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Find the Escape Men 36: Escape Game Walkthrough

Find the Escape Men 36: Escape Game

Find the Escape Men 36: Escape Game is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game from No1Game. Look for items and solve puzzles to find the 10 Escape-Men, and escape from the room! This game has one ending. Good luck and have fun!

Play Find the Escape Men 36 - Escape Game

Find the Escape-Men 36 Escape Game Video Walkthrough
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So far 5 escape men...

Same here and 6 flags

6 men now, one was under the cloth of the white doll.

7 now, one in the mouth of guy in mirror.

And stuck....

8 men, one underneath one of the boards sticking out of the wall.

That is, on the paper that's stuck underneath :P

Thisone from under board i have already and still stuck...

@ Zazie, did you get the one in the bottom right? The green guy in the little exit door?

Found the ninth one underneath the duck tape.

Do you mean the sign above door ? Yes, i have got him.
But i can´t open the small grey panel under code box

I have also the man from tape, tape used on orange sheet and tape is gone.

And number 10 underneath the number pad.

Found one under the number pad.

No, I meant the one in the bottom right. Next to the 'sound off' button.

I am still missing two.

Ohh thanks, i did not see it !!
Now where is my last one ?

Did you enter all 4 number combinations into the num pad?

Where did you use the white sheet ?

Hmm maybe i am missing one number...i only remember 3.

There's one from the blue sheet, one from the orange sheet, one from the American flag and one from calculating the crossed out number one the receipt (back of the Swiss flag).

Ahh ok i guessed this, but i must have done a mistake, 1725 does not work.

The sum at the end is with tax included. So you have to deduct the tax first, then subtract the rest.

Managed to combine the escape men, enter the fifth code and place the flags. Trying to figure out how to open the door now.

I am too stupid for this simple maths :(

So close, yet so far away...

Missing one man...

Can you give me a spoiler ?



Math code 1425

Thanks both, i have put flags on the wall now. And the escape paper.

Argh! This is so frustrating! I only need to open the door and I can't figure out how!

The flags are a formula..... Stars :P

hehe..... Nice one

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Guru i don´t get it ;)

USA 50 stars, Euro 12 stars and Australia 6 stars...

Oh found last man - thank you Zazie, missed the one in the morror guy's mouth.

I need first man

No clue how to put flags on wall

When you enter the last code (4rth) code the place for flags becomes active.

The code comes from combining the ten men on the white paper.

@ Zazie, that's actually the 5th code.

I still don't get the stars code :(

look at the wall with flags on from a distance and you will see that along with the stars numbers it is a maths problem.....

Thx got them on.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Oh sorry !

I am still stuck at the stars code....

@ Hogfest, thank you very much! Out now :)

no problem...took me a while to see it too!!!!

Oh that is so sneaky - thanks Zazie, Hogfest.. never would have got that LOL

Still need help :)

You need to take the number of stars into account and think of and shapes some of the flags form as mathematical symbols...

Thanks Hogfest, got it in This Year !

No clue how to put flags on wall

Napaku use escape men and blank paper to get a code and after that you cna put flags on wall.

Thx hope12grace90 !!! I am out now, this was sneaky !

spoiler for last code


seb, 2012 doesn't work for me

@Stella have you got those flags and green code on wall?

I miss eight, help please !

where is the 9th one??

Please, where is the first man?

8 is under doll's head
9 is under doll's skirt
I miss the first one too... :(

Great game, as always!!!!

first one is at the right corner (next to sound off)

the first one is on the right down, near "sound off"

Thanks seb! I just found it out myself :)


no wonder I never got 1425.the whole time I did the calculation assuming it's a 10% DISCOUNT instead of TAX!!!hmm..something's wrong with me..

is it going to be a WT?? thanx!

How did you get thee 2012 code?

I have all flags and green code on wall...

Is it because is Olympic year?

Wow, that was incredibly subtle!

This comment has been removed by the author.

1) on sign above door left of keypad
2) bottom of keypad
3) bottom right at sound button bar ;-D
4) most right guy on pic
*5) from doll (pull head)
*6) from doll (under cloth)
*7) from wall niche under keypad
*8) bottom of tape dispenser
9) from mouth of mirror guy ;-D
*10) green dot on paper bottom of doll shelf
*=code input first

Everything else in the video WT on top.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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