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Find the Escape Men 38: in the Summer Room Walkthrough

Find the Escape Men 38: in the Summer Room

Find the Escape Men 38: in the Summer Room is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game from No1Game. Look for items and solve puzzles to find the 10 Escape-Men, and escape from the room! This game has one ending. Good luck and have fun!

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Find the Escape-Men 38 in the Summer Room Video Walkthrough
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stuck with door code
still have fan ,memo and kitchen knife...

Nice start for the last day of my kid-free hols...!

- KNIFE from table

First day home and an Escape Men game :)

mmmm thought the memo related to the calendar?

The memo is related to the calendar, use the first letters of the days for the 4 letter code.

Thanks Small-tool. Out of practice so I got the E stuck in there

No idea what to do with the icecream.

haha I like the man eating the icecream

1 missing

small :) - first use fan on pink man, then the icecream

s-t, you mean that cup of ice?
give it to the yellow man

Small-tool give it to the big yellow man.

and found the tenth lol now for the doorcode

Thanks girls :)

I have 9 men and can't find number 10.

Where is the fan?
I'm running out of places to click

The fan is to the left of the fridge.

and out - very nice game

Momma Cyndi,
bottom left side of fridge

& now echo, echo...!

Femininin - did you find the one on top of fridge

Maybe your tenth is on the dark part of the fridge when not opened.

WIW in pipeline...

Aah thanks Premier, Finally got it without opening the fridge door all the time

Where to find the men:


1) under left cushion
2) on calendar
3) on milk
4) on fan
5) on wall (cut with knive)
6) on flower leave
7) top of fridge
8) in Melon (put on board and cut)
9) the big man turned green after icecream
10)under cushion of big man once he left

Swiss and Small-tool, i can't click on top of fridge.
Do i have to zoom in on the fridge?

not on top Fem - its in the black part but high up on the top part of the fridge

Zomm in on the fridge and then click the top left corner.

Swiss LOL thanks I didn't realize i already clicked on it.

Lol, I just played again. It seems the door code is the same for every game. So I went out without taking anything at all.

Small how did you got out? the code from the escape men isn't working for me.

Maybe you made a mistake Feminin21.
Look at their symbols (when you clicked them and then look at the right flower.

Don't forget to click reset if you clicked before (even when you zoomed out).

and for code door look too at arrows on fan

Anyway, it's;

Small, I already did that, but it is not working for me. i have: triangle, square, circle, diamond, square, circle, square, triangle, diamond, diamond.
Then i combined it with the right flower but it is not working.

       Anonymous  8/3/12, 2:27 AM  

Hi all! I was just watching OS swimming, came back and already a new game with 30 comments.
Joining you.....wait for me.

It's like Seb said, first combine it with the code on the fan.
So then you have Triangle, Circle, Square, Square etc.

Thanks small-tool!

       Anonymous  8/3/12, 2:46 AM  

Staring at fan and flower but I don't get the code right for the symbols on the fridge.

fan hint is for door code, for fridge code, look at sunflowers & maths in opened letter wall box.

For the fridge code you don't use the clue from the fan. You use the numbers (don't remember where they were, but I think when you opened the 4 letter code).
Combine the numbers (don't add) to get the correct compound symbol.

screen for the frige code


       Anonymous  8/3/12, 2:51 AM  

@ Premiere and ST: I totally forgot those numbers in the box. Will try that now. Thanks!!!

       Anonymous  8/3/12, 2:54 AM  

Yep, I'm out now too. Thank you both.


