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Twin Moon Galaxy: Escape the GCA Lab Walkthrough

Twin Moon Galaxy: Escape the GCA Lab

Twin Moon Galaxy: Escape the GCA Lab is another point and click room escape game, where you play the role of Maia, a female cyborg who wakes up in a capsule inside of a lab. Find your way through various rooms and solve puzzles to escape the lab. Good luck and have fun!

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Twin Moon Galaxy Escape the GCA Lab Video Walkthrough
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good luck everyone

This looks promising. Have sd, dial-like object, gas tank,,,

oh no, closed the game by clicking the wrong thing!

Hi zoz! have the same as you, can't figure out how to open the door

dial object is key, start computer and use color clue from cabinet

in second room now

hmm, dial think turns on the computer.
Hi Jo-Ann, it's been a while! and welcome @pawlawalsh!

Does anyone know how to combine items?

that did the trick. Use color code from cabinet on computer and door unlocks.

removed panel with sd but need an electric charge for crowbar

found key, opened soda machine for an object taht looks like it goes on the tank...how to combine?

Still trying to combine tank with nozzle.

ok, object used to remove hinges... not sure how that worked! in another room

@Jo-Ann: How did you do that?

have a bunch of stuff from the office swipe card, number, cord, something that looks like a taser?

taser machine on window gets crowbar and battery

Anyone know the access code?

crowbar opens room right of where we started... need another two doors open

this inventory is kind of irritating.

tank goes in front of door but need something less dangerous to explode it

I agree zoz

I am stuck trying to get the tank to explode

the blow torch thing and the taser thing say it will be too big an explosion but nothing else I have works

Oh found code for door (half on slip of paper you find, half written behind a door)

computer id and password anyone? password seems to be from note and id from hint on wall but I can't get it

oh yeah! I broke into the bathroom! lol

ok, so it was a cell? used taser thing in hole where loose brick was for a key to the other room... more hints for computer

anyone still here? having trouble with id

LOL 6 digit code is the wall cabinet 3 digits followed by notepad 3 digits

ok, I got a little absorbed and forgot to check comments, lol. So much stuff! still trying to figure out id for computer in observation room.

I get a fraction with the id number hints....

A= login 1 which is the cans near the capsule.... I get 4

B= login 2 which seems to be the number 7 from hint on toilet


right? or am I way off here?

password backwards ending nda??

where is the loose brick?

panda miranda amanda? LOL

@Leroy, there is a second paper that says the password is AMANDA

@Angie, when you use the tank and lighter to blow the door, turn right, there is a brick sticking out

Aaaah Tab works (Hee hee)

Thanks @jo-ann, i never used the lighter.

A=1 for me (count only the green can(s))

For the password you get another note with a hint (it's a name)



PASSWORD: SamPOaInLdEaR (backwards)

LOL here I was thinking I couldnt blow the tank with only the lighter...

still stuck on login for computer... anyone?

Numbers might be different in each game, since I got B=3, so better ignore my Login-solution ;-)

Nope 1392 doesn't work for me I have 4 cans on the counter beside the capsule


with A= 4 and B= 7

you shoud get

A=B(90)-C --> 4=7*90-C --> C=630-4=626,
so ABC = ...

arrgghhhh can not get the id!


@JO-ANN my numbers are different. I have 6 cans and the number on the calender is 3. my formula is A = B(33) - C. so if 6 = 3(33) - C, then C has to be 93. but 6393 didn't work with AMANDA. On the note it says amanda is the hint?

@zoz, you have to write the name backwards. I used upper case.

@sasbabe, I was dividing the 4 oops!

but then my login should be 626 right? that doesn't work either?

put amanda in backwards as paper clue said LOL Im out too

@zoz: did you mix up ID and password like me?
amanda (BACKWARDS!) is the password, not the ID

ok, now out

so apparently the final login id is NOT your C that you calculate as it says but your ABC number together...

Well, doh, I was entering the number on bottom and name on top, but it's the other way round.

@jo-ann, you have to use all numbers: ABC, so it is a 5 digit code for you.

@Jo-Ann: you forgot the numbers for A and B

@jo-ann, it says C End, so C is at the end of the code.

LOL echoes

out now - good game! did anyone ever use the battery? or the pen?

I dont know how many different solutions but mine was 6 cans B=9 and A=B(67)-C
So C=597 thus solution (ABC)is 69597

I had 6 cans, B=5 and A=B(39)-C, so C=189 and code 65189.

Oh! Thanks for the hint about using tab, Leroy!
Without using that I never would have figured out that


you can unplug the monitor in the bedroom and use it to turn on the computers! lol

To be continued - YAY!
Phat game with great graphics, very nice intro & outro & not too hard puzzles!
I'll play the other games in the series for sure!

Btw-1: never used battery...
Btw-2: numbers/codes are different/random for each new game...!

(doesn't change)
- in CB:
- click:
B - 0x/6x (start)
Pi - 1x
Y - 2x
G - 3x
C - 4x
R - 5x

Hmmm am replaying and havent found pen or used brick and battery LOL Im thinking that inactive robot on the shelf?

Just watched walkthru the items dont get used LOL

where did you guys find the formula for ID.... I haven't seen one anywhere :-(

and where is a wrench to open panel in 2nd bathroom?

LOL formula behind the wrench panel. Wrench I think was on lower shelf left in one of the later rooms (I think)

Wrench was on the bottom shelf left of control panels in the room where you put the PW and ID

Such a fun game, outside of the annoying inventory usage...should get more stars!

I liked this game! Let's play its sequels now!

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I never used the batter and I couldn't activate the training bot.

I can't join the gas bottle and the nozzle...

You don't need to @ pdgph... the nozzle bit is used to remove hinges from door. And the gas bottle is used with lighter to blow open another door.

I just really can't get this ID login thing. Have wrote it all down but the answer is not jumping off the page for me lol.

Hi pdgph/Pascale,
no need to do that, bottle is used at another place than nozzle.

numbers for doing the maths for ID change each new game (which ones do you have?), but PW is always the same.

Thank you, @Jo C and @Premiere !

Sorry I had some lunch lol...

I had 1 can so A= 1
And number 4 on the calender, so B= 4

A = B (41) - C

Head is slightly hurting... ;-)

Even looking at the walkthrough isn't helping, maybe I shouldn't try and do these sort of things while at work, too many distractions! LOL

I don't understand the hints for the login and password : I can read "ADN" on the paper and there are 8 cans on the counter, that's all.

Wel, I forgot to blow the toilets door, now I've found other hints in the second toilets.

Well, those "hints" don't help much...

your equation:
- when you have the hints
A=B(41)-C (C=end of code)
- i.e.
1=164-C --> +C (on both sides = equation rule)
1+C=164 --> -1 (same equation rule)
ABC = 14163
That & AMANDA backwards as PW (according the 2 hints) should work...

Premiere I actually love you!! You are a star and always save me lol...

I was closer than I thought I was though :)

for ID, you should have 3 hints:
Login Digit 1) from wall in control room (where you put ID & PW)
Login Digit 2) from calendar in right toilet, right of water dispenser (key behind brick in left toilet, after blowing up bottle)
& the equation behind wrench panel, also in right toilet

Thx, Jo.C,
always at your service!
☻ *blushing*

Thank you for your explanations, Premiere !

really liked the game till all the math. gave up.

where is the lighter?

lighter is left side in control room (where you put ID & PW), on middle shelf.

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