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Escape in a Rainy Day 2 Walkthrough

Escape in a Rainy Day 2

Escape in a Rainy Day 2 is another Japanese point and click type room escape games by Springdays. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Escape in a Rainy Day 2 Walkthrough

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Giving this one a go! :D

Hi to all again!

Hi Urban :)

Got hammer, then ball with ghost, destroyed the ball to have now ghost, solved 4 number safe with hint on the hanging things in 4th view, got upstairs, used key to get little dress, and used SD in the room, to which you get from 4th view and then left.

got a hammer, a red/blue outfit and a ghost/coin

Oh, and solved left/right buttons under bed, hint on window

hello all my i.d and pass not working ?

used SD in kitchen left and solved the rgy puzzle to be able to go to kitchen

ID = raindrop
PW comes from the upper green drawer ( number is on leaf)
i can put a spoiler if you want...

Door mat, door and umbrella are hints to RGY

got glass and screw or similar from fridge

Now i also have 3 keys to open several drawers.

turned water off and got now green leaf from pool

After giving leaf to the fish he wants a piano now lol..

given fishfood and lilypad to tadpole now wants a piano!! sorry mate not gonna fit in there lol

Piano is in the box in brown cb upstairs

And out.

how to open brown cb?

Which fish? The black under shower? He won't speak to me. I think I opened everything except the little cupboard upstairs, for which I don't have hint.

Put the piano in front of fishtank and play the keys..;then give clothes to the frog and you are out.

Fish i don't know, it is something which becomes a frog later, i don't know the english word.

cant open the brown cupboard...it already says unlocked but wont open...strange

a tadpole

Where is fishfood?

and out finally - a lovely game :)

urban in one of the cb's

is there a key for the brown cupboard???

       Anonymous  6/2/12, 7:30 AM  

Where is the hint for the upper green drawer, please ? (3 digits)

my pass still wont workkkkkkkkk :(
i know the i.d is rainbow
and the pass was 690174
why is it not working

sorry that should be rain drop lol

ting ting my ID was raindrop :)

for me it was raindrop...

Yes calm down tadpole, im still trying to find a way to open the brown CB!!

Put the little ghost on the leaf (make leaf big) and it gives you the 3 digit number.

Hm, I opened all the drawers again, except the one under books, and there's no fishfood. I probably have to do something with glass? There's also minidress, piano and leaf with number I already used.

three digit code is on the back of lilypad...

You have to put the black thing into the glass and then into the fishtank.

have i got the right i.d and pass...????need to be quick visitors arriving soon would love to finish before they arrive please :) xx

ID: rindrop
pass: 690174

Use red key below clock and you will get the drop.

ahh nvm CAPITAL LETTERS got the key

ID is raindrop
PASS is 690174

@zazie: thanks, I realized I have to have highlighted glass in zoom out view

before anyone finishes, can someone tell me please how to open the cupboard for the piano please? :D

For the brown cb you need the drop, the ghost and the music note to get the piano.

and out ....xx

I think it was with the blue (?) key

Nice game, but why did the toad need a music?

nevermind, nothing is happening with this CB and i have all three of these things :(

thanks everyone for all the help .....visitors on doorstep....xx

I think the blue key was on back of the leaf

Toads are strange sometimes lol....

it does say unlocked but its not opening

@rimic: did you click on the cover of the white box?

Rimic put them at their positions !

Rimic did you click the top of white box...should give you piano...i think x byeeeeeeee

actually il refresh the game and try again lol Thank you for your help :D

You are welcome, i also have to go now, cu all !!

same here can't get that cb opened either

you use the green key to open that cb!

I replayed the game, and the green key for the CB upstairs was in the rightmost map on computer.

@ linda hello :) Have you found the green key?

green key was from the id and pw thing

       Anonymous  6/2/12, 8:01 AM  

Thank you, Rimic. The problem is that I can't pick up the lilipad.

yay thank you thats all i needed to know...where the green key was..geeeezzz lol i would of been out ages ago

@ pdgph have you turned of the water?

       Anonymous  6/2/12, 8:04 AM  

POP, I thought that the valve in my inventory was some kind of propeller !

@pascale..you have to turn off the water before you can get the lilypad. The handle is in kitchen.

       Anonymous  6/2/12, 8:36 AM  

Hi Nokra !

Now I have a hungry tadpole, and the food must be in the only cupboard that I can't open...

@ pdgph you know the square next to the white door, theres a colour code..that will open the white CB...

Out with no help. Great Game!!!

       Anonymous  6/2/12, 9:10 AM  

Thank you Rimic !
I can see those coloured squares, but where is the hint, please ?

@pdgph- enter colors you see next to a door in white cb

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  6/2/12, 10:33 AM  

@Dinna James,

Thanks a lot, I didn't see that I could change the colours on the white cupboard, I thought that I had to click the colours in some order on the panel near the door !

