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Bored Island Escape 2 Walkthrough

Bored Island Escape 2

Bored Island Escape 2 is another new point and click type room escape game from Bored.com. Trapped on a mysterious island, can you find the clues to escape? Explore the cabin and outdoors, find objects to help you in your escape from the island! Good luck and have fun!

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Anyone else here? I've got some candles, a book, and I flipped a bunch of switches. Now I'm stuck.

Candles go in the lantern by the fountain/pool thing. I guess there's an order for the switches?

there's a code on a tree that says 5849 and there's the code in the mausoleum(?) that matches with the book. Still hopeless stuck.

i used a few codes with switches and opened doors. looks like i need a cell phone and lighter

What code?

stuck too... need andle for Z2? do book and mausoleum codes tell which should be up and which down?

oops I mean handle

can't find tree with 5849?

it's by the house. the one on the right of the screen. it's in black.

hmm, thanks crazed4now but I can't find it... green brick house? can't find any hot spot on tree next to it...

how to get to little island?

oh POP, hadn't seen view with log house... I see the tree now...

no, but the house with the z4 switch next to it. left of the green brick place.

i have book (code used, but still color code). code box (used), lighter fluid, cell phone card, cell phone battery. used candles in wooden lanterns but cant light them. code with question marks doesn't seem to do anything

Alright, good. Now we're on the same page. I wish that was Hootie's page since they seem to be ahead of us, but it's a page none-the-less. XD

@Hootie, are you gone? how did you open doors?

@crazed, LOL, way ahead now it seems!

my best guess would be the flip 1, 6, and 7 down. But when I do that, nothing happens. *messes up hair* uuugh, brain cramp.

Z4 won't move back up... haven't even found Z3... @Hootie did you lower Z2? doesn't it need a handle?

well I guess z3 is on little island...

I think Z3 is on that platform on the gear. and I had that problem with z4 too, but it only seems to happen when 1, 6, and 7 are down. if you click it and back out, it'll go back up.

@crazedfornow, I know... also Hootie says that code (with questions marks) doesn't seem to do anything.. sounds like book code worked, but that would need Z2 lowered (if I'm interpreting correctly)

That's what I would guess. But what's "church" for?

@crazed, don't know about church... I was thinking maybe it was just a hint to look in church for the next code if we hadn't found it already... but maybe something more complicated...

thanks for Z4 help.. have you been able to lower Z2?

Hootie??? hopefully you're surging on ahead...

yes i just switched up or down and opened the church from book clue and continued from there. some views are hard to find at first.
i dont remember where i found switch 2 lever

@Hootie, thanks, at least it's good to know you found it somewhere...

did you find cell phone? maybe 5849 gets dialed in phone? (since it has *s also before and after)

not having much fun searching for this lever, about to call it quits...

Yeah, I've gotta go soon. My friends have stopped taking "playing room escape games" as a viable excuse to not hang out. XD

Good luck to whoever comes along or is sticking around!

i remember getting something at something at view with gears past lever 6..or by lever 7 too

And all I have is a freakin book and candles grrr.

Thanks Hootie... might have been book and candle (book by Z7, candles by big gear)

@Ross Elliot, you've caught up to me and I've been here (off and on) almost an hour... hopefully you can find lever and catch up to Hootie!

(@Hootie, are you out?)

the handle for z2 in in the view with z6, click left. don't zoom on z6.

but i'm really stuck, i don't understand the clues in the book, i didn't find the phone and i don't know what else to do.

whoa, just found a view I hadn't seen... no lever, but down some stairs to a pool with a sun coin, and yet another code (with 'House')

laura, where?

@Oana, thanks! though I think that's the view I just found, but still don't see lever? was it down the stairs?

Have you tried putting the levers in the positions shown in book? (Z1 up, Z2 down etc... )

why when I click on round skull/sun thing in inventory does it show as a key in the red box above??

there were no stairs, just a green wall.

i'll try to explain better: you click the cross to get to the view with z6 then you click one more time on the path to get closer. now you see the box with z6, you can't see the number yet and you can also see the stairs that go up the hill. now you click left and see a green wall. i think that was the place where i found the handle.

where did you find those stairs and the pool?

