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Small Town Detective Walkthrough

Small Town Detective

TimeFall - Small Town Detective is another point and click adventure game developed by Time Fall. The one and only journalist in this small town has been missing for almost a week. Your mission is to sniff around this small town and find who is behind this. Good luck and have fun!

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ok joining :)

have paperclip spray can and password

am eating at a mexican place yummmm

Got 3D glasses and hot sauce also

scratch that, I don't have password. where did you find it?

going in

nvm, find it in top drawer

*found it

have a broom, cloth, pumpkinhead, spraycan still and 3d glasses

in staff only room. now have pumpkin, towel & broom

Is anyone else having problems with this game???

use 3D glasses on magic eye picture for safe code, got a key!

and out! cool

in and out really easy :)

out, nice game

silla what you having problems with?

It's not responding to my clicks for ages after I hit anything, it might just be my pc????

I'm out too! That was a good game but too short.

How do you get whatever is in the green sauce sign?

ahhh no good

shannon you need an axe

Then I suppose I need to get axe from behind security gaurd...

yep hehe

Well darn it! He ain't giving it up!!

combine pumpkin, cloth and broom together to distract the guard

I have been trying to combine items with no luck, thank you, Rimic... I will try harder!

Finally, good game!

Ah! Combining in wrong order. Out now... Cute game, too short!

Where is the staff only room?

What top drawer?

What magic eye picture?

what green sauce sign?

The top drawer in the Franklin Gazette office is locked. is there another one?

Oh, I figured it out. Use the paper clip to open the drawer at the Gazette.

@ zoe i thought you were being sarcastic hey lol

@rimic: I was trying to point out that the hints were rather "vague" but it may just be that I'm clueless - ;-P

I did manage to get out, though!

well i didnt know how i opened the drawer until i noticed the paperclip was missing in the inventory...good little game though

It is a cute game - I like his shifty eyes! Cute!

hehe funny

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! GROSS OUT ENDING!! LOL

Where is the key for the storage unit???

use axe (right of guard in company) on burger board (outside).

Aha Thank You premiere!

Ohh this looks good... just starting :)

where do you find the broom?

broom under odd pic in staff room from burger shop.

found it man tat was short

Please make this a series! I love games like this.

A bit short! But amusing xD End was gross... think I'm going to have to avoid burgers for a bit... xD

The detective started to creep me out at some stage with the eyes shifting from side to side, and I kind of wish there'd been more depth... but I'm a sucker for detective games, so can't complain! Would like to see more games like this, and maybe even a series as JR suggested above...

If you like this game you can check our the Max Strong series, from the same creator and very similar!

wers da key

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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