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Pigsaw Final Game

Pigsaw Final Game is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inkagames. The evil puppet Pigsaw is kidnapped by all his previous victims and is forced to play one of his wicked games. Will you help the puppet escape? Good luck and have fun!

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Pigsaw Final Game Video Walkthrough
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ooh i love these

joining you. But will need help.

cleaned mirror with cloth - talked to ghost piggy and got the arrow hint - have now 3 magic pictures where the hat is
got loads of stuff - but have to leave now
good luck

got a handle on the criptex. turn out light and look at picture with infrared goggles. where trampoline was gives you also clue.

yay love these games

going in

hi and bye swiss. done the same as you, turn the lights off in the room left and up from the mirror and use the infrared goggles on the picture

oh i tried that yvon. ot lucas first, then the white hat, bart ,obama and the green hat man

look at note, start with selena. then clockwise on table.

got cryptex open - turn off lights and use infra red glasses

what the people you can still see

Hmmlooks like you need the indian to do a rain dance to make the cloud rain down the well...

Any ideas?

i got (i think) selena, obama, green hat, blue had homer.

after you got handle on criptex, put it on machine (room above indian). give that to indian, it will teach you rain dance.

my note says lucas is first

I started with Justin biber

Stuck with spongebob. don't know how to open the box or to hunt the jellyfish.

escapeartist - give the indian the iphone, after you opened the crypto thing you can use it to unlock the iphone.

Hi all!
Going in also, but already way behind you all.

Ive already done all that/...... *arabic letters*

What to do with Ronald McDonald?

Got lots of things and walking around in maze. McDonalds clown just put me in the oven :(

use mask on dog. put it on bomb.

Got tramp placed bnut cant jump on it to paint a yellow M....

paint your M yellow. Put trampoline on macdonald sign. after that place yellow M. Ronald McDonald now very happy.

escapeartist, take the W from the Watch sign. Paint that yellow.

So wheres the M then?

M is the W from the sign were it says Watch.

OK WTF has gone wrong

Managed to move bender onto the 200k mark but now pigsaw cant move

use remote again to change to pigsaw.

pigsaw should stand on the square in the middle of the room. and you should put weight in bender.

I need a brush and a mask for the dog. Still going in circles.

Catqueen, mask at well (after you got it to rain).
Brush you find after you get rid of bomb.

Thx Yvon, I'll try that!

Catqueen have you solved the criptex?

That will give you access to the mask

Right what do I drip on snakes head?

Tried the cheese, butcket of water, tried drilling the whole bigger

use saw on piano.


Couldnt have hit the right bit.... >;(

@ escapeartist, yes I did. Gave the IPod to the indian. Got M on sign. I now have a spatula with grilled cheese. (and lots of other stuff!)

After you put weight into bender, you can go up to the piano room and drop it on snake.

OK have found the rabbit but I cfant taolki to him or grab him???

Dropped piano on guy and got a magic stick.
(thx for the help in between)

Put the carrot left of rabbit. Then use stick on hat.

Use magic wand on three pics in magic hat room. I saw the clue somewhere... cards, bird and stick but forgot the sequence. LOL going back to find that picture.

can't put carrot left of rabbit. Says i have to do something first. But what?

Oh dear god I feel as murderous as chucky atm....... >:(

Got it but now i'm sucked into the big hat.

Not the carrot in the main room, but in the bottom room. Try magic on hat first.

How do I kill that little farker Chucky????


Yvon I can't put the carrots near rabbit either. But after using wand on three pics the hat put me in a room with a very fat pig. Stuck now.

Still can't solve the musical code in the squid's house.

ok. now second carrot on rabbit carpet. Another room.

escapeartist - drill a hole in the hollow hammer. put cement and water into it. Now try the heavy hammer in Chucky's room.

Cat queen put a carrot on the ledt of the hat

Thx, got it now: In hat room with fat pig, put carrot left from hat then use wand. (fat pig gets sucked in main hat room). Use wand to transport yourself back into the room. Use carrot on carpet so the fat pig stands on it and the metal door will open.

Tqke that you littl3e bastard chucky...


to get passed Chucky. Use hammer. Get hole in it. Use cement and water.

