take WHITE CAT FIGURINE from BIN (click 2x)
- note on CB (right of passage): BOX with SLOTS for FIVE cat figurines...
(try with the white one - you can take it back again)
- note on COUNTER: PAPER with HINT (mice)...
- note on counter: HINT on menu CARD (letters/numbers, also backside)...
- go left

- note: locked door... ;-P
- note: light SWITCH above counter...
- note left of door: DISPLAY (keycard needed)...
- note on CB: DEVICE with fish SLOTS (stars glowing in the dark)...
(you already can put 1/2 fish, if you want)
- take GRASS STALK from bottom left CB drawer
- unlock top right CB drawer with key-1 for BLACK CAT FIGURINE
- go 2x left or right (remember: hand preference ;-D)

- set mice on clock according to mice hint for MOUSE
- go right

- tickle hidden cat with grass for WHITE/BLACK CAT FIGURINE
- open cat carrier according to letter/number hint for SCREWDRIVER
- go 2x left or right (no comment ;-P) & thru PASSAGE

- take MUG from right table
- give mouse to CAT on chair for HINT on fallen chair (rebus)
- go left

(dining room)
- open left CB door for SAFE
- put in code according to rebus hint for BLACK/WHITE CAT FIGURINE
(click ENTER at the end)
- unscrew top DRAWER with SD for KEY-2 (open drawer)
- note in black BOOK (4th from right): HINT (math code)...
- go to

- unlock door with key-2 & enter

- note (left side): SCALE
(if you want, you already can weight the cat figurines & take them back)
- at SINK: turn WATER on & fill mug with it (click water)
- take CAT FOOD right side under sink
- make COFFEE (Ah! ;-D) for HINT (blue cat)...:
Pour water from mug in TANK of coffee MACHINE, put mug on GRATE & click PUSH button
- open FRIDGE (bottom door) & take other part of 1/2 FISH under right CAN
- note: locked FREEZER...
(you also may note: cat in CB, but no go to get her/him out from there...!)
- back to

- put cat food in bowl for KEY-3 on appearing cat with collar
- go to

- unlock freezer with key-3 for TIGER CAT FIGURINE
- weight all 5 cat figurines for HINT (math code)...
- go to

- put all 5 cat figurines on box on CB for code DISPLAY
(they will be set automatically)
- put in CODE according to math code hints for KEYCARD
- turn keycard for HINT (red mouse)
- go left

- put both 1/2 fish in slots on device on CB
- turn light off for HINT on device (green fish)
- turn light on again
- put keycard in slot of display left of door to activate it
- set ICONS according to hints on mug, keycard, device & calendar to open door
(click ENTER at the end)
- open (click) door & talk with the CAT


☺ ☻ ☺


- paper with hint is upside down (see cat BR), turn it 180°
- mice o'clock (noses):
3: UP
12: DOWN

Hint-1: SALE
Hint-2 on menu card (frontside):
- letters have numbers
(silly boob: M=3, but should be 2...!)
Hint-2 on menu card (backside):
A-J -> 0-9 (A=0, B=1, C=2 etc.)
K-T -> 0-9 (K=0, L=1, M=2 etc.) => S=8
U-Z -> 0-9 (U=0, V=1, W=2 etc.)

- hint on fallen chair:
cat's paw = FISH

- weights:
9 - White
16 - White/Black
5 - Black/White
4 - Black
20 - Tiger
- math (book left side):
Tiger : Bk/W = Square
W/Bk - Bk = Triangle
- gives:
- CODE (book right side):
9 - 4 - 12

- on calendar:
3) CAT
- on stuff:
mug - BLUE CAT
keycard - RED MOUSE
device - GREEN FISH
- combine for code:
GREEN FISH(5x)- RED MOUSE(7x)- BLUE CAT(0x clicks)


LOL, sam1902,
one minute quicker...!

Well then, in the spirit of EGDALTWT (at least two, as this is a great game...!)

& as this happens quite often:
Mayhaps, WT writers should announce their creations...!
(Look, who's talking...!)
(Like that we could spread the WT writing jobs on different games...!)

Nice WT's, the both of you!

That "grass stalk" as premiere described it might as well be a FEATHER as a another (classic) means to tickle the cat. (Just a thought...)


Came back today and was able to finish the game with a clearer mind! Thanks @MaryD for the hint and thanks @sam and @premiere for the walkthroughs!

Okay so for real I'm stuck on everything, not even sure how many cats have unlocked. I have the green glowing fish, got into the kitchen, dont know what to do with the coffee, and cant figure out that mouse clock please someone help from there....

Okay so for real I'm stuck on everything, not even sure how many cats have unlocked. I have the green glowing fish, got into the kitchen, dont know what to do with the coffee, and cant figure out that mouse clock please someone help from there....

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