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Gotmail - Recreation Escape Walkthrough

Gotmail - Recreation Escape

[UPDATE] Gotmail - Recreation Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game from Gotmail. In this game, you are locked in a room and you have to search the room for items and some clues to find the way of escape. Good luck and have fun!

Note: English version is available now!

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Recreation Escape Walkthrough

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Going in... first?

Got crown, frog, solar panel and then.....

put crown on frog, can take frog...

paper clip ...

shape clue under frog...

use paperclip to unlock door

lighter behind calendar.

going in :)

Use lighter from behind calender, beside cabinet for number clue and statue.

shape paper under plant, goes in box on table, need 2nd one

use solar panel on train...and it goes into the tunnel.

whats this email and password??

email and password to get in the game rimic? it's listed above 'play this game'

can pick up paintbrush and dish but need paint?

can turn over statue

oh derrr its on the top lol NM

need clue for red and green lights after train goes in tunnel?

and where to use number from number clue by cabinet?

Where did you all find the crown?

loading loading...hopefully i can catch up :)

POP..got it. Beside the pot plant in the first scene.

does number clue open drawer on big cabinet? my computer won't let me enter anything there so I may be done..

This one is pretty easy once you open the drawer which needs password. ^^

Lottie is password from number clue? or maybe from magazine in desk? I hate when my computer won't let me enter passwords.... have fun all!

The pics in the cupboard, the first is sun so you have to light it, the one in middle is sunset and moon for last...how to light the wick with lighter??

laura why doesnt your computer allow that??

laura, the drawer that require password is come from the hint right near the cb,
think about the numbers with CLOCK, and the number 12 will become another number

Rimic, you need to open the book on the desk and read the hints on the pages

If you know the Chinese word and make a guess, or you understand Japanese, they will give you the order to place objects on the cb (And make actions)

Thanks Lottie.... or I was just thinking multiply each number by 5... same result..

I don't know why Rimic... sometimes I can type things in games and sometimes not, never know why... (it killed me in Dream House because I couldn't enter mastercode after getting that far... )

Lottie thank you for your helpful hints :D

P.S. that "magazine" and doll in drawer are actually cover with a piece of GLASS

That sucks laura especially with big games like Dream house :(

yeah it does, I always hope there's nothing to type..

How did you get through the glass Lottie?

well gotta go it's late here anyhow...

How to open book on desk??

Bye Laura :)

Lottie can you be much more specific about the password? I do not understand a word that you said (yes, i have seen the clue, and i tried 12*5 in both number and letter and it wouldnt work)

I cannot open the book on the nightstand either.

spoiler for password....00.00

       Anonymous  6/21/12, 10:36 PM  

@Chris - think of it as midnight...

I need glue! My kingdom for glue!

Pour water into ashtray and get gold coin

Use gold coin on a/c unit on balcony, for hammer. Use hammer on drawer to smash glass and get the...umm eagle/lion

Thanks clio and szarra.

OK got the water, coin, paint. Now paiting with Japanese characters.... Anyone speak/understand the language? I think something about the mirror...

Anyone got a clue about how to get the train back?

Where is the number clue by cabinet? lol

after smashing glass and getting eagle/lion....click on the paper in the drawer. It will take you to a new website, where you can flip the pages to find clue for train. After train comes out of tunnel, it will have a key in it. Rimic, use your lighter on the right-side of the cabinet to see in the dark.

OK smashed glass, got griffin, then train clue in a separate window after clicking the postcard.

Thank you clio :D

This is going to sound silly, but i cant find a keyhole anywhere. And Anyone got the clue from the canvas/painting?

eemmmm.I'm not good in explaining , I upload a video WT in Youtube : UNU9s8wgyIg
watch it if you really need help...w

       Anonymous  6/21/12, 10:49 PM  

Use key on diary/book on desk.

       Anonymous  6/21/12, 10:49 PM  

oops nm...I think that was coin.

Chris..the keyhole is on the book...then you can flip the book and see how we have to place objects.
After hammering wings off griffin (thanks)...i guess we need glue to stick them on the statue.

       Anonymous  6/21/12, 10:53 PM  

I think I've clicked every pixel, except for the one that has glue.
And what's with the picture of the monkey?!

take gold coin back off drawer, and place on the circle in the 3rd blue pic....dont know why tho..

Thanks Clio and Thanks Lottie for the walkthrough.

Also pour water into frog container in middle one, and light wick on first one.