Thx Yvon for the rescue again. (ofcourse i forgot to fill my bucket with water). Got past chucky now.

Ok what do I feed sandy and how do I beat Kiss?

I opened the can and wanted to give it to Sandy, but accedently I ate it myself! Sandy doesn't like the cheese:(

עמית מהשרון - I've been stuck at the Spongebob bit for ages! I have half a piece of paper and that's it. Can't do anything. Think we need to find the second bit of paper?

Same here Catqueen. Also ate it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

It's fine to eat the can, I think it helps you to move the speaker in the Kiss room...

OK this game isnt much fun any mjore

Cant find food for sandy, cant get past gene simmons

I think we don't need a second bit. I think that there are 16 chars, 14 complete and 2 can be completed quickly. I tried to write all 16 chars in different order, but it didn't work.

use magnet on pencil of the iron statue...that opens the door....

Give sandy the acorn of the prehistoric squirrel.
Forgot already who is Gene Simons. Is it the guy with the speaker? than, push the speaker quickly to his side.

But at the top, it seems to suggest to me that we need to know the 7th character of the 3rd row down, the 8th character of the 2nd row down, the 2nd character of the 1st row and the 1st character of the last row... does that make sense? otherwise what do the blue numbers mean?

OK now im in the water...

In the room with window you can use the spatula with cheese but it's says it too high. We need a ladder or something else first.

Got pencil thx to pamarina :)

Woooow that dino can scream!

escapeartist - great! come and help us!

Since I can't open the shell, catch the jellyfish or open the Kitchen door, I don't think there is another part of the paper. Maybe the numbers will be useful later?

Put egg in nest near tree and sit on it. Give baby dino to mom and get wooden crate. Shape it into a acorn with knife.

From taloking with Mr krabs, I think we njeed too be checking the seabed for a "valuabnl3e item"

I can't even go back inside to where Pigsaw is so I think we have to open the chest using the code. I'm just completely stuck!

stuck at chest code and also don't have second piece of paper

W3ell Im out - lappy battery is dying

Good luck!

how do I get out of prison (under the sea)

2 papers now. Spongebob opened the box from Otto (? thats what we call him over here). Did guess the music notes.

SwissMiss: use the rope on the lever to the left.

I'm stuck too. this code is too hard for me.

yvon- how did you do it??

swissmiss - use the rope to pull the lever and then you become spongebob

Yvon: where did you find the 2nd paper?

for chest code (this worked for me).

Yvon, where did you find a second paper?

Space don't show

hope it does now
2 4

second paper in chest

when you talk to him, choose option to help him.

This comment has been removed by the author.

so how did you figure out how to get in to the chest? i don't understand your code!

I put first note on 3rd and then the next on the 2nd and so on but it won't work.

i just got lucky

for me worked to start at bottom. Second in the middle, 3 musicnote up. 4 in the middle.

but other code was different for everybody. So this code maybe too.

First is A (ie 2nd row from bottom)
3rd is C (ie 3rd row from bottom)

Then brute-forced the rest

My note says: 4,2,2,1 kinda like what Yvon is telling but it still doesn't work for me.

Unless, it's random for each user.... hehe

In which case... The number refers to which note in the line (based on the correct staff sym.)

My note says - 2, 1, 8, 7.

I'm totally stuck.

Oh no, I should have payed attention in music class LOL

@עמית מהשרון

So, you should be able to work out Notes 1 and 2

Then just guess the other 2 :P

Box opened.. still don't know why exactly. I guess that 2 notes from the paper, and 2 other by guessing.

Thanks GuruOne.

i did not even look at my note, so i don't know what was on it. Sorry.

Right well as annoying as it is, I just kept moving them around until it opened. No idea how it worked :( sorry עמית מהשרון but yeah you do get the 2nd piece of paper inside so I don't think the notes have anything to do with it - think it's to do with the blue numbers at the top of that helps?!

Music not needed... It's a number/sequence thing combined with symbol matching

Aaarchhhh chest stays closed! It's driving me nuts.

What are yer numbers, CQ?

how to defeat plankton.
got burger on shell. But what to do after spongebob hides?

