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Blue Sunset Walkthrough

Blue Sunset

Blue Sunset Escape is another free online point and click room escape game from Tomatea. In this game you need to find items and clues to solve puzzle to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Blue Sunset Video Walkthrough
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Yay. We are being spoilt today :o)

Hello Zazie! I'm in, and stuck. Can't figure out the color clue.

I don't know how to crack that color circle puzzle...don't understand the hint in the book

Going in... hello all

Hei, wait for meeeeeeee

5 plates so far...


For the colour clue i think we need a button for the center, clue in book.

Obviously i've seen couple of clues, but except color letters, don't have a clue about them.
For now: 4/8 tiles

It says it's a 25min escape,
well I'm going to relax and take
the rest of the morning to escape!
Thanks Tomatea.

Got two pearls, hint from fish pics.

Put pearls under double fish for a key.

stuck on color circles puzzle.....

Missing colour drawer, big drawer and number code...

Yes, it might very well be that we need a button at the middle of the color puzzle. Except I don't know what else to do now.

Same here Jon

Clue for number code is in the book.

Color circle hint is in book. Split the center circle and put the different colours in the outer corners, so to speak :) Only gives another shell piece.

I'm with 5/8 now, obviously missing one in plain view. Didn't solve anything except up/down and left/right riddles

number code is in the book in the corner of the pages....

opened drawer with numbers... DUHHHHH

(book pages)

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Now I have 6 shell paintings... which is nice looking, i guess

I can't figure L&R puzzle. R-L-L-R-R doesn't work

Thank you escaperjan, I've tried something similar but just the other way around :)

@escaperjan: can you explain this a little bit?

@antonia: rlrrl

Four letter code is behind the paintings (coloured lines). Combine for code.

what is fish pics clue?

Thanks, Urban

I now have all tiles, but have no idea how to arrange them. I tried domino-style, but it didn't work.

Finnaly got the colours... on to the tile puzzle

the fish pics clue is for the left-right puzzle.observe the directions of the fish's head.

can someone please spoil the colored circle puzzle...

@Urban: Start with the four whole circles. Change the outer corner pieces of the four circles with the corresponding colour from the center circle.

Spoiler: Upper right circle is yellow, except for its upper right piece, which is red.

Hard to explain it in any other way ;)

Got the key for right of shell pics, working on big drawer now.


Here for any help needed
(always dreamed of saying that in a Tomatea game)

I am out !!

Still can't work out the shell pictures puzzle. Any hint would be appreciated :)

Look at where the shells outer line starts, for ex. first click up button.

And out!

@escaperjan: thanks, I thought it was other way around

Letters: is there a color order hint?

Urban, just read the word....(4 letters)

No, Urban, just the word

And out :)

Agh, why did I think it is figh and not so obvious word. Thanks

I think you are talking about the last shell puzzle Zazie. I'm stuck at the one with the many tiles, the one which should give the key to the other.

The bottom square of the cross, has the puzzle with 4 coloured circles. They need to be changed to solid colours the same as in the book. Don't know what goes in middle

For example :

Upper left circle : 3 outer tiles are red, inner tile is blue

Right upper circle : Outer tiles yellow, inner tile red etc.

how to solve the circles?

Anne, first put each circle with colour equal to big circle in book (upper left is red, upper right is yelow, so on)

Then, use the small circle in book clue.

Let's say each circle has 4 positions, starting from upper left (1) and going on clock direction.

Upper left circle: put position 1 colour = position 1 colour from little circle in book.

Upper right circle: put position 2 colour = position 2 colour from little circle in book.

down right circle: put position 3 colour = position 3 colour from little circle in book.

down left circle: put position 4 colour = position 4 colour from little circle in book.

up down puzzle still evades me , help please

ontherocks, read my post from 3:54

@Ligeia: Rotate the shell pics so that they are equal to the ones in the same row. Two in each row cannot be rotated, so rotate the rest of them to match those.

Or do you mean the buttons on the glass boxes with shells ?

For this look at the two pics with the fish. Note where their mouthes are pointing.

any hints on big drawer?

Darn, blast, to short, out!

sauliukas64,Look at where the shells outer line starts, for ex. first click up button.

FINAL CLUE - 12,3,9,9,3,6 o'clock directions

Thanks everyone for the help! Back to work now :)

thanx zazie

Dang - too late to play live, but I got out! Great game - as always!!!!!!

YAY just loading... late :D

how do you do the puzzle draw. everytime you click it disappears. help as usual

I can't see any hint for the left-right and up-down button, and what about the number code ?

nvm finally got it thanks for all the hints ,I know I could not have done it without your help

Well, the numbers on the pages of the book are the hint for the number code. I've put the missing shell picture on the wall, but the button on the right side doesn't do anything.
And I've still no idea for the left-right and up-down buttons.

pdgph - look at the pictures of the fish on the wall (before you click on them to reveal the word code). The picture on the left has fish pointing left and right, and the picture on the right has fish pointing up and down.