@Oana, that's really weird, because that's right where I have stairs right in the middle of the green wall, going down to a pool with coin and another code .. I must have done something differently to open that up... but I don't have handle! Since you have it, you can try book code which requires z2 to be down? (I assume the code means put handles up and down as shown though I haven't been able to try it without Z2 handle)

Thanks for detailed explanation!

i put the handles in the position in the book and the door near z3 opened. i got a little pad with numbers.

i entered the code from the book and i got lighter fluid and another code for the handles

       Anonymous  7/13/12, 9:19 PM  

For the pool and stairs you have to flip the switches like the code in the house next to z5. To get to z5, face pool and candle holders. Turn left using side bar. (Zoom on lever for z5.) Click on door to zoom door. Click around the top of the door to zoom inside to see code. Facing z6 (boat) click on left bar to see stairs after flipping all the levers.

i opened the spaceship and got another code for handles. the navigation is really really really annoying!

thanks @szarra! now I opened house and found lighter but can't seem to get it to light a candle...

@Oana, yes it is. Where did you find code to open spaceship?

oh, I remember Hootie found lighter fluid... guess I need that...

       Anonymous  7/13/12, 9:29 PM  

Took me what felt like forever to figure out how to place candles! Navigation is tricky when you can free click the middle for some places and others you have to use the side/bottom bars. Look for right side bar to place all 4 candles.

laura, the code for the spaceship was in the little box with number pad that was in the building near z3

@szarra, I just figured out the same thing! but I still need lighter fluid...

could someone make a list of the places where the candles have to be placed? i could only put one.

oh, thanks Oana! and lighter fluid... I thought I couldn't open that box but apparantly I just hadn't clicked on it...

finally lit candles! but nothing happened??

@Oana, they're all in a row, but after placing the first one you have to click to the right (and keep clicking right) to place others...

thanks! i hate the navigation!!!!

       Anonymous  7/13/12, 9:38 PM  

Note the colors in the book and change the square that is over the candle to match. 1st is blue...

door to woodhouse (by Z4) opened but I can't go in?

thanks szarra!

i can't open the house. i put the handles just like in the hint but no door opens. :(

Man that sucked. I just saw the door to that coin as well. Had to start over to get that #2 handle. That was driving me nuts for the last hour. Time to catch up now.

       Anonymous  7/13/12, 9:41 PM  

Look for the right side bar when zoomed on z4 lever to look inside house.

nevermind, i thought the house was the log house...

@szarra, thanks again!

@Ross, I had to do the same but it doesn't take long to get back to where you were...

i have working cellphone after lighting candles w colors. use amulet to change color above candle and cell phone on far right pedestal. no number working yet. thanks oana for the stairs!

@Hootie you're still here! I'm also trying to dial cell phone... 5849 is wrong number and so is *5849* ...

       Anonymous  7/13/12, 9:47 PM  

@Hootie do you have the calling card? (I guess that's what it is, anyway. It has what looks like a 1 or a bird head or something on it.) Use the coin/amulet/key on that for the number.

@szarra, where was the calling card please? (thanks for finding everything I'm missing tonight!!!)

szarra, where did you find the calling card?

oh number on cell phone card when scraped with coin/amulet. calls helocopter...out

       Anonymous  7/13/12, 9:51 PM  

I don't remember where I found it. :( But I think it was a mad clicky hunt inside a building and it appeared.

hmm.. it was a mad clicky hunt inside log house by Z4 to find cell phone battery...

got it... in spaceship!

       Anonymous  7/13/12, 9:57 PM  

Ah Ha! Inside the space ship above the numbers is a yellowish dot. That's the card!

yeah, like that pitch black cabin next to handle #4?

yes it is. Up against the wall just to the left of center. I had to turn my light off to see it.

thanks a lot szarra!!!! i'm finally out!

thanks all for the help! :)

       Anonymous  7/13/12, 10:00 PM  

Playing some of these on a laptop is a squinting nightmare when you can't zoom the game to fill more of the screen. :(

thanks everyone!!! @szarra, I'm squinting on this one even on a big desktop!!!

ctrl and the + or - signs will Zoom or back off for ya

       Anonymous  7/13/12, 10:05 PM  

I tried using ctrl-mouse wheel but it only zoomed the box around the game. lol I'm using Firefox so maybe that's the problem with that.

This comment has been removed by the author.

yep same here, I have a HUGE monitor so zooming isn't an issue. I'm glad I don't have a 15 inch anymore!

So what did I miss? My phone is together, calling card is scratched and I entered the number but no one came to get me. I missed my ride guys, come back.