Don't know how to hunt the jellyfish. cooked a crabby patty and merged the two bits of paper. What's now?

Or post some screenshots or summin.... ;)

I'm stuck with a stupid blunt knife, even tho' I also have a saw........ woteva

Play yer flute :P (again)

Forget it. Trapped plankton in the shell.

ok. use clarinet on shell, not on spongebob.

Sorry Guru. Can't seem to upload a screendump. I now i also closed my game by accident. Stupid me! Not going in again. So good luck to all of you.
Wished I could be more helpfull.

use classic music on hulk. Now have cheese on lamp (window)

guru - are you still stuck with blunt knife? we are so close!

oh done it - remember how you got the mouse to help you before?

got ride of bob.
but opened gun view. now can't close it anymore.

ARGHHHG! Got right to the point of recharging the disintergrating ray and the game crashed on me...

Same, Yvon...

how to close that view?

This comment has been removed by the author.

yvon - same thing has happened to me! nooooo, guess we have to wait for someone to figure out the colour code.

game restarted for me.....

well i consider myself out.

Colour code is on Sideshow Bob's poster...

Game stuck in the last second.. Managed to activate the gun but can't close the gun screen.

doesn't help. got the code. buttons turned green for me, but still could not get out.

I can't believe it!!!

nice game, but pitty for the bug at theeand.

must be the end of course.

Why do these games ALWAYS have bugs


Me out (not of game) too


There's another bug in the same scene. When I was tied up, I looked at my map and ended up with a second Pigsaw onscreen..

still stuck at the chest code....Can someone please explain again...mine says 5563....how to make the right combination....

pamarina87, the game is buggy. I recommend you to leave it for 3-2 days and then replay afther the bugs will be fixed.

This comment has been removed by the author.

How to get rid of Bob ?

Hi all, I started agian and I still can't open my chest.
Looked in Wikipedia and got this for my clue paper.

My upper line:
1 - F Clef(bass cleff) 8
2 - Sixteenth note 7
3 - C Clef (alto clef and tenor) 8
4 - G clef (treble clef) 3
Order symbols on musical lines: 1, 4, 3, 2

I've tried so many combo's but it still won't open. :(

Where did you guys find the other part of the music note?

Usually I like Inka Games very much, but those bugs start to be annoying...
Don't remember, if they fixed them in the previous game(s)... Therefore: To play on or not ot play on...?

Catqueen my note said with symbols 5 3 4 5
So i looked at the symbols and looked what the 5fth note was for the corresponding symbol and do that also for the other symbols.
I hope you understand what i am saying lol.

I am still fighting with Bob :(

for bob first use ladder in other room to put cheese on lamp, to get free use someone who likes cheese

The game is really buggy, went back to the elevator, robot was gone, i could go up and down, but not leave anymore this platform because all my inventory is gone (black)
So i closed the game.

Thx anyway dutchie for your help !

My code is 8823 and none of the lines has 8 notes, so guess thats not what we have to do.
Still stuck with my chest now.

NVM, opened the chest by some random clicking...

next to chest is other half of note

Combined notes. Played the clarinet for the shell. Got pearl, gave it to Mr. Krabs, got key, made a krabby patty inside the kitchen and stuck again. Can't go back inside where Plankton is. Guess I need his net to catch some jellyfish.

Well, my decision: Nevertheless, I continued...

Btw: Codes change each new game...!

Here's an example of a chest code (sponge bob, hint papers in houses):
(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)


put burger in shell & play flute again, when Plankton is in there.

POP works again :)
Put patty in shell, wait for Plankton to show up and use clarinet again :)

I don't know if anyone posted this yet, but with my criptex I had to go counter-clockwise to get it to open.

Yep, Zoe,
like the arrow on floor (visible, when you took trampoline).

hint for clockwise or counter-clockwise is were trampoline was

OK - as foreknown - encountered gun bug, so I consider myself out!
(& no outro like that...!)

