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ICHO - Chapter 5 : Remake Version Walkthrough

ICHO - Chapter 5 : Remake Version

ICHO - Chapter 5 : Remake Version is a remake of ICHO Japanese point and click type room escape game series created by Pixelkobo. In this game, you must find items and solving puzzles with clues. Good luck and have fun!

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Looks tough, hard the first time..

o my a door I can't open, stairs to climb, vehicle I can't start, a view up on both towers, I guess we're supposed to fly the car up?

found a pipe somewhere, and at bottom of stairs, in up view, is a red square with lever (?) in it?

going in :)

Yes, use the pipe on red square, and there should be a red switch at bottom of stair. I am now on fourth floor from elevator.

bar was from metal railing, left view of car, used on lever in red square

ty tommy, missed the switch

Can't do much in the building Thrynn. Can't pick up anything so far and now I'm on 10th floor of building.

ok used pipe on lever, now stuck

you're way ahead of me just found switch in back of blue palm tree painting :D

ok found switch in wall...

pressing buttons on evelvator, get different view of door, but can't turn and door not open

on 4th floor now

can move boxes on left of door, not sure why

maybe boxes are clue for picture above desk

clicked on book, shows how to get to other tower

Uh oh, clouds of yellow gas, maybe I shouldn't have opened that locker on 4th floor...

Navigation is nasty ... played one of these before and quit ... quitting again .. have fun if you stay with it

There's a monitor on 4th floor. On the right top you can click on blue or orange that represents either of the pictures in the room. On the pictures you can click on the corners and the center. I think you have to spell out PIXEL in order where the letters are for each picture, if that makes sense. Going to try now.

this is crazy lol when entering the first door, on your right theres a red sign. Is that important or give some kind of clue at all? cant read it, language barrier.

small block in lockers, with lines on them i think they're the letters we need, can't pick them up

Thanks Tommy!!! That worked for cutter knife from orange picture. (What about blue, purple, teal blocks?)

under a couple boxes, paper with part of a shapes clue

o wow on 6th floor, don't go out the left hand door, long way down lol

welcome laura. Can't pick up or do anything with blocks so far. Used cutter on top floor, then back to first floor there's a down view in first room where you can open up hatch. For the lasers you just gotta keep pushing the button until all path is clear.

handle from locker on 10th floor

and a number clue in window frame of 10th floor

fell to my death off 6th floor? but let me restart again, just like with toxic gas...

how did you find switch behind palm tree painting

maybe we need to mentally fit blocks together for letters? (so far red, blue, purple, teal?)

@rimic, I think just clicking on painting (maybe upper right side? that's where switch was)

I just clicked on it mostly on right side

thanks tommy! tried going through a couple lasers when green arrow was there... love how the game lets you retry after deadly arrows! Got through with your advice but ended up back in elevator

Cooool I luvved ICHO

looks like plan for square block on 6th floor, other tower

clicked everywhere on painting no go :( anyways il keep trying

Whoa, 4th floor different now, boxes everywhere and green blocks blocking door...

6th floor different too.... a lever gives stairs outside that deadly door...

right Thrynn, and different combinations of blocks from clicking red button on front of machine...

hehe after all that ckicking got it :)

ok on level 4 now

looks like I'm still missing pink, yellow and 2nd green blocks... can narrow code with pink down to two possibilities...

POP found pink beside machine

LOL drawing pictures and have inhaled yellow gas and also fallen to my death...

glad you stuck with is rimic, it is a hard game , but I keep going, wanna see what the end is lol

Leroy watch out for that first step, 10th floor tower, really long way down

Oh, I get it Thrynn, we ended up in other tower after basement passage... brain half asleep here... that's why floors are different... need to go back to other tower to check out that stairs off 6th floor...

another number code 3rd floor elevator exit in 2nd tower

ok obviously the blocks give a code or something, now im getting somewhere :)

@thrynn same even though its hard at times, i still want to continue to finish..dont give up that easy :P

LOL that was what I was referring to Thrynn

machine with shapes keypad on 7th floor (I think?)

ok level 10 now gee

I just tried to do death by laser beam but it wouldnt let me LOL

I wanna finish too but need to get to sleep! Cool game. Have all but yellow block, think I know two 3 digit codes, where to use them? and where is rest of shapes clue? and what happened to Tommy?

the game thwarts all attempts at death...

OK got my death by laser beam but now past that obstacle LOL

ahhh my game froze

anyone found key for locker on 6th floor?

@laura shame you have to stop the game now but at least you can continue where you left off :)

not I and now I can't get back to 10th floor in second tower, hmm was it because I flipped the lever in back of the blue pixel pic?

no key yet

rimic if you refresh and have cookies allowed you can continue from where you got to... Only if you saved when cookies enabled though LOL

Whoops not saved LOL the game keeps a cookie on your system if allowed so you can continue....

thanks guys, good luck, I'll read how you solved it tomorrow! (book on desk level 4 has series of drawings... pulley on clothesline? exploding rocket? not sure if relevant... )

Thyrnn I don't think I ever got to that 2nd 10th floor... was there anything interesting there?

lol nvm, getting brain dead here, went up outsides steps :P

Laura, I'm calling it a night too, catch y'all in the morning

@ leroy all good phewww glad i didnt have to start again

i have clues for blocks on how to place them...

Glad to hear it Rimic LOL

ok gone outside and in another room by going up on the stairs outside...found a machine inside the room and you have a symbol code...if i recall there was a part of a note with a astrix and a diamond on it and something missing hmmm...is there another piece of paper somewhere

LOL I dont know about any paper clues but I do have 2 star number clues.. And all those bits of blocks clues I have been drawing.....

