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Escape from the Bear's Room Walkthrough

Escape from the Bear's Room

[REPLAY] Escape from the Bear's Room is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Usawanhouse. In this game, your aim is to escape the room by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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going to try it

loading - stuck at 62%

Stuck at 62%,
refreshed and now stuck at 16%.
Second one today!

got a heart from the clock

and a teddy from the colorpuzzle

Hi, @swiss...coming in ..if it loads!

2nd bear from honeypot puzzle clue on small table

Got 2 wooden bears from word puzzle and colored bear puzzle. also got heart from wall/clock puzzle and used SD from bed to get some kind of blank scroll.

Put horn and heart on big bear.

ooh i love these

SD under bed - got what looks like a screen

Look at other side of wall for clue for B - E - A - R puzzle

84% stuck...refresh, 89% stuck....refresh, YES!!!! Third time's a charm! lolol I'm in!

got blue/green shaker from train - using hint behind big picture

Use screen on other side of wall

stops at 89%

hang screen on the left side of bead - do puzzle on top of bed and see 3 digit number

gets you 3rd bear - and box gives you 2nd instrument - put all on bear for door code

can't make the time work 20 + 110???

and out - nice game :)

lns the time is 240 min and 110 min = 350


got all pieces in bear, trying to figure out what last code is

was reading it as 20 minute - never did learn to tell time!

oops! forgot to hit enter lol


Philomena - just listen to how many times each instrument is used

lol LNS

LOL...finally figured out the puzzle that gave me the train....

my train track/screen has vanished - where did it go?

cant figure out puzzle over the bed.

LNS - dont worry - look around the room and you see that blue/green instrument which fell off the wagon

Remember what was on the other side of the screen PM

PM - have you got the screen (used SD on floor)?
hang that on the outside wall of bed
then look at it from the inside wall of bed
gives you clue for puzzle

what wagon?

where is puzzle to get train?

POP never mind

LNS ther is a puzzle with 4 "faces" to change on the floor in the middle of the room
you have to change them acc. big bear painting (clue behind) - its the mouth's you have to look at
when you done it right - the train comes out

where is clue for exit code please...I am getting lost here...round and round...so dizzy! lolol

I put the things in the bear and he played them....now what?

cute train!!!

I have to go now - hints should all be there but I give the spoiler for last puzzle just in case


I did that puzzle by making the parts of the face, reconfigured, to make the shapes....the circle had 3 parts....one half for mouth and two quarters for the eyes....etc. The 4 point star and 5 point star were the trickiest!

Count the different noises nokra

btw - ty Swiss - I worked it out - eventually - that mirage game has addled my brain!

TY Swiss...lol

Clue for the puzzle above bed please? I put the screen up, I see the #'s in the holes on the bed side, and I've pushed every combination I can think of, but nothing is happening.

Princess, have you hung scroll and looked on back for numbers in the holes?
You've flipped it, so

heart is 1, A is 2, B is 3, E is 4 and R is 5.
Push buttons in that order.

no help? :(
stuck with the puzzle above the bed...

the order is 34251 ?? But nothing happends for me above the bed

oh dear... I know that the shapes behind the picture are for the bear face puzzle but I can NOT get it!

any hints? It is the last puzzle for me!

@froggy, for the buttons, I think you have to push them in the opposite direction as per the arrow

POP gotta love POP! lol

       Anonymous  5/30/12, 9:54 AM  

I'm stuck too with this light puzzle.
On the wall near the bed, I can see numbers :
1 2 3
5 4

On the other side of the wall, I can see :
B A [heart]

I've tried to click the buttons according to numbers, according to letters (word BEAR [heart]) and in reverse order... nothing works.

and out too

awesome game!

i've made all the combinations, may be it's a bug!

@pdgph I am reloading the game to see if I can explain it for you

Numbering buttons horizontally, push them


32145 (heart ABER, the order given by 'looking' at letter behind each number)

Then look at lamp for 3 digit code

       Anonymous  5/30/12, 9:57 AM  

Thank you, Jo-Ann ! I don't understand how the two hints could be consistent.

ok, so it reads


push the buttons in this order

3 first then 2, 1, 5 and 4

Thanks Jo ann and the others

Can't solve the bed puzzle either. help, please!

       Anonymous  5/30/12, 10:04 AM  

Thank you, Jo-Ann... but why ?! That doesn't make sense for me.

@pdgph I think it is because you are looking at the holes from the back rather then the front... does that make sense?

And out! Thanks Jo-Ann!

       Anonymous  5/30/12, 10:18 AM  

@Jo-Ann, yes, I considered that, too, but that doesn't work either. From this point of view, we have :

1 -> heart
2 -> A
3 -> B
4 -> R
5 -> E
So, 3 2 1 5 4 correspnds to BA[heart]ER !

