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Find the Escape Men 34 : In the Four and a Half Tatami Room at Dusk Walkthrough

Find the Escape Men 34 : In the Four and a Half Tatami Room at Dusk

Find the Escape Men 34 : in the Four and a Half Tatami Room at Dusk is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game from No1Game. This time, you must find 10 Escape-Men to escape there. Let's find all the Escape-Men, solve some puzzles, and escape. Good luck and have fun!

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Find the Escape-Men34 Walkthrough
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Well, with 34 being my lucky number, let's see if it workes on this game as well :)

hmm, not much yet, lol
only found 4 men so far
anyone else playing?

hi truus, same here

Hi Truus, got 4 men, a glass a dried plum and a sweet potatoe.Stuck

anyone playing?need some help here.stuck with dried plum,sweet potato,drumstick,cup and 4 escape men.

I'm up to 8 and stuck! taken so long forgetting where I found things, but you need to track down a drumstick and hit the round thing next to the bell for a key

have you got the one from the window? click it and wait

I suppose we all found the obvious ones:
1 behind paper on floor
2 if you wait, one will appear behind window
3 on glass window on door
4 on blue book

I have the items lin has too

I'll try and replay and find out where I got the drumstick

that was very vague @LNS

drumstick on the bookshelf

I do have the drumstick (sorry! also forgot where it was)not sure what to hit with it though

sorry - replaying to be more specific -

aha, just switched sound on on my laptop, found the bell now :)

Truus there are two items left of the locked cupboard - ting the little one, hit the big one with stick - took me several goes - and you should get a key

Darn - I can't make it work this time! lol

Thanks LNS. I suppose there is a certain way of hitting them. Can't seem to find it though, just hitting like mad here..


Drumstick is on book shelf, top row. Pock-ting, pock-ting, no key

where exactly on the round thing to hit to get the key?been hitting all over here :P

I promise you it did work - I have my first game open to prove it!!! Could it be to do with the shapes on the desk - cos I never used those?

we believe you LNS!
we're all counting on you now, please help us :)

Oh for goodness sake! If I didn't know it worked I would have given up!
So keep at it guys - it will - eventually- give you a key to the cupboard- really LOL

been clicking like msd... still no key

if we count shapes and look at calendar we should have 3455 or cdee..??

This is silly! and I have to go - so when we open the darn thing - you will get a key - find hot water - potato sauce stuff and matches and a calling card - can't remember sequence - too many tings - cook the potato - leave then take it back - calling card and calendar open the green box - that's as far as I got. sorry, but evil dentist awaits - would much rather stay here lol

Pete - calendar is used with the card we haven't got to yet.

aha thx LNS!

can not get the key :S

ok LNS, sorry you have to leave, and for the dentist as well. Yikes, good luck there and avoid the drill!
Thanks anyway!

so the shapes, should we read them as
3455= or as 34x5= ?
And then, how to use them??

Calendar say twice "L": on 12 and 14

Has anyone exept LNS solved the mistery of the round thing?

i think not, him and the game maker!

Not me Urban. There must be a clue somewhere for the sequence. Tried l/r inclined books from the shelf, books on floor, nothing. Was wondering what the coloured lanters say.

I though it's tied w/ the locations mentioned on lentern, seems i'm wrong

no key,noway finishing game (:

could the shapes on the books mean anything?
just thinking out loud...

I got the key.I was trying for ages but then I zoomed out and zoomed back in and just hit the drum thing and it worked.I didnt have any sequence or anything

lol this is funny.i keep zooming in and out, hitting the drum.no luck for me.

congrats TheDee12_7 ! Would you mind if we borrowed it from you after you used it? lol
Do you remember how you hit the drum thing?

No luck over here with the key and the drum too. I am zooming out and in and hitting the drum like an idiot...

Seems to be very arbitrary! Have been hitting the blasted thing for ages to no effect :(

Lol no problem!I didnt do anything in particular with it.I just zoomed in and just hit around the middle of it once and it worked.I spent a load of time smackin it off the bowl and then the drum to see if it made a difference but then I gave up and zoomed out and when I zoomed back iin again and hit the drum it worked

I have 9 esc. men, cup with hot water and plum inside , baked sweet potato...and now what?

Restarting doesn't appear to help either.

I dunno if it helps at all but the top half of the brown bit of the drum is the bit that smashed so maybe try working on that part of it

Same as you Zoran

i feel like an idiot, I've been hitting the damn drum for 10 min and still nothing....no key for me...

*sobs profusely*


Lol... xD

Zoran and TC - little help on the drum...or was yours also random?

can't get the key either, even tried hitting it 170 times..

