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Obama Lord of the Rings Walkthrough

Obama Lord of the Rings

Obama - Lord of the Rings is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inkagames. The Middle Earth is in great danger. Sauron is about to recover the One Ring, which would give him absolute power. The only way to stop him is to destroy the Ring before it's too late. Good luck and have fun!

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Obama Lord of the Rings Video Walkthrough
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Is it alive one?


Cogido peine en debajo de carro y da a Princesa Arwen

loading.... thank you inka games!

y regalo en Poder de Agua

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This comment has been removed by the author.

> > Da peine al Pricesa

antes de hablar

pincha mapa vamos a magical forest < coge jarro

Habla un mujer y dice perdido arca

no se donde

Vamos a mapa al kingdom of rohan

Elfito A perdido Gorro verde

> hablar y enseñar en anillo

Saw a trailer couple of days ago, and finally the game is here

How to use a spell

mapa vamos a magical forest

< pincha rapido papel al rio

write your comments in english please!


<Takes all

@medilet: use spell in the scene with nazgul, click somewhere in the dry river.

Still dunno what to do

@Urban: I clicked everywhere dry areas in Nazgul scene, or I miss anything?

< Takes 3 things

>> Speaks pricesa

Card and gift giving power of water

in the river scene clik on the wet area

@ medilet quicly get the spell and put it the water in magical forest

to use the spell

finally, grab a scroll and use in dry area of a river is worked

I need something to melt the medalion of Saruman.

@medilet: first grab spell and then dry river. For me it took couple of tries, but I think I clicked in the higher part.

medialet: start the paper and click the dry water

how to take the potion in the moria mine

where did you get the medallion?
use tha ladle and the oven?

Where did you all found these things, I got stuck after killing the nazgul.

You should persuade the ent to kill the orc, then you can advance further and get the medalion.

I need something to insert the medalion into the oven...

Alvin philo,

The potion can be reached only after you defeat Saruman.

cant go further in the magical forest

Loading! Yeah Live

How to talk to ent about the ork?

urban throw the ax at the cut tree first

Throw the axe on the cut tree trunk, then talk with the ent.

At all my questions theent answers "Are you kidding me" how to make him kill the ork?


Thanks עמית מהשרון

How to hold medallion

Hm, I also can't advance nowhere after getting the ent?

@Urban: try to bring an ent to Isenguard

Thanks @medilet, tried that before but it didn't work.

@Urban: use an ent in a hole of the tower

How to kill the Balrog?

Still dunno what to do after clear Isenguard

Where is ladle?

ok, I finished the game;)

How can I enter Moria? How I kill the Nazgûl who is in Mordor?

i was combine the arrow wtih bow and dynamite still cant defeat balrog

You must freeze the water and after that use the light on the cloud.

Adrian, how to melt medallion?

Put on the ladle and that put to oven

Put it on the spoon and then on fire

Well, I can't find ladle anywhere.

ladle is near river, small blue point

Put the paper on the river, wherw the Nazgûl is

Wouldn't have seen that point. Thanks @megi

How I enter Moria?

Where is the ladle??

Thanks MegiPoland. Found it.

Hi I've defeated with the ent the mage in the tower of isengard, I've the sword of the King of Gondor, I've the soldiers of death of Gondor, I've Eowyn with the sword, an ocarina, a horn, a sonniferous, vase full of water, blowgun, dynamite, a book with the word to enter moria 'mellon'... What have I to do to go straight with the game? I can't enter Moria and I can't find the arp for Galandriel in magical forest

hi all!

how did you guys kill the balrog?

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use the ocariana for the flower

@Oana: use arrow with dynamite and some target point

How do I get the light?

I used the bow with dynamite on the ceiling oover the "troll"

Don't understand where to use spell? Where to fink arrow?

Pillesio play on ocarina:)

Oana shoot the stone over his head (bow+ arrrow+ dynamite)

Got a stone ,and then?

Not fink - FIND

When I try to combine the bow with dynamite I receive a message "not the right order". why?

how to kill nazgul
i have a stone, mallet,2 book, light of earendil, ocariana, army of the dead, horn, eowyn weilding a sword, empty matrix, laddle, spell, vase full of water, empty blowgun, bow and a ring

thanks all! i killed him!

עמית מהשרון

combine the dynamite with the arrow not the bow

When i killed that creature with dynamite the bridge broke...how to take the stone from the other side?

עמית מהשרון
you need an arrow too

use mallet on the left side of the bridge

Thank you so much Alvin and Adrian... now i'm facing the troll... i need the arrow.... where i can find? The i have to combine dynamite, arrow and bow right?