What do i do now, Chris. I dont want to watch the w/t yet.

what is on the canvas?

glue behind mirror

lol...how do i get the mirror off? Hammer not working.

click on monkey pic to type in password

Just click left hand side of mirror :) it will give you a different angle

password is from the book on table and out :)

eagle=1 frog=2 statue=3

use that for the password box behind monkey picture..

the frog at end is facing other way so think of number facing other way too :)

where did everyone go??

Thanks rimic..i was stuck on that. Didnt notice the frog was facing the other way. Thanks, im out too now.

lol...maybe they were like me, thinking...."huh, why isnt this code working?"..

hehe maybe clio :)

Thanks.. Out..

I don't get that pixel left of mirror :(

hmm... that's strange... when I highlighted the lighter the mirror turned around, now I can see the glue, but its taped... waiting for another POP

it don't want to let me take the glue... I'm giving up for a while... maybe someone will find my SOS :)

now I have the glue... maybe someone is stuck at the same place: I think the lighter only showes the glue behind the glass, when you click in this moment at the left side of the mirror, it opens and you can take the glue

       Anonymous  6/22/12, 3:11 AM  

Got mail made another excellent game!
Out with e few hint from you all. BTW I just looked at the video WT from Lottie. very well done :)

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  6/22/12, 5:41 AM  

I've clicked every pixel on the left and around the mirror, there is nothing, no glue, no other point of vue. And the monkey picture doesn't move either.

       Anonymous  6/22/12, 6:05 AM  

I give up, I have to leave.

pdgph. There are two views on the left of the mirror. The first one is on the lower left. When i pressed it, i could see the glue, but couldnt get it. The other view i got, was when i pressed somewhere else on the left hand side, which gave me a close up...and i could get the glue. If you are still stuck...go to the top of this page. You will see the 'chat' button. There is usually someone there who will be able to help you...or at the very least be friendly and chat about games.

I love EG24 chat


I cant find any other view of the mirror, no matter how many times I click :(

before you can get the glue, you first need to see the clue.

- Get the red paint from the box on the table at the balcony
- Use the red paint with the brush on the blank canvas. You will see some letters.
It says "light the bottom of the mirror"
- Now, you can go back to the room, use the lighter on the bottom of the mirror. You will see that there is something inside
- Click on the left, you'll now be able to retrieve the glue

@mhtyhr Where do I get the other piece of paper with shapes on for the box outside? I have the one from under the plant, but haven't found a second. Without that, I can't get paint, and therefore can't get glue either :/

       Anonymous  6/22/12, 12:08 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  6/22/12, 12:14 PM  

circle/star tile from top desk drawer, use coin from bottle (pour water in ashtray on night table).

Would someone explain the exit code please?

       Anonymous  6/22/12, 1:14 PM  

find on backside of diary on night table:
beast = 1
frog prince, looking LEFT = 2
angel = 3
- on display:
frog (looking left)-angel-beast-frog/mirrored=looking right =
for (digital) 2 mirrored = 5

It's official, Lottie has clocks on her mind.

Everytime something needs to be figured out, it's a clock reference and she's the one to get it! lol

Didn't post this yesterday -- for the cupboard 0=00=0000
I'm really glad Lottie thought of clocks cause I was just doing x5!

Btw, Lottie, that was an excellent video WT. I don't usually watch them, but it really helped me escape.

Belated Funtime Walkthrough:

Wow, what a game! Beautiful and fascinating.

1st, enter the info at the top of this page, Then click the left button. You're in! Now get out.

Grab a cup of coffee, or the beverage you prefer. You'll be at this a while.

Click through the intro, then forward once, then to the left of the TV. You find a little SOLAR PANEL here. Back out, and click farther left, near the plant. Notice a gleam in the carpet. It's a tiny CROWN. Take it but it's not really yours.

If you turn left, you find that you can't go out the door. Turn left again.

Click on the nightstand. A close-up on the diary shows that your CROWN belongs to a frog. You can also close-up the ashtray. Back out enough to see the drawers, and find FROG in the lower drawer. Close-up on him and give him the CROWN. He then becomes your FROG. Once you get him in inventory, you can bring him up again with a doubleclick. Do so, click on him again, and see there's a code on his nether regions. Back out - nothing in the top drawer - nothing in the bed (isn't that unusual in an escape game?) but you can close-up on the mirror or the train-set to the left. Nothing in the freight car; Close-up the engine and you see that your SOLAR PANEL fits there. Place it and the train disappears. There's a panel with red and green lights that you don't know a clue for. (I think in Gotmail games, you always have to see the clue before you can solve anything. Luckily you usually need to see it anyway.)

Back out 3x and turn left.

