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Aries Episode No. 005: Coffee Shop Walkthrough

Aries Episode No. 005: Coffee Shop

[REPLAY] Aries Episode No. 005: Coffee Shop is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Aries. In this game, you are trapped in a coffee shop, and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve all puzzles in this location. There are two possible endings. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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several codes but not sure where to enter them.... have coin also...

POP used coin to access red button... now moved picture for yellow safe..

trying to translate coffee into numbers with only FOX clue?

anyone here?

Going in....Am I too late?

use coin on statue

got it, found second note

       Anonymous  7/5/12, 7:52 PM  

Finished with Normal End.

Laura. The coffee clue is answered with two sheets of paper.

thanks Switch, got it. Stuck on 4th one now (L)

I got the coin and three notes...tried the corner numbers from menu on the picture....did not work...lol

       Anonymous  7/5/12, 7:56 PM  

4th one is very tricky. Look for the L.

nokra it didn't work for me at first but then it did.... maybe after I pressed red button?

@Switch, an L that looks just like the one on menu?

       Anonymous  7/5/12, 8:00 PM  

@laura. No. Not just like it :).

TY, @laura....that is a very handy coin! lol

Thanks Megipoland! that coin is versatile... I was sure statue needed a SD

see lots of Ls but none associated with numbers... maybe something with the rows of glasses? Frustrating, I think I know the last 3!

I have no idea what to do! any good hints for the codepad behind the picture?

       Anonymous  7/5/12, 8:07 PM  

@laura See what's on the Menu

@nokra have you looked in the menu? You have to put coin in, then solve all 7 puzzles... (I'm stuck on 4th!)

POP...yes, the coffee is the first one....now I am understanding this game a bit....lol

Oh, thanks Switch!!! don't think I would have gotten that...

normal end too...

first code = coffee = 376644
second code from cards symbols = 8563

Yes, I got the first 2...
now, I don't get the purple line...it must be the bookcase, but missing it!

don't get the 3rd puzzle

how to arrange the books, please? Just not seeing it!

3rd code.... move all books as far to right as possible (I think)

then read purple numbers

What am I looking for? I just don't see anything that gives me a number....lol

       Anonymous  7/5/12, 8:23 PM  

For Happy End, take another look around before you leave...

I'm with you @nokes and @ vadasz1 - I don't see any purple number, even squinting or turning my head left or right, lol!
Hallo @ laura! fellow DHAA! tell us what we're missing (OK, I'm being blonde)

@nokra do you see purple numbers? tall and thin...

I am so glad you are being blonde with me, @zoz!!! lol

ah, tall and thin! That's the problem! I try to ignore things that are tall and thin.

@zoz, nokra etc, did you move all books to the right (or as far right as they'll go)

(yes, zoz, I think I've recovered enough from DH to try other things!)

@szarra, don't see anything different looking around room?

Nope nope nope.....and again...nope...I do not see the numbers!

@zoz LOL!

@nokra, it's a four digit purple number, just looks very stretched out so hard to see... do you want spoiler?

Oh...well...I just closed the game! lololol....please leave some breadcrumbs for me, zoz and laura....for when I come back!

the number is composed of all the purple books.... not explaining well...

@laura, pleeze spoil us!
(btw, did you see my new photo in honor of DHAA?)

The closing of game was an accident...really! lolol

@nokra, open it again, you can't leave us like this!

takes forever to load

purple number


@zoz No! new photo where?

Zoz, what is DHAA?

omg, POP! I just got it! I'm sorry, but to my eye that did not really look like


@nokra, DHAA is Dream House Addicts Anonymous.
@laura, if you click on my profile pic, you'll see my "homage" to the game.

I am having trouble with the color code. I know it's the coffee cups but it's not working.

lol, after all of that, I've forgotten where I was in the game. I think "L" is next...

Oh, now I see her on your raccoon!!! Gotta stop looking or I'm going to go back there! where are the puzzle blocks....

@cheryl, did you tilt your head to the left? don't count cups... look for numbers formed by each color...


       Anonymous  7/5/12, 8:43 PM  

After unlocking the door, zoom in on the glasses by the coffee cups. (Sorry forgot they weren't really visible zoomed out)

@cheryl, are you on #5? b/c I'm still working on #4...

about to give up on happy end...


lol, @laura and looking at the coffee cups. If we ever go to a convention of escapers, we'll know each other by the crossed eyes, tilted heads, and twitching fingers!

thanks szarra! I didn't unlock door before looking around... but then what to do with numbers? in safe again? did that but didn't seem to do anything...

       Anonymous  7/5/12, 8:48 PM  

Don't give up on the Happy End! You get flan. (Or whatever that pudding with chocolate on top looking stuff is...) :D

       Anonymous  7/5/12, 8:49 PM  

@laura - It should unlock the little cabinet.

whoa @Switch you were right when you said #4 (the "L") was very tricky!

yay! After #4 they're pretty easy. Now looking for @szarra's happy Flan ending!

and coke! and bling! thanks szarra...

@zoz, yes and stiff wrists and elbows!

Ok...I'm back...love the avatar, zoz!
And ...could anyone just drag me a little closer to the last one? #7? the big blue O??? sorry , I am slow tonight! lol

I think I've got the 3 digit code (Roman numerals, right?), but I can't find where to enter it. But I will persevere!

btw, if anyone is having problems with the #4 "L" code, think about any L shapes associated with numbers, not necessarily the letter L...

