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Masa Botanical Gardens Escape Walkthrough

Masa Botanical Gardens Escape

[REPLAY] Masa Botanical Gardens Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape games by Masa. In this game, your goal is to escape the place by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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fresh game! I'm in

good game so far... I've gotten as far as a 4 number code and don't know where to use it...

POP used trowel

found a cloth, a red gem, 2 cubes, a small spade and dug up a nail. Not sure what I'm supposed to be doing here, but I gamely forge ahead...

I'm almost up tree but need one more nail...

that's what I'm doing Philomena, just forging ahead and seeing what works..

Just starting -- took awhile to load.

found a wire under a box, but don't know what to do with it. I would like a hammer and maybe a knife. And a screwdriver. The first two items would be useful, the third would be comforting and familiar

okay, where did you find a four digit code and how are you getting up the tree?

combine red gem and wire.

First round -- 3 wood blocks, a stick, and cloth

Oh! a red gem from the smudge picture!

I saw a 3x3 box that needed 4 buttons to push, where was the code?

Great game, easy once ya get that darn hammer :P

Condensation is yer friend ;)

So far I have 3 cubes, wire and gem combined, 1 nail, garden shovel, and paper or cloth... the cloth makes noise when rubbed against the blue framed picture, but doesn't clean it.

I'm going to need some help here. I seem to have run out of hot spots...

@Philomena, you will get a hammer! don't know yet about the comforting and familiar...

have you found towel behind tree? you have to rub it in two different places to find a code...

Found trowel but it doesn't work in spot that looks like it needs to be dug?

Ground is too hard :P

@DJT, yes you have to rub it somewhere else first...

and what to do with lollipop you made?

@Guru, have you found enough nails to get all the way up the tree? (not that I see anything useful up there... )

Yeah! (POP) Lollipop gets last nail!

where is the hammer?

There are a few sneaky nails and blocks that require a CROWBAR... hehe.... Normally just a hammer would do, go figure

and there is something very useful up there!

INDEED @ Laura

@Philomena, hammer is in a safe you uncover with trowel and enter a 4 digit code... safe is near pool but you need something from 9 button safe to find 4 digit code...

Thanks @DJT for the wire/gem combo - it got me my first nail!

well, I guess i'm too blonde to play this one -- I've tried all my inventory in every possible spot with no joy.

TY GuruOne for the vague hint that will probably make sense by the end of the game

finding spot to rub towel was a little tricky, let me know if anyone wants spoiler...

thanks, laura, but I haven't seen a clue for the 9 button box yet, either. nor have I been able to dig up anything but one nail with the trowel

@Philomena, don't give up! everything follows everything else once you get first code...

nevermind, something I've already tried three times finally worked

Oh no! Used cloth on condensation left of smudge!
Now have a weight?

rubbing towel in one other spot and then on picture gives 9 button code...

@Puzzled, it's not a weight...

Why can't I set weight on that button?
2nd nail on ground in front of pots

Can't dig yet, but a 4th block appeared near the drain

@Puzzled... good thought! not sure I ever used that button, but maybe pushing it did something I didn't notice...

can't find the other half of the code -- it must be here somewhere. So far I have 1,3,12,7 near the safe

I thought it was a weight, then a bucket, then a ZING..... Use it under the water, at any rate ;)

Did u get the paper "clock" first?

Found cloth, spade, number code in dirt after putting black plug in tub (from push button box (code from picture in first scene). Wire from under box, red gem, clock picture. Still trying for code for box. 1,3,12,7.

Ah, ty Laura -- it's a plug!
Now to figure out how to turn on the water
(4 blocks, 2 nails, trowel, dirty cloth and wand -- in real life I'd be using that trowel as a hammer lol)

OH no! my game crashed!

Sorry for late post, did not refresh first

combine clock clue with number clue (1,3,12,7)

bummer Puzzled!!! and I don't think you even need to turn on water (unless that's what pushing that button did...)

Very nice game! Once I got the condensation, everything else kind of fell into place!

replaying for curiosity about big button.... it produces the condensation!

my game keeps freezing

I still need two more nails and the hammer isn't helping

Philomena - make sure your flash player is up to date... I was having problems about a month ago.

@Philomena... did you get nail partway up tree? and the one below tree that needs wire/gem to remove?

Reloaded and mostly beyond where I was -- only have 1 nail, however (the one by the pots hasn't reappeared).
Have found 4# code and "clock" face and number pad next to pond.

You'll need the crowbar for the last 2 nails.

there's also a loose nail under plant, and a nail below table (dig with trowel)

The hammer isn't working on the nail already in the tree and I can't get the one below, either

Combine clock face with numbers for 4 digit code.

wait, I did get the one below the tree -- still missing two nails

@Philomena, as per DJT, you need crowbar... hammer something to get something to open box...

