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Obama in the Dark Walkthrough

Obama in the Dark

Obama in the Dark is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inkagames. Obama goes on a dangerous mission to investigate the strange events that are occurring in an abandoned mansion. Good luck and have fun!

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I cant find a way to kill that sickening zombie

use crowbar to take a bottle

how to kill the gargoyle?

put mirror near the sword

HOw to find the crowbar?

crowbar is under the bed in the beggining

What shld we do with the blue guy?

how to defeat the clown??

blue guy - use flashlight


How we get the sword?

       Anonymous  7/25/12, 12:27 AM  

Woohoooo an Inka game! Diving in with all of you.

anyone defeated the clown??

How to get the Pompom ball?

place all the three lit candles in the circle on the floor near the statue

what happens in the library?

       Anonymous  7/25/12, 12:46 AM  

I'm in the library putting statues like in the photoalbum but nothing happens :(

how to neutralise the evil power of the symbol?

Catqueen look carefully at the photo and the symbols on the door

@catqueen in the library turn the head like it is in the 2nd pict

Havent used the ground up eucalyptus, the gargoyle nail, the crank or the grey music reel yet

ok the nail goes in with the eucalyptus

       Anonymous  7/25/12, 12:51 AM  

@escapeartist: thx will try that. Was doing some stuff in the other rooms.

aha found a fake book and off into another room I go

Made some neutraliser dust - off to try that on the source of evil


and out - dont remember using the crank for anything though or the grey music reel

Ill hang round for a few minutes if anyone needs any help

where is the fake book?

how do i open the fake book?

You dont need to open the fake book, you need to put it back on the shelf........ with other similar books......

The fake book is in the bathroom cupboard - use your crow bar

       Anonymous  7/25/12, 1:02 AM  

The photo in the album isn't totally correct for the library. If the star is on the left and round door on the right, in Obama view, then the most right statue in the book must face Obama. But never mind the door is open and off I go.

Catqueen its not supposed to be right - its a mirror image..... to get you thinking about it.

having problems with the statues in the library, i know the picture is looking from the other way, but just can not seem to get it right

       Anonymous  7/25/12, 1:10 AM  

The crank was for the clock (to get some papers).

Hmm tried the crank on that clock several times but no luck. wHAT do the papers say?

       Anonymous  7/25/12, 1:14 AM  

esapeartist. It's lots of pages but the last one is interesting: "...but i have found its secret: carmin dust, eucalyptus and a gargoyles nail milled in..."

I just need eucalyptus.

       Anonymous  7/25/12, 1:17 AM  

Faces for library: right, front, right, back.

Ah so it was the recipe

The eucalyptus was I think, under a bed

       Anonymous  7/25/12, 1:20 AM  

I seem to be stuck. The only clickable item is the set of armour which now holds a mirror. Still have tons of stuff and looking for eucalyptus.

Ill see if I can find it again

       Anonymous  7/25/12, 1:25 AM  

Went through all the rooms and looked near beds. still no eucalyptus but I won't give up :)

       Anonymous  7/25/12, 1:26 AM  

POP got eucaplyptus: Right side of stone box in garden.

       Anonymous  7/25/12, 1:26 AM  

eucaplyptus=eucalyptus sorry

and out too what a great game, much better when dont die too much

to get eucalyptus go to garden see near da statue

       Anonymous  7/25/12, 1:32 AM  

Stupid me is still running around with pouch with dust.
Where can i use it please?

how to do the chandelier?

where to find caramin dust?

       Anonymous  7/25/12, 1:37 AM  

Note at myself: use the key on the double doors in the back of the hallway.

Out with Scooby Doo end ;)

catqueen u can use it in the grinding one i guess

YAY love these... just starting :)

how to use the medoline

how to open chest

where izzzz carmin dust ???

       Anonymous  7/25/12, 1:45 AM  

Going in again to find carmin dust. Hold on....

in the far right library room, where you must place the fake book, or the blue book that you cannot open. that then opens another door. inside is the dust, but you can't take it yet. look at the colored dot pattern on the floor. go back out into the library area and obove the door, is the chandelier. arrange the colored dots according. you're welcome....

where are the candles?


what statue to place the candles? i tried putting them on the floor near any type statue

Cool, you get your money's worth in these games. Interesting new music.

still live?

       Anonymous  7/25/12, 2:18 AM  

EGDAWT....so here's a quickthrough. Hope you don't mind my spelling :)

Go left and get crowbar under bed, old paper and picture from left nightstand, wrench and flashlight from right nightstand.

Go back into garden and down.

Go right (fountain) and get red diamond. Go south. Open wooden door with crowbar. Use wrench on device.

Go back to fountain and get key. (To the right is a hatch and a red ghost)

Go to the house and take totem left from door.

Go right and use crowbar on grave to get bottle.

Go back to the hatch with the red ghost and use holy water. Use key on secret tunnel.