@premiere, thanks, got it after going back to the game :)

About your screenie: We only get second half of the note after opening the chest, so guess a bit brute forcing is still in order.
My comp froze, so restarting now. Even though I know I probably will encounter some bugs as well. It's still a great game to play on a lazy sunday afternoon :)

That's strange, Anne,
I could take one hint paper in right house (left behind that widget on pedestal) & the other one right of chest BEFORE I opened it...

I'm stuck at the place where there's a window up high and I can't use the cheese/spatula because it's too high. I don't see any comments above on how to get through the window to go up to the next room...anyone help?

you need ladder from hulk room (calm him with classic music).

thanks, but according to my map, the only way I can get to the hulk room is by going through the window? I can't get to the room that is to the right of the hulk...

NVM - I had to use the DOWN arrow to go UP!!!

where is the piano ??? why cant i find ??? help me pls !!!

Mine froze when I viewed the gun. Is there much more after this? I can't be bothered starting again because it took me ages to get through it the first time.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Yep Zoe,
I remember, that the directions in room with squirrel diver are switched (I used map only sometimes anyway)...

if I remember well:
- put weight (bomb room) in robot Bender
- stand on platform elevator in floor
- use remote to move Bender on 200kg sign
- use remote again
- go left to find piano


how to get 200kg ??? i only got a 100kg stuff....

how do I use classical music on Hulk? The violin is not working...

Octo was in the way all the time, but maybe I could pick up the second note before opening. Will check when I get there again.

Place the 100kg in the belly of the robot to get a total of 200kg :)

Working on a WT, while playing.

thank you very much Anne & premiere !!!!

Do we use the mouse where the ladder and cheese on lamp is? How?

Hi Zoe,
did you already pass hulk or how did you get ladder?

Yes, I passed hulk: I used the violin and some music, I think, and played music to relax him. Now I've put the ladder where the high window is, climbed up and put the cheese from spatula on the lamp outside the winbdow. Now I don't know what to do...

Figured it out...gave mouse to pigsaw. Got Bob...

thanks, Zoe - was missing the pieces of "music" from the other musical room...

Now I have to untie myself. Knife has lost it's edge...

Pigsaw won't take the mouse - neither while he is on the ladder nor when he is down in the room...

Pigsaw goes to the room where Bob is. Then give him the mouse. He kicks it to the lamp, mouse eats wire, lamp falls on Bob. That's where I'm at now. Can't figure out how to get untied...

Anne said she's working on a WT. I may have to wait until then to figure out how to get untied, get the gun, recharge it and get out...

attract mouse again...! ;-)

premiere - of course!!! THANKS!!!!

thanks Zoe, found out about the other room right after my last post - am now in with Bob but stupid mouse won't "go" to Pigsaw; tried every little pixel, I think...

I think I will give up, this has taken up way too much time already!!

So, is that the end? Just view the gun? Were people able to back out of the gun after we put in the yellow, red, green code?

oops - found it, also untied myself by using cheese...

got it - the rainbow in the picture with Bob is the clue to the color code

were you able to close the view of the gun? I keep clicking "close" and nothing happens. I guess that's it for me.


Note: All clues change with every new game.
When clicking on items, you sometimes get several options. Eye=view item, mouth=talk, hand=use item.

First view:

Go left and get BUCKET.

Go left and get CRIPTEX from statue.

Go up (north) and grab DOG and TRAMPOLINE.
Look at NOTE on the wall.
Turn off lights and use INFRARED GOGGLES on picture on the wall.
Note down characters. Notice arrow on circle on the ground (counter clockwise).
Click on CRIPTEX in inventory and select USE.
Start with the character on your note and select all other characters from picture on the wall, going counter clockwise.
When done right, a handle pops out of the CRIPTEX.

Go back to the Obama room (see face on map) and from there go up twice.
Notice a mask on the bottom of the well.

Go down, right, down to find an Indian. Talk to him to found out he can do a rain dance, but needs something to do, since he is bored.

Go up to find an iPod. Use (option grab) the CRIPTEX to open the box.
Pick up the SAW.

Go back to the Indian and give him the iPod.

Go back to the well and use INDIAN CLOTHES on the cloud.
Pick up MASK. Fill BUCKET at the well.
Use MASK on DOG to get a MASK DOG.

Go to the BOMB room and use MASK DOG.

