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🖳 The Trader of Stories: A Grain of Truth Walkthrough

🖳 The Trader of Stories: A Grain of Truth

[REPLAY] The Trader of Stories: A Grain of Truth is another new released point and click type adventure game by Rudowski Brothers. Search for items and clues to finish this game. Good luck and have fun!

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and again enjoy you are asking the same questions as me lol

Pop! It is Price. you get that word by talking to a guy that has his back to you next to the red headed tattooed guy

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 11:49 AM  

Phew, just in time LOL!

I'm slowly replaying & taking some notes...
(don't remember everything, so can't answer sometimes...)

@jo ann your rope is hung up in the wagon. ~@enjoy where is the word business then i can not find it

Can't find last word for third story. Assume it is business. Any clues?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Found my knotted rope! for any of you who can't find it, it was originally in the bird's nest and then up on the right side of the caravan inventory
off to measure some floating rocks!

the knotted rope fell down to the entrance of big rocks (cleft)

I am missing on wedge shape thought that goes at 9:00. I am getting tired of this already

the questions are
2. connection + sleep
3. Price + business
4. environment + cloudeater
5. scientific + (? starts with an "I" and ends in "isve")
6. truth + hidden + ledgend

so the 'price' influenced 'crew'? made sense to me but doesn't work D:

still can not find the word business

I can't remember where I found the word business.... will take a look around

Am having trouble with the sentence

You believe that the _____ about clouds is ____ in ____?

I thought it was truth, hidden, The Great Oak but nope

Spoilers for questions below...



Spoiler .....

don't say I didn't warn you.... spoiler below

Q1: tradition, bedding, family
Q2: connection, sleep
Q3: price, business
Q4: environment, cloud eater
Q5: scientific, influence
Q6: truth, hidden, legends

don't know if there are anymore. after I got them all I couldn't go back and look at the words

Don't forget to re-talk to some of the people. Especially the guy who helps you make the pillow

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 12:00 PM  
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Wow this is involved lol... still looking for some words I think for the story. I can't start the captain's story yet, does that only work when you have all the words, or am I missing something?

now i need to find business :P lol thank you rsa and enjoy!!

The word "business" is in the entrance of the cave in the excavation site. Below the canopy

Thank you for the spoiler for the words!

story is now done, but am missing 4 thoughts.... off to look again

still keeping my eye open for the word business

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 12:03 PM  

examine camp (canvas roof at floating rocks scene)


The first question you ask him should be from words you found on the cloudeater. After that you have to go down the ladder and take the journey to the floating rocks in order to find the correct words

ty ty ty got it now

ahhhh, that was odd... I now have all thoughts. Did I get them by getting the story?

ahhh! thank you again found it!! :D lol

ouch missing hidden now

What am I supposed to ask Wiseman?

Thanks RSA... am on top of the rock at the moment with the wiseman lol, will go and do that now :)

hidden anyone


Brogettenks 5/31/12 6:02 AM
clouds, past, future, connection, Great Oak, me, dreams, sleep

.... in truth you don't have to ask him anything. Just go looking for your giant turtle

Hm, I felle a little embarassed but i can't find Zephir at the end of the game, just two empty shells...

For "business", it is in the "excavation site", just examine the enter (the rock just in the middle of the map).


Talk about being redundant !
Too many comments and not enough patience :)

Erm ok... I have found 11 words, I know I have some more to find. But how do I insert them into the 'asking the question' about the story? LOL sorry... feeling bit stupid


Go to the tree and look at the horizon where the cloudeater used to be

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 12:15 PM  

For a little joke, PurpleLogic,
ask him about bird ;-D
or for more spiritual stuff: about god...!

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 12:17 PM  

for some laughs, use different items on chinese guy on cloud eater...!

SOOOOO Good, I want more!!

that was an awesome game! Well worth the two year wait.

Hope the next one comes out sooner though!

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 12:18 PM  

click on gap in sentence & then on word you want to put in.

Oh no Premiere! I now have to replay the game to try to get the funny comments!

can anyone remember where the word hidden was i am about to give up on this game

Ow, didn't see that, thank you RSA !

Great game, super great story line ♥.

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 12:22 PM  

I didn't find it yet in replaying...

mayhaps you can go back with «continue»...?!

nvm i found it now sorry

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 12:24 PM  

POP, bigtank!!!
chest in cave with water...!!!

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 12:25 PM  

*examine chest

big tank
it's in the treasure where the water is

Oh for goodness sake.... HAHAHAHAHAHA @ MYSELF!! When I was talking to people, I was writing the words down on a bit of paper, not clicking them to add to the list!! LOL so that is why I couldn't add any words to the story! Going to have to go everywhere again to get the words PROPERLY! Maybe I shouldn't play this with a glass of wine in my hand?? ;)

ok i have finished thankyou all for your help

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       Anonymous  5/31/12, 12:46 PM  

go meditate on created cloud pillow in hidden cave (trapdoor open with cup puzzle).

