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Coolescapers - Escape to the Night Walkthrough

Coolescapers - Escape to the Night

Coolescapers - Escape to the Night is another point and click room escape game developed by Cool Escapers. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the night room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Jo-Ann]

Play Escape to the Night

Escape to the Night Video Walkthrough
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nobody else playing?

Don't worry.

well i am!! any insight on 4 digit code and why i cant seem to do anything else?

have piece no 1, sliced ring half, glue and knife (used)

got that color box open - have 3 of 6 parts and glue, saw and SD

Have 2 pieces, ring, knife, glue, opened box on table, got SD

numbers corresponding to colours from clock dont seem to work

Numbers from clock work.
It starts with 3.
Where do we use the glue?

there is a second SD left of cb door which you can open - screw off the handle too

small - I think we have to glue the 6 pieces together to fit in box

Bin has another view, now with 4 pieces

yellow sd can be taken apart by blue Sd

Somehow the door handle is now in my opened box!?

Thanks for the finding of second SD @swiss. Now made half a ring

so the numbers are 3479? but how on earth do we actually work out the order starting with 3? which is red, which doesn't appear first on any clue i've seen!

Only have 3 pieces. And can't find yellow screwdriver.

where to use saw ? i only got 3 pieces so far

Ah, didn't read back. Thanks for yellow screwdriver Swiss.

got the piece by the bin, thanks

madliz - look at the clock yellow is 4
then at wall it says yellot turns int blue
so blue is 4 not yellow , etc

Hm, when did door knob get into box?

3rd piece next to table in left corner

found 4th piece left on floor where box is

Lol, same here Urban, I think it happened when I put the glue and the half ring in the box.

Also, 5th piece is in left corner table view

thanks swiss miss, brain not firing on all cylinders this morning, hopefully that will work!

where did you use the saw - anyone??

Use saw on ring

so it's the blue that is six, not seven for the colours code

cut bit from sd with saw for metal rod which fits into box too

Saw you use to cut the ring.
Use blue screwdriver on opened door of cupboard.

Urban, where did you get 5 pieces?
Left table view we already have.

madlitz its 3469

I only have 4 pieces - used saw already on ring - thought you might get that funny shape for box somewhere

@small: if I remember correctly, there was one sneaky in open CB door, right side

Really Swiss?
I thought it was 3649

lol - the glue fits into box - now need 2 pieces for the last shape in box

Ah thanks Urban, that was indeed the one I was missing. 5 pieces now.

yep small you are right typo 3649 - its still on the box

gonna have to leave this, and come back later!

ty Urban - 1 piece to go to fill the box

Hi all! Sorry for the doorknob. I guess MochiAds messed the game. Trying to fix it.

it is a bit a pixelhunt

If you click on top of the door lock you get another view of the door, but nothing there.

OK, no piece on ceiling, no piece on bottom line of the screen. Where is it?

@small: This is probably to take doorknob down, but it was made for us automatically

funny - the doorknob is the only item one can take out of box again

I played again and used that door view to unscrew the door knob and now I have a screw too from that.

Hm, found 6th, but not sure if it was bug, because it was in the same place as one other.

lunchtime -
good hunting - please leave location in comments

bye :)

No bug, Urban. 6th piece is under the carpet, same corner.

Hi All!

In the other room, again color code, but can+t zoom on clock in first room again

got 6 pieces now, but no clue about how to make the rod out of the sd. anyone?

And out!

Oh well, not out. In second room now.

@japieo: when you dismantle yellow SD, use saw on it

@japieo, about-item yellow SD, click on the edge of handle to turn it around, Use X SD. Then use saw on the rod.

Open the yellow screwdriver then unscrew it with the blue screwdriver, then use the saw on it to get a piece and use the saw on that again.

Second room too. BTW, the proper way to take the knob from door was to zoom on top of it and use the Phillips SD to remove a screw.

I think the colour code is not from the clock, but from the stars when you look out the window.

Can't zoom on clock anymore...

Oh no... have to count stars!?

I think it has something to do with how many times you see the different coloured stars, but can't figure it out yet.

Ok, code for second room is in window, but I can't cound the right amount of stars

Yep, the stars make number shapes.

Well, I pushed the button and it's green now, but nothing changed!?

Nice one, small-tool!

OK no counting. Stars draw numbers. Now ...?

Same here. Green button, but nothing. Let's go back to previous room?

Ah ok, after pushing the button you can open another cupboard door in the first room.

when the button is green, another CB-door can be opened in the first room

Can open right cb now!

Red lever from right CB.

Hidden view in right CB.

Lever won't go on lift!?

Nice escape! Out now.

Zoom on top of right CB to press a hidden button.

Help @small, I see 2752 but is not correct

Ah thanks Japieo,
Now the lever goes in.

And out now :)

2735 Urban

Yep, good game.
Just the door handle bug, but you can play it like it should be played by zooming in on top of the door handle lock plate.

Thanks @small, now outside. Nice game

       Anonymous  5/11/12, 5:06 AM  

hi to everybody!
how to pass to the other room??? my door is without knob and i can't open it

in and out this time!! good game!

you can take the handle out of box and reattach it to door, then put key in door and it will unlock and you can open it!

I cannot get the yellow box open with 3649

where is the key, and the light is green on the box, but the right CB doesnt open help please

I got a bug - the purple half ring appeared in the box before I took it from the shelf. I then cut it with the saw, which left a half ring in my inventory and a half ring in the box. When I got the key from the box after putting everything in it, the key went to the same spot in the inventory that had the half ring, and I couldn't use the key. Game froze. I quit - too buggy for me.

ant get right cb open

Good idea, but door bug, and numbers in stars were too squashed, and way too much of a pixel hunt.

Still don't know where the 2735 came from. I checked my stars severl times and had gpby as 3676

sherry i have same prob no one has said how to get out after putting code in from the stars.wish people would leave comments to help others

ok sherry i had saw lit up went back to other room and used it on the right hand side door of 3 door chest opened and got a red lever,but it wont open bit next to door to get out so stuck again

ok cupboard where u got red thing from click top part of cupbord inside theres a button u click turns green go place red stick next to lift it opens and ur out

yellow box will NOT OPEN!!!!!

Game has been fixed. Sorry any inconvenience.

@ aitch its not the number its the pattern

1st room, the box on table, when I type in the numbers 3469 and press the button nothing happens and numbers go back to zeros.. any help??

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