       Anonymous  6/2/12, 10:36 AM  

The tadpole doesn't seem to like how I play the piano (well, it is right, indeed...).

       Anonymous  6/2/12, 10:47 AM  


- TAB works...! 8-D
- SOLUTIONS at the bottom

(start screen)
- note behind RED door panel: HINT (# 1,3)...
- note bottom left under GREEN door mat: HINT (# 4,5)...
- note on YELLOW umbrella: HINT (# 2,6)...
- note on shelf above door: boxes with HINT (ID)...
- go left

- note: you can't reach clock (yet)...
- note: locked wall panel under clock (RED keyhole)...
- note: frog-like device needs ID & PASS...
- note: STRINGS in passage with HINT (dots)...
- open SAFE on shelf with dot hint for SCREWDRIVER
(click button right of numbers & then door)
- got thru passage in

- note: you can't go forward...
- go left
- unscrew PANEL with SD
- solve colour puzzle according to colour hints to be able to reach fridge view
- take empty GLASS from fridge (lower part)
- take TAP HANDLE from sink CB left of fridge
- go back to CLOCK view & go left

- note left on wall: picture with dressed frog...
- note: locked top drawer of left CB with leaf sign (no hint yet)...
- take GHOST BALL from bottom drawer of left CB
- take HAMMER from top drawer of right CB
- note: locked middle drawer of right CB (BLUE keyhole)...
- smash ball with hammer for GHOST
- go upstairs

- note on wall: 2 panels (with black frame & door-like...)
- go left

- note: locked CB (GREEN keyhole)...
- note: locked drawer (YELLOW keyhole)...
- note in bottom drawer: some cloths...
- note on right rainbow CB: locked door (no hint yet)...
- go left

- note on window frame: HINT (L/R)...
- open left DRAWER under bed with L/R hint for YELLOW KEY
- go left

- note: empty aquarium...
- note on floor: 4 marks (too early to put sth there)...
- go 2x left or right (according to your hand preference ;-D)

- open upper drawer with yellow key for too small CLOTHS
- go back downstairs (hole in floor in door? view) to CB view
- go to NEXT WT PART...! ;-D

       Anonymous  6/2/12, 10:49 AM  


- coming from upstairs, go left

- put tap handle in slot on top of SHOWER TUBE (black dot)
- turn handle to turn off water
(you can also turn water ON again...!)
- take left LEAF from bottom right green POOL
- take TADPOLE (was hiding under leaf you took) with glass
(you may zoom at tadpole first)
- (about item) note (click): tadpole wanna have a swim (aquarium)... ;-D
- (about item) take RED KEY from leaf
- note on leaf: HINT (number)...

- open upper drawer of left CB with leaf number for BLUE KEY & PASS
(click leaf on drawer to unlock & then drawer)
- open middle drawer of right CB with blue key for NOTE

- open wall panel with red key for STAIRS 8-D
- climb up stairs & click on CLOCK for RAINDROP
- put ID & PASS in frog device & click OK for document ICONS
(Ah, it's a frog computer LOL!)
- note on left & middle ICON: HINTS (tadpole)...
- take GREEN KEY from right document icon
(down arrow to see document icons again)

- put tadpole in aquarium
- note (click): tadpole wants food (jar)...

- note on panel left of door: HINT (colours)...

- open rainbow CB with colour hint for JAR
(click OK & then door)
- open CB door with green key for BOX with 3 SLOTS
- put ghost, note & raindrop in slots for PIANO (no about item view...!)
(click box lid)

- feed tadpole from jar to start the METAMORPHOSIS (hind legs)...! 8-D
(click water)
- note (click): tadpole wants a seat (leaf)... ;-D
- give leaf to tadpole - metamorphosis is going on (forelegs)...!
(click water)
- note (click): tadpole wants some music... ;-P
- put piano in front of aquarium (4 marks on floor)
- play the piano & note: funny sounding KEY (white 2nd from right)...

- note on panel left of door: HINT (notes)...

- play the piano according to note hint: tadpole has finished its metamorphosis, now it's a FROG!
- note (click): frog wants some cloths (Natch! He's looking a bit embarassed LOL!)
- give clothes to frog to see him jump out of aquarium
- talk with frog named PYONTA (click frog & then NEXT) for a


☺ ☻ ☺


- strings in passage (count dots):

- buttons behind screwed panel:
- numbers from door view:
G - 4,5 (door mat)
Y - 2,6 (umbrella)
R - 1,3 (door panel)
- gives order (click buttons):

- hint on window frame:


ID: raindrop
PASS: 690174

- left: «My brother loves the glass.»
-> hint for taking tadpole with glass (done before seeing hint LOL!)
- middle: «I had broken my brother's piano...»
-> hint for funny sounding piano key

- on door panel:
- click so many times:

1-2-3-4-3-2-1 = white keys starting from left


       Anonymous  6/2/12, 10:49 AM  

Finally, I'm out !



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