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Let Me Escape 6 Walkthrough

Let Me Escape 6

Let Me Escape 6 is another point and click type room escape game by Kaerubiyori. Try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Language barrier may be a problem. There are two possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

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for me " Language Barrier" XD

me too - I'll pass

lol...huge language barrier lol
dont understand a thing...
too many numbers for me:D

mmmKay ... short summary

- found black paper (?) with red Japanese characters on it
- found a stamp (??) with a handle, so you might have to press this onto some inky stuff
- found a leaflet (first char looks like a candleholder, next one like a window split into 4 smaller ones)

Leaflet is an address sticker and fits into EACH of locker #2, #3, #4.
No idea (yet) where (i. e. to whom) it actually belongs to.

One of the drawers is secured by a metal plate, so we need to look out for a screwdriver.

The yellow star on the glass cabinet doors looks EXACTLY like the one on the phone, so it might be a clue for the phone code.

found a black note can put it on the glass cabinet and then got some kanji
上:up 下:down 左: left 右:right
so the arrow buttons


thank you Shuchun! :)

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hah blackboard can be FLIPPED !! shows loads of numbers on its flip side

...item inside looks like a STICK...

but could also be...

- something to write with
- a screwdriver part (this is what I assume, so we also need to look for a handle to stick onto)

YEAH, business security, baby! Screen saver from other colleague (wait it out!) tells password for other laptop. LOL.

insert white paper with cutted figures in slots of grey cupboard 2-3-4 back out open cupboards and enter them... but not figuring out any of the numbers on the opposite wall

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BTW, the "stamp with a handle" is actually a blackboard SPONGE and you can make the stuff visible that was X'ed out.

There is a "0" underneath, but it makes not too much sense...

@arbeitslooser, also you can use the 'sponge'/'eraser' thing on the bottom right corner to turn the '+7' into a '-7'
No idea what the 1902 from the computer means...

Has anyone noticed the 4-digit drawer in the bottom right of the view with the screensaver comp? They are turned in different directions...

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I even thought they could have something to do with the blackboard numbers (if flipped).
Because they TOO are turned by 90 degrees to the right...

+7 goes -7 ? Wow, thanks, good find Edgar.

Plus, I'm also still pondering about what those SHAPES can stand for?

[Pentagon (powered by) Triangle)] * Square - Circle

Never seen any of those shapes so far.
And no, it's not that easy to just do a

(5 ^ 3) * 4 - 0 ;-)

POP !!!

You can ABOUT ITEM the leaflet that you found in the green box and zip it up with your thumb!
Inside ...

A (possible) clue for shapes. COOOOOL.

Talking about good finds!! Great! Progress at last :)

It worked. TY arbeitslooser. Opened drawer for the SD handle.

SD used and got a hammer. Are you still with me?

Yes, partly ... but I'm having some trouble because of ambiguous numbers!
One locker showed square = 1, the other showed square = 5.

Must investigate further...

Ignore that. Take all your numbers from locker #2.

This is what you should see from inside locker #2, with and without the leaflet:
Click here to see the snapshot

Argh!! What to break??

Exactly! (thx for the pic)

Still no cigar.

- took value for triangle off copier TRAY
- took value for square off upper left edge of cupboard
- took value for circle off box
- took value for pentagon off pencil holder

We're at a very early stage, so I appreciate that you have NOT spoiled. (So I won't, either)

So I did the math, and got


8704 ./. 7 = 8697

Code is WRONG, that's why I can "spoil" it. :)

@arbeits, re-check circle. It is not the box.

Ahhh! Got it, thanks. Yes I knew it must be the circle, as everything else was 100% obvious.

Getting the circle really requires you to think a bit "180 degrees", hopefully I haven't given away too much ;)

VOILA ! Finally I got that thing.

Right, LOL! A bit of a 3d perspective of the room altogether. Now, if you don't mind, I have a hammer to use...
Oh, and what about the writing on the board?
'From 0 to -7'... any ideas about that?


'Fraid we'll have to combine the hammer to what we will find in the drawer with the "twisted" number code.

And I think too that they did not let us take back the shapes stencil (formerly: leaflet) by pure luck. Something inside tells me that locker #3 and #4 will still be relevant later.

Agree. So, what clues do we have left other than the board and probably the other lockers' views? Not much actually, and to solve that 4-digit drawer OR even a dialing on the phone.

Well, I have to leave for today. Good luck there and thanks for the struggling time.

Ehm... @arbeits? I'm still here. Shouldn't be but had to try something really crazy... and it worked!!

I could 'OPEN' the twisted 4-digit code. 'Nuff said ;-)

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Wow! Bravissimo.

Can I have a tiny clue, puh-leeze? :)

@arbeits, what I wrote above is not tiny at all!! LOL!

POP got it !! Ohhh that is sooo stupid. =))) (But the work of a genius as well)

Ah, 80s kid alert! ;) A Rubik's cube. Coolish. And what now? Froggy stays immobile as a concrete sculpture...

Well, opening that thing is not much help for the moment. It seems we still need another item.
And so, flip-board should be used for phone, and that would be pretty much it. Sorry for leaving now... really really have to!

