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Floors Escape

DozenGames - Floors Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Dozen Games. Advance to the next floor by solving the puzzles! You can pick certain items up and use them from your inventory. Good luck and have fun!

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OK - got me a crowbar from behind the poster, and found a puzzle with it behind the grille - and stumped. Got to go to work now so no time to work it out - it's got hard sums LOL. I'll be back.. hoping for help!

and it's not so hard... spoiler below


Floor 2 - find 4 coloured numbers dotted about, plus a gold ring can't remember where and can't go back to check, gold ring is handle for chest, key opens picture, numbers get another key to unlock the lift key.
Now I really MUST go to work LOL

The 2 first levels were easy, but I'm stuck on the 3rd one : I've found a belt, I found and used a hammer, seen 3 numbers (red 1, white 0 and green 5).

Finally, I got the screwdriver : there are 4 numbers, including a red 3 (above the elevator). Change the colours of the numbers and that's it.

And the "belt" is not a belt but a wire to repair the door.

first 3 ones were VERY easy, now the 4th is a bit trickier. Found battery, put it inside remote, used remote on TV, found coin, used it in vending machine, now got a sealed BOTTLE.

There's no About Item to open the bottle, so I don't know what to do next.

in and out w/o problems. nice and logic.

On level 4, there are 4 different views on the vending machine, including the top of it where there is a... corkscrew. I'm trying to find a place where to use it.
I found only 1 battery for the remote, but it seems to be enough. I thought that I could change the colours on the buttons of the vending machine according to the coloured stripes on TV, but that doesn't seem possible.

@arbeitslooser - take o look on top of vendingmachine


I've found the item that opens the bottle, but not the bottle (because I can't find the coin !). The corkscrew is on the very top of the vending machine.

POP, I've got the coin !

@pdgph - look under sofa.

It was a nice game !

yes forgot to look on top of the vending machine LOL...(just me again!) TY

i found 3 num# on level 3 ...cant do anything ..any help

oh ok found it just hav to chenge the colour of num#

nice game :)


Numbers (Floor 2):
- R/3 (plant pot)
- B/8 (chair & ring for chest)
- Y/6 (table)
- W/7 (chest)

Numbers (Floor 3):
- W/0 (big tool)
- G/5 (machine, turn wheel)
- R/1 (grid, use hammer)
- R/3 (above elevator door)!
On number display, click for colours:
Nada (start)

Colours (Floor 4)
- on TV (top to bottom): B-Y-W-R
- click on vending machine (after using coin from under couch):
W (start)

Can't figure out the color code for the door on floor #4 - any hints? I don't understand premiere's hint...

POP - got it. Just put the numbers in the way they are on the paper - the colors don't matter.

Really enjoyed that game, more floors please

Love these kinds of games - hard enough to get you thinking, but not too hard!

I liked it. It was a bit like 4 small escape games in one.

Boy, I need a spoiler for the blue number grid puzzle



In 4, corkscrew on top of vendor.

oops! slow posting, sorry! More floors would be lovely!

very nice - more floors please!

Nice easy game and everything worked, I can't believe it. Thank you

I can't get this game to do anything. Would it download if it isn't compatible with my phone?

Where do you find the coin

I can't figure out the books on 8 someone please help!! LOL

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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