Go down and use flashlight on blue ghost.

Go right and use red diamond on statue.

Go right and use totem on triangle and go up
In kitchen: get matches, crank and grinder

Go to hallway and get album from knight.

Go to bedroom (left) and use crank on lower part of clock to get papers. Also pickup gramophone disc and trophy.

Go back and down and then right (ballroom). Use disc on gramophone. Get two candles and part of a symbol. Also take the mirror. Go up to the garden.

Get eucalyptus leave right side of statue. Look at second page of album for the code for the chest.

Get part of a symbol from chest.

Go to the room left of the ballroom. Get candle. Light all three candles and put them on the floor near ghost statue. Now you can take the pompom ball from the table.

Go upstairs and use the mirror on the left side.
Another ghost is gone. Take gargoyles nail from floor. Put the pieces of symbols together and use it on the door.

Go left into bedroom and give pompon to guy. Take key from chandelier.

Leave bedroom and go to bathroom. Use crowbar on cb to get fake book.

Go to the library and turn the heads according to hint in book. (every game different)

Go right and use fake book on bookcase. Look at chandelier. We need a code. Go up and look at floor for code. Note: the left side is the upper side of chandelier. Go back to chandelier and insert code.

Now proceed into next room and take carmindust, dagger and medallion

Go back and follow up to the hall. Go left to studio and use trophy and fireplace. Get music reel and key.

Go right into music room and use reel on piano. Use key on chest for crown.

Use key for doors and enter master bedroom. Use crown on statue.

Put carmindust, eucalyptus and nail in grinder and mix. You get neutralizer dust.

Put medallion on floor. Enter new room and use dust on black orb. Then quickly get dagger and stab it.

Watch the end…..

oops, found where to put them. gotta sleep

thnks cat queen

       Anonymous  7/25/12, 2:23 AM  

yw nikitha. Have fun playing.

Hey Jo C! How r u doing? Out allready?? ;P

How to get past clown?

       Anonymous  7/25/12, 2:41 AM  

Kiki: give him the pompon.

Nevermind...got it!

And out too! LOVE these games!

Loved it! LOL out now Catqueen, with help from your walkthrough so thanks for that, needed it at the end :D

Whoops bit late sorry! ;-)

       Anonymous  7/25/12, 2:49 AM  

The wt was written with help from other players too. Glad you all got out :)
Doing Waterfalls 2 now. Great game!

Great Game! Got all the way to the end by myself, but couldn't figure out the dagger!

That was FUN!!!

       Anonymous  7/25/12, 7:26 AM  

Great fun-to-play game, indeed!

Out without help, only had troubles a bit with the mirrored heads (still a little confused, that the ones looking forward or backward don't change, when entering room from the other side)...
Btw: Codes change each new game...!

       Anonymous  7/25/12, 7:34 AM  

As codes change each new game, I unfortunately can give the colour sequence only:
...Y-G-R-B-Y-G-R-B-Y-G-R-B etc.
Lights on chandelier can start at every mentionned colour (not only Y, but e.g. at R) & then following same sequence (R-B-Y-G-R-B-Y-G-R etc.).
Anything still clear?

great ending

I love Obama's swag at the end

I can't figure out the part with the heads! Nothing is working! I tried what the picture said, I tried backwards, too. Nothing happens! :(

What mirror?

       Anonymous  7/28/12, 2:08 AM  

Mirror is in the Ballroom behind right door.

how do you get past the blue hooded one?!

how do you open the double doors right after you beat the gargoyle??? please help

       Anonymous  3/5/13, 7:07 AM  

cant get in the master's bedroom.the is open it is saying the door is locked

where should i put the fake baak ?

where is the dagger and the nail,the dust

how do you neutralize the evil spirits?

how do you neutralize the evil spirits?

Thanks i love this game for 5 stars:)

where are the candles at

This comment has been removed by the author.

thanks a lot catqueen for ur help

How Can I Open The Door In The Library?

hey nothing happened even after putting up the correct code at the chandelier

i want to complete this game

where is the nail and the eucalyptus?

yay!! i did it and thnx to everyone especially to catqueen i did it just because of catqueen. thnx thnx very much all of u and catqueen

I put the medallion on the caarpet, the room closed now I have lost the medallion and cant get it back... what do I do?

where do you get eucalyptus

how to kill this black circle

hot to get rid of the black circle

i put the medalion on the carbet and the black circle became weaker but still it grabs me when i try to kill it with the sword

       Anonymous  2/8/14, 10:04 AM  

Catqueen Umm if you stab it then your Still gonna get taken by the Black Circle

Lucas, did you mix the carmindust, eucalyptus and nail in the grinder to get a red bag with dust? First use the bag on the orb and then a countdown starts. Grab your dagger and stab it.

Como abro los candados?

dont know what im doing wrong but i just get stuck in the librart

Where is the gargoyles nail?

what happen after putting the medallion at the floor ?

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