Hopefully pillow will give good ideas, as it sometimes does :)
See you!

CYA ! *waves*

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For now, just a hint :P

"0 (japanese word) -7"

means (freely)

"start at '0', step -7"

(combined with flip side of flip chart, o. c. )


There are two endings. Do NOT use the key for the door for 2nd ending.

       Anonymous  5/4/12, 7:58 PM  


Could you spoil the code for the phone please?
i don't get it and i'm really tired

phone code

look at the white board number where 0 is on the phone
it's "62"
then make -7 in order, and check the place each


LOL, I came here to spoil you with the phone code (pillow worked) only to see I was not the only one!

Will make my way out now :)

Let Me Escape 6 - WALKTHROUGH

1. Zoom on the shelves with green boxes. Click on the top right one to get a nameplate.
2. About-item the nameplate, click on the bottom part (now you see it from a different perspective) and click again on its upper corner. Somehow, the nameplate has now geometric holes in it.

DESKS VIEW #1 (Window to the left)
3. Get an eraser from the middle drawer of the left desk.
4. Click on the back of the further PC to get a black paper.

DESKS VIEW #2 (Window to the right)
5. Zoom on the PC to the right, wait a little while for the screensaver to show up and read パスワードは"KAL" → 'the password is KAL'

DESKS VIEW #1 (Window to the left)
6. Zoom in the PC, click on the code bar to set your cursor and write the password (Step 5) using your keyboard and click OK (Note: It is case-sensitive). Read now 1902 on it.

7. Click on the white rectangle on the door of the second locker from the left; insert the plate with geometric holes in the empty slot; back out.
8. Open the locker (still talking about the 2nd one) and get (click) inside. Notice all of the objects that can be seen from here. Make notes of what you can look inside each of the geometric holes. Get out now.

9. Have a look around the room (mainly in the scene with the copier/cupboard/shelves) to know what values to assign to each of the geometric shapes - remember that you are looking for the spots you could look through the holed plate.

DESKS VIEW #2 (Window to the right)
10. Click on the top large drawer of the left desk. It needs a 4-digit code, and the math equation to get it is written right there. Do the math with the values you assigned to each geometric shape, enter the code and click 'OK' to open the drawer. If done correctly, get the screwdriver handle.

11. Use the eraser on two different spots of the board. On the crossing-out in top left and on the +7 in bottom right. Now '0から-7' can be read (From 0 [to] -7).
12. Zoom again on the further cupboard with the green boxes. Put the black paper on the left glass door and click on it to slide it to the right. Zoom now on this right door and, due to the combination of the yellow writing + the red characters on the black paper, a new code can be got from here. Knowing that the kanji means 上:up 下:down 左:left and 右:right, you should be able to get a direction sequence.

13. Click on the fourth locker and press the 4 buttons in the correct sequence from Step 12. Inside the locker there's the screwdriver tip you need.
14. About-item the SD handle and add the tip. Now you have a functional screwdriver.

DESKS VIEW #1 (Window to the left)
15. Use the screwdriver on the panel locking up the drawer in the right desk. Find a hammer in it.

16. Click on the bottom part of the board to flip it around. Remember (make notes) the numbers and their position on the 3x4 grid.

17. Zoom on the phone on the top shelf. Notice the keypad is also a 3x4 grid... and listen to some bells ringing inside your head! Apply the clues from both sides of the flipping board to get the correct sequence of the buttons to press on the phone pad. If done correctly, your reward will be a bent key.
18. About-item the bent key to hammer it straight. You now have a quite fixed key.

Let Me Escape 6 – ENDINGS

19a. Use the key to open the door and escape to the mundane city streets, or....

DESKS VIEW #2 (Window to the right)
19b. Zoom on the bottom drawer of the desk to the right side. It needs a 4-digit code to 'open' - or should I say it needs a 4-letter word? Figure it out and see a frog toy inside.
20. Use your fixed key on the toy in exchange for a frog key.

21. Use the frog key to open the 1st locker from the left and escape to the wonderful (kinda boring at times) scenery of nature. Congrats!


Really?? OK... here it goes: the password is KAL

The formula is [Pentagon^Triangle × Square - Circle]
The values for the shapes are, according to the spots you could see through inside the locker #2, as follows:
Pentagon = 8 (from the pencils holder)
Triangle = 3 (from the copier tray)
Square = 17 (from the top left cupboard)
Circle = 1902 (from the computer)
Substituting the values → 8³ × 17 - 1902

Look at the writings on the glass door of the cupboard (with the black paper in the back) and order the kanji from 1 to 6:
Knowing that 上=up 下=down 左=left and 右=right, the order to click on the buttons is then:

PHONE CODE (Step 17)
Relate the grid on the board with the keypad on the phone.
The hint on the other side of the board actually says to start from 0 and to go on decreasing 7, so...
Look at the number that belongs to the position of the 0 in the keyboard (62). From it, subtract 7 each time and notice where on the keypad are the resulting numbers:
On the phone, dial: 0429#

The code for this drawer should be the numbers resembling the letters that spell the word 'OPEN'
The 'numbers' to enter are then: 0632

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