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Sample Room Escape

Sample Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Admire Games. You are locked inside a room. Now try to escape by using the clues and objects found there. Good luck and have fun!

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Sample Room Escape Video Walkthrough 
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ill try this one..

That was an easy one...

lol in and out - liked the music

jip - in and out

Good morning. How do you open the briefcase? Sailed through the rest of it easily.

Pop! Suddenly a key has appeared in my inventory. Swear it wasn't there before.

I'm feeling like a dummy. Have 6 coins and a gold key. Have tried matching coin colors to puzzle pieces on cupboard.

What briefcase??? I seem to be stuck at the easiest game ever ;)
Use 1 key, have golden key and 6 discs.

Stucking too!

Also have paper from cb with green squares. I must be stupid or so:(

Finally got it!

You have to put the discs in the holes of the paper...

rest is easy

- COINS go on paper for puzzle tile hint
- 2 KEYS: right side in top shelf under teddy & in right top shelf of glass CB

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@Premiere: thx! I swear i draged those coins over the paper. Only now they stuck on it.
Out now.


- SOLUTIONS at the bottom

- PURPLE coin in CB under teddy
- KEY-1 right side in top shelf under teddy
- GREEN coin from locked sideboard drawer bottom right (use key-1)
- YELLOW coin from middle book pile
- PURPLE coin from bottom shelf of glass CB
- KEY-2 right side of top shelf of glass CB
- CYAN coin from fruits on table
- KNIFE from plate on table
- RED coin from teddy (use knife)
- PAPER under bottles on sideboard
- put coins on paper for jigsaw puzzle CB HINT
- solve jigsaw puzzle for number HINT
- BRIEFCASE from number safe
- escape KEY from briefcase (use key-2)






Can someone SPELL out the colors I can't decipher all the crap in the word SPOILER!



       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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