- disable ADBLOCK...!
- SOLUTIONS at the bottom

1) under left floor cushion
2) on left leaf of right sunflower
3) backside of most left (green) milk from fridge
4) backside of fan
5) top left on top fridge part (zoom)
6) bottom right on calendar pic
7) from wall right of fridge (use knife)
8) big one right of table (use fan & icecream)
9) under other floor cushion (after taking big man)
10) from melon (put it on table & use knife)

- KNIFE on table
- FAN bottom left side of fridge
- MEMO with HINT (numbers) behind left sunflower (left side of flower shade)
- ICECREAM from freezer (symbol code)


- memo:
3, 11, 23, 27
- on calendar, first letter of the day names matching day numbers:
3 - FRI
11 - SAT
23 - THU
27 - MON
- gives:
(click bar under display for OPEN)

(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)

- hint after collecting all 10 men (click them in about item):
triangle, square, circle, diamond, square
circle, square, triangle, diamond, diamond
- direction of those shapes on right sunflower:
- order on fan:
alernating top shape from men (start), bottom shape next top shape, next bottom shape etc.
- gives:
(click RESET, just to be on the safe side, at the beginning & door handle at the end)


       Anonymous  8/3/12, 3:10 AM  

The game seems to load, but I can only see a grey rectangle instead of it.

pdgph,me too :-(. Why?

       Anonymous  8/3/12, 3:22 AM  

Finally, I'm not the only one who has this problem.
But I reloaded several times, and now it works... weird.

Ah, now is working, but long time loading

Like Premiere said; disable Adblock. Somehow this game uses codes that look like adverts to Adblock. Or try another browser.

trying to get a game in before work but it doesn't seem to be responding to firefox or chrome with my adblock turned off .......

@Jamie Lane - I'm having the same problem with Firefox/adblock turned off. I've finally got it to load in Internet Explorer.

Well this is a bit annoying... can't get in. So how do I disable Adblock??

Ohhhh love POP... it has loaded on it's own eventually lol :)

I can't play this game because of the continuously flashing ads around it. I hate it and won't play any more games that torture me like this. Ads are important I know but are they more important than the game I'm trying to play on this site? Is it necessary to have them go on and on, over loading the browser with their garbage? No More!

I have 3 browsers open...FF with Adblock; Chrome with Adblock disabled, IE with no Adblock!

I have refreshed each several times....no game! lol
Well...this is interesting...It just loaded..in FF!

LOL..the escape man ate all the watermelon...from the inside!

@Geewhiz... you can enlarge the game by zooming in a few times...then the game fits the screen and you don't see the flashing ads....
And...it does load with Adblock...just takes a while!

Well, I can't do anything with the ice! The comments say, "give it to the yellow man"
I have a big RED guy sitting at table where the watermelon is....but he does not want my bowl of green ice! lolol anyone???

OK...re read the comments....he has to cool down first....lolol use the fan on him!

OK...that took some writing down symbols and changing them to directions..... and being very careful....
but got out the door the first try! YEA! Great game!
TY for all the helpful comments, @everyone!

i never get more than a gray box

The first of these games I've finished without help in a long time! (must have been an easy one :) )


The game has a huge problem with the TRANSLATION ROUTINE. Yes I'm serious. Whenever I use the Japanese version, it *usually* works.

But if I switch to English and then click "start", it's 90% probable that it makes the whole flash plugin crash.
Also reproducible on Chromium (Linux Chrome clone).

I love these games but can't play as all I get is a black screen :(

and now it works! spooky :/

great one..i'm out
thanks :)

@arbeitslooser true indeed. What's more, on Chromium flash crashes on all tabs as soon as I hover the mouse over the game screen. Doesn't happen with other games in the site or any other site. Just this one so it seems something is broken. On FF it loads but becomes unresponsive as soon as I click START and if I just reload the page won't even get the START button visible. :(

I confirm the unresponsiveness on FF.

FINALLY got to play this on the other machine! (Flash 10)
From gameplay, it's really an excellent one.

I've been preaching it for keeps: Flash 11 - especially on Linux - is a piece of buggy dogshit. And it's such a pity that game programmers sometimes won't let you play their games if you didn't "upgrade to latest version".

That's simply bollocks. Flash 10 is solid as a rock and Flash 11 introduced wagonloads of issues and bugs that need to be kluged again. So why install Flash 11 if v10 doesn't have anything of these bugs? Where's the additional value I gain??

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