And yes I stepped out the window again where the symbol keypad is LOL

ok well il concentrate on the blocks now..leroy the note is in level 4 in the first tower. click green arrow twice to go foreward then left you will see small boxes click on them and it will reveal a note with symbols on them..one isw missing and by looking at it, i think its a hash key

i need a bigger piece of paper for my drawings hehe

for the blocks i have


well thats what i have lol

hi all, not sure if you found knife and a switch on a 4th fl ander both pictures

LOL Im lost... Trying to equate shapes and colours to the star clues on floor 6 2nd tower... Im thinking a missed scene with other piece of torn paper will get us to floor 7...

Hi guys - the 1st half of what rimic posted is for the picture as you 1st see it - enter that then look in drawer for number/letter grid clue - then enter other half and get other half of paper for code to release machine that shoots line across - be sure to pull lever that gives you a staircase on the 6th floor, 1st tower - then you find machine on I guess 7th floor - dang this is hard to describe!

We did Dinna LOL we been at this for a while now..


By the way a couple of tips:

the hot spot on that 1st picture is in the middle of the lower tree - took me ages to find that
And for the lasers, it's a rhythm thing - turn off any music you're playing and it's much easier

Also there's a key in a down view next to the machine!

Ha! You ride across and kick in the window! (Don't try it before you have the pulley!)

I think I just got the bad end - met some soldiers

ok on level six level 2 theres a red button at back corner right gives you a ladder go up and you will find puzzle..

Hm- soldiers on the 10th floor, now on the 9th too - think I'll try going down next

where did yo use handle?

sorry tower 2

sorry but where are these 3 digit codes..im stuck on the number letter puzzle

Well, looks like the elevator only goes straight to the soldiers - there's a green door I can't open yet, hm, must be another way to go...anyone still with me?

@ Dinna handle is for the floor panel on level one, tower one

still trying to figure out the letter/number puzzle

oh ofc the shapes,thank you rimic:)

rimic, they're the codes you already posted, just use 3 #s at a time - the number letter grid is for the codes we've seen (2nd tower, elevator door 3rd floor and darn I forget where the 1st one was but it was easy to find)- both had green stars, one was red, one was blue. So you get letters but I don't know what they mean yet - they don't make a word.

Dinna James, use the handle on the 1st floor, it's a down view as you're going towards the out door. Gets you to the basement and across to 2nd tower

Oh yeah - the blue code was in window of 10th floor, tower 1

ok had the bad end too lol

ahhh thank you just1 life saver!

YW rimic but I can't seem to save my own life...green door I can't go in, red button I can't push (6th floor 1st tower) and 6 meaningless letters...and out of clues! Can't go outside anymore...wonder what I'm missing?

im looking round too, always caught by the soldiers raaahhh lol

i cant find another way

is that it??? you get caught and thats the end??? there must be another way surely

There must be, rimic, but I think I'll have to sleep on it. It's 1:30 here in my part of the world, lol I've been banging my head on this game for almost 2 hours! Maybe when I wake up I'll know what WRKXUB means, right now it's scrambling my brain

@ just1 WRKXUB is for the green door..ok on level 6 tower two when you open the drawer for the number/letter clue, click on that clue and it will reveal a red button. click on that and then you will be able to give you access to the red button in that top corner of the room...press that it will reveal a ladder go up and u will find a keyboard like puzzle..Type in your WRKXUB and green door opens...

i think thats level 7 where you come through the window

2 routes that lead to floor 7, elevator seems to take you to 10th floor no matter what

so thats the other route??? hahaha and still you cant escape funny

Is there somebody yet ?
I can't find a key or 1st part of hint - - * square
Help please :))

hi Gazoline :) which key? for which part

I don't know but there is a door closed and I don't have one.
I think I've all done but open a door and panel *#..

Oh, and sorry rimic: thanks to be ther !

The door I think to is on 6 floor -1st tower

Is it the door on level 6, does it have a keyhole? you wont get a key until later dont need it yet

at 11:20, just1 said there is a key in a down view next to a machine. I can't foind a down view no where

its later in the game though

There is two doors: one to go out to level 7 and an other with keyhole.
And do you remember code ..] square ? I've tried all possibilities of 4 signs without dobble

sorry: ? ? * square

and I don't know what with pannel at the enter 05-002 ( -- ; )

dont need to worry bout pannel i dont think...are you talking bout the number pad in level six tower 1? you have 2 codes...one is 521 the other is 347 they both reveal clues

Rimiiiiic where are you ??? I lost there !

What have I to do now ? Yellow machine is done, letters too ...

I don't you have polley or cord so I die ;((

Oh yes, you are there !
2 codes done and letters panel too

well, I missed a hint with 1st code ?

Ok I get it!

I return il 1st tower ...

if i recall, there is a lever in level 6 tower two next to the window..click on it and you will see stairs appear on tower one...you need to go to level 6 tower one to get to the stairs that will lead you to a machine with a symbol code...gazoline do you have the symbol code?

Yes rimic, I've found it and I finish know face to the soldiers ...
Was it an other end ?

well thats what i was trying to figure out but i dont see any other way :)

I don't want to do it twice but great thanks for your support !!!

no worries :)

Just a thought... that probably is the end LOL cos if you look to left of loading screen you will see icho1->7 so 2 more episodes to come. 1->5 have a red character next to them so I bet Icho6 you have to escape a prison cell?

       Anonymous  5/26/12, 4:13 AM  

As this is a remake, here's the prior version, WT & vid WT included:
(highlight link & click right to open it e.g. in a new tab)


       Anonymous  5/26/12, 4:16 AM  

very good game

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