@nokra, have you looked at both sides of the coin???

okay, I cannot find the L

and my coin just falls through the slot

hmm, @Philomena, it's an L shape associated with four digits. It's found on the Menu...

the coin is only used after all 7 codes are successfully entered. Then you get a key.

@zoz, enter it in yellow safe where you entered everything else... nothing obvious happens, but it opens cabinet under statue...

Ahhhhh....lol...TY, again, zoz! and since I used the spoiler on the cups....could someone help me understand that one, please? TY!

ah! TY @laura! I couldn't figure out why my cursor was active over that little cabinet but there was nowhere to enter the code!

Wow am I blonde or what (I really am). Thanks, @zoz

and now I'm Stylin' with my new bling and eating flan with coke!
Thanks at everyone for helping me through this (especially laura, Switch, and szarra!)

I love flan!!! and what a pretty bracelet! :-)))))

lol @Philomena! that was a really tricky one, no matter what your hair color is.

that was cute.

@nokra, for cups, the digits were traced out by each set of colored cups (tilting head to left)

yw zoz! Switch got 'L', otherwise we'd probably all still be stuck there...

And, @szarra...that chocolate looking stuff is caramel or burnt sugar....yuuummmmmyyy!

Oh, good lord! I was counting them....Thanks...I would never have seen that one either! lol...I think I only got the calendar star one by myself! lol

       Anonymous  7/5/12, 9:20 PM  

@nokra Oooh! That sounds good! I keep hearing about it on tv shows and reading about it in books, but no real details. lol I really need to actually try it one of these days!

my... finaly get the cups clue....

Feel dumb as dirt here - but where is the coin ?

Hints for the numbers:
1 - two paper clues
2 - napkin holders
3 - bookshelves
4 - corners of menu
5 - cups
6 - another paper clue
7 - turn over coin

Bobby Ollox coin is a calendar on the wall ....

ty tygrys doh !

This comment has been removed by the author.

i don't get no 6 either
i have the paper clue but i can't look at it any more, it just sits in my inventory :(

Oana code is 16

2 + 7 = 9
9 + 7 = 16 <-
16 + 7 = 23
23 + 7 = 30

16 <-


Code 5, please!

Will someone do a spoiler for the cups please.


Code of cups: If you combine other colors will create a number (32 184)

Thank you!

TY Ty Ty!!!

       Anonymous  7/6/12, 1:18 AM  

Is there some kind of logical explanation for the "coffee" code ? FOX = 670 doesn't help.

Pascale another paper under "toilet"

are two cards:
483 (this is a sign on the door TOILET)

670 (is on the table to the right of the image)

menu: coffee substitutes the letters so the numbers:

3 7 6 6 4 4

sorry for my english :)

       Anonymous  7/6/12, 1:53 AM  

Thank you seb & tygrys ! I missed the other paper !

       Anonymous  7/6/12, 1:59 AM  

What about the last 2 codes (star and circle) ? I thought that the star was 1997 (coin), but that's wrong. And what about the circle ?

       Anonymous  7/6/12, 1:59 AM  

Or do I have to add the numbers from the paper and 1997 ?

Pascale 1997 is good for code 7
for code 6 read com Tygrys 12.26

for int code 6 have you got 3rd paper under tiger? use coin as a sd

       Anonymous  7/6/12, 3:39 AM  

Thank you Seb. I already had the paper, but couldn't understand its meaning. Now I'm out.

Sorry I didn't catch this one live - it was a lot of fun, once I figured out what was going on!

#4 was a little sneaky, but that's what we love best!

Code #4 please !

pop, i have

I got the star code from the calendar.... I just found the other numbers under M and the star was the missing one!

The cups were very difficult to see, but put head on your left shoulder and "draw" the digits from the specified color! The cyan is 3, green is 2, orange is 1, blue is 8 , red is 4....

@pascale...I was trying the coin # early on without success...and when I finally got to the end I could not see a round clue anywhere....lol...that dang coin! lolol

Great explanations, @tygrys!

Finally got to play this one.

I think the menu bit was just too frustrating.
It was SOOO obvious...

TL = 2
TR = 368
BL = 1457
BR = 9

(bl-tl-tr-bl-bl-tr-bl-tr-br right??)

and nothing worked! Tried 3 times. Instead you had to enter the "1457" as a number on the keypad! To me that was simply illogical and almost got me annoyed enough that I almost refused to continue.

@arbeitslooser, yes I think the gamemaker purposely misled us on those menu numbers into thinking they were to move pic, so we wouldn't consider using them another way (such as for an "L" clue) Frustrating, but could also be seen as clever. I actually liked this game enough to come back to it again... sometimes these games get pretty repetitive, so I like seeing something different...

       Anonymous  7/30/18, 11:33 AM  

caught this one for the replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, Aries ☺

Thanks for reposting, fantastic game!

BTW, there is also a fantastic VWT for this game, made by Youtube user Escape Games 24 (of course). It's the best VWT I've seen, especially for the people needing exact explanations. Usually the VWT creators just make some fidgety moves with the cursor around the clue and then enter the code elsewhere, and when the player didn't understand the clue, he/she will not understand it after seeing the VWT either. But this one was very different, good work!

The number in upside down TOILET is a red herring. Unfortunate, since that is a better solution for #4 than the mismatched black L.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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