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Magic Island Escape 3 Walkthrough

Magic Island Escape 3

Magic Island Escape 3 is another point and click type room escape game developed by Esklavos. In this game, you try to escape from the magic island by using the four color keys.. Good luck and have fun!

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Magic Island Escape 3 Walkthrough

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Only two views...?

hi, if you assemble the diving equipmnt you have an under water view

Hi ontherocks, I tried that, but I'm probably missing something. So far I have that bamboo tube thing and the oxygen bottle.

I have a net, shovel, air tank, stick and knife. Missing the star and can't seem to combine what I have. Must be missing something else.

Keep on fishing with the net

with the net you can get goggles,star fish etc

combine goggles,reed and oxy.cylinder for diving equip

underwater you have apuzzle and the first 4 numbers and also the color code

cant get the colours right (fish)....help nor can i get the pipe thing ...

Thank you! After getting the starfish, I never tried using the net again :)

ting ting, click left down extreme under water you get colred fishes coming out

2nd view left extreme you have a reed cut it with the mathchet

yes have done this but not working....RYBRY thats the order they come out right ????

Ting ting, use the knife to get the pipe from the left side of the left view. Color clue is


oops nvm got it thanks ontherocks...x

stuck on that stupid pipe thing...anyone got it yet

Where is the starfish and in witch view can i use the broken net?

That connecty puzzle took me far too long, but I'm out. My best hint for it is to work from the blue backwards logically. You'll have half the puzzle right there.

finally got it boy that was hard ... just have to keep trying till you get it right ...out now

feminin you have to mend the broken net get starfish from behind rock in door scene..

Ting ting, how to mend it? and there is nothing behind the rocks clicked everywhere, but not luck.

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Nevermind Ting ting, i got it didn't see the vine in the tree.

Feminin21 - there is is piece of rope on the palm tree in the first scene.

For anyone else like me who had trouble with the color puzzle - one of the colors is white, which I was mistaking for yellow.

Thanks to all for the help!

How do you get the shovel unstuck?

Oh..use the crow bar.

Where the heck is the snail???

I have been searching for the snail too. Cannot see it anywhere.

The snail is in the first scene to the right of the plank (net).

Finally got the snail! Throw the net to the right of the pier.

What is the number for the stone dials...I have the last 3....727 but don't know first 4!?

you have to get under the water click on the left plant and you will see the other 4 numbers...x

4824 firt fioour numbers

And out! loads of FUN! thanks. Looking forward to the next one.

4824 firt fioour numbers

this must be obvious since no-one mentioned it, but where is the net???

POP, nvm, got it, thought my crowbar was a cane!

FISH colours:
- click (turn) dials (white marbles) in stone:
W - 0x/6x (start)
Y - 1x
B - 2x
R - 3x
G - 4x
Bk - 5x

(Broken) NET in portal view:
dig with SHOVEL (bottom middle in landing stage view, freed with crowbar)

I have air tank, net, its all fixed, knife, bamboo,shovel. cant find the weed,and cant combine anything what am I missing please

go fishing in water with net in both views, right side in water (more than once!) to find more stuff.

@premiere, thank you so much, now I am finally out Thanks again. as always

Fantastic game!! Easy navigation, simple graphics with contrasting colors and no pixel hunts, Nice music, and well-clued puzzles. A rare 5 star escape!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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