It has probably been mentioned, but if you click the 'eye icon' on top left corner... it shows you hot spots to click :) (coming in very handy at the moment)

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 1:43 PM  

I sooo want to make one of the pillow for real. :)
I didn't have too much trouble once I got the majong game figured and last floating rock ( with butterfly net).
To make sure I didn't miss words, I went every sceen and click the "eye" then examined and talked to everyone again real closely

I'm truly stuck on the 3 question for the captain. I know the second and last word is


but what's the first word, and where do I find it?
The sentence is "So the _____ of the cloud-filled bedding gave you the incentive to start your own _____?"


Not sure where to find it EXE, but there are some spoilers above which give the words needed :)

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 1:49 PM  

price & business

How do you get 'environment'?

Nevermind, just found out that you can look out the window in the bedroom. :P

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 3:52 PM  

(Where Is What or What Is Where, according to your brain hemisphere preference...!)


- as this is an epic game, I might miss several things to note...
- to find help comments: use Ctrl+F to find particular stuff
- game should SAVE automatically (to go back in game, click CONTINUE)
- EYE top left: shows hotspots
- MAP top right for faster travelling: a place will be activated once you were there...!
- ? top right: keep in MIND
- BAG top right: INVENTORY
- to combine items in inventory: click USE ITEM on one & then other item (COMBINE item top right)
- SOLUTIONS at the bottom
for some laughs, use different items on chinese guy on cloud eater...!


- floating rocks (top left, NW)
- tree (bottom right, SE), go about NW for
- dead tree, go about SW for
- birds, go about N for
- buffaloes, go about NE for
- stonehenge rocks
(- from birds, go about SW for WAGON, doesn't appear on paper...!)
-> click either round glass top left or black chalk bottom right to put in on paper

4 floating STONES:
- start screen
- from tree (use net from cloud eater = CE = giant animal's head)
- bottom right (floating rocks scene)
- top left above camp (canvas roof in floating rocks scene)
-> make stairs at cracked big floating rock

- from CE's head
- from 4 big floating rocks
- in water cave (left side in cracked big rock)
- from right side of cracked big rock
- from meditation cave under trapdoor in camera cave

I) ??? (never found)
II) left side of cracked big floating rock (Pu)
III) ??? (never found)
IV) in cave with water (left side in cracked big rock)
V) in camp (Y)
VI) from folder on ground in cave left side in cracked big rock (O)
- with string measure hint (in camera cave, right side in cracked big rock)
-> put FILTERS in following order:
- order in about item (when starting insert filter from left):
- the filters change place while inserting, always take the one top left...!
- in case of not working, remove all filters & insert again...!
-> turn switch for MOVIE

(click in game convo to activate)
- TELESCOPE from big arms guy (CE=cloud eater=giant animal)
- INFLUENCE from mop guy (CE)
- SCIENTIFIC from monocle girl (CE)
- PRICE from standing guy in front (CE downside)
- TRADITION from towel guy (CE downside)
- BEDDING from chinese guy (CE downside)
- CREW from examine captain (CE downside)
- FAMILY from red bearded guy (CE's head)
- CLOUD EATER from driver (animal's head)
- BUSINESS from examine camp
- TRUTH from examine sign in camp
- ZEPHYR from wagon left of cracked big floating rock
- BREW from paper rolls top left in cave (left side on cracked big rock)
- HIDDEN from examine chest in cave with water (left side on cracked big rock)
- ENVIRONMENT from nest above cracked big floating rock (walk bridge)
- LEGENDS from Wiseman on top of top big floating rock (walk bridge)
- again TRUTH from meditation cave under trapdoor in camera cave
- CONNECTION from examine entrance of right cave or between 2 sides bottom of cracked big rock)
- SLEEP from touching cloud, net guy's warning (CE's head)
- THE GREAT OAK from examine sky tree in background (middle floating rock, walk bridge)

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 3:53 PM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
       Anonymous  5/31/12, 3:54 PM  


(thx, @EnJoy! ☺)
- click on gap in sentence & then on chosen word
- to remove word, click it again
Q1: family, tradition, bedding
Q2: connection, sleep
Q3: price, business
Q4: environment, cloud eater
Q5: scientific, influence
Q6: truth, hidden, legends