For the drum, hit 22 times with drumstick (see shapes on the desk : 3+4+10+5=22) then 1 time the bell !

Kiki, just random hitting

thankx jcm

Restarting the game, maybe more luck next time

@JCM oh thanks, Finally...I've never thought that we need to add the shapes....

Great JCm - Thanx

I give up. Will check back later if someone's figured out the secret!

My key only opened one side of cabinet, need key for the other side...

Thaaaaaank you JCM!!!!

nevermind found the code for the box, and there's another key

I got the key from the round thing... just kept clicking it then clicked the stick next to it and it opened up. Playing in IE as well because it wouldn't load in Chrome (you never know if these things make a difference lol)

I just got the key too, but I don't think I hit it 22 times. I just hit like 5 times then hit the bell and repeated that a few times. lol, maybe I stopped at exactly 22 times?
thanks for figuring it out though JCM!
Now we can finally move on

Oh whoops I was too late lol... so is logic to the drum then. I just got lucky LOL

Now what to do with cooked Sweet potato and apricot?

What is this plum for???

Ok - stuck with glass with stuff in and potato? 9 men

Stuck with dry plum, cooked potato hot water, and some liquid in the glass...

Plum goes inside the glass

Check the green box one more time

The ending is quite bizarre :D

put the plum in the boiling water for a man.turn the baked sweet potatoe over for another one

Pamarina87, Put the hot water in the glass with liquid and then put plum in it.

I can't put plum in hot water nor in glass...

POP! thanx mhtyhr! Jip ending funny!

Thanks Feminin21....

oh LOL!! After finding them all and when they turn into this one big green man, put him on the cushion. Then give him the roasted potatoe and the hot water/plum. He will fart his way out haha

Ha, got aig green man, put him on pillow, give him a plum and potatoe....and....bum :)))


If I'm not mistaken, pour the Shochu (the alcoholic drink) into the glass. Add water, then add the plum

I can't put anything in the glass, only have 6 men, potato shochu (in the glass), calling card, dried plum and potato. Looking for the matches to make fire i guess, to boil the water?

Not doing so well lol... do I need water as well then?

Jo.C you need to open the green box and get the key for the right cupboard.Youll get a kettle in there to pour the boiling water into the glass.Use the code from the card and the calendar. ERIKA is the hint :)

POP used the name from calling card, combined with calender for number code :)

Thanks TheDee12_7... I remembered to zoom in on the card, eventually!! Lol

I'm missing one man.I'd bet he's right under my nose too!

Lol my last one was in the green box (that we used number code on)... had to click around it a bit though. Or do you have that one?

finally out,thanx all of you especially JCM.

Lower left corner of green number box for 10th man



3455 means

55 - 34 = 22

Hit the drum 22 times and then ring the bell will get a key



Yes, out, too, but wouldn't be if not for jcm.


finally..farted my way out of the room.thanks everyone!:D

Thanks Jo.C!Just found him in the box!I swear I looked there about a thousand times and found nothing.Then you posted and there he was! :D

Can anyone who got all 10 men post where you found them? I'm stuck at 9 and I just can't find the last one.

Not even loading for me..?

Lightsnmagic - I'm stuck at the same place. Just 9 (and I have the one from inside the green box).

Well POP - turn the baked sweet potato over! #10 was there!

this was fun! (especially the hilarious ending)

And finally not one of the "2-minutes-and-out" kind...jolly hard but fun

@toota: 55-34 is 21, not 22.

It's not a formula, just count the sides of each shape.

Just found out it doesn't load if you haven't installed Japanese. Shame

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Summary of above:
First 4 men:
- watch window
- paper under desk
- blue book in front of bookshelf
- window in exit door

Take sweet potato and plum from desk
Take drumstick from top book shelf -- (it looks like a pizza cutter lol!)
- zoom on red and purple objects next to cupboard
- left object is a bell, right is a drum
- click drum = total number of sides on the drawing on the desk (3+4+10+5 = 22) then click bell for KEY and MAN #5
- open left side of cupboard for Shoju and card (MAN #6)
- combine name on card with calendar for number for green box SP5O18I9L11E1R
- take matches (MAN #7) and key
- use matches to light fire (blue bowl next to desk) and put on sweet potato

While potato is cooking (you have to go around the room)
Open right side of cupboard for hot water
Take glass from drawer of cupboard
Fill glass with shoju, add hot water and plum (MAN #8)
Take potato and turn over for MAN #9

Go back to green box and click lower left for MAN #10

Put big man on pillow, give shoju and potato

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