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Scratch 2012 Walkthrough

Scratch 2012

Gotmail - Scratch 2012 Ecape is a new version of Japanese point and click type room escape game from Gotmail. In this game, you have to search the room for items and some clues to get out of the room. Good luck and have fun! Good luck and have fun!

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Gotmail - Scratch 2012 Escape Video Walkthrough

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Might just have enough time... going in :)

Key in drawers.. buttons behind clock, but no idea about that yet

Also got a card from behind window blinds (in sofa view)

Hmmm not doing so well here lol... haven't used key or card yet! And we can zoom in on little chair, not sure why

there is a key under the globe

Thanks Megi!! Erm... what globe though? Lol

in biger white wardrobe (keyhole near floor)

Opened a panel with the hammer.

Thanks again Megi... I had seen that at the bottom but kept getting the 'back' arrow everytime I tried to click it so assumed I couldn't get it lol :)

(But got it now) :D

Used the green key on the picture, now we have to find the red and blue one.

Opened the panel a got the blue key.

I am where you are April, but can;t find a way to open the panel

you have to set the 4 devices with the snowflakes or what it is.

I thought so but at which symbol?

Opened a shelf - by door and got scissors, used them on the sewn up shirt - got coin - use on thing with circles to 'sharpen' it - got symbols.
which panel for blue key?

       Anonymous  5/24/12, 2:33 AM  

Have just discovered what the 'sharpen it' message meanes - the clue is in the game name LOL. Where is the hammer?

i started with the first symbol (on the top) next to the door.

The safe behind the panel down right from the clock, next to the drawers.

I still got the scissors, coin and B card.

Coin in yellow sweater

use coin under desk on screw for rabbit key and open yellow cb for a remote

Oh, got a bunny key!

Found the yellow key and opened all yellow cb. Another card and a device of some sort.

       Anonymous  5/24/12, 2:39 AM  

Oh found the hammer - was trying to use the key with a big green blob on on the picture...

And out!

Ty April - got it

Opened top right yellow drawer for card 3

bejore usind cissors on box string note arrow "clockwise"

       Anonymous  5/24/12, 2:45 AM  

Still can't figure out the order for the symbols. Can't get that panel unlocked.

I can't figure out the order of the symbols :(

I went clockwise- working from the door to the right - I think

But with which symbol to start?

Ok so there is the buttons behind clock, next to door and behind bin... where is the 4th buttons please?

got it ... now the hunt for the red key

Jo in the big white cupboard


under desk is the symbol with 4 'arms'- clock is the sort of catherine wheel - the other two are the four blobs.

ordersymbol= begin clock down, bin left, door up, cb right
then use hammer down left drawer (1st view) to read unlock

There's a little envelope on the 3e card with a wire, but I cannot get it opened.

press "unlock" and got blue key

I never opened that wire, but got out - is it a happy coin perhaps?

dunno LNS ... I am still looking for the red key

Ah ha! Thanks Cool lol... had seen that and totally forgot about it ;)

Red key is in the drawer after doing number code...

To get red key - find 3 scratch cards and don't forget about the number in the wardrobe!
have to go - good luck!!!

pfff ... I totally forgot about the colored number box in the drawer :(

Clue for number code is on the cards you collect and a number in big white cupboard :)

Multi tasking going on... but I am still here lol... on my own. Can't get the symbols right though :( It is not my day today lol

Jo.C look at symbol in big cupboard
up = put on door
right = put on big cb
down = put on clock
left = put on dustbin

Thanks seb... finally got it to work! :D

Did we have to press them in a certain order?

where is the 3 card with green number...


- Zoom in on the window, open the blinds and take the B-CARD.
- Zoom in on the drawers, open the right, second from the bottom, drawer and take the 1st YELLOW/GOLD KEY.
- GO RIGHT (2x).

- Zoom in on the door, zoom further in on the bookcase, open the middle left shelf/door and take the SCISSORS.

- Zoom in on the cupboard, zoom further in on the bottom of the cupboard and use the 1st key on the keyhole on the bottom. Zoom out (1x) and open the cupboard. Zoom in on the bottom left of the box the globe is on and take the 2nd YELLOW/GOLD KEY.

- Zoom in on the cupboard and open it with the 2nd key. Zoom in on the shirts, move them all to the left, zoom further in on the sleeve of the yellow shirt. Use the scissors to open the sleeve and take the COIN.
- Take the GREEN KEY (on top of the drawers).

- Zoom in, open, zoom in on box on top right. Use the green key to open that box and take the HAMMER.
- Zoom in on the 3x3 grid with grey circles and use the coin on all circles to see SYMBOLS HINT part 1 (what symbol to use where, different every game) and WHITE part of 4-digit code.
- GO RIGHT (2x).

- Zoom in on the desk, move the chair, zoom further in on the desk, zoom in under the desk and use the coin to open the bottom part of the drawer and take the RABBIT KEY.
- Zoom in on the third yellow cupboard, open it with the rabbit key and take the REMOTE from the left.
- Zoom in on the fourth yellow cupboard, open it with the rabbit key and take the BOOK with WIRES. Look at that card, cut the wires with the scissors and see SYMBOLS HINT part 2 (going clockwise). Open the book and take the A-CARD.

- Open the cupboard, zoom in on the drawers and open the top right drawer with the remote and take the C-CARD.

- Look at all the cards and use the coin on them to scratch the grey circle to see the GREEN, RED and YELLOW part of the 4-digit code.
- Zoom in on the desk, open the bottom drawer and use your 4-digit code to open the box and take the RED KEY.

- Zoom in on the window, click the window and see SYMBOLS HINT part 3 (the text says, it faces south). So now you can do the symbols.
- First zoom in on the drawers, zoom in on the bottom left wall and use the hammer on the panel/tile. Zoom further in and seel the safe behind it is locked.
- Zoom in on the clock, click the clock to remove it. Zoom in on the buttons and put the symbol on your south symbol, the bottom symbol in the big white cupboard.

- Zoom all the way in under the desk and remove the bin, zoom in on the buttons and put the symbol on your west symbol, the left symbol in the big white cupboard.

- Zoom in on the door and zoom further in on the buttons on the left of the door and put the symbol on your north symbol, the top symbol in the big white cupboard.

- Open the cupboard and zoom further in on the buttons above the 3x3 grid and put the symbol on your east symbol, the right symbol in the big whte cupboard.

- Zoom in on the drawers and zoom further in on the bottom left and see the safe is now UNLOCKED (because you did the symbols). Click to the left of the word unlocked to open the safe and take the BLUE KEY.
- Zoom in on the picture above the couch and use the red, green and blue key in the keyholes and then zoom in on the bottom left corner and click the button and take the END KEY.
- Go to the door, zoom in, use the end-key, go out and you're out.

Thank you for the great walkthrough, small-tool. I had spent ages looking for the place to use the hammer.

Great game !
Thanks small-tool for the WT , didnt find where to use the remote lol

Great Game! Got out with above hints. But, I have a question: What was going on with mom and dad at the restaurant???

Nice Game

And Out

i remembered the first version and still had problems with the symbol order!

I remembered the first one too...don't think I finished it...lol
Nice to know the story...even though it is still a bit of a mystery....lol

TY for the WT @small-tool!

Once again thanks small-tool.

I tried so hard and made it maybe almost 3/4 of the way through but couldn't figure out what to do with the remote and how to position the symbols on the walls.

First time doing a gotmail game without help, woohoo!

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