- emptyOIL LAMP from captain (CE downside)
- NET right of red bearded guy (CE's head)
- CLOUD top right (CE's head, use net)
-> give cloud to monocle girl to play Mah-Jongg
-> give sorted cloud to chinese guy to make a
- PILLOW (puzzle)
- AXE behind sticks left of camp
- STETHOSCOPE from camp
- OIL from cave (left side on cracked big rock)
- ROPE from top of cracked big floating rock (use axe)
- axe HEAD from using on rope (damaged axe...)
- STRING from nest above cracked big floating rock (walk bridge)
-> use string on 2nd from right floating rock (view with 4)
-> combine axe head & rope (fallend down, stairs) for
- HOOK (use to get on right side of cracked big rock)
- CYLINDER in camera cave (right side on cracked big rock)
-> use cylinder water for cup puzzle to open trapdoor
- WATER (from cave with water, use cylinder)
- coloured glass FILTERS in drawer (camera cave)
-> put oil in lamp & lamp on camera device
-> put all 5 cloth pieces on camera device
-> put glass filters in camera device according to paper colour hints

1/6-outer circle: take cloth-1/5 (CE's head)
1/6-inner circle: look closer picture at captain's (CE downside)
2/6-inner circle: approach camp (canvas roof in floating rocks scene)
2/6-outer circle: take cloth-2/5 (4 floating big rocks)
3/6-inner circle: look closer book (on table in cave left side in cracked big rock)
3/6-outer circle: take cloth 3-5 (water cave, left side in cracked big rock)
4/6-inner circle: label on cloth in chest (water cave, left side in cracked big rock)
5/6-inner circle: talk to wiseman (top of top big floating rock)
4/6-outer circle: cloth-4/5 right side of cracked big rock
6/6-inner circle: use string on 2nd from right floating rock (view with 4)
5/6-outer circle: cloth-5/5 in meditation cave under trapdoor in camera cave
6/6-outer circle: after watching movie
1-6-middle circle: from 6 questions to captain (CE downside)
-> at ? in top right corner, make a picture
-> now you can go meditate in cave under trapdoor
(use cloud pillow & stethoscope for meditation...! ;-D)
-> watch cut-scene
-> go to water cave & talk to Wiseman & ask him about 42 (Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything)
- actually no need to ask anything :-o but try some topics, e.g.
- me, sleep, future, past, clouds, connection
- for fun stuff: ask about nest or bird
- for spiritual stuff: ask about god or great oak

- note back on your way to place where was: Zephyr/husk shells...
- Dalí-like creation (cloud eater) disappeared, but you'll find a giant Zephyr instead...!
- travel away for


- watch outro (...Guardian - was that young Yoda -ehm- Wiseman...?! ;-P)



- you have 10 parts water = 1+2+3+4
- all cups must be filled at least with one part
- first cup = 2x last cup (2&1, 4&2 or 6&3)
-> 6&3 doesn't work (1 cup can't be filled, not enough parts)
- last cup more than second (can't be 1, so = 2)
-> first cup = 4 then
-> second cup = 1 then
-> remain in third cup =3
- gives:



wow what a good game.

The first game I could play. Why not now? I don't have a Mac of iPad. I just have Google.
Somebody have a suggestion please?

How could you all play this game?

An utterly brilliant game - fantastic graphics, logical puzzles, an enticing story. Congratulations to the designers.

These games are absolutely stunning!!!
It must have been a years since the previous one, and although I've played hundreds escape games since then, it's one of the few I haven't forgotten.

well it was okay. wasn't expecting a game with so many options unlike the last one. it has my approval although I've been working on it for two days now. i have a feeling that there will not be more of this series because she goes home and takes the wise man's advice.

Clouds-start on left....towards right.

cover page loads, but game won't start ("New game" button depresses, but nothing happens)

This is one of the authors of the game, Marek Rudowski. Thank You all for Your engagement. Seeing Your comments makes us want to start another game immediately (and we have promised ourselves some free time :)). We will try to create more games for You to enjoy as soon as possibly.
Best Regards

       Anonymous  6/2/12, 7:12 AM  

LOL & YAY, Marek!
Looking forward to your next beautiful creation & TVM for another awesome game!!!
☺ ☻ ☺

       Anonymous  6/2/12, 7:19 AM  

I was asked to make a visual aid for the Mah-Jongg, so here it is:
(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)


Why doesn't anybody answer me? Why can't I play? I don't have a Mac of iPad! So please make this game available for everyone.

       Anonymous  6/2/12, 7:58 AM  

mayhaps the game creator(s) can answer your question...:

(highlight link & click right to open it e.g. in a new tab)


Thanks Premiere. How could you play the game? On a Mac of iPad?

I can't find word 'business'

Oh, I only just discovered this beautiful game.
wished to have more time.
Hope soon a new game of this nature appears!

Thanks to Peke for suggesting this game

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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