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Puzzle Escape 1

86Game - Puzzle Escape 1 is another Japanese point and click type room escape game by 86Game. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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I am stuck lol dont get the colors

It doesn't make much sense. I got the right column to be one color, then each of the rows have a color. It was trial and error. It was like pink on top row (last box was orange,) blue in middle (last box was orange,) bottom row was green (last box orange.) I think that was the order, but I might mis-remember. :-/

Click 3 to play easy verz, 2 for mid and 1 for hardest at the beg.

thanks @franjava but I must have picked the hard one. I have a 4x4 grid and rows wont change to one color.

The black shapes & characters puzzle: match the parts of each tile character to the character pieces in the top row and left column of the paper. Click on the black shapes on the panel by the door until three in a row match the shapes of your characters in the order they are seen above the panel. Then put each tile under its shape, all in a row, just as illustrated above the panel.

for the grids on the 2 door cabinet, the upper left clue in the book applies. If working with a 3x3 grid (easy mode) the 2nd + 3rd numbers horizontally must equal the first (so, if the first number on the left is 6, the next 2 numbers must be 2 and 4). Numbers can't repeat in one row/column (so no 3+3 =6)

i only have 2 tiles on from lft side of cabinet the other from window. Third?

oh I restarted game now i have all kinds of clues in the book click each picture

hbear, I think its under the grey box on the floor. You have to do a few puzzles and get a few items to raise it.

the lower left clue in the book: each color together adds to 9. So for the puzzle, where there's a 10, each color must add to 10.

@ elmer i cant figure out the color puzzle still

@hbear: after you attach the rope to the box on the wall and put the stack of papers in it and solve the puzzle I just referred to, pull the lever and the grey box will be lifted off of the floor for the last tile.

@Elmer Turnipseed, I'm being dense about the shapes/tiles puzzle by the door. Could you elaborate?

Thanks at zoz I just seen your comment about the colors. I can't put my papers in the box

@hbear attach the rope first (get rope from puzzles on cabinet doors)

well, I have to be up in a few hours, so I'm going to sleep and finish this tomorrow. Good luck @hbear and @Elmer T!

i have the rope. it is attached i have some crappy color puzzle i cant solve. 2 tiles and a stack of tied papers. A lever on the wall that does nothing

zoz, look at the note taped the wall under the window. Look at your 1st tile. Part of it is shown on the top row (the basic lines of the character) , and part of it is on the left column (the " and the "o" and the blank one). That character's associated shape is in the matching column and matching row. Match each tile with its shape. Now go to the panel by the door. Click on the black shapes until three of them are your three character's shapes in a row, in the order shown above the panel. Then put each tile under its shape, all 3 in a row as illustrated above the panel.

I think I figured out the rules for the crappy color puzzle. You have to make it so each color has the same number of squares, and each square must be connected (top bottom left or right) to the other squares of that color. Its a very cool puzzle- the crappy part is that the instructions are in a language I don't know yet. :(

I almost finished it on hard level, but lost interest in the hard ufo/airplane puzzle. Not my favorite type of puzzle. Overall great game.


I don't see any numbers on my color puzzle, so don't know which color should go where.
Think I need to use the handle first, but need a SD to make it work.
Can't put papers in the box on the ground. Can zoom in on left side, but thats all.

Already solved the 2 puzzles on the cupboard, used rope, found 2 tiles so far (3rd should be under box at color puzzle).

Going in circles now. What to do?

@Anne (and @hbear, in case you come back), what you need to do now (and noone cared to tell) is to solve the colors puzzle BEFORE using the stack of tied papers.

Elmer explains perfectly at 5/8/12 9:20 PM how to solve it.

You can go there to see it ;)


Awful game. I'm stuck on the first puzzle on the cupboard. I have respected all the rules according to the hint but it won't accept my answer.

It says each row and column's sum should be equal, but that none of the 4 numbers I enter should be the same. And we have:


So here is my answer:


All rows and columns equals 12, and I didn't use the same number twice. And yet it doesn't work.

I have absolutely no patience for games like that.

Valerie, you've got it wrong. Fill the 2x2 grid to make each PAIR of numbers add up the ones on a side or above. This is:

The 2 top ones add up 4
the 2 bottom ones must add up 7
In the same way, both left numbers add up 6
and the 2 right ones should sum 5.

Get the outer digits (6,5 on top and 4,7 on left) out of the additions. They ARE the results.


http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/795689Capture.jpg http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/534917Capture.jpg

n°2: medium



n°1: difficult




left: / 6 5
4 1 3
7 5 2

right / 4 10
3 1 2
11 3 8

-> I: B B B J V



I came back after a good night's sleep (and after some wizards posted explanations, lol) and discovered that I actually like this game. Did all 3 levels and would like to see more of this type.

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