Go to the BENDER room (robot room). Click on BENDER, choose EYE to see him up close. Open his belly and put WEIGHT inside.
Zoom out and move your character on the square in the middle of the room.
Click on the REMOTE CONTROL and select USE. Move BENDER to the lower left corner.
Click on the REMOTE CONTROL again and select USE to go back to your character.
Go to the left.

Notice HEAVY PIANO and peek through the HOLE in the floor.
Use SAW on the floor and see PIANO fall down.
Go right, stand on the square and click on REMOTE CONTROL and select USE to move BENDER away from the 200KG spot.
Select and use RC again, to unselect BENDER.

Go to SNAKE room (guy you dropped piano on, right of room where trampoline was) and pick up LESSER MAGIC WAND.

Go to MAGIC HAT room. Pick up BUCKET OF PAINT.
Go left from there (empty room on map) and pick up DRILL, CLOTH and W from Watch sign.
Look at picture and notice order from cards, chicken and wand.

Go to MAGIC MIRROR room (left of Obama room).
Use CLOTH on the mirror. TALK to mirror. View NOTE that appears left of mirror. Set the 3 arrows according to the note.
When done right, you will see 3 pictures appear in the MAGIC HAT room.
Go there and use the LESSER MAGIC WAND on the big hat (just for fun :) )
Use the LESSER MAGIC WAND on the 3 pictures, till they show cards, chicken and a wand in order from the picture in the room with the Watch sign.
When done right, the pictures disappear. Now use LESSER MAGIC WAND on the big hat again and you will be taken to another room to find a big fat rabbit.
Place a CARROT somewhere left of the big hat and wait for the rabbit to grab it. Now use the LESSER MAGIC WAND on the hat again. When the rabbit is gone, use wand again to get yourself back as well.

Go to RONALD MC DONALD room and talk to him to know why he is sad.
Go left. Use BRUSH on PAINT. Use BRUSH on red M in inventory to turn it yellow.
Place TRAMPOLINE left of McDonald's sign. Select M and place it on top of the sign.
Go back to Ronald McDonald to talk to him again.
Go back into the kitchen again and grab a(nother) CARROT and SPATULA.
Use SPATULA on frying pan on the stove to get some CHEESE on it. From kitchen go left twice to get a BAG OF CEMENT.

Go back to MAGIC HAT room. Place the carrot in the lower left corner to make te fat rabbit move. Go through the new opened door.

part 2

Talk to CHUNCKY, and pick up A BUNCH OF STUFF.
If you feel bored, just play some games, with the items you just picked up.
If you wanna move on, use HAND DRILL on the HAMMER. Use cement and water on it, to make a HEAVY HAMMER. Use the hammer in the upper right corner to get rid of CHUNCKY.
Pick up MAGNET and KNIFE. Go through new opened door. Get PICTURE, MOUSE and a CAN.
Go right to pick up a VIOLIN and notice a window up high.

Now things are getting a bit weird. Click on the DOWN arrow to get UP (according to the map) and get to the SANDY room.
Pick up EGG and talk to Sandy. Also notice the water.

Go up again (navigation is normal again now) and use the MAGNET on the statue to open another door.
Use KNIFE on the CAN and USE it to get stronger.

Go right and quickly click on the blue speaker and select the hand to stay alive. Luckily your lives are endless in this game ;)
Pick up both MUSIC SCORES hanging on the wall.

Go right to the SQUIRREL ROOM. Place EGG in the nest and go sit on it (use hand). Wait for the egg to hatch and take out BABY DINO from the nest.
Look through the window on the right.
Notice you have to calm down the big dino.
Select BABY DINO and click on the window again.
Now go into the room and grab the WOODEN BOX.

Go back to the SQUIRREL ROOM and use KNIFE on the WOODEN BOX.
Place the WOODEN ACORN on the ground and wait for the squirrel to come down.
Pick up the real ACORN and go back to SANDY.

Give ACORN to SANDY to get her WETSUIT.
Select WETSUIT and click on the water to go down.
Wait for the movie to end and find yourself locked up.
Use the ROPE on the LEVER to the left.
Now you play as SpongeBob.