I just looked at the numbers, not the letters. If you write the numbers on paper as


then look at the backside of the papers, the order to press the buttons is


       Anonymous  5/30/12, 11:31 AM  


- double click for ABOUT ITEM
- SAVE option available
- SOLUTIONS at the bottom


- note on floor: lever box with teddy face puzzle...
- note: big teddy with slots...
- note on shelf: teddys with HINT (size & colours)
- note on CB right of big teddy: letter puzzle...
- solve CLOCK puzzle above CB right of big teddy for HEART
- back & go almost left (bottom arrow)

- note at left side: wall with holes...
- note above bed: button puzzle...
- note on sideboard (click lamp): PAPER with HINT (light lamp)...
- take SCREWDRIVER under bed blanket
- back & go left

- note: HINT on/under table (letters)
(to look under table, click lower part of honeypot on table)
- note on right wall: HINT (holes with B-E-A-R-♥)...
- note on shelf: 2 boxes (number & teddy)...
- note behind teddy pic: symbols...
- back & go left

- note: keypad right of (locked ;-P) door...
- note in wall: mouse hole with rail...
- take yellow TRUMPET behind plant pot right of mouse hole
- back & go left

- note on wall: HINT (teddy equipment)...
- use SD on screwed PANEL on floor left of CB for CANVAS
(about item: unroll)
- solve COLOUR puzzle on CB for wooden TEDDY FIGURE-1/3 from drawer
(hear jingle after clicking OK)
- go left

- solve LETTER puzzle on CB right of big teddy for wooden TEDDY FIGURE-2/3 from drawer
(hear jingle after clicking OK)
- solve FACE puzzle according to symbol hint for RATTLE
(watch cut-scene)

- take rattle from floor
- put canvas on hole wall (can also be removed)

- note on hole wall: HINT (numbers)
- solve BUTTON puzzle to light standing LAMP for HINT (number)
(watch cut-scene)

- open NUMBER BOX with lamp hint for wooden TEDDY FIGURE-3/3
(click bar)
- put all 3 wooden teddy figures in slots of TEDDY BOX for BELL
(click lid)

- put bell, trumpet, rattle & heart in big teddy's slots according to wall hint
- click heart to activate door keypad (cut-scene) & listen to CACOPHONY for HINTS (amount)

- put in code in keypad according to cacophony hint & click enter to unlock door
- click door HANDLE to



☺ ☻ ☺

(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)

- 1 hour = 60 (minutes)
- A from 12 o'clock till 4 o'clock = 4 hours = 240 minutes
- B from 1 o'clock till 10 to 3 o'clock = 1 hour 50 minutes = 110 minutes
- A+B = 240 + 110 =

(teddy order from small to big to small 1-4)
G-R-B-Y bow
- gives
1-5-2-3x click
(OK at the end)

(OK at the end)

- click for
3x - STAR (5 points)
1x - STAR (4 points)
(pull lever at the end)

- on hole wall (window):
- on hole wall from other! side (bed):
- gives:
(you're looking at bed holes from the back...!)
- order:

- number from lamp
(click bar at the end)

- amount of sound:
3 - BELL in teddy's right paw
5 - TRUMPET in teddy's mouth
6 - RATTLE in teddy's left paw
- HEART in teddy's chest

- order on keypad:
- gives:


Im still stuck on the faces, can someone make a picture. I can follow pictures better. Im getting dizzy going back and forth

       Anonymous  5/30/12, 11:42 AM  

a visual aid for teddy faces:
(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)


@premier thanks so much, I could not do it.But Ido follow pictures good Thanks again now Im free and out thanks to you

damn game wont load, stuck @ 62%

This one was nice and easy :)
Out without any help.

I still don't get BEAR♥ puzzle despite reading the comments...
Visual aid, someone?

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 7:40 AM  

there's a vid WT link above for a visual aid...!

OK, here's my version to explain the BEAR puzzle (took me a while myself, too)

- Move to the side of the perforated wall with NO bed and attach the portable screen, so that the letters that were previously there are covered by the screen. This is needed for the ...

- opposite side, i. e. where the bed is, where you should move over now to. From this side, you can see numbers on that "perforated" wall (thanks to the screen). This is the clicking order. Think of those numbers as if they were TRANSLUCENT, so that you can make them out from opposite side.

- Again, move over to opposite side of "perforated" wall. REMOVE the screen now. You can see the letters B, E, A, R and a heart. Ignore the letters, and think they weren't there.
Instead, think that there were just cellophane covers instead of the letters, and the "translucent" numbers from the opposite side.

Where would the "1" shine through on this wall and where the "2" and so on?
THIS is the actual clicking order.

If your thinking is right, you'll have to start on the upper right.

hope this helps

clever, fun game

       Anonymous  8/1/18, 10:00 PM  

caught this one from the random section & decided to post it as a replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, Usawan ☺
& thx premiere for the WT ;-Þ

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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