@alvin throw the stone in nazgul and grab the eowyn

arrow on the right side of u when u entering the troll room

Found the arrow, but after I left Balrog's room, I'm killed by the unseen Troll. stupid bug in the game...

This comment has been removed by the author.

thx adrian

But I can't reach arrow because of the troll

the game is bugged: i killed the troll, i killed balrog,i came back to the room where the troll is, i tried to went back to the room where balrog was and in the middle of the room an invisible troll kills me! :(

how to kill the spider

finished at all

@oana lol me to

@alvin use light and after that the sword

finally kill the spider

finish the game woohoo

how to defeat the octopus?

How can kill troll? I have to load blowgun with something but don't know what

something with somniferous

lol im in the top 10 ranking i got the second

@feminim21 u must freeze the water

i'm interesting when we see the next game:)

Feminin, you can defeat the octopus freezing the sea with a magic dust given you by Gandalf... You must before kill the orc in magical forest, take the ent and bring him to isengard to defeat the white magician and save gandalf

Anyone culd help me with troll?

Thanks, Alvin Philo and Pilessio!

how to defeat the dragon? i can't pick anything out of inventory?

How to get past army of death???

how to enter moria?

@Ikke use the vase with water

kiki, you must make the sword (with the matrix, broken sword, melted medaillon)

please help me
write me a walkthrough

what vase?????

How do you kill the creature in magical forest

@ikke vase full of water

Thanx Ikke

Where is the stone for the blowgun?

@adrian gil how to enter moria

@adrian: where is vase?

where do i get a vase full of water?

Oh no stone needed!
For the blowgun put somnifurus potion on splinter and combine with blowgun.

@urban, found the vase, next to the well (if you walk to the right, you can see it)

f U CK how to enter moria?

Vase is in magic forest behind the well. Take and use on the well.

how to repair the boken harp?

Vase is in Magical Forest, next to the well.

please answer my question?

ansar syahid, use magical powder on water and the light on the moon.

@feminin 21 how to get the light

I cant use the vase with water on the dragon.

Feminin21 what is splinter and where is it? :)

help me im stuck

Thanks all for the vase location

how to make nice harp?

ansar syahid, I think the sad lady in the forest gave it to me after using the ocarina on the flowers.

bluebubbles, it is next to the ent (the talking tree) on the left.

The splinter looks like a little piece of wood.

To defeat the dragon use the arrow, bow and dyna,ite combined on the brown spike.

how to kill troll

ansar syahid, combine the splinter with the blue potion or the magic powder (i don't remember) and combine it with the blowgun.

Ansar: to kill troll take the splinter where you met the ent, the somniferous in the enter of Moria and combine... then combine with blowgun and shoot the troll.

How get back from getting the stone? Im'stuck there

Where is the stone?

       Anonymous  6/13/12, 3:23 AM  

Love these games. Going in but way behind you all.
Thx for posting Megi.

Just use your map to go somewhere else.

how to kill balrog?

Please! How to enter Moria?

To kill balrog combine arrow with dynamite, and then to the bow... Shoot on the rocks above balrog

how to kill balrog?

To enter Moria use the light on the cloud in the sky... then speak to the door and say 'mellon'

how to enter moria? Please

how to get stone ?

where is the light?

How to kill spider?

and how to say mellon ? I can not

Done... Light and then sword on spider

To kill the spider, first use the light and then the sword.


Read book to get mellon password

How proceed after getting the stone from the balrog? I'm stuck - went everywhere but i have no clue what to do next :(

Use the stone on the big guy in Mordor and then quickly use Eowyn (combined with sword) on him.

       Anonymous  6/13/12, 3:45 AM  

Looking for the arrow and stone. You people are way ahead of me :)

how to kill the nazgul in the mordor, please i need help:((

And out!

Thanks small-tool !!

how to kill the nazgul in the mordor, please i need help:((

See my previous comment to Tinka.

how do you get through the ghosts in death mountain?


- Go left.
- Take GREEN BOOK (behind statue), DYNAMITE and BLOWGUN from carraige and BRUSH from under carriage.
- Go right (2x).
- Talk to her and give her the brush. Get the SPELL.

- Go left.
- Take the VASE (right next to the well). Fill the vase in the water to get a VASE with WATER.
- Read the spell and then go left.
- Use the spell quickly on a dry spot in the river to defeat that guy.
- On the right side of the river is a tiny spot. It's the LADLE, take it.
- Go up.
- Take the MATRIX/mold from left behind the tree.
- Go right.
- Take the SPLINTER (left on the ground).
- Use the axe on the log to the right of the orc and then talk to the big ent. Tell him about the orc woodcutter and then take (by talking) the TREE/ENT.