Close-up on the cabinet, you can peer into the darkness on the right side, and open the righthand drawer and cabinets below (nothing there). In the upper cabinets are 3 pedestals and 3 pictures. The blue pictures also have little circular niches in them. The one on the left also has a wick. Hmmm.
Look at the monkey. Laugh at the monkey. It won't do any good.
Back out twice to focus on the desk, then the calendar. You want to click the calendar an extra time to get the LIGHTER that's behind it. Then look closely at that unreadable document on the desk so you can take the PAPER CLIP from it. Doubleclick the PAPER CLIP into a LOCKPICKING TOOL.
Looking at the drawers, we see there's something in the lower one but the light reflection tells us it's protected by a sheet of glass. Save shredding your hands. We'll find a hammer somewhere.
In another unusual move, the computer does nothing in this game.

Part 2 coming!


Turn to face the patio doors, and open them with your LOCKPICKING TOOL. Going forth, you see a mysterious jewelled box on the table. It wants you to enter something. Turn left and move the plants around to find a CODE PIECE. Yes it fits in the box but you need 2 of them. Back out, turn right, take the BRUSH & PAINTWELL from the little table. No you can't drink the beer. You need your wits. These people are serious.
Notice that the top of the fan has screws, so you're expecting a screwdriver at some point, right? Expect nothing, you won't be disappointed. Also notice you can focus on the easel. Don't expect to become a great artist either.

About now, we ought to go back to the dark corner by the cabinet and use the lighter to see what's there. Why, it's a beautiful lady and some numbers. Take the LADY; leave the numbers. She's really not as nice as she looks though. She won't kiss the frog, even wearing that crown that your head was too big for. If you love her, you're going to have to go slay a gryphon with a hammer. You might as well; you're going to put her on a pedestal anyway.
Now look at the numbers, and note that each 1st number times 5 equals the second number, so 12 times 5 is 60, right? WRONG. It's midnight.
I was almost proud of myself here, I figured out the code, but I entered it this way, 00:00. Doesn't work. Maybe the Japanese don't use colons? (Or need colostomies?) Not sure. Anyway, the code for the drawer nearby is 00.00. Opening it, you find a WATERBOTTLE.

Now that you have a WATERBOTTLE, the 1st thing you want to do is clean the ashtrays, right? Well, do it anyway. Pour water into the ashtray and get a pretty gold COIN. You can't buy anything with this COIN, but it's very useful indeed.

Proceed to the fan on the patio, and use your COIN to remove the screws. You knew they were keeping the HAMMER in there, right? Return to the desk.

Put your COIN on the medallion on the top drawer to open it and get COPEPIECE 2. Then take your COIN back. Keep track of your tools.
Open bottom drawer, and smash the barrier with HAMMER. Grab the GRYPHON, then doubleclick and using HAMMER knock his wings off. Yes she wants them. But you need glue to give them to her. You've a ways to go yet.

Click on the Recreation magazine; it'll open a new window or tab. Don't close it immediately, thinking OMG ADS like I did; it's a necessary clue. Click the page and you'll see that you want the train signals to be red on right-left-left.

Let's enter that code, and get the train back with a KEY in it. This KEY opens the diary to the right of the bed. You'll see Japanese (I think). You'll also see the back cover, showing how to place your array of figurines. Time to return to the patio.

You probably noticed that you can flip your CODEPIECES around; now you want to arrange them exactly as you see on your FROG. Put them in the box and you get PAINT. (back out, then click box again.) Bring up your PAINTWELL, put PAINT in it, then move to the easel and.,. well, you're not exactly Hokusai, are you? According to mhtyhr above, what you just said while painting-in-tongues is 'light the bottom of the mirror'. Let's try that.

At the mirror, the lighter turns it around to reveal GLUE. But to get the GLUE you have to put the mirror back, come at it from the left side, and open the glass. Grab it, put GLUE on LADY, and give her her WINGS. Now to the cabinets. You can do them in any order, but the GRYPHON goes on the left (light the wick with your LIGHTER), FROG in middle (fill it with WATER from BOTTLE first), LADY on right (place COIN in niche). Now go click on the monkey. Code panel behind monkey!
Now you just substitute the numbers 1, 2, 3 for the statues represented, and in the frog's case, reversing the digit at the end (2 becomes 5). So the code is 2315, and if you click on the door you can get out for a beer.

wow, lots of clues and great walkthrough but the final code does not work for me and I can't open door. It just says error when I put 2315. I am considering myself out anyway!

You have to have seen the clue on the back of the diary or the final code won't work

The Last Frog is In another direction....so the number????

The coin was glitching for me... after I used it on the desk it became inactive. I still consider myself out!!

Wher is the english version please?

djlena, juste select "english" at the start of the game

The video walkthru was better than the game...

Very hard.......

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