Go right 3 times. Go up and go inside Spongebobs house (right house). Pick up a piece of a NOTE at the left and go outside the house again.
Now enter Octo's house (left house) and talk to Octo.
Pick up the second part of the NOTE right behind Octo.
Combine both parts. Notice 4 symbols and 4 numbers on top of the note and 4 lines of notes below that.
Look at the first symbol, find the corresponding line of notes and look at the number to see which note you need from that line. So if it says 4, you take the 4th note of that line.
Do the same for the other 3 symbols till you get a code of 4 notes.
Enter this code on the box to get CLARINET and SPATULA.
Go out.
Go down and right to the Krusty Krab. Go inside and talk to Mr. Krabs.
Go outside again and go left twice.
Use CLARINET on the purple shell to get a PEARL.
Take the PEARL to Mr. Krabs to get a KEY to the kitchen.

Get into the kitchen, read the recipe hanging on the wall and make a KRABBY PATTY. (use SPATULA to flip over hamburger, before it burns).

Go all the way back to the purple shell.
Place KRABBY PATTY in the shell and wait for PLANKTON to come.
Use the CLARINET again, so Plankton gets locked up.

Go back into the lab and grab the JELLYFISH NET from the chair where Plankton was. Go back outside.
Go left and down. Use the NET to catch a JELLYFISH.
Go back to the lab again till you see PIGSAW again.

Use JELLYFISH on the generator to get power. Now push the red button on the left to free PIGSAW.

Wait till you are back in the SANDY room and use the key on the left door.
Use CLASSIC MUSIC SCORE on the HULK to keep him calm.
Take the LADDER.
Go right and down to the room with the window up high.
Place the LADDER, climb up, and use SPATULA WITH CHEESE on the window.
Get down the ladder. Go right, down, right (BOB SIDESHOW room)

When you get tied up, wait for BOB to set up his laser. Then use the MOUSE on the lamp at the ceiling (the one we covered with cheese from the other room.
Use the SPATULA on Pigsaw, so the mouse will free him.
Pick up the LASER GUN.
Look at the PICTURE of BOB you picked up earlier. Notice the order of colors of the rainbow.
View the LASER GUN and set colors in order of picture.
Probably now have to use the ACTIVATED LASER GUN on the door to get out, but my game froze at this point. Can't close the view of the laser gun.

It's a bug. I played the game twise and it blocked at the same place.

WT is finished but I also got stuck in the laser gun view. Couldn't close it, like everyone else. Consider myself out, though ;)

GREAT WT!! Thanks for going to the effort!!!

Maybe they'll fix the ending so we can all get OUT!!!


Thnx Zoe :)
Hope so too, because I think it was a great game.
Untill the end, that is ;)

I agree - was a great game until that bug. I hope more games come from this author - very challenging and fun! Maybe no more Pigsaw, but hopefully more games!

LOL I couldn't scroll two posts down to see that the games freezes when you look at the laser gun!

Utter rubbish.

I love these games and enjoyed it until the Gun....,cant close the guns view argggg!
I saw some of the others had the same problem !!
Thank you anyway for the comments and Anne for the WT(needed it a couple of times). I m not starting over to see if i wont have the same problem, im near the exit anyway so...as everybody else deserve "congrats'.

STUUUUPID BUUUG!!! got it all till the gun =///

Why wouldn't Inka fix the problem and update sites that are hosting the game? Seems like it sort of puts a bad name on them, to me. They do, for the most part, make great games. I wonder if it isn't us, the game players, that are missing someything?

I dont think so, this isnt the first bug in an Inka game. I love this games, but can go crazy when a bug stops me in the end.

Why isn't there a 'save' button on this game?

I've read all the comments and the great (!!!) WT but still can't get the mousepart near Bob.

Where to put him? Near Pigsaws feet or on pigsaw or near Bob? Please help :))
(I've put the cheese on window in the other room)

Hi Catqueen,
I played already yesterday & hopefully I remember well... Did you try to use mouse on LAMP?
& to untie Pigsaw:
Put cheese (spatula) at ROPE (Pigsaw's hands tied at the back) to attract mouse again.

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