- Use the tree/ent on the window in the tower.
- Get the HORN, MEDALLION and MAGIC POWDER by talking to Gandalf.

OVEN (it's all the way right)
- Combine ladle and medaillon and put it in the oven. Combine matrix/mold and broken sword. Combine ladle with melted medaillon on that matrix and now you have a SWORD.


Go in the cave.
- Talk to the ARMY OF DEATH and take them by showing them the sword. Take the GREEN CAP.

- Talk to the boy and then give him the cap and take the OCARINA.
- Go right.
- Talk to her and ask her to join and then show her the ring. Then you have EOWYN.

- Talk to the girl (ask why upset) and then use the ocarina on the flowers. Then she will give you the LIGHT of erendil.

- Use the magic powder on the water to freeze it. Then use the light of erendil on the cloud.
- Take the pink potion SOMNIFEROUS from the left.
- Now first read the green book (all the pages) and then talk to the door and use the answer MELLON to open it.
- Go in.
- Use the light of erendil to make it light.
- Take the BROWN BOOK, look at it and take the KEY from the left side of it.
- Use the key to open the door and go in.
- Combine the somniferous with the splinter and then combine that with the blowgun. Then use the blowgun on the troll.
- Take the MALLET from the top right corner and the ARROW from the bottom right corner.
- Go right
- Combine dynamite with arrow and combine that with the bow. Use bow on rock above Balrog to kill him.
- Use the mallet on the crack in the floor to get Obama to the other side. Take the STONE.

- Combine sword with the girl Eowyn.
- Throw the stone at the Lord of Nazgul and then quickly use Eowyn with sword on him.
- Go right and QUICKLY USE VASE WITH WATER on the dragon.
- Go right.
- Talk to Golem and then go up the stairs and QUICKLY USE THE LIGHT AND THEN THE SWORD on the spider.
- Play a tune on the horn to call Gandalf.
- Let Gandalf use the staff on the tower with light.
- Let Obama go up and in all the way and use the army of death to kill the 3 trolls.
- Go further right and throw the ring in the fire/lava and after some talking and clicking you're out.

How do I kill Balrog? I've combined arrow+bow+dynamite but it''s not working

i read all your comments but i have no idea how to gwt into magic forest...i have only gave brush to the princess and stoped (:

       Anonymous  6/13/12, 4:23 AM  

Just finished the game. Now I see S-T already posted a wt. Thanks for that. I'm sure it will help some people. C u next time all.

The Walkthrough:

oh god just descovered my map :))))))))

LOVE a bit of Lord Of The Rings!! So should enjoy this one... I am a bit late I know, but thanks in advance small for your walkthrough! :D

I'm obviously not finding all the thing you found...
I have Eowin with sword, the horn, empty matrix, ladle, vase with water, spell, loaded blowgun, dynamite, book with word mellon, bow and ring...
I don't get the army of death, at mordor nazgul is not in the right position (?), haven't found the arp for galadriel, and what light are you talking about for the cloud?
when I want to open the door in the moria mines, I can't choose "mellon"...
totally stuck and you are all out without the problems I have, because nothing is written in the comments...
help? :(

ops... LOL... I was making the laundry while writing my comment... never exepted somebody would write anything meanwhile...
and now there's a walkthrough... thank you so much @small-tool =)

hehe... showing the sword... I gave it eowin and was wondering why I have nothing to show the army of death... lol... now the ghosts are mine... thanks again @s-t... now I can try the rest... with your wt if I get stuck again :)

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At the risk to repeat myself:
Inka Games are the only ones, where I wanna bite the dust to see what sort of funny exitus will happen...!

& the 8th wonder of the world (♪♫ fanfare ♫♪):
A WT by @small-tool...!
Thx for doing a competent job, had to peek once or twice...

Yay! Loved it (I knew I would need your walkthrough small-tool!)... So Narnia next LOL :)

LOL and it took me exactly an hour! Cool ;)

Where is the magic pixel that you use the spell on the dry river? I do not like "speed" type challenges, OY! I'm slow.

Jeeze, leave it to *POP*! LOL

use spell on remain of water under rider.

       Anonymous  6/13/12, 2:14 PM  

Just wanted to say: thank you to the developers of Inka games. You truly rule! I am a LOTR fan since the first books over 30 years ago. (yes I am THAT old!) You did a h*ll of a good job making this into a game.

You have to use the spell on the puddle, not on the dry part.

please help me to get the hairbrush of princess arowen.

hairbrush under horse (with cart) in start scene.

Don't want to read? Video walkthrough:

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