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also - you put a key into the button to the right of the shells. You get that after putting the 8 shell tiles on the wall, and matching same shell to same shell...

Great game...and great hints from the players, TY! I need a couple of them!

Thank you Zoe !

COLOUR hint in book:

R - Y
G - B

- click at puzzle:
R - 0x/4x (start)
G - 1x
Y - 2x
B - 3x

I have only 7 tiles, where is the last tile please

help please with l/r fish please, I've tried rllrr, rlrlr, so stuck



for left/right, up/down (from fish picture)\


(the up/down has one more button than the left/right)

could someone do a screen shot of the circle/color puzzle? still can't understand the explanations

I still cant get color wheel puzzle? Do we need something for the center?

lol sometimes I feel like I'm following a flash-mob....everyone descends upon a game, plays it, beats it and runs to the next one leaving us slower players trailing in their wake...we'll catch up ;D

Thank you so much Zoe :D

Tharynn, spoiler:


Thanks Bru64

Color puzzle:

First make the four circles according to the book:



Then look at the middle (smaller) color ball and apply to the corners of the circles that you've changed according to the book. The red circle will have the upper right corner turned to bllue; the yellow circle will have the upper left corner turned red; the green circle will have the lower left corner turned yellow and the blue circle will have the lower right corner turned to green.

Hope that helps...

where il the last tile please

only have 7 tiles,

opened letter, number, l-r and u-d puzzles, got key from pearls
dont find nr. 8

I try to explain the circles too:

They should look like this in the end:



I understand your explanation but do we need something for the center of the puzzle first?...nothing happens

Ha...it's amazing how many different ways we try to explain the color circles from different viewpoints.

I don't know how to do a screen shot - sorry.

thank you @escapism, finally got it

granny, don't hit the x in the center of color puzzle....hit the gold square under it, gives you a tile....I tried hitting the x SO many times

I have it like this;


thenks zoe now i have the last tile

No...nothing goes into the center. The door should just open

finally, out....ty for all the help

What the Sam Hill Am I doing wrong LOL clicking gold button too

ty escapism... that was it, in Zoes explanations is little mistake... she mixed the position og the single blue and red one.

Now the tiles :(

I actually like these games, but this one was not that fun, the clues are not clear enough - at least for me :))

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Visual aid for the colour puzzle:
(highlight link & click right to open it in a new tab)


premiere -
I believe you just made a lot of people very happy!!!

finally escapism, finally out after finding your explanation for the 8 tiles puzzle, lol

confusing comments above, which i totally understand :)

LOL, Zoe,
that's what EG24 players are for...!

Freely adapted from:



Now i out thanks so much

AH, Thanks Premiere! Make each corner of the puzzle match the corner circles in the book, all one color first, then only change the corresponding corners colors to match the center circle in the book...my head was all screwy!

1. by plant
2. on couch
3.behind right drape, on floor
4. left of wine bottle on cb
5. in word puzzle cb
6. in number puzzle cb, plus shell tile
7. from solving fish puzzles, in locked box
8. in color puzzle box

but...I don't see where I made a mistake...

1) from couch (click on plant)
2) from plant
3) under right curtain
4) from CB under window (click wine bottle)
5) from locked tile CB (use key from fish above couch)
6) from colour puzzle (hint in book)
7) from letter puzzle (hint behind paintings above couch)
8) from number puzzle (hint in book)

Match shells in tile puzzle, put key in wall next to shells, end of shells gives UDRL drawer clue..OUT

LOL, Thrynn,
now it's foolproof...!

that is an OLD video - look how young Stevie Wonder looks!!!!!!!

Well, Zoe,
here on EG24, there are also loads of old hands...!


Ha - you got that right!!


lol premiere we must have posted at the same time



It's not easy trying to describe Tomatea puzzles - whew!

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paint all circles in four colors from book, and after that change their corners in corresponding colours from center book circle
hope it helps :)

Out! First time playing Tomatea, seen so many people talking about Tomatea in comments :)

Enjoyed it very much, looking forward to more :D

I think if you type in "Tomatea" in the search box you might come up with other of their games. They've made quite a few all these years!

Ahhh Zoe of course!! Didnt think of that lol Duh, thanks :D

Great as always ,Thanks Tomatea !!
Thank you all for the very helpful comments and explanations !!!

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This comment has been removed by the author.

As i said in two comments above look at where the outer line of the shells starts.
First one is UP (on top), so click the UP button, second one is RIGHT etc....


Thanks Zazie, i keep thinking it was the direction of the opening of the end of the shell shows the direction.

You are welcome :)
I love Tomatea games ! They are so logical and cute :)

Awesome game from Tomatea as usual.

i have no idea for circle colour puzzle.
thank you for helping but i still dont understand
the logic.
next game i will be better.
i give up

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