Still no hammer or crowbar for me :(

I'm going to start over -- seems the nail under the tree never made it into my inventory

Use trowel under pots for nail #2

Hammer is in safe under clock face.

@Puzzled, you almost have hammer!

guess not. Now the game won't load at all.

So, where is the crowbar???

@Philomena, bummer! good game but maybe not worth all the hassle it's giving you!

crowbar is in wooden box, which you open with


shard from broken pot which you hit with hammer

Catching up on comments -- got hammer and now 2 steps up the tree. Now trying to find that crowbar

okay, made it back in have all the same stuff but where is crowbar, please?

Yay! POP yet again -- broken pot
The hammer is a mallet, it doesn't have a prying end.

why won't the crowbar remove the nail in the tree????

And out! Certainly a very different game, if a little strange -- thanks for all the help!

@Philomena, I'm pretty sure crowbar did remove that nail... maybe you're not far enough up tree? (there are 8 steps altogether...)

I'm going to attempt a WT.
Started with my restart, then stopped taking notes.

@Puzzled, congrats! and yw... I usually am the one needing help so happy to be one of the helpers here...

Different yes, but I like different as the same can get boring...

I have located 4 blocks and three nails, so I'm only three steps up the tree...

@Philomena, there's a spot where you can get 4 blocks with nails in them in one fell swoop (I'm pretty sure)

@Puzzled, go for it! certainly a game deserving a walkthrough...

turn something over...

LOL! Kitten was covering up the lower part of my screen and I didn't even see that! Maybe I should put her back on the floor...

Finally out! Even with little Peggy pawing her way up the tree with the blocks

Kitten just trying to give some extra challenge :-) But it was nice to find 4 all at once, ready to go...

congrats Philomena! Way to stick with it!

Botanical Gardens Escape
">" indicates a zoom view
Door scene:
>wooden box
>Smudge -- take RED GEM, BLOCK #1 (behind)

left (plants):
-Take TROWEL (rt foreground)
>Push button (middle)
>See 9-button safe (see you need 4 buttons)

left to pots:
- BLOCK #2 under left pot
- BLOCK #3 under table
- ROD under box
(combine rod and gem)
- Use trowel in dirt for NAIL #1

left (empty pond)
>dirt (left center) -- can't dig yet

left (more plants)
> tree on right
-take CLOTH (rt of tree)
> Stone in middle - use wand for NAIL #2

Return to smudge
Use cloth on white condensation (from pushing button), then on smudge
Use clue on 9-button box to get PLUG
From pool get BLOCK #4
Put plug in pool drain -- water overflows
Now get number code in dirt (1,3,12,7)
Dig in dirt to get CLOCKFACE and see number pad
Look at "clockface" and use numbers in dirt to open box
Get HAMMER (mallet)
Use hammer on broken pot to get SHARD
Use shard to remove tape from box by door to get CROWBAR
Use crowbar under pot to get NAIL #3

Highlight blocks, then nails to get 3 NAILED BLOCKS.
Use crowbar under box to get 4 NAILED BLOCKs
Use blocks on tree -- after 4 steps, use crowbar to get last NAIL
You can now get to top of tree to get your KEY to escape!

Note: the numbers on the "clockface" you pick up are very odd. Take the numbers in the dirt and look up the corresponding numbers on the clockface.
So, for instance, 12 = #2 at the top.

I cannot find trowel even with WT( where it on foreground?

oh I have yet trowel but for me is showel)
I only spoiled with using cloth with white spot but another part of game was very easy without looking on WT)

@Xenya, go left from door scene and trowel is lower front behind some greenery...

@Xenya, yes, that white spot was the hardest part!

That was a pretty tough game...but very logical! I needed all the comments and hints...Thanks, @All of You!
Owwww...my clicking finger is sore!

can't figure out code, help please


the numbers from the floor, as compared with the round like Clock

Example 12 clock is the 2

Nice game, I want more of it :-)

This comment has been removed by the author.

This was a great game! Sorry I didn't catch it live, but want to say to


You are so very helpful in these games. You don't just say "I got this, and I got that" but give really fantastic hints and help! THANKS!!!

@Zoe, yw and thank you, that's very nice to hear! I try to leave the type of hints I like to use... giving some info but not too much unless someone wants a spoiler...


       Anonymous  7/29/18, 12:22 AM  

caught this one for the replay, too, as Masa recently released a new game (not so good IMHO)...
but Masa is also able to create premium quality creations (proven with this older game)

thx for all your creations, Masa ☺
& thx Puzzled for the WT

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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