@Ross E, did you hit return after entering number?

@laura no but I hit the shift key a few times. Hilarious.

well they are pretty close together... and shift key is bigger :-)

       Anonymous  7/14/12, 1:19 AM  

Oh ! A Myst-like island ! Great !

So am I the only one here old enough to have actually played the game Myst, from which all of the graphics and layout of this game were shamelessly ripped off?

       Anonymous  7/14/12, 1:49 AM  


No, you're not the only one ! I've played Myst, Riven, and all Myst games, including the new RealMyst (which is Myst with a 3D navigation and a very short additonnal chapter).

       Anonymous  7/14/12, 1:59 AM  

I have a coin (that appears like a key when selected), a book, a code box where I can't enter any code, a lighter without fuel, a candle (though I put one on a stand). I can access the church, the secret room near the port, and the underground entrance (well, it was an underground entrance in Myst).

whenever I try to click the phone , it keeps turning back and front..cant use it :(

       Anonymous  7/14/12, 2:46 AM  

Well, I'm totally stuck, so, giving up.

Well...I couldn't find a lighter in a house. Not the log house. I have everything else and candles placed. Have lighter fluid, etc., but no lighter. Where is this darned house??????

Frustrating game.

@zoe, I think the lighter was in the green brick house, which opens using the code in the secret underground room?

@Delight, you need a battery for the phone, which is found in the wooden house by z4... very dark so you need to click around..

@pdgph, for codebox did you try the code from the tree by the wooden house? I think that's how I opened it, though for a while I didn't realize it was opened, until I checked it again and just clicked on it and it opened...

@pdgph, also to place all candles on stands, you navigate right after placing the first one...

@pdgph, yes I just retried... entered code from tree in first view of log house.. including *s, and pushed bar on left of box to open... lighter fluid inside...

(also inside code box is hard-to-see code to open spaceship)

@zoe, yes, lighter is in green brick house to the right of Z2... you can get in there after using lever code in the secret underground room, which opens after you use code in the room to the right of Z5... secret room opens in the same spot you found handle for Z2, to the left when facing Z6...

I'm late in joining this, but gotta say how much I enjoyed it, especially since it was Myst....loved those games, Beavinator and pdgph...yes navigation was tricky but once I got the hang of it things went smoothly. Nice game :D

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm stuck, I can not get on! Can not get the battery or sim card in the phone or find any code for it. HELP! :)

@Thrynn, I really enjoyed it too! (enough to keep checking back here :-)

@RebeccaT... do you have the battery? (from woodhouse next to z4). I remember it was a little hard to get it in phone... I think I turned phone over, and then clicked on battery and clicked all over phone until finally it went in.. possibly I was looking at front of phone but I think it was the back...
Sim card doesn't go in phone... you use round yellow disc (from pool underground) to scratch card to find phone number. If you don't have disc, you can find it in comments above... sorry I have to run but will check back later...

Thank you Laura. :)
I will try that again. :)

Well Laura. I can't get the f****** battery in the phone! :D

Sorry Rebecca!!!!! :-( Just replayed to that point... I turned phone over, then clicked on battery so it was hovering under cursor, and clicked near the bottom back of phone until it stuck there... then front of phone turned on and said 'Numbers'... wonder if you have a bug? Frustrating because it's a lot of running around to get to that point...

Once you have battery in phone, use key to scratch off credit card looking thing and get a phone number. U then click on cell phone under NUMBERS and type in the number found on the card...a helicopter comes near Z7...then u are done.

@laura: If you come back here I want to say thank you so much for sticking around for us!! You are a great EG24 player - not just "I got this and I got that" but you give really great hints!!

I came back and found out what I was doing wrong. I thought I had the green brick house open because the doorway was black like all the other buildings...so I thought I was stuck. I had one of the up/down coordinates wrong - finally opened the green brick house and finished.

@Zoe, again thanks! Glad to know it's helpful. And glad you finished... I had a similar problem with getting into wooden house...

Plz I can´t find the cel phone, help!!!

@yiyis, in case you check back... first you have to light all four candles (after lighting the first one, you click right sequentially to light each of the others).. then you have to click the white boxes above the candles to change them to the 4 colors from the book you found at the beginning... then the cell phone should show up on the last one... (to light candles you need lighter filled with lighter fluid... )

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