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Roommates Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game from RoseKey. In this game you are in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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I'll never get to bed at this rate!

lol @philomena.. just I thaught you were already sleeping :DD

opened the 3 digit lock with the numbers from the lights . it gives a card

opened rachels door with clue from her card

and bertha is open too

only I used the month july for birth..I saw januari on her card but the box doesnt have januari. so: jan=1 july =7 and 1 and 7 are look alikes. thats why I choose july...pfffff

found card from cathy.

ohh..I dont have time anymore :( have to go for work...I like the game :))

made it into bertha's room and am now sleepy and lost what with all the numbers and that cozy looking sofa

for code 3 numbers


that was interesting. The pillow wouldn't move until I had left the room and come back again

out now

oh! thanks Philomena, missed that :)

for door middle clue look "exp" on driver licenses and color of licenses used on wall in bertha's room

can't find cathy's drivers license :(

and i don't know what to do with the rubics cube...

great POP... I clicked at that pillow several times... every time I went in berthas room... and now I got the license from there... LOL

and now the rubic's cube made sense ;-)

I have no idea for the number code (on card that was under a sofa cushion in Bertha's room) corresponding to letters R, B and C.

I thought that it could correspond to the number of red, blue and cyan squares on the Rubik's cube, but that doesn't work.

@pdgph: I'm not sure if you mean this, bcos I closed the game already... but on one card I put the numbers corresponding to the rooms they are in
Rubic's Cube is for the last puzzle... you can't see it now

uh... forgotten to say... the last number I guessed, because I haven't had a number for Rachel...
I think it was 953... but not sure

in berthas room there is the number behind the map-pic... in cathys room the number is in the lower drawer

and for the puzzle on the cb in cathys room: you have to put the letter cards according to the letter you have to take away to get the word for the pic behind... i.e. C for: clock - c = lock

Hello Sabine !

I'm stuck on the card with a hat (letter R), a sweater (letter B) and shoes (letter C). Well, now I understand that these letters are just related to Bertha, Rachel and Cathy. And I forgot those cyan squares with numbers !
This new number is SPOI593LER and it gives the letter I was missing (a B).

Now, the Rubik's cube makes sense, and I'm out !

Thank you Sabine !

YW and congrats =)

Well...must be a bug...I can't get the card to work in Rachel's room....the letters changed once with many many clicks, but won't change again...and I actually have no idea what that one means anyway!
I assume it will give me a letter to complete the Rubik's Cube...I only have the B and C!

POP! No bug....lolol
I didn't realize the letter cards go there....lolol
I must have had one highlighted when it "changed" before! lmao! Way too easy!

Oh, Look! there's a box in Rachel's room now! lol

where to enter second number code?

put 2nd number code on paper bleu on sofa in Bertha's room

okay, got it, thanks1

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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